Report: Georgia company wasted cash seized from taxpayers | State Information

ATLANTA (AP) – State inspectors and an investigation found that a Georgia agency illegally withheld millions of dollars in seized funds and spent money on Fitbits, exercise equipment, and other items.

A department of the Treasury also spent money on engraved firearms and stress balls in the form of beer mugs. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Tuesday’s Bureau of Inspector General’s report confirmed last year’s coverage by the newspaper and WSB-TV detailing how the money seized from tax investigations was spent by the Treasury Department’s Special Investigations Office.

The spending by the Treasury Department’s investigative department was “clearly wasteful” and “gave the appearance of extravagance,” the report said.

The department has since changed its policy and returned money to the state treasury where it should have gone, the newspaper reported.

Finance Commissioner Robyn Crittenden, who took over the department in July, promised further reforms.

“The department is actively moving forward to ensure that the results highlighted in this report are addressed,” Crittenden said Tuesday.

“We are focused on the Treasury Department’s mission to promote public trust and compliance while providing excellent customer service,” added Crittenden. “We are committed to doing what is right consistently and serving Georgia taxpayers with integrity and accountability.”

The Inspector General’s investigation began after receiving complaints from an attorney representing reality show personalities Todd and Julie Chrisley, whose 2014 TV show “Chrisley Knows Best” made its debut. Her attorney Chris Anulewicz had filed a complaint against the Office of Special Investigations last year.

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We needs to be offended about wasted cash — Lynn Schmitt | Letters to the Editor

I am outraged that leading Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin are planning to spend $ 680,000 in tax dollars on a cyber investigation into a nearly a year-old election – a choice that has already been proven correct and legitimate.

This effort is not only unnecessary and useless, but also confirms the nepotism that is the hallmark of the GOP. Former State Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman and other GOP patrons are just refilling their pockets so they can continue to support the seizure of power.

Assembly spokesman Robin Vos, R-Rochester, and his “fabricated” claim about election fraud are just another lie. All taxpayers – even Republicans who pronounce the misery of government waste – should be outraged.

Auburn’s QB wasted no time in making some candy tea cash

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix wasted no time getting paid, posting his first paid confirmation at 12:01 a.m. on the first day NCAA players were able to monetize their names.

Nix has their QVC display ready to hand. He trained for this moment. An opportunity to praise the benefits of sweet tea in plastic bottles around the world, which is difficult since most bottled teas taste like sweetened dishwater.

This is the result of new NIL laws that for the first time allow athletes to benefit from their name and likeness. So it was too good for him to take that sweet, sweet tea money to pass up.

We’ll see more of this and I’m here for that. Not only will it be a chance to see athletes getting paid, but it will also result in amazing local advertising that we wouldn’t see if it weren’t for a sports star. Like Alexander Ovechkin’s “Eastern Motors” ad in DC

It’s a brave new era.