Callum Wilson bearing ‘burden’ of Newcastle’s quantity 9 shirt with type

Eddie Howe has praised Callum Wilson’s thriving leadership skills after taking on the “burden” of Newcastle’s number 9 jersey.

Howe who brought Wilson to the former club Bournemouth He inherited the £ 20million striker when he replaced him during his second term on the South Coast Steve Bruce at the Newcastle last month and has met him in the last two games, the second of which was a decisive 1-0 win over Burnley that ended the drought in the Magpies’ Premier League.

The pair spent six largely successful years with the Cherries before they both left within weeks of relegation.

Howe said, “He seems to be very, very stable and very focused mentally. I think his leadership has definitely improved. He’s a great character in the group.

“He’s always had a very, very good outlook on life and football when I worked with him before in Bournemouth, a really positive guy. He always believed that he would meet and contribute for the team.

“But I think what I want to say is that I think his leadership is now looking at other people and their surroundings and trying to nurture other people instead of just focusing on themselves, so I’m really happy with him.

“He gives the club a lot. He has taken on the burden of number nine and it is not easy, but he has made it his own and given him full credit for it. “

Wilson has contributed six of Newcastle’s 17 league goals so far this season, none of which were more important than his feeble strike against the Clarets, which secured his first win of the season for the 15th time on demand.

The final whistle in St. James’ Park sparked wild festivities, and while the road is still long and difficult, they only served to fuel Howe’s hunger.

He said: “It was a really uplifting experience because it was the first time that we could share that feeling of winning together and look at the stands, see them fully and support everyone in their appreciation for what the players were having right now.” delivered was an amazing moment.

“I hope it’s the first of many to come. I’m very grateful for what the fans have given me since I’ve been at the club – it’s only been a short time, but they have been absolutely great with me – and of course I want to give them more. “

Wilson County resident receives rip-off texts demanding cash

WILSON COUNTY, Tenn (WKRN) – Bodies, death threats, and cash demands. This week a resident of Wilson County received bizarre SMS that the sheriff’s office says are fake.

One of the messages read in the section “I’m an Assassin, I Was Sent to End Your Life” and “You have to make a payment of four thousand dollars so that I can cancel the contract of the person who sent me.”

Detective Justin Cagle pointed out the poor grammar, misspellings, and poor punctuation in the texts as signs that the news is fake.

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Detective Cagle also noted that the photo the scammer contained, alluding to the fact that they killed someone, was actually a screenshot from a recent news story in which the deputy of the San Diego Sheriff passed out after he passed out during a drug downturn Has been exposed to fentanyl.

“The first thing we suggest is that they block the number and not respond to any of the messages at all,” said Cagle.

The number that texted the victims was listed as (501) 415-3676. It is important to know that the Sheriff’s Office says a lot of these scams are likely to be from overseas and the number can be manipulated.

If something doesn’t seem right, Cagle says it’s probably not right. He wants to remind people never to give out personal information or money without verifying a situation or contacting law enforcement.

“If it sounds a little lazy, don’t do anything. Ask somebody. Contact us, ”said Cagle.

Kevin Wilson Memorial Golf Outing raises cash for psychological well being consciousness

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A new golf getaway is designed to honor a lost life while working to prevent the loss of another.

The first Kevin Wilson Memorial Golf Outing took place at the Eel River Golf Course with the aim of raising awareness of resources that help people with mental health problems.

“It was basically to say that suicide is something that needs to be talked about more often,” said organizer Robert Freon, a friend of Wilson. “To let people know that they are in a crisis, that there is a place to go, that there is a place to call, they can even text them to get something . that they need help. And we’re here to help. “

Freon organized the event in honor of Wilson, who died of suicide last year. All proceeds from the event will go to Stop Suicide Now, in northeast Indiana.

“We’ve never had a big fundraiser for our organization,” said Colleen Carpenter. “We are staffed with volunteers who come from all walks of life to come together and find out what our community needs to stop suicide.”

The group creates and distributes educational toolkits and offers training to help people fight mental struggles … a problem they believe has increased since the COVID outbreak.

“COVID has been tough for a lot of people, with anxiety and depression going through the roof, especially among our young people,” said Carpenter. “So if someone thinks of suicide, please call a hotline. There are several text blinds out there that can help people, and I know Kevin’s family would like to be told to seek help with mental health problems or thoughts of suicide. “

Seeing the turnout they had in their first year reassures the people who knew and loved Wilson.

“It makes me so happy that everyone is out here supporting him and supporting him and the people who are going through what he’s been through,” said Brooklyn Robin, a friend of the Wilson family.

“There are a lot of people taking care of it,” Freon said. “And it means something. If we only save one person, if we save a life, that is our goal today. “

Insurgent Wilson Takes ‘Street Journey’ Model to a Entire New Stage in a Wetsuit and Neoprene Booties

Rebel Wilson advocates surfing style.

On Saturday, Wilson shared a photo of himself on Instagram in an elegant black wetsuit with a green leaf pattern on the shoulders. Wilson paired the suit with black gloves and wore her hair in loose waves.

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When it comes to shoes, Wilson chose Olaian surf boots. The slim shoes made of neoprene have a zipper, a rubber outsole and thermal insulation. The style costs $ 35 at

“Let’s go! Vamos #RoadTrip,” Wilson signed the social media post. The look was part of Wilson’s wardrobe for her role in the upcoming film, The Almond and the Seahorse.

The film tells the story of an archaeologist and an architect struggling to re-imagine a future after a traumatic brain injury.

When she’s not wearing surf gear, Wilson prefers to look athletic. The actress is a fan of shiny leather leggings in combination with sneakers from Nike. Your wardrobe also looks timeless like sweaters, combined with blue jeans and slippers or boots. In addition to Nike, their brands include: Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Gucci and Nike.

Earlier this year, Wilson mixed two of her favorite aesthetics into one while out and about in London. The star “Pitch Perfect” has designed a ribbed green sweater with puff sleeves and leather gaiters. She completed the look with black loafers that were completed with a gold embellishment on the toe.

Click through the gallery to see Rebel Wilsons Street style evolution.

Start gallery: Rebel Wilson’s street style evolution over the years

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Beforehand unreleased music from Mary Wilson on the way in which | Leisure

So far unheard music by Mary Wilson is to be released.

The former Supremes star, who died in February aged 76, had a large collection of unreleased music when she died and there are plans to share with the world, according to Bruce Resnikoff, President / CEO of Universal Music Enterprises .

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kAm “$ 96 H2? E65 J @ F? 86C 2F5: 6? 46D E @ 86E 2? 5 6IA6C: 6? 46 E92E]” k ^ Am

Bears Enable Russell Wilson ‘to Win in Fashion,’ Be ‘Iconic’ – NBC Chicago

Marshall: Bears allow Wilson to “win in style”, to be “iconic”. originally published on NBC Sports Chicago

The bond between Russell Wilson and the bears warms Chicago and helps thaw the city.

It doesn’t matter that he hasn’t asked for a deal yet. The bears on his list of preferred destinations when he’s traded and people come out in droves to talk about how well Wilson would fit in Chicago.

Even Packer’s players.

And a familiar face in Chicago too.

“This is the guy who wants to win. I’ve never been near a better competitor. He wants to win and he wants to win in style. With the Chicago Bears you can do that,” said former Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall the important things first.

And he knows and hopefully tells Wilson all about it since they played together.

“I was there for 3 years. Great place! If you win there you will be an icon,” added Marshall. “This is an icon of the franchise. They sit at the top of all sports, probably in the top 10 brands.

“So you want to go there, you have a good defense and they will give you the keys. And I know they have already discussed this internally, what they can give up and what they are willing to do for Russell to make him feel comfortable . “

The good news Wilson knows that.

The bad news, Marshall ranked Chicago fourth on Wilson’s target list.

Get it ready bears!

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