Pindustry, a brand new leisure venue, pins hopes on Greenwood Village redevelopment – The Denver Submit

A 54,500 square foot restaurant and bar opened in Greenwood Village on Sunday, marking the first new venture in the city’s recently established Arapahoe Entertainment District.

Pindustry is a two-story entertainment venue at 7939 E. Arapahoe Road that offers traditional bowling, duckpin bowling – a version of bowling that uses smaller pins and balls with no finger holes on a shorter lane – pinball and other arcade games, as well as Italian. offers -inspired dishes to share. It also has an outdoor beer garden and a 16,000 square foot roof terrace.

The Arapahoe Entertainment District was established by the city in late 2019 and is expected to include business, retail and entertainment developments between Syracuse Way and I-25 north of Arapahoe Road.

Lucy Peterson, BusinessDen

The 54,500 square foot Pindustry Restaurant and Bar in Greenwood Village.

Centennial-based Kelmore Development, which has been developing along Arapahoe Road for 30 years, suggested the city of Pindustry to mimic similar concepts popping up across the country combining multiple categories of entertainment. The building in which it was developed was formerly Greenwood Automotive.

“We worked with the city early on to try to have our opinion on this,” said Kelmore owner Bob Koontz. “We’re only part of it, but we’re the first piece to be re-developed in the Arapahoe Entertainment District.”

Just a block from Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater, Pindustry hopes to serve as a venue before and after concerts, as well as putting on their own live music. It opens on weekdays at 4 p.m. and on weekends at 11 a.m. and only allows entry after 8 p.m. from 21 years of age

Lucy Peterson, BusinessDen

The venue has pinball machines and other arcade games.

Pindustry has an 8,500-square-foot outdoor beer garden and will use the garage doors installed with the former auto repair shop to open up its indoor dining areas to the outside. The location can be reserved for private or semi-private events on the roof terrace or in the outdoor beer garden.

“This is of course the first prototype of a new concept and we hope it does well for this area and the entertainment project,” said Koontz. “If it goes well and is as unique as we think it is, it may be something we do elsewhere.”

Kelmore Development’s previous entertainment developments include Celebrity Lanes and Regal Theaters. It also operates on the stock exchange in Lowry’s Boulevard One retail complex, which has attracted Target and Clark’s Market as tenants. The company is developing this project with Denver-based Confluent Development.

The Reagan opens as El Paso’s Latest Leisure Venue

El Paso’s newest venue – The Reagan – opens its doors to the public on Friday June 18.

Co-owners and newlyweds Kassi Foster-Nava and Alejandro Nava announced the grand opening of The Reagan at 313 East Mills Avenue on Friday morning.

The spot has been fascinating hotel guests and business people in the city center for over a year.

“It feels great to be part of the ongoing revitalization of downtown El Paso. We’ve found a home for our business model and a place where we can share our love of music and our eclectic style with the community, ”said Foster-Nava, who previously owned Golden Bones, a retail boutique in Austin.

“The Reagan really picks up where Kassi left off with Golden Bones, but that’s really an El Paso thing,” added Nava. “The combination of the powers of entertainment unprecedented in El Paso, incredible cocktails and a delicious menu has resulted in what we call a cabinet of curiosity.”

Venue officials say the Reagan is 6,300 square feet, which includes an upstairs lounge and a basement that serves as an extension to the backyard services.

The conception, the renovation of the original ceilings and wall treatments, a complete overhaul of the underground rooms and the new building took over two years.

“Noteworthy is a hidden tunnel that was discovered during the construction process and diverted into a wine cellar and converted,” add the officials at the venue.

The Nava’s took pride in hiring a fully local team of subcontractors and currently have 40 employees.

The visual curiosities at The Reagan are huge, but not limited to a Zoltar machine from the movie “Big” starring Tom Hanks, a retrofitted jukebox full of selections from the 70s and 80s, and neon signs designed by Foster-Nava. Andy Warhol can be found on the walls of the men’s room and attention-grabbing Gucci cats adorn the women’s room. Yolanda

Baker, the famous disco ball maker for Studio 54, was hired to create a signature piece for The Reagan. Skulls, snakes, angels and animal prints are woven into the scene wherever possible.

The upper floor is known as the “tarot” and is for those who want to get away from the crowd or enjoy a VIP get-together. It has an underground feel, but it sits on top of the Reagan and gives guests a glimpse of the entertainment spectacle downstairs.

The Reagan is a bit of a chameleon as the experience one will have varies depending on the day of the week. They plan on hosting themed parties like 80’s Goth Rock Night and Taco Tuesdays to cater to all kinds of music lovers and crowds. Finally, wine dinners and Sunday brunch are offered to showcase the culinary expertise of the staff.

“Red carpet-style events with a mix of guests from punk rockers to Elvira doppelgangers are definitely an option,” says Nava. “And of course we hope that the DJ booth will attract guest talents such as Justin Strauss, Eli escobar, and Peanut Butter Wolf. “

The Nava’s on their leadership team at The Reagan are supported by longtime friends, Chef Hector Saenz, Food and Beverage Director, and mixologist Cesar Perez, Cocktail Director.

Saenz will ensure a solid gastro-pub menu that will be served on branded tableware from the collection edition, ranging from small plates to wooden boards.

As more and more people are returning to their offices in the city center, Saenz is looking forward to offering an extended lunch menu to those who want to “escape” the working day. “The food that comes out of the kitchen complements the high presentation concept at the bar with bartenders who pour and create cocktails,” says Saenz.

Perez joins The Reagan from Velvet Elvis and holds multiple titles in the competitive bartending world. He is considered one of the Top 50 in the world class of the United States Bartender’s Guild.

At The Reagan, he manages over 250 notable bottles of rare and curated spirits, as well as premium ages and a “hard-to-find” beer selection. His focus is on the preparation and he uses the “crust program”, which closes the cycle between kitchen and bar and creates so little waste.

“In our mixology laboratory, we apply culinary concentration. Centrifuged oil infusion is a common practice. Syrups are injected with a local flavor, and we often use clay-aged water in our bar batches. The Reagan puts spirits on a pedestal, ”says Perez.

“From designing the space to cultivating the spirits, we have more fun than work,” says Nava of the couple’s efforts to bring The Reagan to life. “It’s pure and punk and romantic at the same time.”

The rest of June, The Reagan is open Thursday through Saturday from 5:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., with gastropub offerings from the kitchen until 10:00 p.m. An online shop for The Reagan items will soon open.

For more information, see The Reagan on-line or on Instagram.

New downtown El Paso gastropub, leisure venue opening

EL PASO, Texas – It’s one of the newest venues in downtown El Paso: The Reagan. The gastropub and entertainment venue is on Mills Avenue and opens this weekend.

Alex Nava and his wife Kassi Foster-Nava, daughter of El Paso billionaire Paul Foster, have been working to open their new stores in the heart of downtown for over a year.

Foster-Nava owned a boutique in Austin for several years, while her husband had been in the DJ business from his youth. Together, the couple bring their experiences in both industries together and bring all their favorite things together in one room that El Pasoans can enjoy as a love letter to their hometown.

“It was great, it’s like working with my best friend,” said Nava.

The Reagan, the middle name of Foster-Nava, serves handcrafted cocktails from award-winning bartenders and food. “Lately we’ve been calling (The Reagan) a chameleon,” said Nava. “It’s a coffee shop in the morning, it’s a restaurant from lunch to dinner, it’s a wine bar on Wednesdays, it’s a venue on Saturdays, it’s a little bit of everything we enjoy.”

A commissioned disco ball from Yolanda Baker who made handmade disco balls for “Studio 54” and “Saturday Night Fever”. Guests can also enjoy a Voltar Fortune Booth made famous in the movie Big, starring Tom Hanks. There are neon signs on the walls with quotes from famous songs by Joy Division and the Smiths, as well as fancy wallpaper.

The venue is another attraction to enliven the city center. “It’s blooming right now and we just wanted to be apart of it,” said Foster-Nava. The couple said they worked to preserve the building’s history by preserving and restoring the brick wall and detailed ceilings.

“I think El Paso always had that, just on a smaller scale … Now we’ve teamed up with the best (people) and I think now El Paso is definitely ready for this (kind of venue),” Nava said. “There’s one thing people always say when they walk in here, they say, ‘It doesn’t seem like a place that belongs in El Paso.’ We want to get away from that, because we come from El Paso, that’s El Paso. ”

Council OKs incentive settlement for constructing of leisure venue | Native

The Harker Heights Council unanimously voted Tuesday to approve a 380 economic development incentive agreement with Gambit Social House, Inc., which will build and operate an entertainment venue for the city along FM 2410.

The project improvements that Gambit has approved will be in the area where Cedar Knob Road ends and then joins FM 2410 and will be completed on or before March 31, 2022 as specified in the agreement.

This family entertainment center project will include a 12,000 square meter entertainment venue that will house a pub, restaurant and 9-hole mini golf course with top golf technology; eight escape rooms and a 400 square meter event space.

Gambit has also agreed to set up three outdoor ax throwing tracks, beach volleyball facilities, other games, and seating areas on the premises.

City Manager David Mitchell said, “This was the type of project that came up during our Exploring New Heights study a few years ago that was number one in terms of what families wanted.

“Second, we don’t have that, so it could easily become regional and bring in people from other parts of the county.”

Mitchell added, “The cumulative amount of grant payments under this agreement will not exceed $ 150,299. Once the cumulative amount of economic development grants (real estate economic development grants plus sales-related economic development grants) is $ 150,299, the city has no further obligation to pay grants under the agreement and the agreement ends “Said Mitchell.

What the council did with this 380 is performance based. The city does not give the builder any money in advance. All funds they produce will be returned to them.

“In other words, right now, the value of the property is the value of the dirt,” said Mitchell. “Gambit will build a structure on this that will add value to this property. The council agreed to reimburse half of the increase in taxes that come into the city over a five-year period, as well as half of the sales tax.

“That means citizens and the city will receive half of the property tax they produce and half of the sales tax during that period, up to $ 150,299,” Mitchell said.

The city used 380 agreements to lure the Market Heights Mall and Seton Medical Center to Harker Heights.

Mitchell, said, “It is important to reiterate that this is discount and performance driven. The city does not distribute treasury dollars to attract a company to the city. These are dollars that are produced by the company and we will reimburse a portion of what they generate to lure them to this place. “

In return for the economic development grants provided for in this agreement, Gambit agrees to make a minimum investment of $ 2 million in the project improvements, increasing the estimated value of $ 2 million (over the estimated property value in 2021) for The ad valorem property tax will be increased for purposes, as certified by the Bell County Appraisal District, from tax year 2022 on the City of Harker Heights tax registers.

Gambit also agrees to hold at least $ 2 million in total taxable assets on the property for each of the five years through 2026.

So-called 380 agreements are approved by the state and allow cities to set up and manage one or more programs for granting or loaning public funds to promote economic development.

Mitchell told the Herald, “It is not referred to as 380 for any reason other than that found in Chapter 380 of the Local Government Code.

Colorado Springs chef opening small venue for personal occasions | Arts & Leisure

Brother Luck, owners of Four by Brother Luck and Lucky Dumpling, will launch a new concept in June: The Studio, 332 E. Colorado Ave. It is located above Lucky Dumpling at 26 S. Wahsatch Ave. and is accessible via a flight of stairs west of the Lucky Dumpling building.

“This was a former social marijuana place,” he said. “When it became available, we decided to make it a small place for wine evenings, cooking classes, and high-end dinners with celebrity guest chefs. And here we can conduct employee training courses and hold employee meetings. “

He gutted the interior, raised the ceiling to expose the joists, laid a new floor, and added a small kitchen space.

“We can seat 20,” he said. “Steve (Kander, sommelier at Four from Brother Luck) will also be storing his wines here.”

visit for updates.

Italian restaurants in Colorado Springs that stand the test of time

Neighborhood bar

The family owned local bar, The Pub, 4767 N. Carefree Circle, offers a unique way to fill yourself up with finger food, salads, nachos, wings, pizza and burgers. When you enter the bar there is a hostess booth where you can pick up a menu and pencil. Think of a sushi bar with an order form to check off the type of rolls you want. Except here, choose what you want to add to the above food categories.

For example, burgers are quarter pound patties. Choose the patty size: single ($ 5), double ($ 7), triple ($ 9), or whopping four ($ 10). Then choose from five cheeses (one per patty), 11 sauces, and six vegetables. Premium add-ons cost an additional $ 2 each and include bacon, green chilies, cheese sauce, extra cheese, garlic mushrooms, or grilled onions.

There are 15 flavors of wings for every taste and level of spice. COVID-priced wings are $ 1.15 each day with a minimum of five wings per flavor. The opening times are daily from 2 p.m. to midnight. Details: 375-5265,

Colorado Springs warms up with hot air fryer chicken

New cafe

Frankly Coffee, 727 1/2 W. Colorado Ave., opened in a very small space. There is a couple of seats inside and a couple of tables on the sidewalk outside. You can enjoy cookies and pastries from The French Kitchen with your favorite carefully crafted espresso. The opening times are Monday to Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. visit

Wine festival art competition

The winery at Holy Cross Abbey, 5011 E. Colorado 50, Cañon City, is hosting its art contest for the September 25-26 Harvest Festival. The winning artwork selected by the winery staff will be used to create wine labels, posters and invitations and other media to promote and promote the harvest festival at The Holy Cross Abbey.

The work of art with the biography of the artist must be returned to the tasting room of the winery no later than June 1st. The winners will be informed of the winners on June 7th.

Art in the Park, a special exhibition for all of the artist’s work, will take place on June 19th from 1pm to 3pm at Abbey Winery Park. The winner will receive $ 500 and a free booth at the Harvest Festival where the Harvest Fest posters will be signed by the artist and sold. The winner and one guest will be guests at the Winemaker’s Dinner on September 24th. For more information, call 276-5191 or email visit

Jarrito Loco moves to a new location in Monument

Run for a cause

Red Leg Brewing Co. will sponsor Angels of Americans Fallen on Memorial Day, May 31st, and host their annual Angel Run 5K at 2323 Garden of the Gods Road from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The cost is $ 40 for the personal 5k and $ 45 for the virtual 5k. All proceeds from the event go to the organization that cares for children of fallen service members and first responders through development activities such as sports, music, and other arts. visit

To fly high

Bonefish Grill, 5102 N. Nevada Ave., offers the ultimate lobster and shrimp rolls from May 28th to June 4th. The decadent sandwich consists of perfectly chilled, peeled lobster and prawns, tossed with the signature Bang Bang sauce and served in a lightly toasted baguette. Service members and first responders receive a 10% discount on their order from Bonefish Grill all year round. Details: 598-0826,

Contact the author: 636-0271.

Contact the author: 636-0271.

Maryville planning approves rezoning for fuel storage, leisure venue | Information

The Maryville Planning Commission on Monday approved the rededication of two companies looking to expand within the city limits and open a store, as well as the site plans for a new restaurant on West Lamar Alexander Parkway.

The commissioners unanimously approved a motion from Blossman Gas and Appliance, which already has a location on US Highway 411, to convert the property at 938 Celtic Road from commercial to industrial.

The company plans to set up several storage tanks in the region and required both a change in the future land use map and a district switch from high-intensity retail to industrial.

Commissioners unanimously voted to grant the company both reallocations, although Commissioner Fred Metz noted that this would make the property different from anything else: most of the land in this area is currently divided into commercial zones.

The city’s land development manager Michael Brusseau noted that city planners may later reassess the zoning of the area as an Atmos Energy natural gas pipeline runs through the area and may not be suitable for commercial projects.

A representative from Blossman told commissioners that there were no plans to construct a storage-only structure on the site – which is in a cul-de-sac and not near other buildings.

The Commission’s notes stated that another company was storing gas tanks in the countryside about 20 years ago. There are currently other natural gas plants in the region.

The commissioners also unanimously agreed to the abandonment of an alley between Ellis Avenue and High Street and the repurposing of packages for a project involving the building on Ellis Ave. 496 could be demolished.

Developer James Ryan made the request, and Lawler Wood’s Barry Brooke responded to commissioners’ questions about why the destruction was necessary. The old building is a 17,850 square foot warehouse that was built in 1940.

The property was renamed from the office transition district to the business corridor district on Washington Street on Monday, in part to regulate the appearance of Maryville buildings that tourists can see in the mountains, according to commission notes.

Developers say they plan to build a similar structure on the property because the current building is not safe enough for remodeling. “We are currently planning to rebuild the existing character of the building,” Ryan told the commissioners.

Brooke added it was a place for entertainment, including dining, bowling, simulated golf, and other activities. There will be two levels for indoor and outdoor dining, he said.

“It’s sad to see these old buildings being demolished,” said Keri Prigmore, Chair of the Planning Commission, adding a laugh. “But when you say ‘entertainment venue’ it means I don’t have to go to Knoxville.”

Commissioners also approved a site map for the Lim Dynasty Asian Cafe Express behind the Dollar General on 2025 Bridgeway Drive.

Commissioner Danmonth – also owner of LeConte Realty – abstained and Brusseau stated that it was because he was involved in the project.

Follow @arjonesreports on Facebook and Twitter for more from city government reporter Andrew Jones.

Restaurant, leisure venue operators have fun finish of COVID-19 occupancy limits | Coronavirus

Minutes after the newscast, John Adams’s cell phone rang about ten times.

When he picked up lunch, he quickly learned that Governor Tom Wolf was ordering the end of all COVID-19 occupancy restrictions on restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, stadiums and other places where people gather, starting May 31.

Reactions to Tuesday’s announcement ranged from cautious optimism to delight for venue owners and operators who struggled to survive the pandemic over the past year. Friends and colleagues hummed to Adams, the President of the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre RailRiders for 16 months, who still didn’t see the team play at PNC Field.

“Of course we are very optimistic. And the announcement … I think there was a mini-party being held here, “said Adams. “We’re just cautiously optimistic at this point, just because we have to wait for final confirmation from Major League Baseball.”

Adams said the team has planned a maximum of 3,000 fans this year for pod-seating and social distancing games that will be played for the 12 home games later this month. After that, the stadium can approach its usual capacity of 10,000.

Even then, he said, the team will keep pod seating for baseball scouts and players, as well as buffer areas around the shelter and bullpens, which could restrict seating. The team will also continue to enforce social distancing at entrances and concession lines, as well as in the goods store, and prevent fans from clustering during punch training or other pregame events. Fans could exit and re-enter the ballpark during rain delays to avoid overcrowding, he said.

The governor said mask wear will remain required until at least 70% of Pennsylvanians 18 and over have been vaccinated against the virus. The state follows the guidelines of the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which allow fully vaccinated people to do without masks outdoors when they are not among the crowds, and indoors, among others already vaccinated. A health ministry spokeswoman said businesses should continue to promote social distancing.

John Cardoni, the still-dismissed general manager at the Scranton Cultural Center in the Masonic Temple, welcomed the “absolutely wonderful” news.

“You only have so much left in your reserves after a year of trying to get through and then facing an fall or winter season where you might have 5% sales,” Cardoni said. “So this is big news all round.”

Weddings and other personal events are a big part of the center’s business, he said. The center has booked a wedding in late June and a wedding or two in July, Cardoni said.

“I would expect our director’s phone to explode for special events when the news got around,” he said.

He predicted that theater groups, musical performers, and other entertainers would be launching tours in droves, which could be a boon to this and other centers.

“Everyone, from late-night show hosts with empty theaters to rock bands and local bands, everyone really wants to get out,” Cardoni said. “I hope the expectations and fees are reasonable.”

Steve Masterson, owner of Stage West in West Scranton, said his bar and concert hall were mostly closed and thrilled until the weekends. “

“I feel like everyone is ready for this,” said Masterson. “The few times we have had on Stage West Musik have been a great response. So I hope it stays that way for the rest of 2021. “

Other venues are preparing for shows.

FM Kirby announced Tuesday that comedian and podcast host Theo Von will perform at the center on October 9 at 7 p.m. during his live stand-up tour. The previously announced center for television personality, writer, and food network star Alton Brown will be visiting on February 25th next year at 7:30 p.m. Another announcement will come next week, said Anne Rodella, artistic director of the Kirby Center.

“Today’s announcement from the governor means more announcements and more shows,” Rodella said.

Will Beekman, general manager of Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre Twp., Said he couldn’t exaggerate how difficult the past 14 months have been for venues, agents, promoters and artists, but he said, “We are ready to meet everyone to do that behind us. “

“We have so many great acts holding dates in the second half of this year and now we can work on making them a reality,” said Beekman. “We all worked together to weather the storm and now we can do what we love to do again.”

Beekman said the news is great not only for Mohegan Sun Arena, but restaurants, hotels, and other businesses as well.

“We’re back,” he said. “And we’re ready to get started right away.”

Joshua Mast, co-owner of Posh at the Scranton Club, is one of the cautiously optimistic. The pandemic has hurt business so badly that he likely won’t know for sure if Posh will survive until next April. May is one of the busiest times with graduation ceremonies and first communion gatherings.

“The main part of our business is private events. These are slowly coming back, ”said Mast. “Nevertheless, the number of guests at these events is much lower than in the past. Even last weekend was first communion day. We usually have about 10 events on the day of First Communion. We had four events this year. So it’s better than last year when we didn’t have one. “

Scranton Mayor Paige Gebhardt Cognetti said the announcement “seems like a dream, doesn’t it?” She called it “a great relief,” but said she feared the announcement would put vaccinations off.

“The message is still that not only do we have to keep wearing masks, we still have to get the vaccine,” said Cognetti. “And since we’ve seen a drop in vaccine intake in the past few weeks, we want to make sure people are still learning about the vaccine and encourage their family, friends and neighbors to get it.”

All Pennsylvanians 16 years and older can be vaccinated.

To date, 53% of Pennsylvanians 16 and over have had at least one vaccination. This is based on numbers available on the state and Philadelphia health department websites. Lackawanna County is 62.9%; Alfalfa, 52%; Monroe, 43.6%; Pike, 40.9%; Susquehanna, 36.1%; Wayne, 48.3%; and Wyoming 49.6%.

Percentages for Pennsylvanians 18 years of age and older could not be determined.

The state health department reported 3,133 more cases on Tuesday, for a total of 1,161,619 cases and 58 new deaths, bringing the total to 26,334.

The region added 230 new cases and four deaths, bringing the total cases to 74,604 and the death toll to 1,794.

By district:

Lackawanna 44 cases added for a total of 17,853, of which 2,770 likely. Two new deaths brought the total to 460.

alfalfa 83 cases added for a total of 30,610, including 2,398 likely, and remained at 794 deaths.

Monroe added 56 cases for a total of 14,094, including 418 likely, and stayed at 300 deaths.

pike added 17 cases for a total of 3,794, including 388 likely, and stayed at 54 deaths.

Susquehanna added 10 cases for a total of 2,479, including 300 likely, and stayed at 60 deaths.

Wayne 13 cases added for a total of 3,923, with 400 likely. A new death brought the total to 78.

Wyoming seven cases added for a total of 1,851, of which 326 are likely. A new death brought the total to 48.

Denise Allabaugh and Steve Mocarsky, staff, contributed to this report.

Leisure venue grant program web site to reopen for functions

The federal government will try again on Monday to accept applications for COVID-19 aid grants from independent cinemas, museums, concert halls and other live performance rooms after the application portal crashed two weeks ago.

The US Small Business Administration announced on Friday that the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant (SVOG) program was reopening 26th of April at noon and hopefully accept his first applications.

Due to “technical problems”, SBA had to close the SVOG application portal hours after it opened on April 8th. However, on Friday the agency announced it had “completed rigorous testing” to ensure the portal’s reliability, including “security mechanisms” and the addition of a virtual waiting room “to ensure a proper application process”.

SBA also said that venue owners can get an upfront account by going To do this, they should have a smartphone with a multi-factor authentication app, the agency said.

Due to technical problems, SBA had to close the application portal hours after it opened on April 9th. Photo credit: Newsday / Steve Pfost

For assistance using the application portal, call 800-659-2955.

“We recognize the urgency and need to get this program up and running,” said Barb Carson, assistant associate administrator of the SBA Office of Disaster Assistance, which oversees SVOG. The agency “will start examining applications on Monday as soon as they are submitted,” she said.

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The SVOG was launched in December by Congress and then-President Donald Trump to provide up to $ 10 million per venue, which governments closed to slow the spread of the coronavirus a year ago. More than $ 16.2 billion is available to help venues recover from their huge loss of revenue in 2020.

SBA has estimated it will receive 15,000 SVOG applications; The average grant is expected to be $ 1 million. Priority will be given to venues that experienced a 90% or more drop in revenue from the pandemic between April and December 2020.

This is the second time in about a year that one of the agency’s application portals for COVID Aid Grants has crashed.

In March 2020, the portal for EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster Loans) froze repeatedly and crashed under the weight of thousands of users. According to a report by SBA General Inspector Hannibal “Mike” Ware in October, the portal was closed for days after the personal information of more than 7,900 applicants was made available to other applicants who were using the website at the same time.

Sign up for COVID-19 text notifications at

James T. Madore writes on Long Island business news, including the economy, development, and the government-business relationship. He was previously head of the Albany office.

4 Fifteen Estates: Bringing a Fashionable Leisure Venue Again to the Texarkana Space

For years Shelby Stephens dreamed of all things wedding after falling in love with planning her own in just under six weeks. “After planning my own wedding, I was so sad when it was over. I knew I wanted to do something with weddings and events. After a friend suggested that I open my own wedding venue, all I knew was that I had to, ”said Shelby. Her mother deepened her daughter’s love for weddings when she bought the now Gracyn Elizabeth Bride in Texarkana, where Shelby worked for a year. “One day I finally looked at my husband and told him we could afford to open a wedding venue,” says Shelby, and her husband Caleb agreed. A few months later they bought 50 acres in New Boston. In July 2020, the Stephens broke ground with fourteen stands.

Four Fifteen Estates Chapel

Shelby and her husband have set out to provide COVID brides with a new place for their special day that so many venues continue to cancel or close. Many decisions were made during the construction process, including the specific design of each building. The lobby was originally supposed to be white, but Shelby had other plans. Four Fifteen Estates now has a gorgeous black lobby and chapel with blue stained glass windows on the door, following the traditions of something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue that Shelby loves. Every building, from the chapel to the foyer to the bridal suite, is decorated with modern chic, exposed wood and beautiful land surrounding the venue. The focal point of the venue and the main photography location is the outdoor fireplace, which was salvaged from one of the remaining houses on the property when the Stephens was first purchased.

“We were very nervous because everything got so modern,” says Shelby, “but we wanted it to be different and it’s definitely a selling point for our customers and the community,” says Shelby. To date, Four Fifteen Estates has booked 24 weddings and hopes to book more weddings and events in the future. “What we built isn’t just for the next modern bride, we built a community event center for the whole community to come out and enjoy,” says Shelby.

Four Fifteen Estates Chapel

Four Fifteen Estates offers clients a fully equipped kitchen for catering, a bridal suite (to get dressed and ready) and a grooms loft for getting dressed for the wedding reception. They also provide tables and chairs for large parties as well as a coordinator for the wedding day. In addition to the regular one-day event package, Four Fifteen Estates offers a weekend package to offer its customers a relaxing experience. This package gives customers the opportunity to prepare for a day, celebrate a day, and clean up a day. “We wanted to give everyone who comes here a chance to get ready and create a party atmosphere,” said Shelby.

Four fifteen booths will have their grand opening this Thursday April 15th at 6 p.m. and their first wedding will be this Saturday April 17th.

Four Fifteen Estates is located at 415 Co Rd 2101, New Boston, TX 75570.

Watch: Here is a sneak peek at Round1, Park Metropolis’s latest huge leisure venue [video] | What’s in retailer

Round1, a huge new entertainment center in Park City Center, opens on Saturday.

We visited Round1 the day before it opened to get a glimpse of everything the venue has to offer.

Check out the livestream below.

Round1 is a bowling and entertainment complex with arcade games and table tennis, plus batting cages, basketball courts, and private karaoke rooms. It also has a restaurant with a menu of pizza, burgers, and wings, and is seeking a liquor license.

Round1 is located on the first floor of the former Sears, which opened in 1972 as one of Park City’s anchor stores.

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