Walmart is quietly making ready to enter the metaverse

A shopper carries a bag in front of a Walmart store in San Leandro, California on Thursday, May 13, 2021.

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Walmart appears to be venturing into the Metaverse with plans to create its own cryptocurrency and collection of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs.

The major retailer filed several new brands late last month declaring its intention to manufacture and sell virtual goods including electronics, home decor, toys, sporting goods and personal care products. In a separate filing, the company said it will offer users virtual currency as well as NFTs.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Walmart filed the applications on Dec. 30.

A total of seven individual applications were submitted.

A spokesman for Walmart did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

Source: Tanning Intellectual Property

“They’re super intense,” he said Josh Gerben, Trademark Attorney. “There’s a lot of language in there, which shows there’s a lot of planning going on behind the scenes about how they’re going to approach cryptocurrency, how they’re going to address the metaverse and the virtual world that seems to be coming or that’s already there.”

Gerben has been saying that ever since Facebook announced that it would change its company name to Meta, signaling its ambitions beyond social media, companies have rushed to figure out how to fit into a virtual world.

Source: Tanning Intellectual Property

Nike filed a number of trademark applications In early November, the company previewed its plans to sell virtual branded sneakers and apparel. Later that month it was said it would be merging with Roblox to Create an online world called Nikeland. It’s in December bought virtual sneaker company RTFKT (pronounced “artifact”) for an undisclosed amount.

“Suddenly everyone is saying, ‘This is getting real and we need to make sure our intellectual property is protected in space,'” Gerben said.

gap also started selling NFTs its iconic logo sweatshirts. The apparel maker said its NFTs range in increments from about $8.30 to $415 and come with a physical hoodie.

Both now under armorAdidas and Adidas NFT debuts sold out last month. They are now fetching sky-high prices on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Gerben said that clothing retailer Urban Outfitters, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch have also filed trademarks in recent weeks stating their intention to open some sort of virtual store.

A report by CB Insights outlined some of the reasons why retailers and brands want to enter into such ventures, which can potentially provide new revenue streams.

The launch of NFTs allows companies to tokenize physical products and services to reduce online transaction costs, it said. And for luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, NFTs can serve as a form of authentication for tangible and more expensive goods, CB Insights noted.

Gerben said that as more consumers become familiar with the Metaverse and the items stored on the blockchain, more retailers want to create their own ecosystem around it.

According to Frank Chaparro, director of crypto information services company The Block, many retailers are still reeling from being late to e-commerce, so they don’t want to miss opportunities in the metaverse.

“I think it’s a win-win for any company in retail,” Chaparro said. “And even if it turns out to be just a fad, just trying something weird like giving some customers an NFT in a sweepstakes doesn’t do much reputation damage.”

— CNBC’s Melissa Repko contributed to this reporting.

Walmart ought to be beneath tighter scrutiny due to firing of worker with Down syndrome, EEOC says

Exterior view of a Walmart store on August 23, 2020 in North Bergen, New Jersey. Walmart saw profits jump last quarter as e-commerce sales soared during the coronavirus pandemic.

Press DISPLAY | Corbis News | Getty Images

A jury found Walmart broken the law when it laid off a longtime employee with Down syndrome. Now the US Equal Employment Commission wants the judge to announce the largest private employer in the country to prevent this.

In a motion filed on Friday, the federal agency said Walmart should be under stricter supervision for the next five years and clarify in company policies that employees with disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodation.

Also, according to the EEOC, Walmart should be forced to post a placard about the lawsuit and its actions in more than 100 stores. A draft of the memo, which the EEOC created and shared with the judge, sets out why the company was wrong in firing a longtime employee – Marlo Spaeth – and uses it as a cautionary story about the consequences of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The federal agency is demanding that the memo be posted for five years in the region where Walmart violated the ADA.

A judge ultimately decides whether or not the interim measures will be issued.

Walmart is reviewing the filing, company spokesman Randy Hargrove said.

In a previous statement, he said that Walmart executives and managers “take the support of all of our employees seriously and routinely take in thousands each year for people with disabilities”.

Marlo Spaeth (left) was fired from Walmart in July 2015 after working there for nearly 16 years. Her sister Amy Jo Stevenson has since been in litigation with the retail giant. She filed a discrimination complaint with the US Equal Opportunities Commission.

Amy Jo Stevenson

The EEOC and Walmart were Involved in litigation for Spaeth’s release for years. Spaeth, who has Down syndrome, worked for nearly 16 years as a sales rep at a Walmart Supercenter in Manitowoc, a small town in eastern Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan. She was fired from her job after the store implemented a new computerized planning system that changed its opening hours. Managers refused to restore Spaeth’s long-standing work schedule.

Walmart in July lost the lawsuit and was asked by the jury to pay more than $ 125 million in judgment – one of the highest in federal agency history for a single victim. The judge reduced the damages to $ 300,000, the maximum legal limit.

In Friday’s motion, the EEOC said Walmart should pay nearly $ 187,000 on top of that damage to make up for Spaeth’s years of lost wages. It asked the judge to require Walmart to reinstate Spaeth as an employee or to pay the equivalent of ten years’ wages in lieu of reinstatement.

However, the federal agency also argued that monetary damages payments are not enough. It called for the strictest supervision of Walmart – and the signs put up – in the area where Spaeth’s business is located. The region has more than a hundred stores, according to one of the EEOC filings, but it hasn’t specified which states and cities it covers outside of this part of Wisconsin.

In this region, Walmart should require ADA training for all managers and supervisors and include compliance with these guidelines in annual performance reviews. Walmart should also be required to notify the EEOC within 90 days of any request for consideration of an employee’s disability and provide details of that request, including the person’s name and contact information, and Walmart’s response.

The EEOC’s application corresponds to the wishes of Spaeth’s sister Amy Jo Stevenson.

In an interview with CNBC In July she said her sister was shattered when she lost her job. Stevenson said she wants all Walmart employees and managers to know what happened to her sister – and understand her rights and requirements under the ADA.

“I imagine there is a memo from Marlo Spaeth in every Walmart that says, ‘You can’t do that,’” said Stevenson.

Walmart launches supply enterprise to attach different native retailers with shoppers

Walmart announced Tuesday the launch of a delivery service called GoLocal that will move goods from other local retailers to consumers.

The company said it expects delivery to begin in late 2021 and that the delivery fleet will include newer technologies like self-driving vehicles and drones.

“It’s about bringing the skills we at Walmart have focused on building and connecting for our own customers to life for local and national businesses,” said Tom Ward, senior vice president of Last Mile at Walmart CNBC.

Walmart said GoLocal will be a white label service, which means deliveries will not be made on Walmart-branded vehicles. The company said it will offer two-hour shipping at competitive prices, as well as a two-day delivery option. Deliveries are handled by a combination of staff, gig staff, and sometimes other delivery companies.

Walmart is currently partnered with FedEx for online parcel delivery. The company wouldn’t say if FedEx is being used for GoLocal.

However, Ward said the company will find innovative delivery partners including Cruise, a self-driving electric vehicle startup that the retailer invested in last year, as well as Waymo and Nuro. The delivery of drones will also be a focus Partners like DroneUP, another company Walmart invested in last year, as well as ZipLine and FlyTrex.

“We’re excited to have all these different disruptive technologies as we scale up that bring the final mile together at Walmart,” said Ward.

Walmart has spent the past five years building its ability to deliver goods to customers. In August 2016, it acquired the e-commerce start-up for $ 3.3 billion. In March 2018, Walmart launched its Grocery delivery serviceTo fulfill orders from Walmart stores. The company started Walmart Fulfillment Services in February 2020 to compete with the growth of marketplace-centric websites like Amazon and Shopify.

The company closed down in May 2020, but CEO Doug McMillon credited the acquisition Supporting Walmart in expanding its delivery network.

Amazon has a similar service called Amazon shipping, in 2018 designed to compete with UPS and FedEx, however it has stopped working in June 2020.

David Vernon, senior transportation analyst at Bernstein, said a retailer’s local delivery service was unlikely to have a significant impact on FedEx and UPS revenues.

“The local delivery market has 230,000 companies competing in every city across America,” Vernon told CNBC. “There are two national packet networks. They have some overlap; business is shifting towards part of this local business. But in the long run, it’s not exactly the same.”

GoLocal already has contracts with a number of national retail customers, according to Walmart, and will begin accepting applications for new partners starting Tuesday.

Walmart (WMT) earnings Q2 2022

A mask buyer makes a purchase at a Walmart store in Hallandale Beach, Florida on May 18, 2021.

Joe Raedle | Getty Images

WalmartSecond-quarter earnings exceeded Wall Street expectations on Tuesday as the retail giant gained ground in its grocery store and had a strong start to back-to-school sales.

The discounter also tightened its forecast for the year and now expects earnings per share between $ 6.20 and $ 6.35. It said it expects Walmart US sales in the same store to grow 5 to 6%, excluding fuel.

CFO Brett Biggs said in an interview with CNBC that when customers “came out of hibernation” flocked to stores to purchase items like luggage, party supplies and clothing. Also, he said, families have bought backpacks and classroom items.

CEO Doug McMillon said in a press release that the company had gained more market share in the food sector, one of its core businesses. He said it made strides in new areas too, adding thousands of online sellers to its third-party marketplace and nearly doubling ad sales in Walmart US in the quarter year over year.

According to Refinitiv’s consensus estimates, for the second fiscal quarter ended July 31, the company reported the following:

  • Earnings per share: adjusted $ 1.78 versus an expected $ 1.57
  • Revenue: $ 141.05 billion versus an expected $ 137.17 billion

Walmart reported net income from $ 6.48 billion, or $ 2.27 per share last year to $ 4.28 billion, or $ 1.52 per share. With no items, the company made $ 1.78 per share. According to Refinitiv, analysts expected Walmart to make $ 1.57 per share.

Total revenue increased 2.4% to $ 141.05 billion from $ 137.74 billion a year ago, surpassing it Wall Street expects $ 137.17 billion.

According to a StreetAccount poll, Walmart’s US revenue rose 5.2% in the US, higher than analysts’ forecast 3.3% increase. Over the past two years, the retailer said its sales in the same store rose 14.5%. In the same period, US e-commerce sales doubled – with a 6% growth in digital compared to last year.

Walmart subsidiary Sam’s Club sales in the same store rose 7.7% excluding fuel – more than the 3.7% growth forecast by analysts.

Customers also shopped differently in the quarter than they did a year ago as they frequented the Walmart store and website. Transactions in Walmart US were up 6.1% and average tickets were down nearly 1%.

This story evolves and is updated.

Walmart to promote e-commerce know-how to smaller retailers

Just as Amazon Web Services is the profit center that serves a large part of Amazons other shops, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon became increasingly interested in expanding his company’s profit pools beyond the core business of retailing.

Starting Wednesday, small and medium-sized retailers will be able to acquire technology developed by Walmart that enables shoppers to purchase items online and pick them up in-store. These companies will also be able to add products to Walmart’s online marketplace with just a few clicks. To offer the suite of cloud-based services, Walmart has partnered with Adobewho sells the software through a subscription.

“When we started our journey, Covid had just struck,” said Anshu Bhardwaj, vice president of technology strategy and commercialization at Walmart Global Technology. “We reaped the benefits of this omnichannel journey early on.”

Walmart saw sales grow both online and in-store in the wake of the pandemic. While some other retailers have been forced to close stores to contain the spread of Covid-19, Walmart was considered a major retailer and stayed open. Some customers who wanted to limit the time they spent in stores took advantage of Walmart’s online purchase and in-store pickup. These developments accelerated the company’s e-commerce growth. The retailer’s online sales rose 79% for the fiscal year ended Jan. 29, with pickup and delivery sales up triple-digit year-over-year.

Only 7% of US retailers had the “buy online in-store pickup” option enabled in January 2018. The pandemic sped that rate to 22% of retailers last month, the company said Adobe Digital Economy Index.

A significant opportunity remains. Last December, Adobe and market researcher IDC estimated the total addressable market for content and commerce software as a service to be around $ 44 billion.

For those wondering why Walmart wants its potential competitors to succeed, Bhardwaj said these smaller businesses are served anyway.

“Digitization is happening everywhere as consumers evolve,” said Bhardwaj. “There is no choice but to evolve with them.”

Walmart’s size and size, and its proximity to 90% of the US population within 10 miles of any of its stores gives it a significant advantage. Additionally, Bhardwaj said, “We really want to serve our communities, our shareholders, our stakeholders and the community better.”

She noted that about a year and a half ago, McMillon changed the language of a slide he used in presentations from “serve our shareholders” to “serve our shareholders”. Bhardwaj said it was a meeting with McMillon that fueled her idea of ​​selling the technology Walmart developed to other retailers.

Bhardwaj has been involved in other major Walmart technology initiatives. In particular, she performed the successful Scan & Go technology at Sam’s Club, which enables customers to check purchases with a smartphone while adding items to their shopping cart.

The new software business opens up a potential source of income for Walmart and fits in with its strategy to start new businesses that serve new customers and lets the profit flow back into the company to finance further innovations.

Neither Walmart nor Adobe publicly share expectations of how big the business opportunity could be, but Bhardwaj said, “I’ll bet my life on it,” as their current role at the retailer was created to bring their idea to life.

For Adobe, the Walmart partnership increases visibility.

“We can now offer a more holistic solution, a first-class omnichannel experience,” said Peter Sheldon, Adobe’s senior director of Commerce Strategy, in an interview. “From Adobe, [these businesses] will receive world-class e-commerce and world-class omnichannel experiences from Walmart. “

The small and medium-sized retailers will use Adobe to operate e-commerce sites, including shopping cart, search, navigation and product recommendation functions. (Walmart does not use Adobe commerce software for these functions for its own website. It has its own technology.)

Small and medium-sized businesses and retailers with $ 1 billion or more in annual sales already use a variety of Adobe e-commerce products, including Ritual help, Verizon, Unilever, coke, PS, Honeywell, Trader Joes and more.

Walmart provides the technology that enables staff to pick and pack online purchases, and geofencing technology staff need to know when customers will be arriving to pick up their orders.

Saweetie Redefines Errand-Operating Fashion in Lace Jumpsuit & Pumps for a Journey to Walmart

Saweetie is known for rocking bold looks on the red carpet and on stage, but the rap star has just taken her daring style to a new and funky place: Walmart.

Over the weekend, Saweetie went on Instagram to promote the Kiss Colors Edge Fixer Glued product and shared a video of her driving around Walmart in a shopping cart. For the occasion, Saweetie wore a black jumpsuit – which, of course, suited an icy girl. The number had a zip and was embroidered with a swirl pattern on a glittering black material.

More from shoe news

Saweetie was then equipped with solid hoop earrings as well as a diamond chain and a matching bracelet. The pop singer “Tap In” also had a sage green Hermes Birkin bag in her car.

As for the shoes, Saweetie added a polished touch to the jumpsuit in a pair of shoes that weren’t traditionally intended for the grocery store. She decided on a pair of shiny black pumps. The pointed toe shoes were made of patent leather and sat on a stiletto heel.

When it comes to fashion, Saweetie doesn’t shy away from bold statements. She likes to mix high-end brands like Valentino, Thierry Mugler, Saint Laurent and more with streetwear pieces. When she’s not in heels or thigh-high boots, Saweetie often wears sneakers, including busy kicks by Jordan Brand and Adidas. The artist not only indulges trends, he also sets them. Last year she launched her third collection, PrettyLittleThing.

protection, cendi transparent pumps, black pumps

protection, cendi transparent pumps, black pumps

To buy: King Allium Sheer Pointed Toe Pumps, $ 118

Saint Laurent, Zoe patent leather pumps, black heels

Saint Laurent, Zoe patent leather pumps, black heels

To buy: Saint Laurent Zoe 110m Patent Leather Pumps, $ 6456

Gianvito Rossi, PVC pumps, black pumps

Gianvito Rossi, PVC pumps, black pumps

To buy: Gianvito Rossi 115mm PVC Pumps, $ 745

Click through the gallery to see Saweeties best style moments.

Start gallery: 14 of Saweetie’s best style moments

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Cramer’s Mad Cash Recap: Walmart, Norwegian, Disney

The baton was passed down to the travel and leisure names from the holdings-at-home stocks, Jim Cramer told Mad Money viewers Tuesday. But it’s not too late to take advantage of the switch, added Cramer, as many of these stocks are just getting started.

Tuesday we heard from a number of retailers, including Walmart ((WMT) – Get the report, Home Depot ((HD) – Get the report and Macy’s ((M.) – Get the reportAll of this told us that consumers are doing America’s favorite thing to do, shopping. And while Home Depot stocks fell 1%, Cramer only proves that consumers are moving from spending on their homes to spending on everything else. Most interesting, however, was Macy’s, which told investors that luggage was one of the hottest categories this quarter.

So Cramer said it was time to buy Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings ((NCLH) – Get the reportwho eventually got permission to sail again. He also recommended Wynn Resorts ((WYNN) – Get the report as a play about Las Vegas and Walt Disney ((DIS) – Get the report that will benefit from the reopening of movies, theme parks and cruises.

Cramer was also optimistic about AMC Entertainment ((AMC) – Get the report and Airbnb ((ABNB) – Get the report following the company’s recent secondary offering of shares. Beauty is also a hot category with Ulta Beauty ((ULTA) – Get the report Make Cramer’s list with Estee Lauder ((THE) – Get the report.

As for the rest of the market, it remains difficult to read, with the exception of cybersecurity which is all the rage. One stock that isn’t particularly hot is AT&T. ((T.) – Get the reportThat fell 5.8% as shareholders rebelled against the company’s decision to cut its dividend to fund the Warner Media spin-off.

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At the time of publication, Cramers Action Alerts PLUS held a position in WMT, DIS.

Walmart (WMT) earnings This autumn 2021 miss expectations

Walmart A fourth quarter result was reported on Thursday that fell short of Wall Street’s expectations as the retailer seeks to convert the strength of its e-commerce business into lasting momentum and higher profits through increased investments during the pandemic.

Shares fell more than 5% in premarket trading as investors reacted to the retailer’s warning that sales are expected to be modest this year. Earnings per share will fall slightly, but will be unchanged or even higher after the exclusion of sales.

The big box retailer has benefited from pandemic trends as Americans buy more groceries, cleaning products, and other essentials. There was also a boost in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year as many customers issued their stimulus checks. But the pandemic has also increased its costs – in the fourth quarter alone, spending on Covid was $ 1.1 billion.

Part of Walmart’s recent strength can be attributed to investments made long before the health crisis to boost its online business and provide services like roadside collection and fast delivery.

Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart, told a virtual investor conference Thursday that the company is retooling to better serve customers, find new revenue streams, and create a diverse ecosystem of services, from delivering groceries to people’s refrigerators through to annual health checkups and new types of funding services. It is also building its advertising business. Together, he said they would act as a “flywheel”.

He said it will increase investment to adapt to the significant changes in the retail pandemic in retail. For example, he said Walmart will spend on automation to speed up the number of roadside pickups it can do.

Overall, Walmart is targeting $ 14 billion in investments this fiscal year, from $ 10 billion to $ 11 billion as the company invests in supply chain, automation and customer experience enhancement, said the company’s chief financial officer, Brett Biggs.

McMillon described Walmart +, its subscription service, as “an important part of our strategy”. He said the membership program, launched in the fall, will drive repeat purchases from customers and provide the company with valuable data that it can use to customize its experience and grow its advertising business. The service costs $ 98 per year or $ 12.95 per month.

He said it will too raise US workers’ wagesThis brings the average for hourly workers to over $ 15 per hour.

“This is a time to be even more aggressive because we see the opportunity we have ahead of us,” he said in a press release. “The strategy, the team and the skills are in place. We have momentum with customers and our financial position is strong.”

Stimulus increased sales

In the last quarter, Walmart’s US e-commerce sales rose 69% – a huge number, but the slowest growth rate since the global health crisis began. Revenue from the same store in the United States rose 8.6%, above the 5.8% increase expected by a StreetAccount survey. Subsidiary Sam’s Club also saw low single-digit sales growth in the same business excluding fuel and tobacco.

For the three months ended January 31, Walmart posted a loss of $ 2.09 billion, or 74 cents per share, compared to earnings of $ 4.14 billion, or $ 1.45 last year. The company said a loss in the UK and Japan reduced earnings by $ 2.66 per share, which was partially offset by earnings of 49 cents per share on equity investments.

Without these and other items, Walmart made $ 1.39 per share due to a lack of analyst estimates.

Total revenue increased 7.3% to $ 152.1 billion from $ 141.67 billion last year Wall Street’s expectations of $ 148.30 billion.

Sam’s Club reported that in the same store excluding fuel and tobacco, sales increased 8.5% while ecommerce sales increased 42%.

Biggs told CNBC that the company could get another boost if the government approves a new round of stimulus payments.

“When the money hits we see spending go up pretty quickly and I would expect to see something similar if we get another round of incentives that are obviously being discussed,” he said.

Sales growth in e-commerce is slowing

The slowing pace of the e-commerce growth rate suggests some challenges that will be addressed by the tailwind from global trends of the health crisis. More and more Americans are getting Covid vaccines and are able to spend their budget in other ways, e.g. B. going out to dinner or filling up the gas tank on the way back to the office.

Walmart is also under pressure to turn thriving parts of its business into money makers. Online services that have grown in popularity, such as roadside collection, require additional manpower when employees pick up and package orders. This translates into higher labor costs that Walmart has not passed on to its customers, even if more benefit from the convenience of online shopping.

Walmart’s e-commerce business has grown dramatically but is still not turning a profit. However, according to Biggs, ecommerce margins continue to improve.

Walmart increases its dividend by one cent to 55 cents per share and approves a $ 20 billion share buyback program.

Read the full press release here.

– CNBCs Courtney Reagan contributed to this report.

A Gainesville man hits girlfriend with automobile after spat over cash at Walmart

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – Police arrested a man for attempted murder after attempting to run over his child’s mother at a Walmart in Gainesville.

Gainesville Police Department said Ricky Walker and his girlfriend fought for money at Walmart on SW 42nd St. Wednesday night. After the fight, the 58-year-old man got into his car, turned around and deliberately hit the woman. The fight in the store and the incident outside were witnessed by the victim’s 15-year-old son. The son told police that he thought Walker intentionally hit his mother with the car.

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The victim was taken to UF Shands, where she is being treated for multiple fractures and a cut on the forehead.

Walker admitted the fight but told police he didn’t remember hitting her with the car.

The police found hair and blood and damaged the car.

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Walker is held on to a $ 330,000 bond.

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Walmart donates $14 million as a part of pledge to advance racial fairness

Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart.

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

After the protests by George Floyd Walmart Committed Increase diversity within our own ranks and contribute $ 100 million over five years to contribute to the fight against systemic racism across the country.

On Monday, the company gave an update on these efforts. Walmart and its foundation will distribute the first $ 14.3 million to 16 nonprofits. The grants are given to groups that deal with racial inequalities in a variety of ways, such as: For example, to educate color communities about Covid-19 vaccines, lower debt for students at historically black colleges and universities, and provide remote internet access and technology to children attending school.

Walmart is one of many companies that have promised to throw their money and weight behind the elimination of racial differences after Floyd’s murder. However, as the country’s largest employer and retailer, its actions have an additional meaning. The company’s CEO, Doug McMillon, also leads the Business Roundtable, a strong corporate voice made up of many of the country’s best-known business leaders.

When the company first made its commitment in June, McMillon admitted that companies – including Walmart – has to do more than write checks. He said the company would also do better within its four walls by recruiting and supporting diverse talent.

According to the company, black employees make up around 21% of the 1.5 million US Walmart workforce recent report on diversity and inclusion. That diversity, however, is dwindling in the top positions at Walmart. About 12% of the company’s managers and 7% of its senior executives are black.

Walmart appointed long-time employee Kirstie Sims to lead the company Center for Racial Justice, which will focus on inequalities in four key areas: finance, healthcare, education and criminal justice.

Kirstie Sims, Senior Director of the Center for Racial Equity


Originally from Arkansas, Sims started working at the big box retailer to pay back student loans and planned to move into the healthcare industry. At Walmart, however, she said she found she could build a career spanning over 20 years and move up to leadership positions – something she wants other employees, including other black women, to experience. Prior to her new position, she was Senior Director, Global Ethics and Compliance at Walmart.

Walmart has made other changes in the past few months to promote racial justice. It will publish a report on diversity and inclusion twice a year instead of annually. It will work with the largest historically black university in the country, North Carolina A&T State University, to increase the number of black college graduates entering high-demand areas. In November, two new Walmart Health locations opened in Chicago offering low-cost medical appointments. It has also joined the One Ten Coalition, a group of American companies committed to training, hiring, and promoting one million black Americans over the next decade.

According to Sims, Walmart is researching how its business practices can make a difference, too. For example, it can expand access to affordable medical care in communities in need by opening Walmart Health locations, promoting black-owned businesses through the use of more than suppliers, and giving applicants a second chance to get back into the criminal justice system after serving in the criminal justice system To enter society.

“Progress is slow at times, but with the work, strength and dedication behind it, we will make changes,” she said.