Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan extra ‘royal-style’ excursions after their New York three-day go to

HARRY and Meghan plan more “royal style” tours to New York – raising concern about the palace.

The couple headlined a star-studded Covid vaccination gala in Central Park last night.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will do more “royal style” tours after their visit to New York
The Sussexes headlined a high profile event in Central Park last night and sparked concern at the palace


The Sussexes headlined a high profile event in Central Park last night and sparked concern at the palaceCredit: Splash

Their three-day tour, during which they met politicians and school children, is said to have all “hallmarks of a royal visit”.

However, insiders revealed that the palace fears the Sussexes have set up a “rival court” against William and Kate.

A source said: “There will be some very nervous looks from the palace because Harry and Meghan are effectively following the royal model.

“The palace will take care of the causes it supports and the people it hangs out with do nothing to embarrass the queen.

“Kate and Wills show how the work of royals is done. You won’t be impressed that Harry and Meghan are acting as quasi-royals, courting the public after claiming they quit on privacy concerns.

The couple’s biographer, Omid Scobie, said the Sussexes are planning an “era of visibility” this fall.

Harry and Meghan were on the bill last night for the Global Citizen gig with stars like Coldplay and J.Lo, which sold tickets for up to £ 850.

It hopes to encourage vaccine exchanges with developing countries. It is believed the couple would like more tours to promote their Archewell Foundation and charities.

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Harry and Meghan practically follow the royal example.

A source

The source said, “This will be a normal thing and not just in the US.”

Yesterday, in the midst of a cavalcade of off-road vehicles, they visited the UN building to see Deputy Secretary General Amina Mohammed. Meghan, 40, wore a camel-colored outfit and stilettos, Harry, 37, in a dark suit, both of them clutching suitcases. Meghan later said the meeting was “nice”.

The couple, who stayed at the five-star Carlyle Hotel, visited the former World Trade Center on Thursday.

  • PRINCE William will host a BBC documentary on the environment, the Earthshot Prize: Repairing Our Planet.

A source said the palace would not be


A source said the palace would not be “impressed that Harry and Meghan are quasi-royals”.Credit: AP
The insider added:


The insider added: “Kate and Wills show how the work of the royals is done”Photo credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
Meghan Markle comes to read her own picture book, The Bench, to children at Harlem School on New York tour

Novartis CEO says Covid-related physician go to delays doubtless impacting most cancers prognosis charges

The health system continues to have lower diagnoses for certain diseases after treatment Coronavirus pandemic non-Covid patients kept away from the hospital early, Novartis CEO Vasant Narasimhan told CNBC on Wednesday.

“I think the signals that were sent that ultimately told patients to stay away from the emergency room, stay away from hospitals, sent a very strong message to patients not to get the care they needed,” Narasimhan continued “Closing bell.” “It may have been appropriate in the face of the public health emergency, but over time it creates a significant need for better treatments for these patients.”

Narasimhan, who joined Novartis in 2005, said that while trends are positive, there are still lower diagnoses in areas such as cardiovascular disease and oncology. For the latter, the diagnoses are still 30 to 40% lower than before Covid-19. Novartis makes cancer treatments.

Almost one in three Americans between the ages of 50 and 80 postponed a personal visit to the doctor in the past year due to concerns about exposure to Covid, according to a survey by the National Healthy Aging Survey based at the Institute for Health Policy and Innovation at the University of Michigan. The survey, conducted in January, found that 24% of people with cancer and 30% of people with heart disease had delayed at least one in-person visit.

“Cancer patients who are later diagnosed tend to have poorer outcomes, similar to those with cardiovascular disease who are not getting the therapies they need,” Narasimhan said. “That in turn puts a strain on health systems over time.”

As Covid cases increase in the US and around the world due to the highly transmissible Delta variant, Narasimhan hopes that lessons have been learned from the early stages of the health crisis. “I think it is critical now that this time around we make sure that patients can maintain their care even during the pandemic for the months ahead,” he said.

“We remain optimistic that despite various waves of Covid, health systems have learned that we need to maintain supplies of noncommunicable diseases, other chronic diseases,” he added. a syndemia of these other diseases, so to speak. “

On Wednesday, Novartis Analysts’ expectations exceeded for sales and earnings for the second quarter. Narasimhan said the Swiss drug maker saw a recovery in demand in many therapeutic areas, noting that the company saw sales growth of 9% and operating income growth of 13%.

Novartis is currently manufacturing the PfizerBioNTech Covid vaccines and help CureVac also in the manufacture of vaccines. Novartis also produces monoclonal antibodies to treat Covid for partner companies, “said Narasimhan.” We are doing a lot, but we are also ready to do more if necessary. “

Prince William plans a non-public household go to to Princess Diana | Leisure Information

Prince William takes his children to visit the statue of Princess Diana before it is given to the world.

The Duke of Cambridge and his younger brother Prince Harry will officially announce a memorial for the 60th moment of repentance on Thursday (01.07.21) in the Sanken Gardens in Kensington Palace. on site.

According to The Daily Telegraph, William and his wife Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, will be last in line with Prince George (7), Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis (6) and 3 in the coming days. ..

In addition, Harry, who returned to the UK from the US last week without his wife Megan, Duchess of Sussex, or their children Archie (2 years old) and Lili (3 weeks), is planning a personal visit to the site after quarantine. The time is over, but not at the same time as his brother.

The statue is said to have arrived at Kensington Palace over the weekend and is now on a pedestal overlooking the garden, but is not visible through a large wooden container.

Created by sculptor Ian Rank-Broadley, the memorial commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Princess’ death in a car accident in Paris in 1997 to pay tribute to the positive impact she had on the world. Was entrusted.

The coronavirus pandemic has drastically reduced disclosure plans. The ceremony will be attended by William and Harry, as well as members of Diana’s family, including his brother Earl Charles Spencer, instead of the original 100 guests. Because I am there.

In addition, the media presence of this event is limited to a pool reporter and broadcaster.

Prince William is planning a private family visit to Princess Diana | Entertainment news

Source link Prince William is planning a private family visit to Princess Diana | Entertainment news

Youngsters and Cash: Lacking out on campus excursions? Go to nearly | Cash

As if there weren’t enough hurdles many high school graduates face in making costly decisions about where to go to college this fall, let’s tackle one more – they’ll likely be forced to make their choices without ever set foot on the campus of their school (s) of their choice.

For many seniors, this is traditionally the time to take country trips, stroll through college quadrangles on official student-led walking tours, visit the dorms, try the food in the dining room, ask questions of students, and yourself to bet a class or two on it. Especially for students who have certificates of admission, these visits can close the deal before you shell out thousands of dollars and run into debt.

However, due to the pandemic, official campus visits have been suspended for more than a year. Instead, most schools have turned to digital slideshows, zoom conversations, Oculus headsets for virtual reality presentations, and other creative social media techniques to help potential students kick the virtual tires and get on with life to feel connected to the campus.

For example, the University of Illinois offers daily one-on-one virtual meetings with an admissions advisor and group sessions, including an optional meeting with an on-campus house of culture representative. There are also 13 short video tours of the Urbana-Champaign campus on the school’s YouTube channel.

At the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia, prospective students can sign up for 15-minute “spider chats” with a current student or alum. Students at Drexel University in Philadelphia designed a simulated campus called Minecraft University City. The school also runs special chats so that eligible students can meet others in their area.

Some schools have designed a virtual reality version of their campus that allows someone to virtually attend a music performance or go to center court in the basketball arena.

If that’s not enough, try a 3D exploration of a campus using Google Maps.

But virtual tours “are like walking around campus with blinders on,” said Mark Kantrowitz, a college graduate and author of How to Appeal for More Financial Aid.

“The problem with a virtual tour is you can’t smell the campus or eat the food,” he said. “You can’t sit in a class or spend the night in the dormitories. It’s not there. “

And while some families opt for self-guided driving or hiking tours, there may not be much to gain – other than seeing buildings that are either empty or closed to the public.

To get a feel for what college would normally be like, Kantrowitz suggests asking the admissions office to speak to a current junior or senior who was on campus before the pandemic.

They can give you an idea of ​​the atmosphere on campus and their feelings about distance learning, especially if the classroom teaching restrictions remain in place this fall.

Also, read the online version of the student newspaper to stay up to date on campus news – from professors and student profiles to the latest crime reports.

A holistic view of your first choice school definitely looks different in the near future, but universities and colleges are doing their best to ensure that parents and students feel comfortable about where they are at home for the next four years could, feel good.

Mike Posner’s monastery go to | Leisure

Mike Posner will celebrate the conquest of Mount Everest by spending several weeks in a monastery so he can figure out what challenge to take on next.

The hit maker “Cooler Than Me” will take over the expedition and mark the occasion with “doing absolutely nothing” and “without human interaction”. He said, “I just have to stop and do absolutely nothing – without my phone, without any human interaction. And then I figure out what to do next. This is my after-party, dude. No champagne, no strippers. “

The 33-year-old singer has investigated the risks of the expedition.

Speaking to People magazine, he added, “I’m happy with the risks, especially given the work I’ve done. My goal is to go there and have fun. It’s like a trip of a lifetime. The The risk thing is we’re going to die anyway. We’re all going to die. My dad is dead. Avicii is dead. Mac Miller is dead. One day I’ll be dead. Hopefully not soon.

“But before that happens, I want to live. I want to live my life. So I’m happy with the risk after doing the research.”

Meanwhile, Mike had previously announced that he would attempt to climb Mount Everest to raise funds for a nonprofit judicial reform charity in honor of his late father.

He tweeted at the time: “SO EXCITING to announce that I’m going to try and climb the highest mountain on earth, Mount Everest, this May with @DrJonKedski to raise funds for @justcitydetroit … PLEASE DONATE what you can. .. or just share the GoFundMe link (sic) “

As he added in a statement, “Before my father died, he was a detroit attorney for 40 years. I decided to dedicate my advancement to the Detroit Justice Center, a nonprofit, because they are doing criminal justice reform work in my city that would make my father beam with joy to let. “

Prince Philip requested Prince Charles hospital go to to debate future | Leisure

Prince Philip asked Prince Charles to visit him to discuss the future of the royal family, according to an insider.

The Duke of Edinburgh has been in King Edward VII’s hospital in London for over a week when he recovered from an infection and was visited by his son, the Prince of Wales, last weekend.

According to Queen Elizabeth’s former press secretary Dickie Arbiter, the 99-year-old king asked his son to pay a visit to discuss the family’s future.

In an interview on True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, Dickie said, “I think it was at the request of the Duke that the Prince of Wales visited.

“To lay the ground. Look, the man is 99, he has an infection.

“I suppose he’s going to come out, he’s going to go out and go back to Windsor.

“But at some point he will die and he just said to Charles, ‘One day you will be the leading man in the family.'”

It was confirmed last week that Prince Philip would stay in the hospital for “several days” while he continued to recover.

A Buckingham Palace statement said: “The Duke of Edinburgh is staying in King Edward VII’s hospital receiving medical attention for an infection. He is comfortable and responding to treatment, but is not expected to he’s leaving the hospital for several days. “

His son Prince Edward announced that the Duke of Edinburgh is “looking forward” to getting out of the hospital soon but is “a little” frustrated with staying.

The Earl of Wessex said, “As far as I know I spoke to them the other day, so he’s a lot better, thank you, and he’s looking forward to coming out on which is the most positive … Just a little [frustrated]. I think that concerns us all, and then you can only look at the clock that often and the walls are only that interesting. We have had some brilliant and lovely messages from all kinds of people and we really appreciate that, and so has he, I passed it on. It’s awesome, thank you. “