Cici Xiang On Being A Pandora Muse & How To Model Pandora Sporting Events

Over twenty years after the founding of Pandora‘s first charm bracelet – the now groundbreaking Pandora Moments bracelet – the Danish brand opens up new and exciting ways to wear their beloved charms.

The concept, dubbed the “Wearing Occasions” collection, is as simple as it is elegant, expanding the potential of charms beyond wrists to necks, ears and beyond. Think of earrings and necklaces, but also bag chains, key rings and charm holders. True to its shape, it builds on Pandora’s tradition of collecting, curating, and conveying something profound and meaningful.

“We tell our personal stories through our charms and how we wear them,” say Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, VP Creative Directors at Pandora. “These new unique styles bring our charm to unexpected places.”

Of course, it depends on how you wear them. The Danish jewelry brand has got three new “muses” for inspiration, including Georgia May Jagger, Larsen Thompson and Tasya van Ree, who have been Pandora ambassadors since 2019. To the starry new faces belong Gossip Girl star Evan Mock, Model and diversity champion Precious Lee, and model and artist Cici Xiang.

“I bought a Pandora bracelet years ago when I was in Paris at Easter,” Xiang tells me, referring to her most valuable piece of jewelry. “I had dreamed of visiting Paris for so long and when I got there I decided to give myself a bracelet with a beautiful one Charm of the Eiffel Tower thereon.”

Since more charms have been added, Xiang – who prefers gold over silver or rose gold – wears her charms like wearable works of art. “It has become a personal diary,” she explains, pointing out the milestones as well as the everyday moments that she marks. “I bought a twenty-first celebration tag for my birthday, a nice tag with a cat tag when I adopted my kitten, and a tag with the letter C on it [for Cici] even. I like to combine them on my bracelet for different moods and events. “

Events and travel may be tight lately due to the pandemic, but the art historian and former model maintains a rather positive outlook as the world reopens. In 2019 she founded her own non-profit art education project, CforABCaiming to make art more accessible. “I’m looking forward to learning more about Chinese contemporary art and its market, and to imparting more art knowledge to my fans,” she explains.

In the meantime, however, inspired by the launch of the new collection, I’ve asked her to share her favorite pieces and style tips for wearing.

Your go-to-hoops

“I love the hoop earrings and I have all three colors. They’re so chic even without the extra charms, but I also like how they’re easy to change. I can add up to three stimuli to each. “

A sexy note

“Instead of wearing earrings, I sometimes wear my new charm holders on jeans, which look very sexy.”

A charming tip

“And when I’m not wearing jeans, I also like the bag charm, which is a pleasure.”


Your most enchanting possession

“I like this bracelet because it’s super chic and goes with all styles and dresses.”

A minimalist keepsake

“I like the minimalist look of Murano and this charm is available in different colors.”

Your Star Wars favorite

“I’m a huge Star War fan, so the Grogu charm is a must in my book.”

Your sign of hope

“I am a traveler, I love to explore the world. At the moment, traveling is not as easy as it used to be and although I really miss it, for me this charm is a sign of hope. It reminds me that the world is getting better and we will see each other soon. “

Meghan Markle accused of carrying Saudi chief’s ‘blood cash’ earrings after Khashoggi demise

Meghan Markle was accused of wearing “blood money” earrings made by the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on two different official occasions.

Markle wore the earrings – originally a gift to Queen Elizabeth – at a state dinner in Fiji during one royal Toured Tonga, Australia and New Zealand in October 2018, just three weeks after the Washington Post writer Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in Saudi Arabia. The US has accused the Crown Prince of ordering Khashoggi’s death.

“These earrings were bought with blood money and given to her by a murderer,” said Michael Eisner, a lawyer fighting for justice for Khashoggi, according to The Daily Mail. “It has nothing to do with wearing it.”

“These earrings were bought with blood money and given to her by a murderer. It has nothing to do with wearing them.”

– Michael Eisner, lawyer who fights for justice for Khashoggi

The Crown Prince reportedly gave the chandelier earrings to the Queen as an official wedding gift during a lunch at Buckingham Palace in March 2018. There is no evidence that Markle met or met him at the time.


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex wears earrings from Saudi Arabia’s leaders in London on November 14, 2018. (Getty Images)

Markle’s lawyers have insisted she was unaware of the Saudi prince’s connection to the murder at the time, but a source told the Telegraph that she had been advised by aides not to wear the earrings. Plus, each piece of clothing and jewelry is usually carefully selected for a royal tour.

The story had spread across all media at the time.

“Royal Household employees sometimes advise people about their options,” a source told The Telegraph. “But what you do with this advice is a whole different matter.”

And while it is common for royals to accept gifts, “the gift policy doesn’t say you must wear them,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Markle wore the earrings for the second time a month later at Prince Charles’ 70th birthday party at Buckingham Palace.

According to The Telegraph, Prince Harry reportedly looked “shocked” when an aide at the party approached him about the earrings.

Kensington Palace staff told reporters at the time the earrings were “loaned” but had not elaborated on it, according to The Telegraph.

Eisner is the Chief Operating Officer of Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN), which was founded by Khashoggi.

“As a member of the royal family, you should find out about current events and politics and what’s going on,” Eisner said, according to the Daily Mail. He noted that she had been photographed with a Saudi women’s rights activist two years earlier. “It is confusing that she does not know the circumstances surrounding the murder of Khashoggi and understands that MBS had blood on his hands.”


Markle was defended by some about the timing of the criticism – three years later – arguing that their criticism was “racist” and “sexist” as many politicians did not speak out violently against the Crown Prince.

The reports were published shortly before her highly acclaimed interview with Oprah Winfrey, scheduled to broadcast Sunday night.

Others have found that Markle’s earrings and other scandals pale in comparison to the sexual misconduct allegations made against Prince Andrew.

Jennifer Garner Showcases Her Signature Mother Type in Striped Sweater, Blue Denims & These Sneakers She Can’t Cease Carrying

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Jennifer Garner I just stepped out in a foolproof outfit that went perfectly with her classic mom style.

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Garner was seen in Brentwood, Calif., On Thursday inspecting the construction of her new home. For the excursion, Garner opted for a blue striped sweater in combination with classic blue jeans. The denim had a straight silhouette with a desperate hem.

Garner equipped with a brown shopping bag. When it comes to shoes, Garner opted for sneakers from her sports brand Brooks. The kick, known as the Ghost 13 Running Shoe, has a lace-up closure and a mesh upper. The shoe is also padded and equipped with a rubber sole.

When Garner isn’t in the Ghost 13, he often wears the brand Levitate 4 Road Shoes in black color. These high-performance shoes feature the brand’s Fit Knit upper with a lightweight DNA AMP midsole, ample cushioning, and a removable insole. As in today’s look, Garner often pairs her sneakers with sweaters and simple t-shirts.

Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe

Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe

To buy: Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe, $ 130

She also swaps it out for Canadian suits, overalls, flannels, and sweatshirts. When Garner isn’t in jeans, he also wears activewear looks like classic leggings and other Alo Yoga products.

Click through the gallery to see other times Jennifer Garner wore Mom jeans and sneakers.

Start gallery: 15 times Jennifer Garner styled mom jeans with sneakers

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Photograph of Bernie Sanders sporting mittens at inauguration turns into cash maker

Senator Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., Previewed his priorities as the Chair of the Budget Committee. Edward Lawrence of FOX Business with more.

The picture of Sen. Bernie Sanders wear Mittens made from recycled materials and a warm winter jacket as casual inauguration Outfit first went viral online last week and is now generating a lot of money.

The “Bernie’s mittens crochet doll Bernie Sanders meme handmade collectible doll” sold on eBay for $ 14,900 on Sunday afternoon.

The doll, whose proceeds will go to charity, is a replica of a masked sander sitting in his folding chair with his arms crossed and wearing comfortable gloves – a moment that was great fun and celebrated on social media.

New York University student Nick Sawhney tweeted about his new website This uses the street view from Google Maps to place the Sanders image at any address.

The tweet was retweeted over 48.6,000 times and was liked 248.7,000 times.

“Oh my god, I wasn’t expecting that. I am overjoyed that so many people like it! I’m trying my best to keep it from crashing! “Sawhney said in a follow-up tweet.


The money maker meme contained everything from bobble heads and stickers to paintings and drawings.

There are even links through which consumers can purchase the high fashion versions of Sanders’ outfit.

Lots of people were quick to highlight the looks of the 79-year-old independent Vermont senator and create endless memes from Wednesday’s inauguration Joe Biden and Kamala HarrisHe was more about keeping warm than fashion.

“You know, in Vermont we dress warm, we know about the cold and we’re not that concerned about good fashion, we want to keep warm. And I did that today, ”Sanders told CBS on Wednesday.

People were especially fond of Sanders’ gloves, which were made by a Vermont elementary school teacher who also makes gloves from recycled wool.

“I love that he loves them and that he wears them,” said Jen Ellis, an elementary school teacher NECN-TV. “And I’m totally honored that he wore it today.”


Sanders fully embraced his viral moment when his team recently unveiled a Chairman Sanders Crewneck pullover on a product page in the Bernie Campaign Store, which is reportedly made in the US from ring-spun organic cotton.

It’s snowing sold out, and a warning The website states: “*** Due to the overwhelming demand for this item, it will take 4-8 weeks to receive your sweatshirt. *** “

Chairman Sanders Crewneck sold for $ 45. However, according to Sanders’ campaign website, 100% of the proceeds will go to Meals on Wheels Vermont.