Sen. Tim Kaine amongst a whole lot trapped in Virginia snowstorm visitors jam

This image, provided by the Virginia Department of Transportation, shows a closed section of Interstate 95 near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Monday, January 3, 2022.

Virginia Department of Transportation | AP

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine is among hundreds of drivers trapped in a brutal traffic jam caused by heavy snow and icy roads for hours on a freeway outside Washington Tuesday morning.

“I started my normal 2-hour drive to DC at 1:00 pm yesterday,” Kaine tweeted at 8:27 am ET. “19 hours later, I’m still not anywhere near the Capitol.”

Still in his car at around 10 p.m. ET, Kaine tweeted, “A CT family returning from Florida in a crowded car stopped by in the middle of the night handing out oranges when we were stopped for hours on I-95.

“This was a miserable experience, but at some point I made the switch from a miserable travel experience to some kind of survival project,” Kaine said Tuesday morning in a telephone interview with Washington radio station WTOP.

The Democratic senator, who ran Hillary Clinton’s runner-up against former President Donald Trump in the 2016 election, said he intended to go back to work on Monday Continue Senate negotiations on a voting rights agreement. But more than 21 hours after leaving his home in Richmond, he has still not passed Stafford Airport, which is about 50 miles from Washington.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, I think that’s all I can say,” Kaine said.

The Virginia Department of Transportation has closed I-95, with reports of disabled vehicles and fallen trees in the Fredericksburg area, about 50 miles south of DC

“We got an estimated 20-30 trucks stuck” on the I-95 heading north, tweeted the VDOT Fredericksburg shortly before midnight.

Conditions are dangerous on other roads in Virginia as well. The VDOT warns Louisa County of “multiple unfolded semi-trailers” on US Route 522 overnight.

“We wish we had a timetable, estimated time of arrival, or an educated guess as to when we would resume travel on I-95. Several incidents have come to a standstill in our area. It’s frustrating and scary, ”tweeted VDOT Fredericksburg on Monday evening.

NBC News’s Josh Lederman, also stuck in his vehicle overnight, called the scene “pretty dystopian” in an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday morning.

“Nobody knows how long we will stay here or how we will get out,” he reported from his car.

Other drivers stranded in traffic had to park their cars to save gas, even as temperatures dropped well below freezing overnight, Lederman said.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam tweeted Tuesday morning that “state and local emergency services continue to cut fallen trees, assist disabled vehicles, and reroute drivers.”

“An emergency message goes out to any stranded drivers they associate with assistance, and the state is working with communities to open warming shelters if necessary. While sunlight is supposed to help @VaDOT clear the street, all Virginians should continue to avoid 1-95, ”Northam tweeted.

Another reporter, Jim DeFede of CBS News, said in a video posted at 10 a.m. ET that he was stuck on I-95 near Quantico for nearly 18 hours.

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Biden Returns $26M in Border Wall Cash to Virginia Navy Shipyard – NBC4 Washington

President Joe Biden sends $ 26 million in federal funds to a U.S. Navy shipyard in Virginia. The money had been diverted from President Donald Trump to pay for a wall along the Mexican border.

The Virginian pilot reported Monday that the yard money is a sliver of the $ 3.6 billion Trump pulled from the Department of Defense to pay for the wall. The Biden administration is now sending billions of dollars to a number of military projects.

The Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth will use the US $ 26 million to fix numerous security breaches in one of their buildings. These include the lack of sprinklers, poor fire alarm placement, and no mass notification system.

“The previous administration’s failure to repair this building has resulted in military personnel working in a high-risk environment and undermining Naval operations at the facility,” the White House said in a statement.

Leaving the migrant problem aside for a moment, the border wall also stinks of immeasurable damage to the environment

The facility builds and repairs ships for the US Navy. Life raft inspection and repair is the only such facility on the east coast.

In Virginia, one other win for a Biden-style candidate

WASHINGTON – The veteran, familiar, and moderately respected candidate has just won Virginia’s Democratic primary for governor. Convincing.

And if that sounds familiar, this is it: Former Governor Terry McAuliffe won more than 60 percent of Tuesday’s primary, following current Governor Ralph Northam (who got 56 percent in the 2017 state primary) and President Joe Biden (who got 53 percent in the 2020 presidential primary).

Also known: Like Biden, McAuliffe was just as popular (or even more) with black voters than the actual black candidates.

Now comes the real comparison this fall, when McAuliffe takes on Republican Glenn Youngkin in the 2021 political race.

But McAuliffe’s success last night begs this question: why aren’t more Democrats embracing Biden’s brand, especially in the early months of his presidency? (After all, how many times have you heard the phrase, “I’m a Joe Biden Democrat.”)

We understand: Biden – and McAuliffe and Northam, to a lesser extent – doesn’t exactly suit younger, more progressive, and diverse Congressional Democrats and Democratic candidates.

But consider:

  • In 2020, Biden ran ahead of most Democratic candidates in competitive states and districts.
  • autopsy after this autopsy found that “socialism” and “debilitating the police” harmed the democratic candidate.
  • And NBC’s Sahil Kapoor reports on recent focus group findings that voters have difficulty describing what the Democratic Party stands for.

But the Joe Biden Coalition – from Abigail Spanberger and Conor Lamb to Jim Clyburn and Val Demings (which it officially announced) Senate offer this morning) – was a strong and successful coalition for the Democrats.

Why don’t more Democrats take it?

Terry McAuliffe sure did.

On the other hand, another question arises: is Biden’s trademark transferable at all?

Or does it only apply to Dems like the President (and McAuliffe) who have one foot in the older Democratic Party and another in the newer version?

Democratic turnout in Virginia exceeds expectations

With most (if not all) of the votes counted in the Democratic governor’s primary in Virginia last night, the turnout was over 480,000.

That’s more than the 2009 Democratic gubernatorial area code (319,168) but lower than the 2017 Democratic area code (542,858).

But that the turnout of the Democrats yesterday even came close to what it was in the first year of Trump’s presidency, is touted by party strategists.

We didn’t see that in a relatively sleepy preliminary round with few attacks and crazy twists and turns.

Data Download: The Numbers You Need To Know Today

About 62 percent: Terry McAuliffes Support level in the Democratic gubernatorial area of ​​Virginia yesterday

68-32:The Senate vote yesterday Pass a new law that would make the US more competitive with China.

6 percent: The Share of new coronavirus cases linked to the new Delta variant in the USA.

33,555,385: The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US per year latest data from NBC News and Health Authorities. (That’s 13,071 more than yesterday morning.)

601,598: The number of deaths in the US from the virus so far is per latest data from NBC News. (That’s 371 more than yesterday morning.)

303,923,667: The number of vaccination doses administered in the USA

39.0 percent: The percentage of all Americans who are fully vaccinated, according to NBC News.

53.1 percent: The Proportion of All American Adults Over 18 Who Are Fully Vaccinated for CDC.

Tweet of the day

CICADA UPDATE – New aircraft arrived, we went on board. Now taxiing for Great Britain, flight time 6:20 am after a delay of almost 7 hours (plus 17 years) due to the flying beetles. G7 summit, here we come.

– Michael D. Shear (@shearm) June 9, 2021

Infrastructure talks collapse: who didn’t see this coming?

“President Joe Biden’s infrastructure talks with Republicans failed on Tuesday,” said the leading GOP negotiator Sahil Kapur, Leigh Ann Caldwell and Julie Tsirkin. from NBC.

“‘I spoke to the president this afternoon and he ended our infrastructure negotiations,” Senator Shelley Moore Capito, RW.Va., said in a statement.

“The end of the talks will put pressure on the Democrats to pass a comprehensive package with a special procedure that does not require Republican votes in the Senate.”

ICYMI: What else is going on in the world?

Shannon Pettypiece Previews Biden’s trip abroad.

And Mike Memoli and Carol Lee write about Biden’s attempt to brand his foreign policy through a domestic lens.

Democrats have reintroduced Laws to protect access to abortion.

Non-partisan negotiators make real progress to a police reform law.

The Biden Administration moves quietly to try to close the US prison in Guantanamo Bay.

Kamala Harris faces difficult tasks – and political risks.

SKIN is (mostly) reinstated an Obama-era discrimination rule that Trump overturned.

It’ll be Jack Ciattarelli for that GOP candidate for governor in New Jersey.

West Milford West Virginia man pleads responsible to financial institution theft, cash laundering | WV Information

CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WV News) – A 43-year-old man from West Milford pleaded guilty on Monday to the November 17 gun-wielding robbery of Salem’s Summit Community Bank.

Clinton Monroe Utter, also known as Clint Utter, also admitted money laundering conspiracy charges related to the $ 15,000 he stole of the $ 69,100 he stole.

The US judge Michael John Aloi accepted the plea. It is up to US District Judge Thomas S. Kleeh whether he accepts it. But since Utter pleaded on the prosecution without a plea deal, there is no reason to believe that Article III judge would reject Alois’ report and recommendations.

Utter faces up to 20 years imprisonment for each charge. It is unclear whether they would run the sentences consecutively or at the same time.

The US Attorney General Sarah Wagner for the Acting US Attorney Randolph Bernard made a detailed offer that lasted several minutes.

One of the bizarre government pieces of evidence presented by Harrison Sheriffs Lt. Adam Titchenal and the FBI (also mentioned in court records): Utter wanted the money to rent muscles to scare a family judge and his ex-wife. Utter apparently believed he could end his divorce, which was costing him $ 2,500 a month in alimony.

In addition, Wagner’s offer indicated that Utter, who was unemployed at the time of the crimes, was over-indebted. He owed loans, including a car loan, and, according to the offer, had credit card debt in addition to alimony payments and other routine bills.

Utter entered the bank through the staff door and tied three of the staff with cable ties. He used his gun, an old-style revolver, to force a fourth clerk to collect the money from him; At some point, however, she slipped into bait tickets that would help point a finger at him.

A fifth employee showed up in the middle of the robbery and was also held back with cable ties.

Part of a latex glove ripped and stuck to one of the zip ties, which Wagner said provided DNA evidence accusing Utter. The government gathered more DNA evidence elsewhere.

Utter also stole the bank manager’s vehicle and drove to a place where an accomplice picked him up in Utter’s vehicle.

According to Wagner, law enforcement agencies were able to use surveillance video from watercrafts as well as a license plate reader to identify Utter as a suspect.

The money laundering conspiracy, according to Wagner, involved bank robbery cash given to two Fairmont women to buy drugs and pay bills.

Federal defender Brian Kornbrath said he had no viable defense for Utter. The longtime defense attorney told Aloi that “certain elements of the crime are being tried.”

That comes after co-defendants David Alan Gill, 61, of Gypsy, and Blaine Allen Ash, 37, of Bristol pleaded guilty in federal court. Everyone admitted to completing the bank robbery in hindsight. Ash and Gill face up to 10 years in prison.

Deputy US Attorney Jennifer Conklin also represents the government.

Social gatherings, leisure venues in Virginia can have extra individuals beginning in Might

With the increase in vaccinations, further COVID-19 restrictions are decreasing. Starting May 15, the limits for indoor social gatherings and capacities will be increased.

NORFOLK, VA. – With vaccine distribution in Virginia making good progress, Governor Ralph Northam announced the removal of further COVID-19 restrictions, particularly on entertainment venues and social gatherings.

From May 15th, indoor and outdoor areas can open their doors to more people, and the limits to social gatherings will rise.

The upper limits for social gatherings will be increased to 100 people indoors and 250 people outdoors. Currently, only 50 people are allowed indoors and 100 people outdoors for gatherings.

Indoor entertainment venues can operate with a capacity of 50% and a numerical limit of 1,000 people. Outdoor venues will follow with 50% capacity with no specific cap.

Indoor and outdoor sports events can also be used to 50% capacity. Indoor events can hold 250 spectators and outdoor events can hold 1,000 people, but must work with either the 50% limit or the numerical upper limit, whichever is lower.

As for alcohol sales, restaurants can start selling alcohol after midnight, and dining rooms don’t have to close between midnight and 5 a.m.

On Wednesday, Northam gave the restaurants the green light to reopen their bar seats, but their customers must be two meters apart.

More than half of all adults in the state have received at least one COVID-19 shot.

Virginia to loosen guidelines on gatherings, leisure venues

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said Tuesday that the state would soon ease some coronavirus-related restrictions on social gatherings and entertainment venues.

As of April 1, Northam said, social gatherings such as weddings can have up to 50 people indoors. Outdoor gatherings can accommodate up to 100 people.

Indoor entertainment venues can be operated up to 30% or with up to 500 people. Outdoor venues can operate at 30% capacity with no limit to the actual number of people.

For example, a baseball stadium with 9,500 fans can seat around 3,000 spectators. That will give people space for social distancing, Northam said.

Indoor recreational sports events can have 100 people per field or 30% capacity. For outdoor events, 500 people can be accommodated per field or 30% of the capacity.

“These are measured changes,” said the Democratic governor at a press conference. “We still have a strict collection limit and a universal mask mandate, as well as capacity restrictions both indoors and outdoors.”

Social gatherings in the state are currently limited to 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors. Some in the wedding business say easing the limits for 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors might still be too restrictive.

Virginia Beach hotel company Gold Key / PHR has canceled 100 weddings since the pandemic began and coronavirus restrictions were put in place, CEO Bruce Thompson said.

“It’s not helping us very much,” said Thompson, whose company operates places like the historic Cavalier Hotel on the Atlantic Ocean. He said the company has ballrooms of various sizes that could safely accommodate more guests and enable social distancing.

“I am not saying that the restrictions are unnecessary or appropriate. I just think they’re not practical, “Thompson said.” I have a 10,000 square foot ballroom. I can put 100 people in – and that’s 100 square meters per person. I would just like to see it more focused on the real risk in different places. “

Thompson added that there is a fine line between weddings and entertainment events like a concert.

Northam previously said that weddings often have groups of people hugging, dancing, and drinking in close proximity.

“(A) All of the things we know to spread the virus,” Northam said during a March 9 press conference. “We really tried to follow the science and the data.”

Northam said Tuesday that the state is starting to relax guidelines as the number of new coronavirus cases hit a bee plateau while more people are being vaccinated.

Almost one in four Virginians has received at least one shot of the vaccine, Northam said. That’s more than 2 million people. At the same time, more than 1.1 million people in the state have been fully vaccinated, according to the Virginia Department of Health website.

More than 1,200 new coronavirus cases were reported in the state on Tuesday. However, according to the Virginia Department of Virginia website, this is well below the nearly 10,000 cases reported on January 17th after the holiday season.

Editorial: Virginia ought to use its federal stimulus cash for varsity building | Editorial

Governor Ralph Northam lamented “business crumbling” in his inaugural address, but his main solution – the use of government revenues from the casinos in Bristol, Danville, Portsmouth and Norfolk – will not come into effect for years.

State Senator Jennifer McClellan, D-Richmond, one of the many Democrats willing to succeed Northam, last year promoted legislation to create a state commission to build and modernize schools. In theory, that’s a good idea – but a year later the commission has yet to meet and Northam has not appointed his representative to the panel.

You would think Democrats – who profess to be very concerned about public schools and seem less concerned about spending money – would embrace this issue with enthusiasm.

Instead, Northern Virginia Democrats have made it a goal to kill every measure that comes before them.

In the irony of the greatest irony, it is a Conservative Republican – Senator Bill Stanley of Franklin County – who is campaigning for a dramatic increase in government support for school construction. The world is really upside down.

Stanley’s main proposal – which was passed by the Senate with broad and bipartisan support this year before he was killed on the House Appropriations Committee – was a nationwide referendum on a $ 3 billion bond for school construction. It is for this reason that the $ 3.8 billion Virginia federal government will receive is such an intriguing opportunity.

Virginia Kids’s Theatre pronounces winter youth ensemble | Leisure

The Virginia Children’s Theater in Roanoke has announced who the members of its Youth Professional Ensemble will be in the winter of 2021.

The program has been revived in the 2019-20 season, bringing students together for weekly three-hour courses dealing with aspects of musical theater. If everything goes according to plan – COVID-19 conditions may change a plan – the ensemble will have a showcase performance on March 29th at 6pm. The venue has not yet been determined, VCT spokesman Lindsay Tolar wrote in an email.

The members of the ensemble are:

Ben Armstrong, 14, Magna Vista High School freshman

Hannah Cecil, 18, a senior from Salem High School

Grace Eakin, 16, junior in school

Olivia Goodman, 17, a senior at Patrick Henry High School

Anna Locklear, 15, newbie to school

Charles Meidlinger, 17, a junior at Patrick Henry High School

Carter Mullins, 17, junior of William Byrd High School

Mikayla Parker, 16, homeschooled sophomore

Jack Plogger, 16, Patrick Henry High School Junior

Ann Marie Thorell, 15, sophomore at Hidden Valley High School

West Virginia organizations serving to the homeless obtain cash | WDVM25 & DCW50

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WDVM) – A recent audit found that the state of West Virginia lost more than $ 25 million to a business loan program administered by the state economic development agency.

The loans were made almost 20 years ago under the administration of former Governor Bob Wise and former Treasurer John Purdue. However, the new state treasurer, Riley Moore, says he is putting new security measures in place to secure such loans. Moore, who was elected in November, insists that lawmakers report quarterly on the status of the loans, that these loans meet certain certification requirements, and that the state treasurer is in control of loan spending.

Senate invoice seeks to permit Virginia faculty boards to make use of state cash for broadband growth | Information

(The Center Square) – Legislation that would allow school authorities to raise funds to fund broadband Internet rollouts in non-serviced areas got past a second Senate committee in Virginia.

Senate Act 1225, sponsored by Senator Jennifer Boysko, D-Herndon, advanced 12-0 through the Education and Health Committee Thursday, with unanimous support from both parties. It previously passed the Committee on Trade and Labor 15-0.

There would be no tax impact on the Commonwealth as the bill does not allocate additional funding to school authorities, but rather gives them additional flexibility with the government funds already received.

With some school districts in the state using distance learning only and other counties using a mix of distance learning and face-to-face learning, the bill would allow school authorities to allocate these funds to expanding broadband for educational purposes only. It empowers the Boards to work with private broadband service providers to promote, implement and subsidize this broadband expansion in their area of ​​responsibility.

To qualify for broadband expansion, students in the home would need to qualify for a nutrition program or other school board-approved program to determine which students are at risk.

The committee also passed laws requiring the Virginia Department of Education and the Board of Education to develop new policies and procedures to improve special education in the Commonwealth.