Fashion notes: debut designs from Lia Cowan, Dior’s dreamy new retailer, and the ready begins for hero items

The introduction of a new award for aspiring fashion designers is welcome. Congratulations to Lia Cowan, winner of the first Longines Irish Champions Young Designer Award. The Dublin native studied sculpture at NCAD before earning a fashion qualification in Sallynoggin, and you can surely learn those sculpting skills in her love of manipulating and transforming fabrics.

ia uses quite a mix, from taffeta to cotton to silk dupion, like in the skirt below, which costs 350 euros. She explains how, as an artist and designer, she draws on her Jewish and Irish heritage and is inspired by it, “which has opened a portal in which threads of inspiration from folklore and mysticism are spun”.

Your “Forever Beyond the Limits of the World” Collection includes unique items.

What struck me in particular about this collection was its use of the yo-yo technique, which has its roots in Japan. Lia discovered it in a book about fabric manipulation, and it’s like a series of raised circles of fabric that she thinks resembles quilting.

The aim of the young designer is “to create carefully thought out and lovingly handcrafted works of art – heirlooms that can be passed on from one generation to the next”.


Dior boutique arrives in town

Next week, the highly anticipated Dior boutique opens at Brown Thomas Dublin, the latest luxury designer to open on the ground floor of the Grafton Street store this season.

Here you will find the emblematic accessories from Dior, in particular scarves, belts and glasses from the “Cruise” collection 2022, designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri.

I suspect bag fans will be very interested, especially since this couture house’s iconic “Saddle” bag has been such a hit lately.

The Dior ‘Caro’ lambskin bag awaits you in the new boutique. This model is a tribute to Christian Dior’s sister Catherine, who was affectionately called “Caro” and a classic black. The chain links take up the “CD” signature, which reflects the clasp, and the “Caro” costs € 3,900.

The Cannage motif is inspired by the upholstery on the Napoleon III chairs that Christian Dior used in his first exhibitions in Paris. It is also very easy to recognize on the ‘Lady Dior’ bag designed by Gianfranco Ferré for Princess Diana.

In the entire range of handbags and accessories, I have a great preference for the Dior house motif “Oblique” designed by Marc Bohan.

Anyone who’s watched designer handbag sales before and during the lockdown can wholeheartedly expect a new zeal to be unleashed especially in the run-up to Christmas, and I suspect Dior will receive much of that love.

I base this forecast on the number of serious fashionistas who have come to Paris and London to see the exhibition. Christian Dior: designer of dreams.

The pioneering work of the couturier, his motifs and his legacy are of deep interest, which Chiuri cleverly reinterprets time and again.

The new boutique offers a selection of silk twill scarves from € 285, sunglasses from € 330, jewelry from € 350 for the embroidered bracelets by J’Adior and other jewelry creations by Victoire de Castellane, including the Rose des Vents collection with prices from € 1,000.

Cashmere indulgence

The mere mention of cashmere coated hot water bottles immediately caught my attention and I was in a flash at the Irish Design Shop on Drury Street to check them out.

The € 78 miniature hot water bottles are made by Ekotree im Burren from 100 pieces of hand-spun cashmere in delicious autumnal berry tones.
Jaffa orange and mint as well as beige and gray.

Check out the new Irish Vernacular 2022 calendar (€ 30) in the shop, a collaboration with Kenmare photographer Norman McCloskey. It features images of native architecture in beautiful natural landscapes and features 12 unique frame-ready prints, and the cover photo features copper foil details.

Dates and days

Waiting lists for hero Christmas gifts are popping up everywhere. I’ve added myself to notification lists for concert tickets, restaurants, and pre-order services. I know it’s only mid-October, but as supply chains get active it’s a new retail reality.

There has been a lot of talk this week about the first-ever Brown Thomas luxury beauty advent calendar. It landed two days ago and costs € 295 while the content is estimated at € 690. There was a waiting list for the limited edition set, but it’s definitely worth checking in store for availability. Never ignore giftedness.

The place’s The Cash? Hundreds of thousands of Illinois Rental Help {Dollars} Nonetheless Ready To Be Disbursed – NBC Chicago

It’s said to be a lifeline: more than $ 1 billion in federal rental and relief funds that Congress has earmarked for Americans hardest hit by the pandemic.

Illinois received a decent chunk of that funding: more than $ 800 million.

But NBC 5 Responds records show that much of the government’s funds are still in an account – not yet paid off – while the cloud of uncertainty about how long eviction moratoriums will last looms over fearful tenants.

Housing lawyers and civil servants are preparing for a potential flurry of housing problems.

In a recent US Census Household Pulse Survey, more than 109,000 Illinois residents responded that they were likely to face eviction, and just over 19,000 said the same thing about foreclosing their homes.

It is for this reason that the emergent CARES Act of Congressional Emergency Rent Assistance Program stands ready to save many from homelessness.

The problem, however, is the process of getting the money into the hands of those who need it most.

NBC 5 Responds examined the latest numbers for two Illinois government agencies that currently hold the bulk of the rental subsidy funds: the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) and the Department of Human Services (IDHS).

IHDA’s numbers show that it distributed about 46 percent of the $ 504 million it was supposed to deliver to renters and landlords. To date, the Office has received more than 96,000 requests for assistance through its online portal.

IDHS has taken a different approach to delivering the funds allocated to it.

The IDHS records show that through a network of community providers across the state, it has paid out approximately 11 percent of the $ 117 million to more than 4,000 applicants since April.

State officials and attorneys said many people in Illinois find themselves in a scenario they have never experienced before: facing the maze of procedures and trials in eviction courts as they seek both financial and legal assistance in order to to keep them afloat. NBC 5 replies.

Housing officials told NBC 5 that these findings highlighted the need for a recent extension of the state’s eviction moratorium (to learn more Click here). They stated that more time is needed to get rental assistance into the hands of those who need it most.

In a virtual interview, IDHS Secretary Grace Hou agreed to extend the state moratorium, stressing that the programs are working as quickly as possible while ensuring that funds are distributed responsibly.

“We have a very compassionate yet cautious science-based approach,” Hou said. “We don’t want our program to be questioned negatively in the further course.”

Hou said IHDA’s Rental Assistance Program is designed to take thousands of applications across the state virtually through an online portal and deliver funds directly to tenants and landlords.

But the IDHS plan is different.

“We know this one-size-fits-all isn’t for all renters and landlords looking for help,” said Hou.

The IDHS rent subsidy distribution plan, Hou explained, is a “personal floor game”; played by a team of grassroots, immigration and faith organizations who work with the agency to help communities who are most in need and who are afraid to turn to the government for help.

To view a list of IDHS rental assistance providers in your area, Click here.

“People may be familiar with the programs, but in some communities there may be a fear of actually accessing some of these programs,” Hou said, adding that some families need more than just rental assistance.

“We work with families who may have a number of other challenges,” said Hou. “The programs are designed to work hand in hand to address different households in different situations.”

The call for more rental assistance, delivered faster, isn’t unique to Illinois. This week, the Treasury Department confirmed that the bulk of the country’s earmarked funds – 89% – is still in the pipeline.

If state and local authorities do not distribute rental support funds by September 30, the Treasury Department has the right to redistribute these funds to areas of continuing need.

But a local silver lining: federal agencies said Illinois was one of the best-improved programs, with its spike from spending in May to more than $ 96 million the following month.

Hou said she understood the sense of urgency, but state officials also need to balance it with thoughtful and strategic and deliberate processes.

While the IHDA application portal is temporarily closed for renters or landlords seeking help with renting out, Hou said it will reopen in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, tenants and landlords can apply for assistance through the IDHS provider network.

For more information on rentals and legal resources, NBC has 5 Responds a complete guide here.

Native leisure companies ready for SBA grants

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) – It has been more than two months since local entertainment establishments like Rec Room Buffalo applied for federal Shuttered Venue Operator’s Grant funds from the United States Small Business Association.

“Getting the money yesterday was still too late,” said Chris Ring, owner of Rec Room. “We really needed this money when the portal opened.”

The application process began in April.

“It’s just not fast enough,” he said. “Not getting the venues that needed the money most. I think you will see how many venues close for not seeing the money in time. “

Ring is also a representative of the National Independent Venue Association, which represents theaters and other entertainment companies waiting for money.

“They put on record that they hope to mark all members by July 4th, but their daily turnaround time doesn’t add up,” he said.

The SVOG program has $ 16 billion available for closed venues. Eligible applications could qualify for grants equal to 45% of their gross receipts as of 2019. The maximum individual grant is $ 10 million.

According to the SBA, 1,445 scholarships have been granted out of 14,000 applications so far.

The North Park Theater in North Buffalo was just approved on Tuesday.

“We asked for $ 200,000 so we hope it’s on that scale,” said program director Ray Barker.

Barker says it is unclear how much North Park will actually receive in grants.

“Delayed discharge means that discharge will be denied,” said US Congressman Brian Higgins. Higgins says he wrote a letter to the SBA administration asking for answers about why these applications are taking so long to process.

“Many of these venues have very tight margins,” he said.

You can still apply for the SVOG program by clicking Here.

Leisure venues throughout New Jersey nonetheless ready for federal COVID-19 grant funds

News 12 employees

16.06.2021, 00:10

Updated on: 16.06.2021, 00:10

Live theaters, cinemas, museums, and certain other venues that were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic are still awaiting federal grants promised by the government.

“Of course, given the economic challenges, we were fortunate to have 10 to 15 volunteers,” said Gabor Barabas, executive director of the New Jersey Repertory Company.

Barabas says the volunteers helped renovate the Long Branch building. He is also grateful to the donors who made it possible to purchase new seats and floor coverings.

But the nonprofit theater hopes a $ 150,000 federal grant will come in soon. The grants will help bring staff back and start the next shows.

“Three employees in one year and the beginning, just the beginning – the seeds of the new musical,” says Barabas.

New Jersey Repertory is among more than 14,000 venues in the United States that have applied for a Shuttered Venue Operators Grant – a program that was signed into law last December but has been plagued by delays.

“It was clunky. It was frustrating, ”said Adam Philipson, CEO of the Basie Center for the Arts.

The nonprofit Red Bank is also waiting for a $ 2 or 3 million grant. It will partially cover the losses that occurred during the state-ordered shutdown and the capacity limits.

“You have the staffing that needs to be done now, training that needs to be done now because a lot of that will be new employees,” says Philipson.

The Small Business Administration, which manages the $ 16 billion grant program, says a team is reviewing the cumbersome applications. But the government says, “… the current pace of awards does not reflect the high standards that we are aiming for at venues.”

Many venues still have a long way to go before they can welcome a full audience, including improvements to ventilation and staff recruitment.

According to the SBA, scholarships were only awarded for a few hundred venues, so thousands had to wait for the funds. Just over a dozen applicants in New Jersey have received scholarships from the program.

York selectmen rethink seawall prices, nonetheless ready for FEMA cash

YORK, Maine – Although the Long Sands Beach seawall was struck during last week’s storm, city administrator Steve Burns said the new barrier is holding up well.

“You could really see the difference,” said Burns, describing how the storm surge hit the new build with little or no negative impact.

That was the good news.

The way the repair project is paid for continues to be a cause for concern.

Triggered by massive storms in 2017 and 2018, repairs to the seawall are expected to cost several million dollars. As previously reported, Public Works Director Dean Lessard had anticipated that most of the cost would be reimbursed through state and federal funds. However, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has not yet approved any payments.

These questions came to a head at the Board of Directors meeting on January 25, when Board members asked if the cost of the work carried out exceeded the budget approved by the voters, given that FEMA had no financial commitment. Board member Mike Estes requested a full account and the matter was carried over to the February 8 meeting.

In putting the FEMA accounts on the agenda for further discussion, the board took into account the worst-case scenarios provided by Burns, Lessard, and City Treasurer Wendy Anderson: “I want to find out how much liability there is when FEMA nothing reimbursed at all from the accounts receivable and how much money has been spent so far, ”Burns wrote in an email dated February 5 to Anderson and Lessard.

This potential worst-case scenario gap is nearly $ 2 million in the FEMA Refundable Account. “We should ask voters to approve the use of the credit to cover that amount in the event of a reduced or zero FEMA reimbursement,” Burns wrote in his February 5 report for Board Review and Discussion.

Currently, the city has approval for up to $ 2 million in bond funding for the project, of which approximately $ 1.2 million has been billed to date, Burns wrote, adding that the city needs to be sure not to exceed this current limit of US $ 2 million.

More:The state fined York $ 75,000 for illegal dam work

The chosen ones discussed the possibility of adding an arrest warrant article to the ballot, asking voters to approve up to $ 2 million from the city’s fund to cover any costs the city will incur in the event FEMA fails to provide reimbursement. They are also considering the possibility of asking the Budget Committee to postpone the elements of the FY22 dam project for one year.

The board asked the public works department, finance director and city administrator to obtain an opinion from a bond attorney and report to the board by the next meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, February 17th.

“When we get back, we need to have the numbers,” said CEO Todd Frederick.

In response to these concerns, board member Kinley Gregg requested that all work on the seawall be halted from March 1st. However, she later withdrew her application after a brief discussion.

“I don’t want to quit (work) and have safety issues until summer,” said Vice President Robert Palmer Jr.

Board members suggested reconsidering the possibility of discontinuing work after the next meeting if they awaited further information from Public Works.

Budget discussion postponed

The elect had planned to discuss parts of the budget proposal for fiscal year 2022 during the meeting on Monday evening, but this notice was incorrectly issued. The elect plan to revisit the budget discussion on Feb.17, Burns said.

Separately, the Budgets Committee will hold its first public hearing on the budget proposal for fiscal year 22 on February 16, Burns said in an email.

City Hall project manager

The board considered a recommendation to hire a project manager for the Town Hall Building project with a salary of $ 80,000.

Palmer said he wanted to make sure the city is spending enough money to do this job. “It’s too important a project,” he said.

Estes expressed concern that there is currently no need to hire a project manager for this salary.

“I would like to hear from the building committee how much has to be spent. If this committee says $ 80,000, so be it, ”said Estes.

A vote on the matter was postponed until later in February after feedback from the building committee.

Approvals approved for recurring events

With a touch of optimism for the coming year, the board approved a series of post-COVID-city events, starting with the York Parks and Recreation Department’s Spring Surprises slated for March 7th.

The full list of approved events includes the Big A 50k (May 21), the York Little League Opening Day Parade (May 1), and Memorial Day Parade (May 31).

Board approval stipulates that all COVID guidelines must be followed as they may be at the time of the event.

Clarification of the appeal process

Burns told the board that he had prepared a “script” to guide anyone affected by a land use decision in the city. This should clarify the process and assist citizens and staff alike and will be posted on the city’s website this week.

Temporary traffic light must be visited again

Palmer did not provide any information on the progress of the York Beach Connector Road opening and asked for a written report on the status of the temporary traffic lights on Route 1 and Short Sands Road to be presented at the next meeting.