Wigglytuff Bonfire Model Holowear Is Stay

Pokemon Unite skins can be a hit or miss at times. Well, it usually has more to do with price than anything, but the topic has been a bit controversial lately. However, this latest holowear announcement has been received almost universally by fans.

Wigglytuff is next in line to receive a “campfire style” skin that gives him adorable glasses, a bow tie and a bobble hat. The Holowear is now in the game and can be purchased.

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Bonfire-style Wigglytuff will bring you back 350 Aeos gems, which is about $ 7.99 if you don’t already have currency in your wallet.

The announcement seems incredibly well received by gamers and is definitely a step up from the last campfire-style release, the turned Talonflame into a golf dad. In fact, the hipster Wigglytuff already got fanart in the responses to the tweet.

That reaction is a far cry from the recent Holowear announcements when the game attempted to shake players off for $ 40 per skin. Two of these high priced skins have been added, one for ninetales, one for Lucario – This means that players were expected to pay the same price as for two full games just to get ahead of the Holowear releases.

As a result, many players said they would boycott the game, at least in terms of spending real money, not even buying the cheaper skins. Developer Timi never commented on or even appeared to acknowledge the controversy. Given that it did the same trick twice in a month, it’s pretty likely that it will only be one more thing. So many will be relieved that this latest skin is significantly cheaper.

Pokemon Unite was released on Nintendo Switch on July 21, 2021. Since then, it has also been released on mobile starting September 22nd, with crossplay and cross-progression available on both platforms.

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