Mega Hundreds of thousands’ jackpot is $421 million. What to do in case you win

MARK RALSTON | AFP | Getty Images

Sure, the chance of your ticket hitting the Mega Millions jackpot is tiny — roughly one in 302 million.

Nevertheless, it’s worth considering what you’d do if you manage to beat the odds. For Friday night’s drawing, matching all six numbers pulled would mean landing $421 million.

The amount has been rolling higher since late October, when $108 million was won. That marked the last of six jackpots awarded in 2021, which ranged from $55 million to $1.05 billion.

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If you end up joining the short list of top prize winners, there are some things to consider before doing much of anything.

For starters, lottery tickets are considered “bearer instruments,” which means whoever holds it is considered the owner. This means you need to earnestly protect it.

Take a picture of yourself with the winning ticket, said certified financial planner Joe Buhrmann, senior financial planning consultant at eMoney Advisor. Also put the ticket somewhere secure — such as in a safety deposit box — until it’s time to claim your windfall.

Additionally, you may want to sign the back of the ticket. Just be aware that in some states, doing so could interfere with your ability to claim the prize via a trust or other legal entity that would shield your identity from the public.

It’s also worth sharing the exciting news with as few people as possible. If you won’t be able to remain anonymous — it depends on state laws — you need to consider how to avoid becoming a target for scammers as well as long-lost family and friends.

“You may have been friendless and unknown to passers-by on the streets,” Buhrmann said. “That will all change when you’re announced as the winner.”

You also should turn to experienced professionals to help guide you through the claiming process and the many facets of protecting your windfall. Your team should include an attorney, financial advisor, tax advisor and insurance professional.

This group can help you determine whether to take your winnings as a lump sum or as 30 payments spread over 29 years. Most lottery winners choose the immediate, reduced cash amount. For Mega Millions’ $421 million jackpot, the cash option is $290.9 million.

Either way, the money would face a 24% federal tax withholding before it reaches you. For this jackpot, taking the cash would mean about $69.8 million getting shaved off the top, leaving you with a cool $221.1 million. Depending on where you won the jackpot, there may also be state taxes withheld.

Consider how this newfound wealth will change your marriage, family and dynamics with friends and neighbors.

Joe Buhrman

Senior financial planning consultant at eMoney Advisor

Additional federal income taxes would likely also be due at tax time, given the top rate of 37%. There also may be more due in state taxes, depending on the jurisdiction’s rate of withholding.

It’s also worth giving some thought to how your life is going to change — not just from a financial aspect.

“Consider how this newfound wealth will change your marriage, family and dynamics with friends and neighbors,” Buhrmann said.

You may even want to seek guidance from a financial therapist or mental health professional to help you deal with the stress that comes with winning, he said.

Meanwhile, Powerball’s jackpot is $104 million for Saturday night’s drawing. The cash option is $72.5 million. As with Mega Millions, the chance of a single ticket winning the top prize is tiny: one in 292 million.

Holders France e-book World Cup place in model with 8-Zero win over Kazakhstan

Defending champions France have reached the 2022 World Cup finals with one game to go after Kylian Mbappe’s four goals helped them demolish Kazakhstan 8-0 in their Group D qualifier on Saturday.

With this result, France lead the group with 15 points from seven games, four ahead of runner-up Finland, who will be in their last game on Tuesday.

Karim Benzema added two goals while Adrien Rabiot and Antoine Griezmann scored one each to crown an impressive performance at Parc des Princes and seal France’s place in next year’s 32-nation tournament in Qatar.

Coach Didier Deschamps praised his bubbly performance and highlighted the French front, which tore the guests apart with crisp one-touch passes.

“The aim was to qualify, but we also did it in style and you could see how much fun the players had playing together and how they shared things, especially the strikers,” he told French TV.

“It’s good, everyone got their piece of the pie. It’s a result that rewards everything we did well in both halves. The risk at halftime is giving in a little, but we kept going, which also means to respect one’s opponent. “

Mbappe, who was instrumental in winning the 2018 tournament in Russia, added: “We wanted to give ourselves the chance to defend our title. Even for those who took part and won it, it is an ultimate dream to play at a World Cup ”.

“The fans enjoyed it, so did we. We respected the game and our opponents. We wanted to continue until the end.”

Deschamps played a 3-4-3 formation with Kingsley Coman as right-back and the offensive strategy resulted in an avalanche of goals as France’s natural talent shone.

The floodgates opened after Mbappe gave France the lead with an excellent first shot in the sixth minute after an assist from Theo Hernandez, with the home side always two gears ahead of the Kazakhs.

Mbappe added the second with an easy finish into an empty net past a defender in the 12th minute after Coman raced down from right, and he completed in the 32nd minute.

The French never took their foot off the pedal after the break and soon increased their lead with two rapid-fire goals from Benzema, who pocketed the fourth after a Hernandez assist before Mbappe became the supplier.

Rabiot scored his first international goal in the 75th minute when he headed in Griezmann’s corner before the latter scored his 42nd.

Three minutes before the end, the brilliant Mbappe put the icing on the cake after a fine presentation by substitute Moussa Diaby with a grandiose finish in the lower right corner, the home crowd was already in full swing.

Benzema was delighted after teaming up with Mbappe to create a devastating effect.

“We showed that we are compatible, that we can play together and have fun while we score goals, score goals and play for the team,” he said. “I’m so happy to have played like this and, above all, to have won.”

Meanwhile, Belgium secured a spot at next year’s World Cup and continued their unbeaten qualifying run in a 3-1 win over Estonia in Brussels on Saturday.

The semi-finalist in Russia 2018 climbed to an unassailable 19 points in Group E after Christian Benteke scored early and Yannick Carrasco and Thorgan Hazard scored goals in the second half.

Biden’s laid-back fashion helped him win the White Home however could also be beginning to put on skinny

Regardless of whether it is a grim turn in the coronavirus pandemic, another obstacle to his congressional agenda, the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan or a supply chain crisis that chokes the economy, Biden’s public reaction is often similar – and it keeps him out of the sight of ordinary Americans whose support he needs raise its agenda through Congress. He has fallen into the pattern of making short televised speeches from one of the state rooms in the White House or elsewhere in the presidential complex Non-partisan infrastructure plan worth $ 1 trillion and $ 3.5 trillion spending plan Failing to get through Congress earlier this month, Biden vowed to tour the country to sell his vision to Americans. He’s made several trips lately – to Michigan to solicit large investments in the economy and Illinois to advance its spending plans and vaccine mandates – and on Friday he goes to Connecticut. But there’s no sign of a wild coast-to-coast presidential tour or relentless, daily coordinated messaging push to get the Democrats out of the country Schism over his agenda this raises doubts about the leadership ability of the party. While trying to get two moderate Senate Democrats, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, to deal with the frustrated progressives of the House of Representatives, the president has failed to do what would help him most : Finding the popular support needed for a deal.

Biden’s lack of visibility worked better than expected during the 2020 campaign as he largely stuck to choreographed, virtual events in the first year of the Covid-19 crisis. His statesmanlike demeanor contrasted with the wild super-spreader rallies of then-President Donald Trump, which were the key to alienating moderate, independent and suburban voters who helped shape the election. At the start of Biden’s presidency, the contrast with Trump and Biden’s reluctant leadership resulted in a $ 1.9 trillion bailout plan for Covid-19 to crown its first 100 days.

But with the economy struggling to get Americans back to work after the Delta variant sparked a resurgence of the virus, many Americans are battling inflation, and their own approval ratings are weakening after staying consistently strong early on, it is fair to ask if the president’s method is to start wearing thin.

Biden made it clear all along that he wanted to restore the dignity of his office after the tumult of Trump’s tenure. In contrast to Trump, he has little reason to attack the American psyche 24 hours a day. If he can finally get the spending bill and infrastructure package passed, he will have two pillars of what may be an impressive national heritage. When the economy finally shakes off the pandemic next year, his wealth could rise.

But there’s a growing sense of drift, especially on the legislative agenda, as progressives and moderate Democrats arguing over the composition of the spending plan are getting no closer to an agreement. If the impasse persists well beyond the end of the year, it would hamper Democratic candidates who need a strong record to show to voters in mid-term elections, which are historically brutal for first-term presidents.

And warnings from important legislators – and a new poll from CNN – Propose that even after months of debating, many Americans do not know what is on the massive Biden congressional agenda.

“There is a messaging problem and we keep trying to move it back. What are the elements we are talking about?” Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said on Wednesday. In an appearance on CNN’s Newsroom, the Washington state Democrat listed measures including universal childcare, affordable housing, hearing and dental services for the elderly, and lower prices on prescription drugs. “The minute you tell someone that’s in there, they say, ‘Oh, that would make a transformative difference for me,'” she said.

New poll has bad news for Democrats

A new CNN / SSRS poll released Wednesday found that only 25% of Americans believe their families will be better off with Biden’s $ 3.5 trillion in welfare bills and a $ 1 trillion infrastructure move would. About 32% said they would be worse off and 43% said they would do the same. Majorities of major constituencies in the democratic coalition – including independent women, blacks, Latinos, and those under 35 – say they will not be affected by these laws.

Biden played an intense role behind the scenes in trying to bring the Democrats together to finally pass extremely ambitious laws to reshape the economy in favor of working Americans. The bipartisan action would repair roads, bridges and transportation systems. The larger proposal, rejected by the GOP and likely scaled back to appease moderate Democrats, would provide universal pre-K, improve home health care for sick and elderly Americans, add Medicare hearing and teeth protection, and reshape the economy, to fight global warming.

The sense of urgency grips the White House as Biden faces crises on many fronts

The White House often points out that key parts of Biden’s plan, such as expanding health care, upgrading infrastructure, and improving paid vacation and college access, are popular when they are in the spotlight themselves. But so far the go-big approach doesn’t work.

“Most voters couldn’t tell you what’s in these laws,” said Kristen Soltis Anderson, a Republican pollster and strategist, in The Lead with Jake Tapper.

“It’s not because they’re stupid. It’s not because they’re lazy.

In particular, the Democrats’ difficulty in figuring out the purpose of the spending bill has focused the Washington political struggle on total cost. That played into the hands of moderate Democratic senators like Manchin and Sinema. It has also opened an opening to Republicans who are already waging a mid-term election campaign, partly rooted in their claims of runaway “socialist” spending by the Democrats. Because of this, House Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi stresses that it is time for her party to focus on the contents of the expense report, not the dollar figure.

A bright spot for Biden

Confusion over the programs uncovered by the CNN poll may also reflect voter disinterest in weeks of haggling over the proposals within the Belt. Some Democrats have blamed the media for focusing on the drama of the battle in Congress and pit factions of the party against each other. However, the mainstream media has disseminated a lot of information about the content of the bills. At some point it is up to the political party to pass the bills in order to sell them.

While some observers were shocked at the boldness of the Biden proposals as they were piled together, details were often touted in his 2020 campaign speeches and on his website. So he can argue that he built his presidency on seeing it off. But in order to enforce their priorities, the presidents have to spend the capital they have won in the election campaign and replenish it in office – a much more difficult task.

That month, Biden made this trip to Michigan on October 5 to visit the precinct of the endangered Democratic MP Elissa Slotkin. A later visit to Illinois was mainly to promote vaccine mandates. He has raised the benefits of his White House programming on television events. In a speech on Wednesday, for example, in response to the supply chain crisis that is boosting inflation and hurting the economy, Biden said, “I’m pushing for a one-time investment in our infrastructure and our people with my infrastructure bill and my Build Back Better Act.”

Biden's “tough month” faces the Democrats' campaigns in 2021

“Those bills would change our ports, there are … billions of dollars for ports, highways, and rail systems that are in desperate need of upgrading and get products from factories to stores to your home faster and more efficiently,” Biden said.

Biden isn’t the first president to be accused of falling short in sales. His former boss, President Barack Obama, faced similar criticism as he struggled to pass the Affordable Care Act, and the Democrats in Congress suffered a bloodbath shortly afterwards. But in the years that followed, this law became more popular as Americans began to experience its role in their lives. Many Democrats believe that something similar could happen to the Biden – if his agenda goes through – and that it will prove so popular that future Republican Congresses will have no choice but to stick with many of its proposals.

There is a notable ray of hope for Biden in the CNN poll. His approval rating is still 50% – higher than some recent polls after a tough summer that marked a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and a furious resurgence of the Delta variant of Covid-19. That’s not good for an incumbent going into a mid-term election year. But it is not catastrophic given the strong divisions in the country. And it suggests the president still has some political juice left to garner support for plans that will define his legacy.

California counties with excessive Covid vaccination charges helped Newsom win recall election

California Governor Gavin Newsom speaks to media representatives after meeting students from Melrose Leadership Academy while attending school in Oakland, Calif. On Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

Stephen Lam | San Francisco Chronicle | Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images

California Governor Gavin Newsom named his decisive victory Victory for Vaccines and Science in this week’s recall vote. The dates confirm him.

A CNBC analysis of the county-level results – which are tentative as ballots continue to be counted – found a strong association between support for Newsom and counties with high Covid vaccination rates on election day, Sept. 14.

People in counties with high Covid vaccination rates voted overwhelmingly to keep him in office. Conversely, people in counties with lower vaccination rates voted for the governor’s removal.

“‘No’ is not the only thing said tonight. I want to focus on what we as a state said ‘Yes’ to,” Newsom said late Tuesday in Sacramento, thanking his supporters. “We said ‘yes’ to science, we said ‘yes’ to vaccines, we said ‘yes’ to ending this pandemic.

The analysis also shows that people in many of California’s smaller counties are less likely to support Newsom and get vaccinated.

Of the 23 districts with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants, 17 or around three quarters voted with “yes” for the recall. Meanwhile, only 10 of the 35 counties with more than 100,000 residents voted for the recall.

These small counties also tended to have lower vaccination rates. Eighteen of the 23 reported fewer than 50% of residents were fully vaccinated on election day, according to a CNBC analysis of data from the California Department of Health.

Lassen County, for example, has an estimated population of around 30,600 (as of 2019) and a current vaccination rate of nearly 22%. Around 84% of voters voted “yes” to the recall.

Similarly, Modoc County has an estimated population of 8,800 (as of 2019) and a current vaccination rate of 36.3%. 78 percent of voters also supported the recall.

At the other end of the spectrum, Los Angeles County has an estimated population of over 10 million (as of 2019) and a vaccination rate of 59.5%. Newsom’s voters strongly supported Newsom, with 70.8% voting “no”.

The majority of counties classified as rural or predominantly rural supported Newsom and were less likely to be vaccinated, according to the latest 2010 data from the Census Bureau defines rural as a population, dwelling, or territory that is not in an urban area or in areas of 50,000 or more residents.

Ten of the eleven counties classified as rural or predominantly rural in California voted “yes” to the recall. These include Amador County, Calaveras County, Lassen County, Mariposa County, Modoc County, Plumas County, Sierra County, Siskiyou County, Tehama County, and Trinity County, according to California’s Secretary of State.

According to CNBC analysis, all 10 of these counties reported vaccination rates below 50% on election day.

President Joe Biden, who ran for Newsom on the eve of Election Day, reiterated the governor’s opinion of his victory.

“This vote is an overwhelming victory for the approach he and I share to defeating the pandemic: strong vaccine requirements, strong steps to safely reopen schools, and strong plans to distribute real drugs – not fake treatments – to help those out who get sick. “Said Biden in a statement on Wednesday.

While the preliminary election results suggest the majority of Californians support the state’s pandemic measures, it was initially Newsom’s response to Covid that threatened its political fate.

Nationwide mask requirements, stay-at-home orders, and a maskless appearance by the governor at a high-end Napa Valley restaurant at the height of the rising Covid cases helped the recall petition gain momentum late last year and close to 1, Made 5 million Californians sign it.

However, Newsom’s handling of the pandemic over the past few months, including its vaccine roll-out and mandates, became one of its strengths in the recall election.

The governor introduced Covid vaccine requirements for government officials and healthcare workers in late July entered into force on August 5th. He also introduced similar vaccination requirements for teachers and other school staff, a first in the nation that entered into force on August 12th.

California Governor Gavin Newsom attends a press conference to launch a Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Immunization Center on February 8, 2021 in San Diego, California.

Sandy Huffaker | Swimming pool | via Reuters

In the weeks leading up to the election, Newsom’s campaign criticized conservative talk show host Larry Elder, the Republican front runner, for agreeing to end such vaccine mandates and other pandemic measures.

The governor’s vigorous election campaign also promoted the state’s high vaccination rates in recent months. According to Friday, 59.23% of the state’s population is fully vaccinated Data compiled from Johns Hopkins University.

A September poll published in the run-up to the recall election found that more than 3 in 4 Californians believe the state government is doing “an excellent or good job” distributing Covid vaccines. And about 6 in 10 said they approve of the overall way Newsom has responded to the pandemic, according to the Public Policy Institute of California poll.

“While a small group of cowardly, corrupt scammers in the Republican Party seek to attract attention by undermining trust in science and public health, the vast majority of Americans have not been fooled – they understand that vaccinations save lives “And they” support vaccine mandates with common sense, “Los Angeles-based Democratic adviser Michael Soneff said in an email.

U.S. Open Prize Cash: How A lot Can a Champion Win?

It’s not about money for the unlikely US Open finalists Leylah Fernandez and Emma Raducanu. But the money certainly won’t hurt.

Prior to the tournament, Fernandez had earned $ 786,772 in official prize money during her brief career. Raducanu had made $ 303,376 in her even shorter career, the majority of it from reaching the fourth round at Wimbledon on her Grand Slam debut in July.

These numbers will change dramatically. Today’s winner will receive $ 2.5 million and runner-up will receive $ 1.25 million. Those numbers don’t take into account the sponsorship and other commercial deals Canadian Fernandez and Briton Raducanu are most likely to sign due to their high profile runs in New York.

Ahead of the final, Raducanu said that their biggest title to date was won two years ago at a tournament in India where the total prize money was $ 25,000. The total budget for the US Open this year: $ 57.5 million.

Regarding Raducanu, Tim Crow, a sports marketing consultant, told The Guardian that “since Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One breakthrough, he has not received as many calls from customers, big brands interested in them. If she wins she’ll become one of the hottest traits in British sport, if not the hottest. ”

Tennis has a worldwide fan base, but Raducanu and Fernandez’s multicultural backgrounds could add to their global appeal. Raducanu was born in Canada and has a Romanian father and a Chinese mother. Fernandez’s mother’s parents immigrated to Canada from the Philippines, and her father was born in Ecuador.

Celtic star Callum McGregor reacts to Rangers’ type of play in Ibrox win

Photo by Soccrates / Getty Images

Rangers beat Celtic 1-0 at Ibrox on Sunday afternoon and Bhoys captain Callum McGregor has given his view on Rangers’ tactics.

Ange Postecoglou’s men have shown promise lately and wanted a clear win against their fierce rivals to really prove they can fight for the title.

Celtic had the best chance of the first half when Odsonne Edouard somehow brought the ball out from close range – and they had to pay for that miss.

What on earth is going on at Benfica ?!



What on earth is going on at Benfica ?!





Filip Helander’s superb second-half header gave the Rangers a 1-0 lead and they managed to hold out when Kyogo Furuhashi tested Robby McCrorie twice.

Celtic will be disappointed with losing so narrowly and will be desperate to strike back – both for the remainder of their league season and for the next game against the Rangers.

The Celtic skipper McGregor has now offered his opinion on the game and especially the tactics of the Rangers on Sunday afternoon.

McGregor told The Scottish Sun that he thinks the Rangers are a direct team and played a long ball against Celtic which made the game crap.

Photo by Ian MacNicol / Getty Images

McGregor, however, paid tribute to the Rangers for discovering and exploiting weaknesses in the Celtic team, believing that they simply did not allow the Bhoys to play their style of football.

“Rangers started the second half quite well. They like to go long. They fought for second balls and made it a junk, ”said McGregor. “We’re just not quite on the ball and we’re not adjusting it like we did in the first half. Thank you very much, you changed it and saw a problem there. “

“When they got there, we were a little blown away. But then we finished the game strong with a few chances. In those moments we have to be strong, stand up and try to turn the game around in our favor, ”he added.

Photo by ANP Sport via Getty Images

In other news, Thomas Tuchel finds a word to describe Liverpool after the Chelsea draw

Area of Desires Recreation: Methods to win $10,000 of David Ortiz’s cash with Tremendous 6

By Kevin Cooney
Special on FOX Sports

In one of the strongest moments of the 1989 film “Field of Dreams”, Terrence Mann – the character played by James Earl Jones – tells Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) about the enduring legacy of baseball.

“They will watch the game and it will be like they are immersed in magical water,” said Mann. “The memories will be so thick they’ll have to wipe them off their faces. People will come, Ray. The only constant in all these years, Ray, was baseball. “

It has been 32 years since the iconic ballpark in an Iowa cornfield became the Field of Dreams part of American life. On Thursday evenings (6 p.m. ET, FOX), Major League Baseball becomes Hawkeye State with a game between New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox in a specially built 8,000-seat stadium next to the film’s landmark.

The Field of Dreams game is a celebration of the game that happens to include two of the sport’s hottest teams. The Yankees are thanking for an increase in the post-trade period Aaron Richter and society. The White Sox are running away with the AL Central, aiming for home advantage in the playoffs and now they have Eloy Jimenez back to support an already strong attack.

And while you watch the Field of Dreams game on Thursday night on FOX, you can win a lot yourself for free with FOX Super 6. Simply answer six questions correctly about the game payout and you could win $ 10,000 of David Ortiz’s cash.

It’s free and easy to play – just download the FOX Super 6 app from your phone or tablet, make your selections, and turn on!

Here are the questions for Thursday night’s game, with a little glimpse to help you make your selection.

How many home runs are hit in total?
The options: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+

The dimensions in the Custom Stadium are nothing out of the ordinary – 335 feet in the lines, 380 to the gaps, 400 to the dead center. The only wild card is that there is no “superstructure” like a normal stadium to either knock down a ball to keep it in the park or to give it an artificial jet stream to fly out on.

In this respect, this could be similar to a spring training game – and the ball flies in spring training stages. Also, both lineups can hit and the Iowa weather forecast for Thursday night calls for temperatures in the high 90s. Usually this means “firedamp”.

How many runs are counted in total?
The options: 0-3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8+

The White Sox lineup has been exhausted from injury for much of the season, but Chicago still has about five runs per game. The Yankees have been largely inconsistent but have recently shown the ability to produce great offensive games during this rematch.

That number could go high – and keep in mind that at FOX Bet, most MLB game totals are over / under at least 8 runs, if not 9 or 10.

For more current news about the MLB, click here to register for notifications in the FOX Sports App!

How many total strikeouts are thrown?
The options: 0-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 or 15+

The White Sox pitching staff started Tuesday with the most combined strikeouts thrown by a team of 1,120 majors – one more than that Swindler and brewer. The Yankees pitching team threw the second-most in the American League into action on Tuesday behind Chicago. Even when it comes to committed breaths, the lineups of both teams are in the upper half of the sport. There is also an unfamiliar environment and the temptation to take it easy.

In other words – think of a large number.

Who will have the winning pitcher and how many innings will he pitch?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with different ranges from 1/3 of an inning to 6+ innings

Both teams tend to use their bullpens effectively, and in competitive games like this, it’s not uncommon for starters to be drawn fairly early.

Hence, a relief that throws towards the lower end of the scale is a good choice here.

Which team gets more runs and how many does it get?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with ranges from 1 to 9+ runs

It would feel like a safe bet that this game could end up being one of those where the grand total of winnings could break out into double digits. The White Sox might have the upper hand in the sense that Carlos Rodon is a far more established starter and could do a better job of keeping the Yankee bats at bay early on.

Which team wins and with how many runs?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with ranges from 1 to 9+ runs

Forget the peculiarity of the place for a second – although with the incredible optics it is certainly difficult to do. This is a crucial game for two teams with legitimate World Series aspirations.

It could also be a potential Division Series matchup should the Yankees receive the wild card. This is also the young White Sox’s first really big national gig, and they could thrive in it.

All in all? It should be fun.

Play the FOX Super 6 Field of Dreams game for your chance to win $ 10,000 from David Ortiz’s cash! Just download the Super 6 app on your phone or mobile device, make your selections for Thursday’s game, tune in and see the action.

Get more out of Major League Baseball Follow your favorites for information on games, news, and more.

In Peloton competitors with gyms, health app Strava might win

More than 400 hardware devices can connect to Strava, including fitness and fitness equipment, smartwatches and bike computers, and the company claims it uploaded more than 1.1 billion activities to its platform in the past year.


When this year’s Tour de France left the city of Brest on June 26th, most of the 184 professional cyclists were registered with Strava.

So do millions of recreational athletes all over the world, from runners in Rio to swimmers in Switzerland to mountaineers in Montana. Legions of Strava users were also inside Peloton Ergometers and treadmills, Zwift “smart” trainers and NordicTrack rowing machines.

The Strava mobile fitness app tracks more than 30 different activities in real time and loads speed, distance, cadence and other performance data onto a platform on which 86 million users analyze their own workouts, share and compare them with other users and send them to friendly people Challenges can take part with friends and strangers. Its popularity soared amid the pandemic when gyms closed and home and outdoor workouts boomed.

“We have seen tremendous growth in our community,” said Michael Horvath, Strava chief executive officer. “There were months in 2020 when we had three million new registrants and we are now at around two million per month, double what it was before Covid. This means that Strava motivates people, helps them get through this time and gives them the opportunity to get in touch with other people. “

From the Harvard Row team to a $ 1.5 billion startup valuation

Strava, a privately held company, was founded in 2009 in San Francisco by Horvath and Mark Gainey, former Harvard rowing teammates who now serve as CEO and Executive Chairman respectively. The company has approximately 270 employees and additional offices in Denver, Bristol, England, and Dublin, Ireland – the overseas locations as more than 80% of Strava users are outside of the United States

More than 95% of these 86 million users access Strava for free; the rest pays a monthly subscription fee of $ 5 for additional features. While Strava is not reporting any revenue, analytics firm Sensor Tower estimates it generated $ 72 million last year, up from $ 60 million in 2019, ostensibly from data sales, partner rights, challenges, and subscriptions sponsor.

Strava raised $ 110 million in a Series F round last fall, led by TCV and Sequoia, on new funding valued at more than $ 1.5 billion. The founders said it wasn’t a profitable company yet.

Connection with all types of workouts

More than 400 hardware devices can be connected to Strava, including home fitness and fitness equipment, smartwatches and bike computers. The company said it uploaded more than 1.1 billion activities to its platform in the past year, up 33% from 2019. This is in line with the surge in fitness hardware sales from companies like Peloton.

“Covid has shown the importance of physical activity to people’s lives,” said Tom Cove, president and CEO of the Sports and Fitness Industry Association in Washington, DC, which represents manufacturers and retailers.

At the last count, Horvath said “nearly 50 million peloton activities have been uploaded to Strava,” acknowledging the synergy of his partnerships with equipment manufacturers. “As the hub of the networked fitness landscape, we offer athletes a place where they can keep in touch with their community after training.”

The continued success of fitness products seems a good harbinger for Strava.

Health and fitness equipment sales more than doubled to $ 2.3 billion from March to October last year, according to retail research firm NPD Group. Stationary bike sales almost tripled, while treadmill sales increased 135%. “For the first three months of this year, retail sales were up 30% over the same period last year,” said Matt Powell, vice president and senior industry advisor, NPD. However, sales in March remained unchanged compared to the same month last year, which he proxy for the rest of the year 2021.

Peloton in particular has grown accordingly. Revenue for fiscal 2020, which ended June 30, rose nearly 100% year-over-year to $ 1.8 billion, and revenue from management projects is set to grow up to $ 4 billion in fiscal 2021 – itself under consideration of Peloton expects a $ 165 million loss for its treadmill recall. As of March 31, the New York-based company reported more than 54 million members, each with a monthly subscription fee of either $ 12.99 for digital access to live and on-demand courses or $ 39 for an expanded suite of features will pay between $ 1,895 and $ 2,345 for a Peloton bike or up to $ 4,295 for their treadmill, which is currently not available in the US as a company is working on a solution to the security problems.

Softening of the peloton demand

That demand could fade as personal workouts and gyms reopen. Wedbush Securities downgraded Peloton last week, claiming the company had seen a decline in customer loyalty based on analysis of trends in social media and internet search.

“PTON is now entering the next stage in its growth story, which in a post-pandemic era requires the company to generate its own momentum through clever marketing and compelling new products,” the Wedbush analysts write in their note.

Peloton declined to comment on this article.

The connectivity to Strava has helped Zwift, an online game-like cycling platform that allows subscribers who pay $ 14.99 a month to create animated avatars of themselves that ride from inside the virtual world. Typically, a real cyclist attaches the back end of his racing bike to a digitally controlled smart trainer that is connected to an app that simulates his avatar driving an actual route – from a local favorite to a mountain stage in the tour – seen on one Monitor, tablet or smartphone. The trainer automatically increases and decreases resistance to mimic the altitude of the route. About 75% of the Zwifters upload their driving data to Strava and integrate them into the functions.

My theory is that if you are spending a few thousand dollars buying a piece of equipment for your home, it is very unlikely that you will pay $ 50 a month to go to the gym and exercise on the same piece of equipment.

Matt Powell, Vice President and Senior Industry Advisor for NPD

Since Zwift was founded in Long Beach, California in 2014, 3.5 million accounts have been created. The company didn’t release the current number, but said the number doubled in FY2021, which ended in March. Strava said it uploaded 100 million Zwift activities to its platform, including thousands of grueling “Everstings,” a single virtual ride that climbed at least 29,029 feet in total, the height of the mountain. Everest. During the worldwide Covid bans last year, Zwift held a virtual Tour de France with classifications for men and women.

“Zwift is a platform for people to hunt down any carrot they’re looking for,” said Co-Founder and CEO Eric Min. “Our goal is to motivate people to do more.”

While subscriptions “really are where the value lies to us as a company,” Min said, the company is developing its own smart trainers and indoor bikes that are likely to hit the market next year. Zwift won’t be ruling out its existing hardware partners including Wahoo, Elite and Tacx, “but we think we should be the ones who set the bar,” said Min.

Future of Home Fitness When Gyms Reopen

As Covid restrictions continue to relax, people are returning to the gym. In May, gym traffic across the country was back to 83% of January 2020 levels and only 6% lower than the same period in 2019. according to the research results by Jeffries.

But does that mean Zwifters, peloton enthusiasts, and other exercise bikes are losing their mojo and using their equipment as coat hangers? “My theory is that if you are spending a few thousand dollars buying a piece of equipment for your home, it’s very unlikely that you would pay $ 50 a month to go to the gym and work out on the same piece of equipment,” said Powell.

The challenge for the home fitness industry then is to retain its millions of new customers. The key, Powell said, is keeping users connected to the other exerciser’s communities and “improving the experience so people will want to keep using it”.

This is music to Strava’s ears because no matter where people train, the data can be uploaded to their platform.

Despite Strava’s success, the fitness tracking app marketplace remains highly competitive. MyFitnessPal, which was sold by Under armor to the private equity firm Francisco Partners for $ 345 million in October 2020, which had more than 200 million users at the time of the transaction. Under Armor also owns MapMyRun and MapMyRide, which record running and cycling, respectively, while shoe brand Asics owns RunKeeper. Apple and Google have their own health tracking apps that include some physical fitness activities like walking and cycling that are more geared towards casual athletes.

“It’s pretty simple,” said Horvath of Strava’s loyalty strategy. “We are 100% focused on making Strava essential for athletes everywhere. If we do this well, it will fuel our community growth. “

“We believe there are 700 million people in the world who want to wake up and be active every day. We haven’t met them all yet, but we’re trying, ”he said.

Nordstrom takes stake in four Asos style manufacturers to win youthful customers

A woman can be seen shopping at ASOS, the online fashion store, on a laptop.

Dinendra Haria | SOPA pictures | LightRakete | Getty Images

Nordstrom said on Sunday that it has acquired a minority stake in four clothing brands owned by British online fashion house Asos.

The brands – Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge, and activewear label HIIT – are all aimed at younger consumers in their twenties. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Pete Nordstrom, President and Chief Brand Officer of Nordstrom, said he sees the collaboration as an opportunity to redefine the business model of a wholesaler like Nordstrom working with a retailer. He also expects the possibility of further strategic partnerships in the future.

While Asos retains operational and creative control of the Topshop brands, Nordstrom will own the exclusive retail rights for Topshop and Topman across North America.

“By making the Asos brands, including Topshop and Topman, available to our customers, we can create new and excitement,” said Pete Nordstrom in a statement.

The department store has been the exclusive distributor of Topshop and Topman in the USA since 2012. Nordstrom will now be the only stationary location for these brands worldwide.

As of this fall, customers can also pick up online orders from Asos at all Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack locations, the companies said.

Asos acquired Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT in February. The brands were put on the block after the Arcadia Group, the British retail empire run by billionaire Philip Green for 18 years, Filed for bankruptcy protection At the end of last year. Bans put in place during 2020 due to the pandemic dealt a heavy blow to Arcadia, which operated hundreds of stores. Asos, on the other hand, had a purely online business model.

Nordstrom is looking for ways to get its existing customers to return to shopping regularly while reaching out to people who have never visited its stores or website before. It has the potential to weather the pandemic – especially since many people are returning to work and school and need brand new wardrobes.

The company hopes Nordstrom will reach a younger generation of buyers with growing purchasing power by offering exclusive products from Topshop, Topman, Miss Selfridge and HIIT.

It could use a boost too. Nordstrom didn’t top its earnings before the pandemic. For the three month period ending May 1st, sales decreased by 13% compared to 2019. Increased labor and shipping costs as well as interruptions in the supply chain have put the business under further pressure.

Nordstrom shares are up about 15% since the start of the year. The company has a market capitalization of $ 5.7 billion.

Employers sweeten child-care advantages to win over employees

A sign in the window of Bright Horizons Early Education and Preschool indicates that daycare will be closed on April 2, 2020 in the Seaport District of Boston.

David L. Ryan | The Boston Globe via Getty Images

As the offices reopen, employers are sticking to their lessons from the Covid pandemic of the importance of responding to workers’ needs by offering services that extend to childcare more than before.

When working parents juggled jobs and care during the health crisis, companies became aware of this. The result is that services such as accompanying child care are more likely to be offered or day care is planned on site. For companies that have already offered these services, the services are expanded to include offers such as affordable tuition to secure skilled workers. These benefits, along with reduced hours or working days from home, are designed to break down the barriers that hold some parents away from work by doing more to help employees reconcile their work and caring responsibilities.

These benefits are particularly important for women who still bear the brunt of family care responsibilities – a point that became even more apparent as the year went on the pandemic.

Although women make up less than half of the U.S. workforce, they accounted for much of the decline in the workforce in the first year of the pandemic. Data shown collected by the Pew Research Center that 2.4 million women left the labor force between February 2020 and February 2021, compared with 1.8 million men.

One of the biggest hurdles for working parents is the lack of access to affordable childcare. Only 39% of those asked about it McKinsey’s American Opportunity Survey those on incomes under $ 50,000 and with children at home said they could afford childcare. For the online survey, 25,109 people over the age of 18 were interviewed in the United States between March 9 and April 8.

While the lack of affordable childcare was an obstacle for many long before the pandemic, the crisis has put a greater burden on parents. Some were concerned with closed facilities, more restricted offers or struggled with concerns about the possible spread of Covid-19 in day care centers.

As the number of Covid cases has dropped sharply from its peak and vaccination rates are increasing, companies are trying to get women back into the workforce – something like this has not happened for a long time.

“The last time we really saw childcare – and corporate efforts to bend over backwards to increase women’s participation in the labor market – was really in the late 1990s,” said Diane Swonk, chief economist at Grant Thornton.

“There’s no muscle memory we go through in terms of being tight in the job, it’s something unprecedented that we’re all trying to open up at the same time,” she said. “Consumers are spending and businesses are trying to get up and running faster than workers are either able or willing to return.”

The use of Backup Care is increasing

Bright Horizons Family Solutions, which manages employer-based childcare and enables childcare and educational services, is seeing greater demand for its services. Some of its clients include General Motors, Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

More than 100 new Bright Horizon customers added the benefits of backup care over the past year. This service enables employees to take their children to a Bright Horizons daycare at the last minute if their childcare is down.

According to Maribeth Bearfield, chief human resources officer at Bright Horizons, emergency care use was about 20 times higher in the first three months of the pandemic than it was before the pandemic. And it continues to be on the rise during Covids, she said.

“People know that especially for important workers, they need childcare to get to work,” she said.

In a customer survey, Bright Horizons found that without backup supervision during the pandemic, 50% of employees would have had to cut their hours, 33% would have missed important deadlines, and 20% would have taken leave or quit their jobs, Bearfield said.

Companies that have already offered backup care are also adding other services, she said. Bearfield says the number of employees served by Bright Horizons has increased nearly 20% over the past year.

“Ten, 15 years ago, as an employer, we wanted to do everything we could to support our employees, but we haven’t come as far into family support as we do today,” said Bearfield. “An employer would never have thought that he would have to offer his employees tutoring or nanny networks.”

The benefits can range up to the financing or reduction of childcare.

“Whoever thought your employer would pay your babysitter for you, but employers are starting to do that,” Bearfield said. “Forward-thinking employers knew they would have more productive employees if they could help working mothers … get to work and relieve some of that stress and the psychological burden of childcare.”

Other employers might consider converting office space into daycare and hiring a company to manage it.

“It significantly reduces the cost of childcare for its employees,” said Cindy Lehnhoff, director of the National Child Care Association. Lehnhoff supervised day-care centers close to the employer Mercedes Benz and carnival. The overhead cost of renting space can be anywhere from 25 to 35% of the running cost of a normal daycare center, but if the employer pays these costs, they can reduce the parental rate.

Support the whole person

All in all, according to McKinsey, nearly half of companies have started offering or expanding access to parenting and home-schooling resources for employees survey carried out from June to August 2020.

Carters, a children’s clothing retailer and one of Bright Horizon’s customers, held several meetings over the past year to hear the problems of working parents. This conversation showed the importance of family support.

“Our employees were looking for psychological and emotional support for themselves and their children,” said Jill Wilson, Carter’s senior vice president of human interest and talent management. “They were looking for ways to entertain, raise and keep their children busy while they were at home rather than at school or daycare. They needed opportunities to work and take care of children at the same time.”

These discussions inspired the creation of a resource list on Carter’s Benefits website of tools, resources, and organizations that can provide support to parents, sorted by age group of children. The company also added improvements to the package offered by Bright Horizons. New benefits have been added, including tutoring for school-age students, priority enrollment and discounts on the Bright Horizons network of childcare centers, and discounts on enrichment programs and camps.

These family-oriented perks have been added along with additional help for mental and emotional health, as well as tips for better sleep.

“We will continue to strive to support the well-being of the whole person – be it physically, emotionally, socially or financially. As schools and daycare closed we saw the real value of a benefit like Bright Horizons supportive care, and we continue to see valued use as employees get back into a routine, “said Wilson.

Offers for older children and seniors

The shift towards a stronger focus on family-oriented benefits by companies is not limited to just supporting workers with young children. Benefits are also expanding to meet the needs of older children or even the parents of employees.

Since many high school students attended classes from home, employers try to help parents fill the gap created by distance learning, with tutoring services or access to exam preparation, help with orientation at the university or with writing applications.

“During Covids, these resources were no longer only available to high school students, so I think employers go there, ‘we have to do everything we can to keep our employees,'” Bearfield said. “I think the bottom line is that employers risk losing employees if they are not flexible.”

Best buy, which offers additional childcare to its employees through, is offering tutors a $ 100 monthly reimbursement to tutors for children ages 5-18, and the retailer expanded its paid vacation program to allow employees up to six weeks of paid Vacation. And Best Buy became more flexible and offered employees the opportunity to reduce their working hours or to share a full-time position with another employee.

The care allowance, which offers employees full pay for caring for relatives for four weeks, has been extended to include siblings, in-laws, grandchildren, grandparents and children aged 18 and over. So far, the benefit only covered spouses or partners, parents and children under the age of 18.

The electronics retailer also launched Wellthy, a care concierge who helps individuals find care for family members with complex, chronic, and ongoing care needs, as well as finding nannies or childcare.

With an aging US population, it is important for companies to provide assistance to older parents.

“We have an economy where we need all hands on deck because of aging demographics, and it does so across the developed world,” said Swonk.

It is too early to say whether these efforts to reintegrate more people into the labor market will be successful. It will likely be more obvious at the same time schools reopen, making it difficult to unravel the two, Swonk said.

“One of the things the pandemic did is … [push employers to start] Seeing workers as people who have needs rather than goods that can be exchanged and easily replaced, “Swonk said said. “This is a big change and gives workers a moment of bargaining power that they didn’t have, especially for women who already have the short end of the stick.”

The shift could stay here to stay. Both government and consumers place greater emphasis on the importance of diversity in the workplace. An expansion of family benefits could make it easier for people from different backgrounds to enter or return to work.

“We’ll see this become increasingly important, not just because we know that more diverse job markets and diverse workforce are everywhere [companies], especially in the C-suite, are delivering better financial returns, but we are also seeing market and government demands shifting to demand more diversity, equity and inclusion, “said Swonk.