Leo Borg evokes type of father Björn with debut boys’ win at Wimbledon | Wimbledon

Leo Borg’s dream of following in the imposing footsteps of his legendary father began on Monday in front of 68 people on court nine with an impressive start.

Exactly 41 years to the day after Björn Borg won the last of his five titles in the All England Club, his 18-year-old son held the family honor with a win on his Wimbledon Debut with the boys.

Dressed from head to toe in the Italian sportswear brand Fila, just like his father, and with an eerily similar double fist backhand, the young Leo defeated the Serbian player Marko Topo with 6-3, 6-7 (2), 6-0.

And Borg, who finished 14th, was just as adept when the inevitable questions about his father flooded the world’s media after his first-round win.

“Being at Wimbledon is always special,” he said. “I remember dad playing here so many times and then retiring. It’s very special to get out there and have the feeling that I might get there one day, just like my father. “

As Borg left the clubhouse on his way to court, he saw the roll of honor, which listed his father’s five championship wins. But it was his father’s thoughts that preoccupied him more. “Of course we talked before the game and he said good luck,” he said. “Normal stuff. He lets my coach get along with the coaching staff. He told me to have a great time, it’s always special to play at Wimbledon. Just enjoy it. “

In the first sentence, Borg followed these instructions to the letter and wowed the crowd with impressive basic strokes from both sides and an adorable tweenie. But in the face of the 5-3 win in the second set, he lost three match points before losing the tie-breaker.

Borg senior was known as Ice-Borg. But at that point, his son looked like he was melting. But it said a lot about his courage that he quickly recovered to love the last sentence – and then made no secret of his desire to go all the way.

“My goal is to become a professional tennis player and play at the highest level,” he said. “I know it’s difficult to get there, I’m doing my best and I hope I can get there.”

When asked if that meant a challenge for Grand Slam titles, he nodded. “Of course, of course. It’s my dream to play the big ones and to play for big titles. If I work hard, maybe one day I’ll make it.”

He still has a way to go. Right now, Borg has a world ranking of 2,090 and career earnings of $ 4,686. However, since he didn’t really start training until he was 14 when he switched from soccer to tennis, he believes there is plenty of room for improvement.

In the past, his mother, Patricia, has admitted that she cried over Leo because she was constantly compared to his father and subjected to an unbearable test, while Björn used the term “burden” when describing the Borg surname.

Borg, however, who trained at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Spain and at the Royal tennis Club in Sweden has made significant strides in the face of travel restrictions imposed by Covid since trying to qualify for the boys’ event at the age of 15.

And he insists he doesn’t worry about having the weight of his father’s expectations or inheritance on his shoulders. “No. I like doing my own things, going my own way, and it’s not good to think about the pressure. I don’t think about it much.”

Overland Park pickleball leisure venues at Prairiefire, 91st and Metcalf win remaining approval

The Overland Park Planning Commission swiftly and unanimously approved final development plans for two entertainment venues around pickleball courts on Monday.

A new Chicken N Pickle restaurant and bar is on already under construction at Prairiefire along 135th Street, but the developers had made some minor changes to the site plan that needed approval.

The commissioners have also given the final site plan of the SERV Promontory the green light, a venue in the 91st and Metcalf This includes pickleball courts and several restaurants that are housed in converted shipping containers.

Both points fell under the approval agenda of the commission, which was unanimously adopted with 9: 0 without discussion.

Chicken N Pickle Optimizations

Chicken N Pickle, which operates its popular flagship location in North Kansas City, laid the foundation for its Prairiefire franchise last year with the hope of being able to open sometime in the fall.

The new zoning plan approved on Monday reduces the number of outdoor pickleball playgrounds from five to four.

A rendering previously filed with the Overland Park Planning Commission depicting a new chicken and pickle at Prairiefire on 135th Street. A green area planned for the site can be converted into an ice rink in winter according to the development plans. Photo credit Yaeger Architecture.

This allows a nearby building with indoor spaces to be relocated to make room for electrical equipment that can be mounted on the floor and shielded from the view of passing motorists.

The revised plan of Chicken N Pickle also dispenses with fabric covering the outdoor areas and replaces them with a metal roof.

In a memo to the commission, city officials said this was done because the fabric material did not work well on the elements at another Chicken N Pickle location.

A large green area seems to be planned on the site, which can be converted into an ice rink in the winter months.

Details on the SERV foreland plan

The final plan for the development of the SERV foothills on 91st and Metcalf was largely unchanged from the plan approved by the planning commission in April.

This plan includes six indoor and two outdoor pickleball courts, seven repurposed shipping containers that house restaurants, bars or coffee kiosks, a performance stage and a large outdoor TV screen.

The latest SERV Promontory plan included traffic and environmental impact studies. City officials concluded that the development would not have a negative impact on traffic flow along the busy Metcalf Corridor.

A rendering of the SERV Promontory project planned for the 91st and Metcalf, which will include an outdoor entertainment area with a large TV screen, a performance stage and several converted shipping containers with restaurants and bars. Image via Overland Park Planning Commission.

The staff note also came to the conclusion that SERV’s design plan would not require any additional rain or flood protection measures, as the site plan would reduce the amount of “impermeable surface” compared to today’s.

There are still concerns about the noise that the SERV Promontory will make after its completion.

The city employees stated: “The applicant is aware of these concerns and must mitigate complaints from surrounding property owners and comply with the noise ordinance.”

Concerns about possible noise problems led Commissioner Holly Streeter-Schaefer to cast the only vote against the plan in April.

However, together with the eight other commissioners, she unanimously agreed to the SERV plan on Monday.

The developers had previously announced that they would break the ground at SERV Promontory this year, with the aim of opening sometime in 2022.

In Virginia, one other win for a Biden-style candidate

WASHINGTON – The veteran, familiar, and moderately respected candidate has just won Virginia’s Democratic primary for governor. Convincing.

And if that sounds familiar, this is it: Former Governor Terry McAuliffe won more than 60 percent of Tuesday’s primary, following current Governor Ralph Northam (who got 56 percent in the 2017 state primary) and President Joe Biden (who got 53 percent in the 2020 presidential primary).

Also known: Like Biden, McAuliffe was just as popular (or even more) with black voters than the actual black candidates.

Now comes the real comparison this fall, when McAuliffe takes on Republican Glenn Youngkin in the 2021 political race.

But McAuliffe’s success last night begs this question: why aren’t more Democrats embracing Biden’s brand, especially in the early months of his presidency? (After all, how many times have you heard the phrase, “I’m a Joe Biden Democrat.”)

We understand: Biden – and McAuliffe and Northam, to a lesser extent – doesn’t exactly suit younger, more progressive, and diverse Congressional Democrats and Democratic candidates.

But consider:

  • In 2020, Biden ran ahead of most Democratic candidates in competitive states and districts.
  • autopsy after this autopsy found that “socialism” and “debilitating the police” harmed the democratic candidate.
  • And NBC’s Sahil Kapoor reports on recent focus group findings that voters have difficulty describing what the Democratic Party stands for.

But the Joe Biden Coalition – from Abigail Spanberger and Conor Lamb to Jim Clyburn and Val Demings (which it officially announced) Senate offer this morning) – was a strong and successful coalition for the Democrats.

Why don’t more Democrats take it?

Terry McAuliffe sure did.

On the other hand, another question arises: is Biden’s trademark transferable at all?

Or does it only apply to Dems like the President (and McAuliffe) who have one foot in the older Democratic Party and another in the newer version?

Democratic turnout in Virginia exceeds expectations

With most (if not all) of the votes counted in the Democratic governor’s primary in Virginia last night, the turnout was over 480,000.

That’s more than the 2009 Democratic gubernatorial area code (319,168) but lower than the 2017 Democratic area code (542,858).

But that the turnout of the Democrats yesterday even came close to what it was in the first year of Trump’s presidency, is touted by party strategists.

We didn’t see that in a relatively sleepy preliminary round with few attacks and crazy twists and turns.

Data Download: The Numbers You Need To Know Today

About 62 percent: Terry McAuliffes Support level in the Democratic gubernatorial area of ​​Virginia yesterday

68-32:The Senate vote yesterday Pass a new law that would make the US more competitive with China.

6 percent: The Share of new coronavirus cases linked to the new Delta variant in the USA.

33,555,385: The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US per year latest data from NBC News and Health Authorities. (That’s 13,071 more than yesterday morning.)

601,598: The number of deaths in the US from the virus so far is per latest data from NBC News. (That’s 371 more than yesterday morning.)

303,923,667: The number of vaccination doses administered in the USA

39.0 percent: The percentage of all Americans who are fully vaccinated, according to NBC News.

53.1 percent: The Proportion of All American Adults Over 18 Who Are Fully Vaccinated for CDC.

Tweet of the day

CICADA UPDATE – New aircraft arrived, we went on board. Now taxiing for Great Britain, flight time 6:20 am after a delay of almost 7 hours (plus 17 years) due to the flying beetles. G7 summit, here we come.

– Michael D. Shear (@shearm) June 9, 2021

Infrastructure talks collapse: who didn’t see this coming?

“President Joe Biden’s infrastructure talks with Republicans failed on Tuesday,” said the leading GOP negotiator Sahil Kapur, Leigh Ann Caldwell and Julie Tsirkin. from NBC.

“‘I spoke to the president this afternoon and he ended our infrastructure negotiations,” Senator Shelley Moore Capito, RW.Va., said in a statement.

“The end of the talks will put pressure on the Democrats to pass a comprehensive package with a special procedure that does not require Republican votes in the Senate.”

ICYMI: What else is going on in the world?

Shannon Pettypiece Previews Biden’s trip abroad.

And Mike Memoli and Carol Lee write about Biden’s attempt to brand his foreign policy through a domestic lens.

Democrats have reintroduced Laws to protect access to abortion.

Non-partisan negotiators make real progress to a police reform law.

The Biden Administration moves quietly to try to close the US prison in Guantanamo Bay.

Kamala Harris faces difficult tasks – and political risks.

SKIN is (mostly) reinstated an Obama-era discrimination rule that Trump overturned.

It’ll be Jack Ciattarelli for that GOP candidate for governor in New Jersey.


From the endless 600 mile race in Charlotte on Memorial Day weekend NASCAR The planners have decided to give the best drivers in the world a little corner this week.

Hello, Napa Valley, California, and a little bit of road racing at Sonoma Raceway.

The Toyota SaveMart 350 on Sunday (4 p.m. ET, FS1) offers a completely different challenge for the world’s best drivers. Instead of racing around the oval, the twists and turns of the street circuit – including the infamous “Carousel” – make Sonoma a whole different test.

Kyle Larson will after his sovereign victory at the pole Coca-cola 600 With that he won all three stages and grabbed the checkered flag as he took the lead in the NASCAR Cup ranking.

Sunday’s race is a great time to win real money thanks to having Clint Bowyer FOX’s NASCAR Stage 2 Super 6 Contest. Simply identify the correct answer to all six questions in the free FOX Super 6 app, and You could win $ 10,000 of Clint Bowyer’s cash, absolutely free. All you have to do is Download the app, make your selection and wait for the action to start.

Here’s a look at the questions for Sunday’s race, plus some notes on each.

Which of these riders will have the best target position at the end of the 2nd stage?
The options: Tyler Reddick, Joey Logano, Kurt Busch, Christopher Bell, Ryan Blaney, Brad Keselowski

Reddick might be the guy who flies the most under the radar of all of them on this list. He has finished in the top 10 in seven of his last nine races and has really moved up for Richard Childress Racing. Logano might be the most popular choice, but Reddick might be the smartest.

Which of these riders will have the fastest lap at the end of the second stage?
The options: Ryan Blaney, Kevin Harvick, Alex Bowman, Denny Hamlin, Kurt Busch, Joey Logano

We’re still waiting for Hamlin – who is currently leading the scoring even though he hasn’t won this year – to break through in one of those races. This could be a good place for him, with a car that has obviously performed well all year round, even without the checkered flag.

Who has the most points in the race at the end of the 2nd stage?
The options: Chase Elliott, Martin Truex Jr., Kyle Larson, William Byron, Kyle Busch, tie / others

After seeing Larson last week, it was fashionable to choose him and feel good about yourself. This time we play the contrarian and stay away. Instead, we stick with Elliott, who has won five of the last sixStreet courses. Truex is the other guy to watch at this point.

How many Chevys make it into the top 10 of Stage 2?
The options: 0-3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or more

This is a tough question as Sonoma didn’t have a race last year due to the pandemic. As a result, some of the information and data that would be used could be a little out of date. Still, Chevy has struggled with five in the top 10 finishers since its dominance at Sonoma in 2016. Just one thing to note.

Which team wins phase 2?
The options: Hendrick Motorsports, Team Penske, Joe Gibbs Racing, Stewart-Haas Racing, Tie, others

Hendrick currently has three of the top four drivers in the Cup’s overall standings and has done really well over the past few weeks. Sometimes it is good to make the obvious choice. That would be the obvious choice.

For more up-to-date news about NASCAR, Click here to register for notifications in the FOX Sports App!

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Wilmer Valderrama: Fatherhood is the largest win of my life | Leisure

Wilmer Valderrama admits that fatherhood feels like the “greatest asset” of his life.

The 41-year-old actor has a three-month-old daughter named Nakano with Amanda Pacheco, and he enjoys the challenge of parenting and admits it made him “tougher” in his professional life.

He shared, “I always knew why I was doing what I was doing.

“I’ve always said if you wake up this morning you will already win. And when I wake up I feel like I’ve won because I just woke up and then go to her room and wake her up in the morning before she feeds and sees her eyes open … it’s the biggest win I’ve ever been in my life had.

“That is something different. And it makes me vibrate harder – everything you see, what I do professionally and spiritually … especially with my mind, my soul and my body should not only be a role model, but a great role model . “

Wilmer – who previously dated Demi Lovato, Mandy Moore, and Ashlee Simpson – is determined to set an example for his daughter.

He thinks it is imperative that she also have strong female role models in her life.

The actor told The Jess Cagle Podcast: “I was thinking of their generation and you know what toys will they play with? Will they look like them? Are there heroes who look like them? Are there women who can ? strive to be? “

Wilmer also revealed why he named his daughter Nakano.

He stated, “I think she has to defend herself in life. That’s why I gave her a strong name.

“It’s the name of a legendary warrior in Japan and I wanted her to have the conversation: ‘What does your name mean?'”

Denver Nuggets’ aggressive type results in a dominating win over the Path Blazers to even playoff sequence

Nikola Jokic quickly embodied the Denver Nuggets mindset in Game 2.

The Nuggets Star Center was sprawled out on the pitch early in the first quarter, battling for a loose ball wearing the Jusuf Nurkic blazer. Jokic won possession and the sequence eventually resulted in a 3-point shot by security guard Facundo Campazzo.

Denver manager Michael Malone wanted his team to play a more aggressive, scratchy, and physical style of play against Portland on Monday night. The Nuggets came out peppy and maintained their aggressive style throughout the game in their 128-109 win over the Blazers at the Ball Center in Denver.

“It was chippy and that’s how it should be,” said Denver coach Michael Malone after the game. “We’re both fighting for something.”

The nuggets made up the best-of-seven series 1: 1. The series moves to Portland with Games 3 and 4 on Thursday and Saturday at the Moda Center.

The nuggets and blazers got caught in a series of minor scratches and trash-talking back and forth movements during the game. Faced with a 2-0 deficit in the series, the Nuggets had no choice but to hold their own.

“I’m not backing down,” said forward Aaron Gordon after the game. “I don’t know what you did or what you are trying to do on your side.”

Campazzo and fellow guard Austin Rivers made sure the Nuggets weren’t satisfied with jumping shots in the first quarter of Game 2. The two each made a concerted effort to drive to the basket, and Jokic spent more time in the painting area – eight of which His baskets got in the paint – finishing the game with 38 points after firing a total of 15 shots out of 20.

The nuggets made 13 out of 22 shots (59.2 percent), taking a lead of 31-25 after the opening quarter. The nuggets, which spent more time attacking the basket and less time shooting out of the perimeter, shot overall 52.9 percent in the game.

The aggressiveness and physicality of the nuggets extended into their defense.

“We dictated how physically the game should be played. We let the referees know we played like this tonight. That made it easier for us to physically play the game, ”said Denver security guard Monte Morris after the game. “We just knew our sense of urgency had to be better.”

One key to Denver’s win was slowing down blazer guard Damian Lillard, who traumatized the nuggets by taking 6 out of 8 3-point shots and scoring 22 points in the second quarter and 32 points in the first half for the blazers to keep within striking distance.

Malone hired Gordon to defend Lillard to start the third quarter and Gordon – along with Campazzo and Rivers – kept Lillard on 10 points and only made a 3-pointer while making a total of 2 of 9 strokes in the second half.

“He at least took (Lillard) a hard shot or made a hard shot,” said Jokic after the game. “I think he did a really good job.”

Lillard and CJ McCollum together scored 63 points, but Nuggets didn’t let go of anyone. They kept bankers in the game to a total of 21 points, which resulted in a 38-21 advantage in the bank standings.

– Geoffrey C. Arnold | @geoffreyCarnold

Canadiens assert their fashion in Sport 1 win over Maple Leafs

If Dominique Ducharme had recorded this game on a white board before the start, it would have turned out that way – a 2-1 victory for him Montreal Canadiensin all three zones and in almost every situation in the Scotiabank Arena in this opening game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Despite losing 14 of the last 21 games, including the last five of the regular season, Ducharme said earlier Thursday that he felt the Canadians were ready to face the North Division champions with a week of training leading up to this one Series had prepared them and that he was sure they would maintain their style.

“We are very confident to get into the series,” said Ducharme. “We expect our four lines to use their strengths and contribute to them. On the defensive side, I think our defenders will be difficult to face. We’ll start like this. “

That’s how the Canadiens ended up helping them rock the Maple Leafs on their heels after they had all their arms on the team.

This had a bit of everything to offer. Both teams scored three goals, 66 shots, 107 attempts and 81 hits. Every square centimeter of the ice was hotly contested, every race was close and the error rate was as low as it gets. It had everything you would like to see in a playoff game, but also one thing you would not want to see in any game.

It was just over halfway through the first period when Ben Chiarot stepped into the neutral zone and met Maple Leafs captain John Tavares. Tavares was sent onto the ice and ran towards Canadian striker Corey Perry, who jumped to get out of the way and caught Tavares’ head in his knee, cutting him and knocking him unconscious.

“I don’t know what else to do,” Perry said afterwards. “I tried to jump. I know Johnny pretty well and I just hope he’s fine. “

There wasn’t a person in the building, or anyone watching the game anywhere, who wasn’t grateful that Tavares raised his thumb to signal that he was fine when he was stretched from the ice and just before moving to a nearby one was brought to hospital in Toronto. The scene that followed immediately after the collision, when a shaken Tavares tried to get back on his feet while a trainer tried (and failed) to stabilize his head and neck, was beyond horrific.

Canadian doctors and coaches rushed to help Toronto’s medical staff secure Tavares to the backboard while players and coaches on both teams saw expressions of shock and horror on their faces.

“I just saw John,” said Canadian goalkeeper Carey Price, who was watching from about 150 feet away. “I was pretty discouraged to see this happen to such a good guy. It was a pretty sobering reminder that hockey is just a game, and I obviously hope he’s okay. “

Maple Leafs coach Sheldon Keefe updated in his post-game comments that Tavares was conscious and communicating well and would stay in the hospital overnight and not be released until tests showed he was “clear”.

Nick Foligno, who fought Perry immediately after the game resumed, later said he doesn’t think Tavares, who was injured, was anything more than an accident. He also spoke about the impact of the whole situation on the Maple Leafs and how difficult it was for them to regain consciousness immediately afterwards.

“It’s hard,” he said. “Just the human side. John probably gets it and I think it’s just part of the game sadly but he wants us to go ahead and try to win. And that’s the unfortunate part; We didn’t give him a win tonight, and that’s the part that scores the most. “

It’s the part where Canadians had a big say.

They stormed out of goal, scoring 28 goals in the opening frame as well as the all-important first goal, scored two minutes and nine seconds after Tavares left the ice and the game resumed.

It was Burlington, Ontario’s Josh Anderson, who scored the goal and stormed through Toronto’s defense. He reached a speed of over 41 kilometers per hour before firing a shot from the center of the right post and defeating goalkeeper Jack Campbell.

The Maple Leafs returned in the second half with a fifth-minute goal from William Nylander, but Canadian goalkeeper Carey Price made all seven other attempts in the frame.

That was after he made 14 stops in the first period and before he stopped another 14 in the third – including a failing blocker, except for a 2v1 attempt by Mitch Marner.

“We always believe in this guy,” Paul Byron told Sportsnet’s Kyle Bukauskas. “He is unbelievable. In practice, he’s so competitive every day. We always have faith in him, we know he can steal a game anytime, and he was amazing tonight. He had enormous savings over Marner and many others.

“He’s our best player and he really showed up for us tonight.”

Price wasn’t alone. Almost every Canadiens player was effective in this game, from the best to those who were least effective during the regular season. When Price and Anderson were at the top of the list, Eric Staal was right next to them.

He bore the brunt of so much criticism after continuing a sad first half with the Buffalo Sabers with just two goals and three points and a minus 10 rating in 21 games with the Canadiens. They’d skipped mediocre decisions in the 2021 draft to purchase Staal’s winning pedigree and invested in his Hall of Fame-worthy career, though there was little evidence he still had it, halfway to play as effectively as he had done throughout the draft, and it looked like a total misinterpretation until he stepped on the ice for this game.

Staal got out after setting up Anderson’s goal and after scoring two shots and three hits and winning 50 percent of his faceoffs. He was a constant presence in front of the net and one of the few bright spots in a power game that stuttered and shut down on five tries.

“Playoffs are a different atmosphere and a different game,” remarked Anderson before adding to Staal, a member of hockey’s exclusive Triple Gold Club. “He’s been through it all so he’s a great leader in the room and you knew what presence he would bring tonight and what character he is. I don’t think anyone was surprised how he played. I thought he was solid in both areas of the game tonight and we need that to move forward. “

The Canadians got something similar from everyone on their side.

“It was a real playoff game,” said Ducharme. “I said we were ready and we were.”

He saw the evidence in the way his defense unpacked the most dangerous parts of the ice, in the way all of his players took care of the little details and came together as a team, and he felt that Price was helping the Canadians to suppress those Maple Leafs waves as they crashed.

“I thought we were pretty consistent on both sides,” he said. “And that’s the kind of game we want to play.”

It’s the kind of game Canadians have to play again on Saturday, with Game 2 on the horizon.

Fernandez claims French Moto2 win in commanding type as Lowes retires – Motorsport Week

Raul Fernandez dominated the French Grand Prix, taking his second Moto2 win of 2021 when title contender Sam Lowes was out.

Pole Fernandez fell behind Marco Bezzecchi from the start but managed to stay in second place at the end of the opening tour despite soon coming under pressure from an accusing Joe Roberts.

The American relieved Fernandez from second place in the encounter before turning his attention to leading Bezzecchi, although his chances of victory would be ruined if he braked too late at Turn 9 and lost the front of his Italtrans-led Kalex trying to evade the leader and eliminated him from the race.

Fernandez soon hit the back of Bezzecchi as he tried to regain the lead. The rookie took a strong step on the Italian to snatch the initiative at Turn 11. The Ajo racer quickly began to move forward only with fresh air.

He managed a lead of just over a second for the majority of the remaining tours, despite coming under pressure from teammate Remy Gardner in the final laps after the series leader managed to push Bezzecchi back to third after having his tires consistently good had cared for.

He reduced Fernandez’s lead to just under 1.5 seconds, and there were barely half a dozen editions left, although the former reacted calmly and was clearly able to withdraw as the race neared its climax, allowing him to roll over the last lap Checkered flag 1,490 in front of Gardner.

Fernandez’s second success in just his fifth start in the intermediate class puts him just one point behind Gardner in the championship standings, while Bezzecchi, who completed the podium after leaving the leading duo in the final stages, was 17 points behind the leader in third place overall Aussie is 17 points behind Gardner.

Tony Arbolino and Bo Bensneyder showed strong performances to get their best Moto2 placements in fourth and fifth. The pair were more than 16 seconds behind in the close battle for sixth place.

Marcel Schrotter ultimately prevailed as the winner of the war when he narrowly held back rookie Ai Ogura from Honda Team Asia, while Fabio Di Gianantonio finished eighth for long laps despite a double penalty.

The Gresini racer forced Hector Garzo into early retirement when he was fighting for sixth place early on at Turn 11. Di Gianantonio received a long round for his part in the incident.

The Italian crossed the white line on the inside of the penalty loop as he entered, but forced him to serve another soon after, leaving him a low 14th place at that point.

Simoni Corsi had a positive appearance for MV Agusta when he finished ninth ahead of Jorge Navarro. The speed up ace Somkiat Chantra denied a top ten result when he died.

Lowes seemed to have had strong pace from the start, despite a sluggish start that dropped him from 10th to 12th place. The Brit pursued Xavi Vierge for sixth place in a couple of laps.

He attempted an overly ambitious move on the Petronas SRT rider at Turn 8 and lost the front of his Marc VDS machine, getting both of them out of the contest Lowes, which is now 22 points away from leading the series.

Cameron Beaubier was another player to lose a great result after fighting from 24th on the grid to sixth. The American Racing driver crashed at Turn 3 with only a handful of circulations left.

Mega Thousands and thousands jackpot is $430 million. Keep away from these blunders in case you win

Scott Olson | Getty Images

If you’re lucky – as in really, really lucky – the $ 2 million ticket you own could be worth $ 430 million by Saturday.

This is the face value of the jackpot that goes into the Friday night drawing. Whether you want the prize as a three-decade annuity or a reduced flat fee of $ 291.1 million, it wouldn’t be as easy to exchange your ticket for the loot and get on with life as before.

“That amount is absolutely life changing,” said Walt Blenner, attorney and founder of the Blenner Law Group in Palm Harbor, Florida. “Everything in your life will change and there is no going back.”

If someone wins Friday night, the jackpot marks the eleventh largest in the history of the game. Two Mega Millions jackpots were won earlier this year: a $ 1.05 billion win on January 22nd that went to a group of players in Michigan and a $ 96 million prize that went to a New York couple won on February 16.

Here are some mistakes to avoid in order to make a smooth transition to extreme wealth.


Blenner recommends sharing the news only with your core family.

“Tell as few people as possible,” he said. “If it gets known, it spreads quickly.”

The ultimate goal should be to protect your identity as much as possible. Some states allow you to claim your award anonymously, while others may allow you to set up a trust or body to claim the money, which will keep your name out of the public eye.

Failure to do so could result in a hurricane of public attention that is not guaranteed to all pass or be innocent.

When representing the winner of a $ 451 million Mega Millions jackpot in 2018, Blenner had to emphasize the importance of disappearing before the public found out who won (in Florida, lottery winners cannot remain anonymous).

They hesitated, so he informed them that ransom and kidnapping insurance was available. That got through to them and they rented a house 20 miles away under a pseudonym.

Hurry to win the prize

I try to do it alone

Before making a claim, you’ll want to assemble a team of seasoned professionals, including a lawyer, accountant, and financial advisor, Blenner said.

“You absolutely need a team around you,” he said.

For example, there may be ways to minimize your tax burden. While 24% of large lottery winnings are withheld for federal taxes, the highest marginal rate of 37% means you would owe a lot more.

For this Mega Millions jackpot, withholding the $ 291.1 million flat option would result in nearly $ 69.9 million being shaved off the top. There are also typically state taxes that may be withheld or due at tax time.

Someone on the team should also serve as the gatekeeper. That means they can answer queries from moochers or scammers, or from anyone else fishing for a piece of your luck.

It’s worth noting that most people never have to worry about these things. The chance that a single ticket will hit all six numbers drawn in Mega Millions is 1 in 302 million. For Powerball – whose jackpot for the Saturday night draw is $ 183 million – your chance of winning the grand prize is a little better: 1 in 292 million.

Chloe Zhao turns into second girl to win finest director

Director / producer Chloe Zhao, winner of Best Picture for “Nomadland,” poses in the Oscars press room at Union Station in Los Angeles on Sunday, April 25, 2021.

Pool | Getty Images Entertainment | Getty Images

Chloe Zhao made history at the Academy Awards on Sunday. The director of “Nomadland” is the second woman to have won the award for best director in almost 100 years.

She is also the first woman of color to win the award.

Zhao topped the Academy Awards after receiving directing awards from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Directors Guild of America.

“When I was growing up in China, my father and I played this game. We memorized classical poems and texts and tried to finish each other’s sentences,” Zhao said during her acceptance speech. She recited a line of poetry in Chinese before translating it into English: “People at birth are naturally good.”

“I’ve always found kindness in the people I met,” she said. “… This is for anyone who has the faith and courage to hold on to the goodness within themselves.”

In the 93 years of the awards show, only seven women were recognized in this category, although more than a dozen films made by a woman filmmaker were nominated for best picture during that time.

In fact, two of those seven nominees were nominated that year. Emerald Fennell was nominated along with Zhao for her work on “Promising Young Woman”.

Lina Wertmüller (“Seven Beauties”), Jane Campion (“The Piano”), Sofia Coppola (“Lost in Translation”) and Greta Gerwig (“Lady Bird”) are the only other directors who have chosen the best director forgive.

Kathryn Bigelow was the first woman to win an Oscar in 2010 for “The Hurt Locker”.