Frank Vogel on change in his teaching model

Los Angeles Lakers Head coach Frank Vogel remains unimpressed by rumors that claim that his future on the team has become uncertain.

the Lakers“An overwhelming run in form has many people speculated that Frank Vogel will likely be sacked as the team’s coach.

After the Lakers’ impressive 117-92 win over the Sacramento Kings On Tuesday Vogel revealed that he had to “light a fire under his team”, which suggests that he will now appear more impressive as a coach.

“The coach has to start a fire under his team every now and then,” said Vogel via The athlete. “And today [against the Kings] was one of those games. “

Vogel was referring to the fiery speech he gave to the Lakers at halftime against Sacramento. Dwight Howard went on to reveal what the coach said: “His only point was, ‘stop talking about winning a championship and not making the right effort'”.

if current reports To be true, there have been widespread rumors that the Lakers are now considering making certain changes to the team. And while player swaps and takeovers are certainly the top two resolutions, it is believed the Lakers are keen to reassess their coaching staff. Put simply, the pressure on Vogel is growing.

As things stand, Vogel’s half-time speech against the kings seems to have worked so far. The Lakers have now improved their record to 12-11, registering a win percentage of 0.522. You are now sitting on seventh place in the ranking of the Western Conference.