Lego Reveals Its Big UCS Type AT-AT Star Wars Mannequin

The Lego Group has now unveiled one of the company’s biggest Star Wars sets, due out later this month. On Black Friday weekend, you can try to get your hands on a new AT-AT model.

This AT-AT is huge because it comes from the UCS model range. It comes with 6,785 pieces and retails for $ 799.99 in the US. It will be available on November 26th, 2021.

The AT-AT is a full scale minifigure that also includes an entire interior. The 9 minifigures are five Snowtroopers, two AT-AT drivers, General Veers and even Luke Skywalker.

The interior offered space for 40 minifigures and includes the cockpit and some moving parts. You can read over the full features of the toy below

  • Build and deploy the very first LEGO® Star Wars ™ Ultimate Collector Series version of an AT-AT (75313) from the Battle of Hoth in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Includes 9 LEGO® Star Wars ™ minifigures – General Veers, Luke Skywalker, Snowtrooper Commander, 4 Snowtroopers and 2 AT-AT Drivers – plus an information board to complete a stunning centerpiece.
  • This epic, buildable model features posable legs and head, opening hatches, cannons with realistic recoil, rotating cannons, a bomb drop hatch and a hook to attach to Luke Skywalker’s leash.
  • The AT-AT has panels that rise to reveal the interior. The main body offers space for up to 40 LEGO® minifigures, 4 speeder bikes (2 included) and the supplied heavy-duty e-web repeater blaster.
  • This 6,785-piece set is complex and rewarding to build, and makes the best birthday or Christmas present for yourself, any Star Wars ™ connoisseur, and advanced LEGO® builder.
  • With a height of over 62 cm, a length of 69 cm and a width of 24 cm, this brick-built LEGO® Star Wars ™ UCS model is an impressive exhibit in any room.
  • Are you a Star Wars ™ fan new to LEGO® sets? Do not worry. It comes with clear instructions so that you can take your time and tackle this complex build step by step.
  • LEGO® Star Wars ™ adult collectibles are designed for the discerning hobbyist who enjoys fun DIY projects to relax in a mindful and creative way.
  • LEGO® components meet strict industry standards to ensure compatibility and a simple, strong connection for robust builds.
  • LEGO® bricks and parts are tested in almost every possible way to ensure they meet strict global safety standards.

When you order from Lego Stores and the website, you will also receive Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber mini-build as a free bonus gift.

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Diego Luna hopes Star Wars return will impress his son | Leisure

Diego Luna hopes a return to Star Wars will put him back in his son’s “Top 10 Cool List”.

The 41-year-old actor, who has Jeronimo (12) and Fiona (10) with ex-wife Camila Sodi, is delighted to be playing “Rogue One” as Cassian Andor in the new spin-off prequel series “Andor” to repeat. because his children’s excitement about him collapsed in the 2016 film when his character was killed.

He told SFX magazine: “I am glad to be able to return to a galaxy far, far away. It’s a dream come true.

“I’ll tell you how it felt. I was the coolest dad when I told my kids I was doing this movie.

“When my son, who is most connected to this universe, saw the movie he made: ‘My father is the best! ‘

“Then in the end we will die. My son just looked at me … “But you died.”

“So it’s like, ‘Well, you’re cool, but not that cool!’ And now I can tell him that I can be back on his top 10 list of coolness. “

While filming ‘Rogue One’, Diego often hoped that something would go wrong and a scene would require a different take because he had so much fun piloting the spaceships.

He said, “In the film, I had a session with a real pilot and I got a lot of information from him.

“The only thing I can tell you is that there is no other feeling about going into hyperspace. When you go, ‘Whoosh!’ and the thing goes crazy, it feels amazing.

“With every shot I said, ‘Oh please, I hope someone did something wrong, I want to go again.’ I mean it was the nicest thing.

“The cockpit has this system underneath that sets it in motion. And then you have this huge projection showing you what you are about to fly through.

“So it’s as close to flying as possible and quite an experience.”

Smithsonian procures life-sized X-wing fighter for ‘Star Wars’ exhibit | Leisure

ORLANDO, Florida – You could say a giant movie star has arrived at the iconic Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC

Margaret Weitekamp, ​​a Smithsonian curator who normally handles space-related pop culture items like a Neil Armstrong For President button or action figures, hadn’t worked with anything this big before – a full-size X-Wing starfighter with a 37 foot span as a prop in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The film’s production company, Lucasfilm, shipped the X-Wing, which was broken up into about half a dozen large pieces. The wings were removed and the pieces were displayed at a complex in Virginia so the Smithsonian crew could begin cleaning them up before being reassembled next year and on public display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

“You want to be tidied up after every long journey,” said Weitekamp.

When Weitekamp saw the X-Wing up close for the first time this month, he noticed all the little details, like a point that looked a little beaten up. She could see scratches. Was that “hangar rash”? by the way, she wondered.

But then Weitekamp quickly learned that it was part of the original paint job, as the X-Wing shouldn’t look flawless in the film. It had been in a couple of close conversations when it was flown by Resistance Commander Poe Dameron (played by Oscar Isaac).

“That kind of detail is a wonderful thing to see up close, and then write down, ‘OK, we’ll make sure we leave this alone. We’re not trying to fix that, ”said Weitekamp.

The news of the Smithsonian exhibit was posted last week on May 4th, known to Star Wars fans as the “May Fourth Be With You” day.

It was the culmination of an idea that began in 2019 when Weitekamp and her family sat across from a row of a Smithsonian executive at the premiere of the latest “Star Wars” film.

When Weitekamp got home around midnight, the email was already in her inbox: What could the Smithsonian do to benefit from the excitement?

The phone calls to Lucasfilm began.

She was excited for Weitekamp, ​​who saw the original “Star Wars” in the theater and played with the action figures from the film with the neighborhood children in rural Pennsylvania.

The nearly 20-year-old Smithsonian veteran joked that her “day-to-day job” no longer impresses her children. “But the idea that I have to call Lucasfilm on the phone. … This is one of those times my kids think I’m cool, “she said.

Weitekamp also knew it was going to be a difficult question.

“This is a big, complicated request because these types of screen-using vehicles are not readily available,” said Weitekamp. “Lucasfilm is rightly very careful about how you, as an active film company, work with these assets.”

Smithsonian and Lucasfilm have long collaborated on Weitekamp’s benefit, including a 1997 Star Wars exhibit that was one of Smithsonian’s most popular attractions with costume and other movie props, she said.

Lucasfilm has not returned a request for comment on this story.

Walt Disney Co. bought Lucasfilm in 2012 for $ 4 billion. Since then, Disney has opened Star Wars-themed expansions at Disney World and Disneyland, where you can see an X-Wing fighter parked in the lands.

In the films, the fictional plane features an X-shaped attack formation that became famous when Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star in the original 1977 film.

Both sides agreed with Lucasfilm to borrow the props free of charge over the long term. Due to the pandemic, Lucasfilm explained the logistics of the X-Wing and put it back together via video conferences.

Weitekamp saw the aircraft for the first time earlier this month and admired the details of the X-Wing from top to bottom. The X-Wing was filmed in ground footage, said Weitekamp.

“This is a really very detailed vehicle on all sides, and that’s not always the case with movie props. Very often, when they know that part of something will be removed from the camera, they don’t bother to make the decoration completely symmetrical when they know that it is not visible, ”said Weitekamp. “So this is a rare, wonderful example of a vehicle that has really been realized and is detailed on all sides.”

The fictional Starfighter will hang in a museum showing famous historical aircraft from space travel to the Wright Brothers’ first powered flight over Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

“The museum has long been interested in the subjects of inspiration and imagination,” said Weitekamp.

Seeing the X-Wing paired together with real airplanes allows people to think about the creativity of design that we see in the Star Wars universe and then the creativity of design that we see in the latest air – and space designs for actual spacecraft see actual new aircraft, ”she added.

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Star Wars’ Ewok Jedi Knight Solely Exists in a DnD-Fashion RPG

Ewoks are some of the most memorable creatures in Star Wars, and while some are force sensitive, the only known Jedi Ewok comes from a dubious source.

For all the different creatures, characters, villains and heroes around the world war of stars Universe that has used lightsabers in the bondage of power, both light and dark, there is a blatant omission without the privilege of ever actually doing so: Ewoks. Those furry fiends of Endor never had a Jedi to call themselves – at least not canonically. But that doesn’t mean that power doesn’t flow through them too.

Ewoks are the lovable, bear cub-like creatures who helped the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Endor Return of the Jedi. They’re arguably some of the most recognizable characters in the franchise, though they haven’t been involved in any major Star Wars production since the second one was destroyed Death star (Aside from two television films, Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure and Ewoks: The Battle for Endorand the cartoon series Ewoks). But these little creatures are not without the ability to feel the power, which makes it strange that this concept has never been fully explored.

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Star Wars has force sensitive Ewoks

One of the most important Ewoks in Return of the Jedi was the shaman Logray, who is immediately recognizable by his tall stature, striped fur, bird skull headdress and staff adorned with the bones of a defeated enemy. The older character in Bright Tree Village was force sensitive but never evolved into a full blown Jedi. Logray learned about the power of power when he was enslaved by a witch in his youth. As he got older, he drifted to the Dark Side before finally being banished from the village of Ewok. But one of his strength-sensitive apprentices, the black and white striped Teebo, did not allow himself to be tempted by the dark side. So clear that these popular creatures, designed after Brussels Griffon dogs, can wield both sides of the force, just like many other creatures in the galaxy.

It’s unfortunate that the Ewoks who met Luke Skywalker (and Leia) never had a chance to explore the connection to the power they all shared, on the return of the Jedi or on later big-screen adventures. That being said, the idea of ​​creating a Jedi Ewok was put on paper but never put on screen.

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Star Wars: What happened to the Ewok Jedi Knight from Star Wars

In a source book called Geonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds for the DnD-style Star Wars RPG, there is an image of an unnamed Ewok with a blue-tinted lightsaber. It is depicted in the middle of the attack, dressed in the famous Jedi robes, and fights a group of Sanyassan marauders who have kidnapped another Ewok. It takes place at 4 ABY (4 years after the Battle of Yavin when the first Death Star was destroyed). Star Wars RPGs have not been officially declared legends, so it is unclear whether this Jedi Ewok exists in the canon.

What is interesting is that the character appears some time after the Battle of Endor, when the Ewoks fought and defeated the majority of the Sanyassan Marauders. They were a threat to Ewoks for years after landing on the forest moon of Endor and unable to escape. Audiences even got the chance to see Sanyassans in the TV movie Ewoks: The Battle for Endor vs. Ewoks. After that, the ’80s pop culture phenomenon that the Ewoks were was left on Endor and all but forgotten.

A Jedi Ewok could be Star Wars’ next baby, Yoda

Ewoks The Battle for Endor Screenshot

Each of the three Star Wars trilogies have spawned their own cozy creatures and characters that appeal to younger audiences. From Porgs to BB-8 there is a wide choice. Given how important the Ewoks were in defeating the Empire and how they can use the Force, there is a new way to create the next Baby Yoda by bringing the Ewoks back, a return that a Jedi or at least a Jedi can do as well should include a Jedi Ewok on his way to becoming one. While fan (and Lucas) favorite Warwick Davis‘Character Wicket wasn’t compulsive, revisiting some of these iconic characters could still come with a return to Bright Tree Village. Hopefully fans will have a chance to spot a Jedi Ewok in the Star Wars universe.

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Doctor Strange 2 Cast Listing teases the multiversal madness of the film

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Star Wars Children Video Spotlights Padmé’s Persona, Type

Unfortunately there isn't one in her name Unfortunately there is no “U” in her name, which she could stand for “unmoved”. Screenshot: Youtube

Queen, Senator, Woman of the Future Darth Vader, Mother of Luke and Leia Skywalker, tragic figure in Star Wars history – pretty much everything we know Padmé Amidala is epic and oversized when it comes to her role in shaping the galaxy far, far away.

This new short video from Star Wars Kids on YouTubeHowever, with the letters of her first name illustrated with animated Clone Wars clips, comic panels, and live-action footage featuring Natalie Portman’s big-screen performance, we get a slightly better look at Padmé’s life and personality. “P” stands for “passionate”, “A” for “adaptable” and so on.

The tone here is as cheerful as one would expect from something aimed at children, so the darkness isn’t really mentioned in Padmé’s life – but luckily it is battered wardrobe does.

Illustration for article titled Padmé's Personality (and Sense of Style) Get the limelight in this short Star Wars video

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YK Osiris & 21 Savage Finish Their Type Wars With A Picture

After some social media beef revolving around a custom Gucci jacket, YK Osiris and 21 Savage have finally eliminated their stylish differences by posing as a movie together.

The month started with YK Osiris and 21 Savage are literally playing about clothesbut it looks like they decided to leave their little January fashion fight and be friends for February.

At least for now.

Image: Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

Osiris posted the photo he took yesterday when he was 21 on his Instagram and added a caption that reads: “4L ð ?? ¤ ?? ð ???? ¾ hold yourself to real n * ggas ð ??? ??? @ 21savage. “” Fortunately, they both looked fresh in black and white clothes, almost ironically fitting, although a large part of his 2.7 million IG supporters didn’t want him to forget the earlier “style wars” between the two presenters One commenter wrote, “He likes your jacket now?” Which got just over 1,000 likes, while another person tried to keep the roast session going by writing “yal look like yal fix cars”. [sic].

Image: Gregg DeGuire / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Her fashion choice actually turned out to be a huge focus for a lot of people in the comments, like one person who said, “Now let’s talk about the big butt-bubble vest he put on,” another who kept it all real by writing . “I don’t know if they’re fixing my car or stealing it,” and finally a person who simply dropped facts by adding, “This n *** a called you a suitcase ð ?????? ð ?????? ð ??????. “That was, admittedly, one of the coldest comebacks in all of the beef, so we definitely respect the maturity of YK Osiris’ ending, just playing the ‘If you can’t beam them, join in’ card.

Look at the photo of YK Osiris and 21 Savage Be kind below and then check out both of the photos we added above and let us know once and for all who is the freshest of them all when it comes to these two. Listen to your opinions, thoughts, and roasts below!