Leisure Information Roundup: Twitter thread about girl’s intercourse trafficking story now a film; Field Workplace: ‘F9’ Zooms to Mighty $70 Million Debut, Shattering Pandemic Information

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Twitter thread about the history of the sex trafficking in women now a movie

A viral one Twitter Thread about a woman’s experience of sex trafficking while traveling to. 2015 Florida was turned into a movie “Zola”. Inspired by A’Ziah “Zola” King’s 148 tweet thread and a subsequent story in Rolling Stone magazine about her experience, the drama follows Detroit Waitress and exotic dancer Zola, their customer Stefani persuades her to travel Florida for a weekend.

Box Office: ‘F9’ zooms in on mighty $ 70 million debut and breaks pandemic records

The only thing stronger than family? The box office debut of “F9”, the latest entry in Universal’s “Fast & Furious” saga. After many delays over the course of a year and a half, “F9” opened for a whopping $ 70 million from 4,179 North American venues. This is by far the biggest start for a movie in US Box office since the COVID-19 outbreak.

Sister says she’s proud of Britney Spears to speak speaking

Jamie Lynn Spears, younger sister of Britney SpearsShe said Monday she was proud of the pop superstar, who spoke about her life under her father’s supervision and supported anything that would make the singer happy. In a video posted on InstagramJamie Lynn Spears said she felt she could speak publicly about the situation now because her sister testified in court.

‘Sherlock Holmes’ returns Stories Audio books

“Sherlock Holmes” comes back to life as Stories has signed a contract with Conan Doyle Estate for new stories in audiobooks written by writer Anthony Horowitz Swedish Audiobook platform said on Monday. “Holmes,” the hero of Arthur Conan Doyle’s fictional detective stories in 1887, has a large following worldwide and has spawned several films based on the character.

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Twitter Launches Birdwatch, A Wikipedia-Type Strategy To Battle Misinformation

Top line

In a major effort to rewrite content moderation, Twitter on Monday unveiled Birdwatch, a crowdsource fact-checking pilot program to combat misinformation.

In this photo illustration, a Twitter logo is displayed on a smartphone and a computer screen … [+] the background.

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Key factors

Birdwatch allows regular users, called “bird watchers,” to identify tweets they believe contain misinformation and write notes with more information and context, similar to Wikipedia, where registered volunteers write, update, and edit articles to address the issue Ensure accuracy.

Anyone can apply to be a bird watcher. The only requirements are a valid phone number, email address and no recent violations of Twitter rules.

Birdwatch notes appear under a tweet. To prevent users from playing the system, birdwatchers can rate the effectiveness of each note, which affects the ranking of the note.

The program is currently a pilot project and is only available through a separate website, but eventually the company plans to expand Birdwatch to the rest of Twitter.

During the pilot, Twitter said it wanted to focus on making Birdwatch “resistant to tampering and making sure it is not” dominated by a simple majority or biased due to its distribution of contributors “.

Crucial quote

“We believe this approach has the potential to act quickly when misleading information spreads and to add context that people trust and find valuable. After all, we want to make notes directly on tweets visible to the global Twitter audience when a broad and diverse group of contributors agrees, ”said Keith Coleman, vice president of Twitter, on a blog post Office.

Key background

Twitter has long been under pressure to prevent misinformation from spreading on its platform. But only this year has the company taken more aggressive action. Twitter-checked tweets from former President Donald Trump and other politicians about Covid-19, mail-in-voting and the election results. These labels are linked to news organizations or other institutions that offer credible information. The social network eventually banned Trump completely, citing tweets that could lead to more violence after the Capitol uprising. However, Birdwatch’s intent is to extend these efforts beyond “circumstances where something is against our rules or receives widespread public attention,” said Coleman.

No Frills anime-style advert takes Twitter by storm

No Frill Anime Ad (Twitter)

No frills has taken the internet by storm after one of them display featured in a tweet went viral. The Canadian supermarket chain, owned by Loblaw, has been trending on Twitter since Sunday after a user drew attention to the anime-style commercial by saying, “What the hell is this ad for a fucking grocery store?”

The chain’s most recent campaign, Haulerverse, revolves around a comic book universe where buyers (also known as freight forwarders) and No Frills employees support customers in store.

The audience will follow the main Hauler crew members Meg, Nia, Jeff and Hank in an action-packed series about “Fighting the Frills and Bargaining Along the Way”.

The Haulerverse campaign aims to celebrate everyday shoppers and their goals of getting more for less.

“It’s no secret that the pandemic has changed the way customers shop, especially groceries, and we wanted our carriers to feel like no frills is bragging,” said a representative from Loblaw Public Relations.

“We knew we needed a campaign that was both ambitious and consistent, but also true to the brand. We need to celebrate our ‘haulers’ and what’s more ambitious than harnessing the bravery of the comic book superheroes?”

With the ad, customers should see themselves in the characters – from tech-savvy millennials to the older generation who have been shopping for groceries for years.

“Issue one” (in line with the comic theme) describes Haulerverse as a place where buyers can be thrifty. The no-frills weekly flyer will feature a new story each week.

The campaign includes weekly deals, a Spotify playlist, Instagram filters, stickers and GIFs.

The ad came as a surprise to most of the people as it is a unique approach to a grocery chain. However, the PR team says people responded well to the ad and campaign that started about two months ago.

“No Frills always takes an unusual approach to a grocer – and it pays off,” said a Loblaw representative. “We’ve managed to create a world that people want to talk about or participate in. It’s incredibly exciting.”

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Here’s how more Twitter users reacted to the ad:

…. suddenly I have to go without frills. Apparently the training and skills I was looking for were right under my nose.

– Michael Cranny @ (@ andro656) January 18, 2021

I love the extravagance of this campaign as someone who studies marketing makes everyone talk about it and I’m a huge fan of attention and the brand is still focused on their products which means I would rate them This is a strategy (not a tragedy) (industry joke) #nofrills https://t.co/b3aDHDaR56

– Rochelle (@yourrealmind) January 18, 2021