Christmas trip journeys from journey trade insiders

Even without a pandemic, vacation trips are not for the faint of heart.

Millions are expected to travel this month, with the threat of volatile weather and the omicron variant continuing to stress people eager to end the second year of the pandemic.

To help travelers prepare, CNBC Travel asked industry insiders this question: What’s your one solid tip for travelers in December?

Travel planning tips

“Plan the arc of the trip. Imagine a journey like a story with a beginning, middle and end. For example, plan to have the nicest hotels in the end and build on a great grade. Then for entry and exit, plan out ways that you can keep things running smoothly. Maybe it’s arranging private transportation after a long flight so you don’t have to navigate public transportation in the middle of jet lag. Whatever your solid arch, plan to prepay it. “
—Sarah Groen, founder of the luxury travel company
Bell & Bly travel design

“When planning Greek island hopping, keep in mind that the Greeks themselves tend to stay on one island rather than cram as many as possible into a single trip. Think thematically: Santorini has breathtaking scenery, but beaches are better in Mykonos … [but] Islands like Tinos and Syros offer great food and culture at significantly lower hotel prices than Mykonos. Crete has a lot of variety, but a car is essential. ”
—Anthony Grant, American writer based in Greece

Tips for flying on vacation

“Choose early morning flights that are usually less crowded. Avoid the last flight of the day if possible, especially in the winter months, to reduce the chance of missed connections or delays due to cancellations or weather. … Choose Hand baggage On your next trip, you’ll skip the lines when you arrive at the airport and don’t have to wait for your baggage to land when you land. “
—Anna Brown, PR manager at
Expedia US

“Put a change of clothes in your hand luggage. Be prepared for the worst. … In the event of bottlenecks at airlines and increased travel, there is an above-average probability that your luggage will be lost. Do not travel with your gifts. … Consider shipping gifts direct to the final address. “
—Mark Hoenig, co-founder of the digital travel company VIP traveler

VIP Traveler’s Mark Hoenig recommends avoiding connecting flights, even if that means driving and parking at a different airport. “Each additional airport increases the likelihood of baggage loss, delays and cancellations.”

d3sign | Moment | Getty Images

“Buy your tickets ASAP. As people postpone their international travel plans due to Covid concerns, domestic flights tend to get more crowded and expensive. To speed airport security, don’t wrap gifts in case they do.” need to be checked. “
—Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO of Travel Insurance Marketplace

Tips for renting holiday homes

“Look for vacation rentals with the most flexible cancellation policy so you can leave your stay at the last minute for any reason.

Guestys COO Vered Schwarz recommends that people who want to travel longer look for houses with large closets, washing machines and dryers, and workplaces with ergonomic chairs, good lighting and fast WiFi.

Stephen Simpson | Stone | Getty Images

“Short term hospitality brands are featured on major booking channels, but they also have their own direct booking websites. Bookings of stays directly with the brand are usually associated with a discounted rate. And many of them … offer co-working spaces and digital concierge services. … are examples of such brands Casita, D Alexander and Central. ”
—Vered Schwarz, COO of the vacation rental software company Guests

Tips for family celebrations

For travel in the run-up to Christmas: “I recommend traveling with family and friends, who are the people you will be spending the holidays with. If for some reason you need to be quarantined after you get home, you are already with the family or friends you want to vacation with. “
—Matt Berna, general manager North America for travel companies
Undaunted travel

Harvard research fellow Stephen Kissler recommends keeping vacation meetings small and performing a Covid rapid test immediately before the meeting.

Suzana Topita | Moment | Getty Images

“Ventilation remains really important. This is one thing that I think is overlooked and underestimated. When the holidays are approaching, I definitely plan, no matter how cold it is outside, my windows will crack 4 to 6 inches … [and] Tests should be done immediately before the meeting, ideally an hour or two in advance, maybe in the morning. ”
—Stephen Kissler, research fellow at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, in an online discussion on December 9th with Elana Gordon from the public radio show “The World”

Hotel booking tips

“Many of the best hotels block online reservations for the main ‘festival’ season … and manage them directly through their human team. It is worth asking your travel agent for help as they often have the relationships to do that Achieving the impossible when everything seems to be right. ” sold out.”
– Henley Vazquez, co-founder of the travel company

“Independent boutique hotels and locally owned businesses need love more than ever because they don’t have the privilege of large conglomerate financing to stay afloat. With that in mind and in the holiday spirit, give something back to the destination. “Revisit by focusing your vacation on staying in these locations and supporting local vendors.”
—Brandon Berkson, founder of the travel company Hotels above par

Tips for traveling with young children

“Plan some time off for your babies and toddlers on your vacation trips… Children don’t always feel good when they’re constantly on the move. Allow some time each day to just sit, relax, play with toys and be with your children.

Fran Maier, CEO of BabyQuip, recommends that babies and toddlers keep the same sleep routine when traveling. “If your child usually sleeps in a large crib, don’t try to push them into a pack and play and expect them to sleep well.”

Oleksandra Korobova | Moment | Getty Images

“Children need frequent human breaks and planned activities to let their thoughts run free while playing creatively. Pack enough toys to keep the kids busy when preparing meals, talking to adults, or just taking a break. ”
—Fran Maier, CEO of baby equipment rental

Tips for renting a car

“Many car rental companies offer contactless pickup where you can simply walk into the parking lot and get in your car. Use the Skip Meter filter on Expedia to find these options and avoid waiting in line . “
—Anna Brown, PR manager at Expedia USA

“When you reserve a rental car, you are booking a ‘Pay Later’ plan … which gives you the flexibility to cancel and rebook when a better deal is available. Rental rates can change several times a day. AutoSlash plays the system by continuously checking the price of your rental and notifying you when they find a lower price. “
—Jonathan Weinberg, CEO of the rental car price tracking company
AutoSlash Is Giving Away a $50,000 Actuality TV Type Trip

If you’ve seen Love Island or Jersey Shore, you know that spending a summer in a beautiful home with flowing drinks and dramatic events has a certain appeal. While staying at Casa Amore may not be on your cards, the opportunity to have your own reality show-inspired vacation is at your fingertips. announces that it is offering a lucky group of friends of up to six the chance to win a three-day trip of their very own.Travel destination drama“in Palm Springs, California. The company is specifically looking for” the most dramatic group of friends “out there, so if that sounds like your team, you might want to join us here.

The property could actually be nicer than the beach houses MTV uses for its reality shows. The 6,000 square meter vacation home includes a swimming pool, lazy river, water slide, fire pit, putting greens, basketball and volleyball courts, and nine bedrooms. There are also hammocks, sun loungers, and even citrus gardens, all of which are perfect places to call someone for a “chat”. And to make it feel like a real reality show set, there is a high-tech confessional in which to express all of your deepest, most biting thoughts.

In addition to your stay at Destination Drama, each member of your group will receive a $ 1,000 grant to cover all of your other expenses. would like to reward the most exciting group of friends with this experience, valued at $ 50,000, that recaps the most dramatic moments from your trip.

First, take some screenshots of your group chat trying to plan a trip. The more dramatic the better, of course. Then send these screenshots to the casting call at through Aug 18 at 12 p.m. CT. The winners will be notified on August 20th. You and your friends must be at least 21 years old to participate. Find out more about the competition here.

Cryptocurrency is taking off as a approach to pay for trip getaways

Alexander Spatari | Moment | Getty Images

You probably need to use Cryptocurrency to pay the ransomware hacker freezing your laptop, but where else could you put all of your bitcoins, ethereum and other digital coins in for actual use?

Tesla can still be unsure Re-accepting Bitcoin for their electric vehicles, cryptocurrency holders can now play around in other ways now that travel providers are warming up to the idea.

Airfare website, the Latvian airline Air Baltic and Richard Branson’s Virgo galactic have long accepted Bitcoin and a Berlin-based website for booking tours and activities GetYourGuide began to take Dogecoin, processed via BitPay, in June as part of the expansion in the USA

Cryptocurrency transactions are becoming “really important for travel,” and his company is considering accepting other coins in the future, said Johannes Reck, CEO and co-founder of GetYourGuide.

“People want to get their crypto back into the system [and] Travel is one of the biggest categories out there, ”he added. “We’re bringing Dogecoin into the real world now; You can apply it and actually have a real, kinetic experience. “

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Cryptocurrency also appeals to younger generations of travelers, say industry players.

Alex Simon, co-founder and CEO of the upcoming travel app Elude, said next-generation vacationers are “looking for modern ways to plan and book trips.”

“The ability to buy your plane ticket or hotel using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies is inevitable,” he added. “Although the travel industry is antiquated, the new generation of travelers, Gen Z and Gen Alpha, will require new forms of payment and alternative ways to buy travel.” (It is widely believed that Gen Alpha is made up of those born after 2010, often the children of millennials.)

Other tourism players currently trading in cryptocurrencies are Nevada’s new ones Resorts World Las Vegas Property it accepts for select payments through a partnership with UK crypto exchange company Gemini and the Bobby Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee, where guests can book stays and events using Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies through BitPay.

For its part, the online travel agency giant Expedia stopped accepting Bitcoin directly in 2018, but since 2020 700,000 hotels and accommodations of the Expedia group have been available via the crypto-friendly booking platform also works with Tripadvisor company Viator to offer more than 400,000 bookable activities as well as food delivery company Zomato.

At the self-described “blockchain-based”, which accepts payments in its own native AVA altcoin as well as 50 other cryptocurrencies, 70% of all bookings are now made via digital coins, according to CEO Juan Otero. The company said it is currently seeing more than $ 1 million a week in business.

“These are massive partnerships with some of the largest online travel brands in the world, all of whom use crypto,” Otero said. “In total, offers over 3 million travel products, which not only makes us the biggest crypto-friendly ones [online travel agency]but one of the greatest overall. “

Is B&B now “bed-and-blockchain”?

Matthew Leete | Photo disc | Getty Images

The cryptocurrency model is also starting to change the travel industry itself. Otero said it was the core of Dtravel, which he described as a new decentralized home sharing network based on the blockchain model that launched in June.

“There is not a single board of directors who makes all the decisions,” he said. “Instead, this new home-sharing network is run entirely by its community through its ‘Decentralized Autonomous Organization’, which any host or guest can participate in.”

Otero said the blockchain technology on which Dtravel is built enables “smart contracts” between hosts and guests. The platform revolves around TRVL, its native crypto token.

The token is made available to all registered hosts and every guest can buy it; those who have TRVL are voting members of the Dtravel DAO. (More than $ 35 million in TRVL awards were reserved for the first 100,000 hosts to register with Dtravel, Otero said. On July 21, Dtravel announced that it had joined more than 200,000 properties in more than 2,000 cities. The platform aims to list more than 1 million rentals in the first year.)

There is certainly no isolated island that all crypto enthusiasts travel to.

Juan Otero

CEO of

“Hosts can propose changes – for example fee structure, organizational policy, use of shared funds – and vote so that it is possible [them] control the fate of the Dtravel platform to meet its evolving needs, “he said.

It all makes sense, Otero said, in a world of an estimated 100 million cryptocurrency holders where consumers have spent money more than $ 1 billion in crypto alone in the Visa network in the first half of 2021. An April 1st poll out of 1,000 Americans found that 71% of respondents plan to spend more on travel than they did before Covid, and a surprising quarter say they will pay for some of that with crypto.

Still, for many, crypto trading seems to be the responsibility of a particular subset of the population – say, the Elon Musks of the world. But in general, people who use digital coins on book everything from cheap travel at online travel agents to its luxury concierge branded products, Otero said, and their preferred travel destinations are not much different from those who pay traditionally Cash or credit.

“There is certainly no isolated island that all crypto enthusiasts travel to,” he added, although he noted that crypto uptake in’s second and third most popular destinations was above the global average. Turkey and United Arab Emirates. (The US is the # 1 seller of the platform.)

“As more people own cryptocurrencies and more companies accept them for real things, travel is of course a desirable experience to use crypto,” he said.

Naturally, Bitcoin and competing coins can fluctuate wildly in value; Because of this, travel providers tend not to rely on the volatile tokens, but have third-party vendors convert them to fiat values ​​at the time of purchase, says Otero.

Consumers also reserve their options. “We generally see more credit card payments for travel when crypto prices are down than when they are sky high,” Otero said.

Kourtney Kardashian “Enjoys” Trip with Blockage | Leisure Information

Kourtney Kardashian is “enjoying” her closed vacation.

The Kardashian foot star, who used to be full, accepts a quiet schedule and enjoys spending time with her three children.

She said, “I am really enjoying my vacation. My day was booked. Usually the day was booked until dinner. Now I’m almost responsible for getting things done. I owe it. Because then I think I like the day. “Oh, you can make this call anytime,” or “I can do that.” And me with the kids When we’re together, things happen. “

And Courtney (Mason, 11), Penelope, 8, Rain, 6, and former partner Scott Disick) admit it was “difficult” to get the job done because of the lack of schedule. I’m going.

Talking to her friend Addison Ray about her new podcast, she added:

Meanwhile, Courtney had previously confessed that he had “gained a few pounds” during quarantine at home.

In response to claims she was pregnant, the 42-year-old reality star said, “Comment”: This is my body shape. I definitely gained a few pounds during this quarantine period. I love it. My body and I take pride in my shape. Obviously I am posting that this is my body shape. It doesn’t look like you’re pregnant. We are all different in shape and this is my body and I am proud of it. So I answer: to negative comments. It’s not always easy. “

Kourtney Kardashian “enjoys” vacation with blockade | Entertainment news

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Beachfront Trip and Leisure Mecca Coming to the Bolivar Peninsula

HOUSTON, May 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Local developers debut plans for the Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort, a premier RV resort and entertainment hub soon to be the ultimate weekend getaway and first of its kind on the Texas Gulf Coast.

Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort, Crystal Beach, Texas

The brand new 150 acre beachfront resort offers more than 500 RV sites and an unparalleled package of amenities, including a 5 acre entertainment park that is the focal point of the beachfront concert venue that welcomes top entertainers to its lineup all year round. Both locals and travelers will enjoy panoramic water views and the Beach Club’s super-large resort-style pool, which has a swim-up bar and 64 private poolside cabanas. The sheer size of the resort isn’t the only revolutionary aspect of the Bolivar Beach Club, however. Throughout the resort, visitors have access to luxury concert suites, a grass soccer field, a food truck park and a fleet of golf cart rentals. In addition, an expansive clubhouse with the Starfish Bar & Grill and Sugar Shack Candy Shop offers two lakes with water sports for the whole family, from zip lines and water trikes to kayaking and paddling.

“This resort will push the envelope and redefine the RV experience on the Texas Gulf Coast,” he said Brad Ballard, Founder and developer of the Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort. “We want to modernize the RV industry while creating a sandy retreat for our guests to kick back, stick their toes in the sand, have a cold drink and enjoy the beach with family and friends.”

The developers of the Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort envisioned a beach destination that embodies the holiday mood and a timeless coastal feeling. Designed with distinctive ocean tones and sun-bleached natural materials, this beach escape offers a place to waste your day on the town Texas Sun, enjoy live music and feel the sand between your toes. Family-friendly activities, modern amenities and VIP experiences paired with southern hospitality and an American coastal design make this resort on the Texas Gulf Coast something special. The resort is adding modern convenience to the RV industry by introducing app-based customer service to simplify the customer experience with mobile ordering of food, beverages, reservations for amenities, and more.

“Personally, I can’t wait for our guests to explore the beach club and attend live concerts at the amusement park. There is so much to explore on site, and I know families will appreciate all the details that are provided for their vacation We have put so much into this project and I am confident that this resort will bring family and friends together as we dreamed, “he said Minh Tran, Founder of the Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort. “Our families love vacationing in the Bolivar Peninsula, and we wanted to bring something very special to the community and beaches we love.”

The gentle opening of the Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort is planned for autumn 2021. The opening is planned for spring 2022. The resort is expected to employ more than 100 people to complete the on-site staff and will begin recruiting this summer.

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About the Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort
Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort is a beach vacation and entertainment destination that offers an unmatched package of convenience that enhances the RV travel experience. This resort is a mixture of southern hospitality by the sea and tranquility in the backyard. It features sparkling pools, swim-up bars, private VIP cabanas, and live entertainment just steps from the beaches of the Upper Texas Coast. To learn more, visit

SOURCE Bolivar Beach Club & RV Resort

Planning COVID ‘revenge journey’ this summer season? 7 suggestions to save cash on that long-overdue trip

After a long and sometimes stressful year, Ilyse Rykus and her husband David are very much looking forward to their trip to the Pacific Northwest in August.

The couple travel with David’s parents, who travel to Oregon annually to visit family in the area. All of them have been vaccinated and they are all safe. One of David’s uncles died of COVID-19, which made the trip even more meaningful.

“We never joined them, but given everything that has happened over the past year, we thought it was a good move to be with the family,” said Rykus, who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida.

But the vacation is also an opportunity to relax – Rykus will be 30 years old this summer and will visit places she has never been to during the trip. “My husband and I can’t travel a lot together. When we do, we’ll try to make the best of it,” she said. “It will be exciting to explore with the people I love.”

Like many other Americans, Rykus and her husband have saved up on their travels, and the couple plans to use credit card points they’ve saved for nearly two years to pay for their flights. The hospitality family also helped the couple find deals on hotels.

“It will be exciting to explore with the people I love.”

– Ilyse Rykus

Research shows that this will be the summer of the “vengeance journey”. A survey by Charles Schwab
SCHW, -2.14%
found traveling was the top article on people’s spending lists, with 40% of people listing this as something they want to spend money on. Another 24% of people said they would like to take a longer vacation.

These results mirror other research showing just how eager Americans are to take to the streets – or to go to heaven. A study published by the travel website Skyscanner in late April found that more travelers booked trips in May and June of this year than in 2019. Another survey by research company Ipsos
IPS, -1.02%
found that half of Americans planning a trip plan a road trip, while 40% plan short breaks with flights.

Even in a normal year, the warmer months are not always the cheapest to travel. “Summer is always the most expensive time of the year to travel because you have nice weather and students, teachers and parents with children at school who can only travel during these times,” said Scott Keyes, founder of travel website Scotts cheap flights.

However, this is not a normal year. Many people were forced to cancel trips over the past year due to the pandemic, and many of them are sitting on travel credits they are dying to use. Airlines and other tour operators are working to ramp up operations in response to increased demand, but it will take time. And airlines will be cautious about putting more planes back into service to offer more flights in case the pandemic worsens again and demand for travel subsides.

“Summer is always the most expensive travel time of the year.”

– Scott Keyes, founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights travel website

Experts have therefore warned that travel could quickly become expensive this summer. For example, the latest US government report on consumer prices showed a record rise in airfares.

The long-awaited summer vacation doesn’t have to break the bank, however. Here are tips from finance and travel experts on how to save money on your post-pandemic getaways:

Book sooner rather than later

This may seem obvious, but summer is just around the corner. And although last-minute offers can arise, they are not guaranteed. The more time you give yourself researching hotel, flight, and activity prices, the more likely you are to get the best deal possible.

“If you wait until Memorial Day to book your summer flights, the chances of getting something cheap aren’t good at all,” Keyes said. He noted that there are still cheap fares, such as round-trip flights between the US and Athens, Greece, for $ 560.

But waiting too long can cost you. Once you know where and when to go, start monitoring the cost of air travel to that destination so you can spot a good deal and get it quickly.

Note that credit card points and airline miles can soon lose their value

Another reason not to wait: airline miles and credit card points could soon lose their value. With so many people sitting on unused points and miles from last year, airlines have an incentive to reduce their value, said Matt Schulz, chief industry analyst at LendingTree
TREE, -2.19%.

“It will likely happen slowly and gradually, but I think it will probably happen. So it is best for consumers to start using the points they have sooner rather than later,” Schulz said.

Do your travel planning in reverse order

When booking a trip, most people first think about where and when they want to go and only start to consider the price at the end of the decision-making process. Instead, Keyes suggests a reverse approach.

“If we put price as the last priority, it’s not surprising that we end up with some pretty expensive flights,” he said. Instead, he recommends figuring out which flights are cheapest from your local airport, then figuring out which destination seems the most attractive, and then figuring out when to travel.

Websites like Skyscanner
TCOM, -2.77%
and google
TogetL, -3.08%
provide opportunities to explore the wide range of options in this way. Of course, for this strategy to work, people need to be flexible about when to travel.

Enjoy $ 0 change fees while you’re still here

Don’t be afraid to change your travel plans if there’s a better deal. After the pandemic, the vast majority of airlines waived flight change fees to allow people to change their travel plans due to the pandemic. These guidelines still apply to many airlines. So if you see a better price, see if it’s free to switch. All savings will be returned to you in a voucher for future trips, Keyes said.

Make the most of flight vouchers

Nadine Marie Burns, CEO and president of the consulting firm A New Path Financial, and her husband had canceled three trips due to the pandemic. Like many people, they received vouchers for their unused flights. When the trip reopened, Burns began to work himself to put some trips together.

Eventually she called her airline Delta
DAL, -3.35%,
and the customer service representative helped her book a first class trip to Reno, Nevada for her and her husband using their e-vouchers and points. “Sometimes putting the puzzle together is a championship when we all seem to have so many different pieces, like e-tickets, points, companion rates and more,” said Burns.

Of course, people need to keep an eye on the fine print of any remaining flight vouchers. Many of the coupons have an expiration date, said Jordan Staab, president of SmarterTravel Media and Airfarewatchdog. In most cases, travelers must book their trips by that date, but can travel after that.

Flight vouchers from canceled trips often have expiration dates.

“A cool trick that we have successfully used is to book a flexible ticket with the voucher. You can change it at a later date if necessary so that you can stay in control beyond the expiration date,” said Staab.

Use reward credit cards wisely

Many people were able to save money and pay off their credit card debt during the pandemic, thereby improving their creditworthiness. Now could be a prime time to take advantage of a reward credit card.

“The credit card space is incredibly competitive right now, and that’s good for consumers looking for deals,” said Schulz. “Issuers know that there is an explosion of pent-up spending ahead and they are making good deals on new cards in the hopes of getting as much of that spending as possible.”

Finding great new credit card sign-up bonuses is easy, but there is a risk: credit cards can cause people to spend beyond their means. Given the high interest rates that credit cards have compared to other loans, it is not worth saving on a loan if you end up running into a large amount of debt. Buyers should try to pay their remaining balance in full on each payment cycle to avoid high interest rates.

Spending more can actually save you money

By spending a little extra money on a trip, you can have peace of mind when your plans change. Do you remember how airlines allow people to change their flights for free? In many cases, this policy does not apply to what are known as “basic economy” fares, which are the cheapest tickets you can buy.

“If you book a few months and then travel internationally, it can often be worth the extra $ 30 or $ 40 as it gives you the flexibility to change your dates,” Keyes said.

With that in mind, travelers should consider investing in travel insurance, especially for international travel, as border entry policies can change dramatically as the pandemic progresses.

“Many credit cards offer at least travel insurance, and that can be helpful,” said Schulz. “However, if you want maximum protection, consider paying a little more for it.”

The place is it secure to journey? 7 concepts to flee on trip

Some habits are hard to break – but that doesn’t seem to be the case when traveling.

The habits of travelers are changing – quickly and en masse. People are bypassing big cities in favor of smaller destinations that attract fewer tourists, and outdoor activities like hiking and biking are attracting more interest than before.

To avoid the crowds while spending time in the great outdoors, here are seven points to consider once you are safe to travel again.

Normandy, France

France has been the most visited country in the world for years. Travelers congregate in inland Paris, on the French Riviera in the south, and in the country’s world-famous wine regions, which are spread across the bottom two-thirds of the country.

But what about the north? Regions along the English Channel such as Normandy receive a small fraction of French tourists, making them ideal for travelers wanting to experience the country and avoid large groups.

Although Normandy is relatively calm, the Mont Saint-Michel, a Gothic-style Benedictine abbey less than a mile from mainland France, is packed with people.

MathieuRivrin | Moment | Getty Images

Normandy is popular with World War II history buffs who tour the iconic D-Day beach invasion sites, as well as their cemeteries and monuments. Others are drawn to the beach towns of Deauville and Trouville, the cobblestone streets of Honfleur, and the majestic tidal island of Mont Saint-Michel.

As in much of France, the food is another draw. Normandy is famous for Camembert cheese, Calvados liqueur and Tarte aux Pommes (apple tarts).

The “other” islands of Greece

According to the World Bank, Greece received around 10 million tourists a year in the mid-1990s. By 2019 that number had more than tripled.

Five regions accounted for 88% of all overnight stays in 2017, namely the South Aegean, Crete, the Ionian Islands, Central Macedonia and Attica report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. Almost half of all hotel rooms are in Crete and the South Aegean Islands, the latter including popular destinations of Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes.

Travelers can escape the crowd by choosing a Greek island like Lipsi, which receives far fewer tourists than Santorini or Mykonos.

Fabio Sabatini | Moment open | Getty Images

Makis Bitzios, general manager of the Greek tourism consultancy Remake, said that tourists are highly concentrated in the most popular Greek islands and many others have far fewer tourists, including Iraklia in the Cyclades archipelago and Lipsi in the Dodecanese.

“Both islands are very beautiful, without the crowds, very authentic and not as well known as many other Greek travel destinations,” he said.

Central Vietnam

Many international tourists to Vietnam travel north to Hanoi and Halong Bay or south to Ho Chi Minh City.

Those who venture into the center usually head to Hoi An Old Town, the dazzling hotels outside Da Nang, or the historic sites of Hue and My Son.

The Anantara Quy Nhon Villas are an all-villa resort in the Vietnam region on the south coast.

Courtesy Anantara Quy Nhon Villas

A few years ago, a small number of resorts were betting that travelers would be drawn to the more sleepy parts of Vietnam.

Anantara, a luxury brand from the Minor Hotels Group, was one of them. It opened Anantara Quy Nhon Villas 2018 as the first international five-star hotel in a part of Vietnam that received only a few international visitors.

The resort has 26 ocean view villas, each with ocean views and private pools.

The brand opened another location, Anantara Mui Ne, four hours east of Ho Chi Minh City.

“Both Anantara Quy Nhon Villas and Anantara Mui Ne are in remote areas and in their own gated locations that offer peaceful experiences but are close to local locations,” said Pieter van der Hoeven, Regional General Manager of the CNBC brand Global Traveler by email.

Another inland attraction is the colossal Son Doong Cave. First explored in 2009, only 1,000 travelers are allowed to explore each year, a limit set to protect the cave that is believed to be one of the largest and most magnificent in the world.

Kagawa, Japan

Not to be confused with Kanagawa, the popular coastal prefecture south of Tokyo. Kagawa is Japan’s smallest prefecture by geographic size. At about 724 square miles, it’s about two and a half times larger than New York City, yet is home to less than 1 million people.

Kagawa is located on Shikoku Island and receives a small number of Japanese tourists. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, fewer than 550,000 of the nearly 32 million international tourists to Japan went to Kagawa in 2019.

Travelers looking to tour feudal castles, temples and gardens and want to eat udon – the famous dish is closely linked to the prefecture where the noodles are made from locally grown wheat – can check out the village of Urashima.

Urashima Village is a secluded inn with three private buildings (one of which is called “Silence”) overlooking the uninhabited Maruyama Island.

Courtesy Urashima Village

The small luxury inn opened in January and offers guests the chance to work in peace, kayak in the sea and explore the country by bike.

The inn, manned by a concierge team and a private chef, overlooks the uninhabited island of Maruyama, which, according to the hotel, guests can enter twice a day if an “underwater lane” appears at low tide website.

Dandenongs, Australia

While Melbourne receives the lion’s share of awards (and tourists) for the Australian state of Victoria, there are numerous destinations outside of the city that deserve recognition.

One such place is the Dandenongs, a serene mountain range of bucolic bed and breakfasts, forest gardens, and family-owned restaurants.

Less than an hour from Melbourne, the Dandenongs Ranges are a mountainous area with great food and small town friendliness.

Nigel Killeen | Moment | Getty Images

Upscale houses can be rented at Valley Ranges Getawayswhich is located in Sassafras, one of the most popular villages in the region. Another visitor favorite, Olinda, sits just two miles down the road. Both are lined with craft shops, antique shops, and restaurants serving local wine.

Travelers can head to Healesville Sanctuary to get up close and personal with wombats and kangaroos, or pre-order tickets to ride on Puffing Billy, a preserved open-car steam train.

New Mexico

Travelers to and within the United States may want to skip the coasts in favor of the American Southwest this year.

According to the data company Statista, New Mexico is the seventh most populous state in the United States, with an average of 17 people per square mile. Nicknamed the Land of Enchantment, the state has national parks, the Aztec Ruins National Monument, wonderful caves, and rugged red and White Desert biomes.

Some of the most luxurious hotels in New Mexico, such as the Inn of the Five Graces and the Hotel St. Francis, are located in the capital Sante Fe, which has a population of 85,000.

Ghost Ranch near Abiquiú, New Mexico, is an area with an eclectic mix of former residents, including dinosaurs, Spanish settlers, and artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

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However, the Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Sante Fe sits on 57 acres outside of town. Guests stay in suites and freestanding casitas, which means “little houses” in Spanish, with southwestern décor and wood-burnt, Pueblo-inspired kiva fireplaces.

Overlooking the Rio Grande River Valley and the nearby Jemez Mountains Resort There’s a year-round pool, outdoor fire pits, and an adventure center that organizes hot air balloon rides, horse riding and white water rafting, and cultural tours Ghost ranch or Bonanza Creek Ranch where films like “Cowboys & Aliens” and “Wild Hogs” were filmed.

Saba and Saint Eustatius

With the Caribbean islands typically averaging over 30 million international travelers a year – a number not counting cruise line passengers – the number of international visitors visiting the small Caribbean islands of Saba and Saint Eustatius might just be a rounding error.

Both islands are special municipalities in the Netherlands and, according to the Dutch government agency Statistics Netherlands, each receive fewer than 10,000 tourists by air each year.

Saba and Saint Eustatius (shown here) are part of the Netherlands Antilles and provide a secluded escape for hiking, diving, and immersion in ecotourism.

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A third of visitors come from other islands – namely Aruba, Curaçao, and Saint Martin – with at least another third including travelers from the United States and the Netherlands.

On Saba, the mountain top Queen’s Gardens Resort & Spa received a Travelers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor in 2020, while Saint Eustatius (also known as Statia) offers home rentals ranging from modest bed and breakfasts to three-level villas on Airbnb.

Decide a seashore to your trip type

Romantic getaway

Kiawah Island, South Carolina (306 miles southeast of Atlanta) is home to the 2021 PGA Championship and is known for its golf game. But it’s also an ideal romantic beach destination for couples who want to pamper themselves and relax in luxurious, uncrowded comfort by the sea. The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort (from $ 545, Sanctuary Beach Drive, 800-654-2924, offers the Kiawah Spa Romance Package, a couple-oriented coastal getaway that includes other romantic perks, including a turndown service for rose petals, a couples massage at the spa, dinner at The Ocean Room, and breakfast each morning. For couples who love to play golf together, this is it His and her package Contains many of the same features as well as game rounds. Come round The market in the city center (5480 Sea Forest Drive, 843-768-2775) to pick up supplies for a picnic on the beach.

A historic lighthouse rises above the trees of the marine forest in Hunting Island State Park, offering panoramic views of this pristine coastline. Courtesy of

Credit: MichaelHrizuk

Credit: MichaelHrizuk

Wild at heart

Natural beauty is abundant on Hunting Island, South Carolina (282 miles southeast of Atlanta). Hunting Island State Park (Entry $ 8, 2555 Sea Island Parkway, 843-838-2011, has nearly five miles of pristine beach, ocean forest, saltwater lagoon, 3,000 acres of salt marshes, and 10 miles of hiking trails. Climb the steps of the historic lighthouse for panoramic views of the coast from above. Stay in a tent or RV at the campsite (from $ 30) on the north end of the island. Closest restaurant is Johnson Creek Tavern (from $ 9, 2141 Sea Island Parkway, Harbor Island, South Carolina, 843-838-4166)., a classic beach bar that serves burgers and seafood. It is a tradition to write a note on a dollar bill and stick it on the wall with thousands of other banknotes. Hunting Island is also the ferry embarkation point to nearby St. Phillips Island, the former private retreat of Ted Turner now under the control of the state park.

The Alys Beach Digital Graffiti Festival features artwork that is projected onto the sides of buildings after dark. This year it will be a drive through event. Courtesy Visit South Walton

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Credit: Handout

Booze and drink

Stylish Alys Beach, Florida (300 miles south of Atlanta) is a luxurious, Mediterranean-inspired master-planned community along Panhandle’s Scenic Highway 30A. Everything about Alys (pronounced Alice) is finely curated, from the exquisite poolside cabana dining experience at Caliza Restaurant (from $ 32, 3 Nonesuch Way, 850-213-5700) to designer brands and high-end beachwear at Alys Shoppe (30 Mark Twain Lane, 850-213-5550, There are no hotels in the village, but The Pearl ($ 638 and up, 63 Main St., 850-588-2881, is a chic boutique hotel on the beach a mile away. The white brickwork of the village of Alys becomes a canvas for artists from all over the world every spring Digital graffiti festival (May 12-15). This unique “Art Meets Architecture After Dark” event uses the latest digital technology to project moving, changing works of art onto the sides of buildings across the city. It’s a breathtaking spectacle of works of art and light that will be a drive-through festival experience this year due to the pandemic. (Alys Beach Guest Services, 9581 FL 30A E, 850-213-5555,

The beaches on St. Simons Island are this rare breed that allows you to keep your dog on a leash at certain times.  Courtesy Explore Georgia

The beaches on St. Simons Island are this rare breed that allows you to keep your dog on a leash at certain times. Courtesy Explore Georgia

Dog friendly

Most beaches that allow dogs have strict leash policies, but St. Simons Island (311 miles southeast of Atlanta) has a rare off-leash policy, with one restriction in the summer. Here your dog can enjoy the beach and surf without being on a leash, as long as your fur baby is under your immediate control. But between Memorial Day and Labor Day, dogs are only allowed on the beach from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Beach Resort The King and Prince (from $ 197, 201 Arnold Road, 912-638-3631, offers dog-friendly accommodations. Many restaurants have dog-friendly outdoor dining areas, including Southern Soul Barbeque (from $ 11, 2020 Demere Road, 912-638-7685). Massengale Park (1350 Ocean Blvd., 912-554-7780) is an oceanfront picnic spot shaded by live oak trees with beach access. (Golden Isles Welcome Center, 529 Beachview Drive, 912-638-9014,

The Interstate Mullet Toss is a huge annual spring party / competition on the beach at the Flora-Bama Lounge to see who can throw a fish farthest across the state line.  Courtesy Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

The Interstate Mullet Toss is a huge annual spring party / competition on the beach at the Flora-Bama Lounge to see who can throw a fish farthest across the state line. Courtesy Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

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Credit: Handout

Party hearty

Perdido Key (365 miles southwest of Atlanta), which stretches across the Florida-Alabama state line, is notorious for the Flora-Bama Lounge, Package & Oyster Bar (from $ 5, 17401 Perdido Key Drive, Pensacola, Florida, 251- 980-5118),, one of the world’s top bars sung by Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney. A contemporary patchwork quilt of sprawling bars and stages in the sand overlooking the ocean. Millionaires and bikers hang out here and bras hang on the rafters. The signature drink is the Bushwhacker, a frozen and creamy, chocolaty-juicy preparation, and a popular annual event is the Interstate Mullet Toss (April 23-25), a competition to see who can throw a mullet – the common local fish, not the bad hairstyle – that goes the furthest beyond the state line. Book an apartment next door on Phoenix X ($ 225 and up, 29576 Perdido Beach Blvd., Orange Beach, 800-211-7892, so you can walk in and out of the action without getting into a car.

Some of the best surfing spots in the southeast are in Sebastian Inlet State Park.  Courtesy Visit Indian River County for VISIT FLORIDA

Some of the best surfing spots in the southeast are in Sebastian Inlet State Park. Courtesy Visit Indian River County for VISIT FLORIDA

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout


Some of the best surfing in the southeast can be found in Melbourne Beach, Florida (526 miles south of Atlanta) at Sebastian Inlet State Park ($ 8 entry fee, 9700 S. FL A1A, 321-984-4852). along Florida’s Treasure Coast. Due to a rise in the ocean floor just offshore from the state park’s three-mile stretch of beach, surfers from all over the country come here to catch the waves. A popular spot is the bay’s north walkway, a ride called “First Peak,” known for its constant breaks and long descents. South of the inlet is another hot surf spot further offshore called “Monster Hole” that offers similar breaks. The closest hotel to the park is the Seashell Suites Resort (from $ 245, 8795 S FL A1A, 321-409-0500, on the beach one mile north of the park entrance. The jetties in front of the bay are just as good saltwater fishing spots as the catwalks under the A1A bridge. Other activities include swimming and snorkeling in a dedicated swimming bay, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on the Indian River Lagoon across from the beach. Rentals and equipment are available in the park at Surfside Grill and Adventures ($ 20 and more per hour, 321-724-5424,, which also has a casual eatery, the only eatery in the state park.

Kindred Spirit Mailbox is a secluded haven for writing and reading notes others have left in the dunes of North Carolina's remote Bird Island Coastal Reserve.

The Kindred Spirit Mailbox is a secluded haven for writing and reading notes others have left in the dunes of remote North Carolina’s Bird Island Coastal Reserve. “Courtesy of the Brunswick Islands, North Carolina

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

rest and peace

Sunset Beach, North Carolina (386 miles east of Atlanta) is like Mayberry by the ocean with a coast blissfully free from commercialization and overdevelopment – no resorts, no chains, no high-rises, no amusement parks – just beach houses, a fishing pier, and resorts like the Sunset Inn ($ 159 and up, 9 North Shore Drive E., 888-575-1001, The guest house with 14 rooms offers a view of a salt marsh, a five-minute walk from the beach. The city is bordered by the 1,481-acre Bird Island Coastal Reserve (8468 Bay St., 877-623-6748, with 1.5 miles of undeveloped beach so seclusion is easy to find. Walk a mile south of the pier to leave a note for fellow hikers in one of the notebooks Kindred Spirit Mailbox, a remote mailbox in the dunes with notes from those who made their way to this secluded spot on the reserve. (Brunswick County Tourism Development Agency, 800-795-7263,

The Future Of Trip Type, In keeping with 5 Resort Put on Designers

While local retreats and weekend nature getaways saturated the travel bug for many during the COVID-19, holidays far away have more or less stopped. The getaway provided city-dwellers and hotspot-dwellers with much-needed relief and a sense of peace, but not necessarily the urge to spend on a new vacation wardrobe. To the Resort Wear Designer, this meant rethinking vacation stylesto stay relevant, with a point of view that transcended current events. However, some were already ahead of the curve.

“Not much has changed as we have always focused on hybrid clothing that can occasionally appear.” Marina Cortbawi, Founder and designer of the Brooklyn-based line, Merlette, tells TZR about their design process since the outbreak of the pandemic. Cortbawi reduced the number of evening options in their collection and focused on items that could be worn day or night or worn in disguise, including jacquard dresses made from cotton silk and linen silk made from washable fabric.

For the Newport Beach-based label MikohSwimwear and cover-ups are the brand’s DNA. However, ready-made clothing has recently become a focus. In particular, loungewear made from soft, cloud-like gauze and relaxed cotton is parting in a refreshing palette suitable for the resort. “I have always designed the pieces in our collections in such a way that they evoke the idea and the feeling of being on vacation, like an escape, no matter where you are,” says the creative director and co-founder Oleema Miller explained. “In today’s world, where travel looks different, it is even more important for me to dream of uniquely beautiful places. I always want to make sure that someone who dresses Mikoh is taken on a warm mental escape, ”she says. “What you wear should always make you feel certain, even when you are wearing it from the comfort of your home.”


Courtesy of Anemos


Courtesy of Míe


Courtesy of Mikoh

While today’s times may indeed call for the occasional “vacation piece”, like an airy cotton dress or a breathable linen suit – in the middle of a lockdown, anything really is possible – the concept of Vacation style might still feel pointless. But it’s not quite. Instead, it’s important to get used to the current climate and dress in a way that makes sense for a different reality. This could mean using a loose fitting kaftan for virtual meetings. Or slip into a bikini and shorts to sunbathe in the garden. “Because resort [wear] We need to rethink our approach as we are fleeing or withdrawing from the cold. ” Josh Shaub, Co-founder of the Los Angeles-based Anemossays TZR. “Comfort and the idea of ​​the ‘Staycation’ were definitely the focus.”

The brand borrowed from the already established aesthetic of elevated and comfortable clothing for relaxing getaways, working with softer fabrics than before for the Resort 2021 collection. She designed pieces that felt equally perfect for lounging at home and taking a trip whenever possible. “We’re designing more effortless, everyday clothing and dressing at destination,” said the co-founder Lauren Arapage explains the light button-downs and pants worn everywhere that anchor Anemos’ laid-back Californian aesthetic. “Our collections focus on portability,” she says. Added, “We wanted to create a modern uniform that would be perfect for this season and beyond.”

In addition, it is crucial to realize that when one longs for wanderlust, exotic journeys will resume at some point. Hence, it wouldn’t be ridiculous to look for bare, billowy, carefree clothing that would otherwise make up your vacation wardrobe if such items gave you a call. “Feeling [like] You have something special, you withdraw from the loungewear for a moment, change the scene and something that is fun is important and brings you and others joy during this time, ”says Cortbawi.

Damie Idowu, Founder and designer of the Lagos-based brand Míe, reflects this idea. “2020 made us look within our geographic boundaries for the adventures we normally experience far and wide.” “The resort’s clothing is strongly related to travel, but not limited to it” and indicates the year-round summer climate in some countries and the versatility that comes with layering the resort’s clothing in other areas.


Courtesy of Merlette


Courtesy of Anemos


Courtesy Hannah Artwear

“Functionality is a big thing for us at Míe,” explains Idowu. From everyday life to future travel arrangements, the designer says: “You will find that you can wear our clothes often and differently.” Elegance and functionality are always the focus of our style. “

Hannah Grossberg of the Sydney-based label Hannah Artwear says: “As we shift our lifestyle to long periods of time at home and on-site trips, I have come to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of everyday rituals.” The designer discovers the newfound pleasure of getting dressed for everyday moments and leans on them Pieces like silk wrap dresses and mini shirt dresses from her collection when she has morning coffee with her husband and prepares homemade meals.

Although she adjusted her routine, Grossberg’s commitment to working with local artisans to make effortless clothing remains the same. “My renewed focus is on the purpose and end use of the garment,” she says. “I wonder where and how this or that can be worn to enhance everyday moments.” Added, “My goal is always to make women feel beautiful, valued and valued.”

Keep scrolling ahead to discover resort apparel from all five labels and shop your favorites for effortless style at home, future travel, and everywhere in between. Plus, no matter where you wear vacation pieces this year, be sure to pick up some style tips from the designers.


“The pieces that I think are most relevant to local getaways are those Paradis dress – our bestseller in 2020 because I think it’s the most versatile, ”Cortbawi told TZR. “This style is suitable for both short breaks in upstate New York to the lake and trips to the desert in California. Keeping it simple and thinking about the one piece that is easily laundered, packed in a travel bag, and carried repeatedly is key to hassle-free local getaways. “

For days of exploration, the Merlette founder likes ankle-length shirt dresses with sneakers or flats and tunic dresses as a cover-up over swimwear near water. “If you plan to eat outside later, you can put on jeans or pants in the evening,” she suggests. She prefers them for cooler climates Majorelle smoked a blouse. “The high neckline can be paired back and tucked into jeans. When it’s really cold, it can be layered over a thin thermal.”


For days at the pool or on the beach, Mie recommends an airy, coordinating set like The Rio Top and Mallorca rock from their collection. “They cover your bathing suit well, and you can wrap them to show or cover as much skin as you want.”

On the run from the city, the designer says: “Nothing conveys the hectic feeling of city life than a beautiful, fully flowing dress. For nights when you’re sipping cocktails on a balcony or dancing in your living room, she adds, “The Tahitian dress is a great float-around style. “


Shaub and Arapage drew on Luis Barragan’s architecture, mid-century pools in Southern California, Herb Ritts photography from the 90s and old in designing the neutral, loose-fitting pieces that make up their current collection Pictures of personal vacations. Any piece they prefer for everyday and future travel. “The Phillips shirt is a staple in my daily wardrobe and basically my second skin, ”Arapage told TZR. “Our Flatter crop top is designed in a box-shaped silhouette with a square neckline and cute, fluttering sleeves and goes well with high-waisted jeans that add a feminine touch, ”she says. Added, “We live in LA and I wear all of our shirts and tops with jeans every day.”

For day-to-night style – be it at home or on vacation – Arapage prefers the brand Ritt’s strapless topespecially in connection with the Keaton pants and a sneaker or a loafer. “[It’s] A real day-to-night style, ”she says from above. “It gives any ensemble a sophisticated finish and is airy enough to be worn all summer.” Your ultimate one-and-do piece that is versatile enough for work, beach days, and dinners with friends? The DK Midi wrap dress. “[It’s] so versatile, ”reveals Arapage.


One of Miller’s favorite designs for the new season? The brand’s swimwear that you can combine with everyday clothing. “Our sleek, silhouetted one-pieces can be worn as a bodysuit with black denim, wide-leg pants, or tailored shorts,” she says.

Hannah Artwear

For a luxurious upgrade from home rituals like morning coffee or evening appointments, Grossman recommends silk wrap dresses and breezy silhouettes that could otherwise be viewed as purely vacation items. “Hannah Artwear is a collection designed to increase the mind and senses when we indulge in small daily pleasures, like my morning coffee, when I am amusing myself in a soft printed cotton throw. Or a romantic evening with my husband while we share a homemade meal and I get dressed to lift this moment in the silk Luna. ”