Ash Barty activates fashion to finish Amanda Anisimova’s Australian Open revival | Australian Open 2022

By the time Amanda Anisimova was 16, she was being heralded as the next Maria Sharapova, partly because of her market maturity, but also because of her racy groundstrokes. More recently, Serena Williams’ coach Patrick Mouratoglou compared her to Lindsay Davenport for her impeccable timing.

In a way, Sunday night was an exhibition of both and against other opponents that might have been enough. Two days ago against Naomi Osaka it was time. This time Anisimova may have been the first player at this year’s Australian Open to break Ash Barty’s serve, but she only did it won the battle and not the war.

The scorecard read 6-4, 6-3 for Barty, an apt summary of a match in which the unseeded American demonstrated her increasing Grand Slam clout, but by a world No. 1 who went through the top four on form , who have been clearly beaten rounds, appear on track to win their country’s first major home title in 44 years.

Last week, Rod Laver called Barty “unbeatable” at his best. Anisimova did her best to prove him wrong. So far, no one had pushed her past the one-hour mark in a match; The 20-year-old lasted an hour and 14 minutes. She ended the Australian’s tournament service streak with 63 straight holds to lead 2-0 in the second set and overall provided the first real test of her qualification as first place finisher.

But Barty just broke her back and then set about winning five of the remaining six games to end the match. And where Anisimova’s offensive spirit got her way there, her inability to neutralize Barty’s sheer reach had her on the backfoot for much of the contest.

“She’s an incredible athlete, an incredible competitor,” Barty said of her defeated opponent. “One of her best qualities is that she shows up point after point. It’s just nice to see her playing her best tennis again. She’s a champ. She will find herself in many deep stages of many majors in her future, that’s for sure.

“I enjoy sharing the court and testing my game against her – she has an amazing game. It was nice to be able to stand my ground and bring the dots back into my patterns more regularly, and the big ones when it mattered most.”

Amanda Anisimova (left) congratulates her opponent after the match. Photo: William West/AFP/Getty Images

It was heartfelt words from a player at the top of the sport about one quickly bouncing back in that direction after two years of severe disruption. Anisimova was 17 and already a US Open junior champion when she defeated Barty in the 2019 Roland Garros semifinals, leading by a set and three games before the Australian turned the tables en route to the title.

The sudden death of her father and coach Konstantin put her tennis on hiatus shortly after, and her career high of 21 has since slipped to 60. The recent revival coincided with Darren Cahill’s trial coaching, which bore fruit this year as Anisimova won her second WTA title at the Melbourne Summer Set Warm-up event.

Still, Barty has improved the most since that French Open final. She changed her shots at will and delivered an incredible return on a serve that finished at 182 km/h. At 3-3 in the first set, she let Anisimova slide between the lanes like she was doing a bleep test, earning three break points for her troubles.

The 25-year-old will play for the fourth time in a row Australian Open Quarterfinals on Tuesday against another American – 21st seed Jessica Pegula, who beat fifth seeded Greek Maria Sakkari in straight sets on Sunday – in a bid to become the first native to win the tournament since Chris O’Neil in 1978 .

“She’s really good at holding the baseline,” Barty said of Pegula. “Her swings are pretty linear and she gets a club behind the ball and swings through the path. The ball comes at you on a different trajectory and her ability to absorb pace and then increase it when she wants is exceptional.

“It’s going to be a challenge for me to try to push her off that baseline and make her uncomfortable and make her feel like she needs to create something. But I know that she will do the exact same thing to me and try to make me uncomfortable. This is the chess game we play. You go out there and have fun with it, see who can do better that day and that’s all there is to it.”

American Airways London-bound flight turns again to Miami after passenger refuses to put on masks

An American Airlines Boeing 777-200

Nicolas Economous | OnlyPhoto | Getty Images

American Airlines said a flight bound for London returned to Miami because a passenger refused to comply with the federal mask requirement, the most recent flight disruption over a report of an unruly passenger.

American Airlines Flight 38, a Boeing 777 with 129 passengers and 14 crew overseas returned to Miami after about an hour late Wednesday, according to flight-tracking site FlightAware.

The return was “due to a disruptive customer who refused to comply with federal mask requirements,” American said in a statement. “The flight landed safely at MIA, where local law enforcement encountered the plane. We thank our crew for their professionalism and apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”

The traveler has been banned from flying with the airline pending an investigation, the airline said. The Miami-Dade Police Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Reports of unruly behavior on planes rose to a record 5,981 last year, with more than 71% linked to disputes over a federal mask mandate that went into effect early last year, although airlines had been demanding it since coronavirus pandemic started.

Some incidents included physical attacks on crews. In October, an American Airlines flight attendant was hospitalized after a passenger allegedly punched her in the face, forcing the cross-country flight to divert.

Knicks make NBA historical past as Fournier activates model towards Celtics

Kevin Durant has reiterated that he will not force or persuade Kyrie Irving to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Irving had been removed from the Brooklyn Nets’ original list for the 2021-22 season because he had chosen not to receive a vaccine.

New York City’s vaccination mandate means the seven-time all-star won’t be able to play home games unless he’s vaccinated.

Irving would have been available for most of the street games, although the Nets chose not to involve him at all.

That all changed when Irving was recalled due to an exhausted squad caused by a sharp spike in COVID-19 cases and the point guard returned with a 22-point display in Wednesday’s victory over the Indiana Pacers.

Irving was unable to perform on Friday, however, as the Nets lost at home to the Milwaukee Bucks 121-109.

Durant insisted that the Nets accept Irving’s decision.

“I told him how important he is, how much I want him to play, play every game,” Durant told reporters.

“But I’m not going to force anyone to get a vaccine like that isn’t my thing. So that he can play basketball? No, I will not do that.

“We’ve had talks about him being part of the team and talks about him being here full-time, but that’s his time. Whatever decision he wants to make, he will make.

“It’s up to us to be professionals no matter what, getting our jobs done. All of us, from the owner to the device manager, so he’s always ready when he’s ready.”

In Irving’s absence, Durant and star colleague James Harden scored 29 and 16 points respectively for the Nets, but Milwaukee, inspired by Giannis Antetokounmpos’s 31 points, had too much.

“I haven’t even asked for an explanation,” Durant continued. “This is not my place, I think. So I’m ready for anything, that was my whole mentality.

“It’s a strange situation, who knows? I don’t understand most of this shit. COVID, all this stuff was crazy. “

Harden added, “It honestly felt good to have him back [on Wednesday]. It feels good. It felt like an extra life we ​​had.

“But we have to live with what we are dealing with and those are home games that we have to find and even street games.

“Just because Ky is on the road with us doesn’t mean it will be easy for us too. So we have to mesh, we have to find ways to win games.”

Buck’s talisman Antetokounmpo was asked if he would do otherwise.

“When it comes to basketball, I can talk to them,” he replied. “I have to let her make her decision. They are grown men and every situation is different.

“I can’t pressure someone to do something they’re not comfortable with. I can tell you why I did it. Why I felt comfortable doing it. To protect my family, my mother and so on go on, stay safe and you “I just hope he understands. But if he doesn’t want to, I can’t put any further pressure on him. “

Kylie Jenner Turns Up Her Attractive Maternity Type With This Crimson Skintight Bodysuit

New York Fashion Week may be over, but Kylie Jenner is not easing off skin-tight maternity wear.

On Thursday, October 7th, the model and beauty mogul posted her latest outfit Instagram: a scarlet Richard Quinn one-piece from head to toe. She showed off her baby bump in a spandex catsuit with matching gloves, stilettos and a knee-length belted coat. Jenner also posed with another red accessory: a flower-strewn handbag. She has labeled the pictures accordingly: “❤️?.”

The monochrome, skin-tight catsuit looks inspired by Kim Kardashian’s fancy Met Gala after-party outfit:

It’s not the first time Jenner has been taken Maternity wear inspo from her sister, either. On September 9th, Jenner was spotted in Midtown Manhattan wearing a sheer lace jumpsuit with an oversized black coat and a pair of black pumps. Kim Kardashian wore a very similar outfit when she was pregnant with Saint West in 2015. The two even had matching, elegant updos!

Gotham / Getty Images

Crowd seems to boost cash for hospitalized sheriff’s deputy – Salisbury Submit

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office lit 100 or more grills in its parking lot to raise money for employees or charities, but Thursday’s fundraiser for Brian Benfield could top the list of most food sold, Sgt. David Earnhardt said.

Benfield has been hospitalized with COVID-19 for more than a month and is expected to be transferred from the hospital to a long-term care facility. His wife and son also contracted COVID-19 and have since recovered.

To help their colleague, Rowan County Sheriff’s Office staff turned into quick orders Thursday, grilling hot dogs and making sausage sandwiches in the parking lot next to the Rowan County Courthouse. They attracted interested customers and also arranged orders,

“This is probably the biggest we’ve ever made, most of the food we’ve ever sold,” said Earnhardt, Benfield’s manager.

He estimated the fundraiser would cover a large chunk of Benfield’s hospital bills out of pocket, but it wouldn’t nearly fully cover the costs he incurs.

“If one of us is involved in something or needs help, we try to do something for him and to help him as well as possible,” said Earnhardt.

As they watched the line of people buying groceries Thursday, Benfield’s daughter Gracie and father Ned called it “a blessing”.

“Brian made a lot of friends,” said Ned Benfield. “We’re thankful.”

To learn more about Brian Benfield’s hospital stay, click or tap to read the Post’s story released Thursday: “The Rowan Sheriff’s Office is holding a fundraiser for a deputy hospitalized with COVID-19.”

FKA Twigs Turns Vogue Curator For A Avenue-Fashion Undertaking With A Distinction

Having the confidence of who you are is what Twigs is all about when it comes to street style. She doesn’t say where she gets her own wardrobe inspiration from – “Oooh, that would be tell-tale;)” she emails Vogue – but she’ll talk about how to dress. “On a practical level, I love shifts that can come off during the day to suit different scenarios, from training to meetings,” she shares. “To be able to turn a hoodie into a skirt to wear over sweatpants, or a sweater into a shrug, etc … that’s just the dancer in me, I think.”

She ponders what the Art Pop princess – who, by the way, is also the best pole dancer and swordsman in the industry – would like other Londoners to take away from her ephemeral exhibition: “I think there are some in this current cultural and political climate There is hope that “Those who lived before us managed to find light in times of uncertainty or darkness.” If you take one away from the many fashion headlines this week, be it FKA’s silent belief that Authenticity always wins.

The best street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week SS22

Find out more about Farfetch’s “The Art of Choice” project, with additional curators Tyler Mitchell and Carl Gerges, with photographs by Eve Arnold, Ernest Cole, Bruno Barbey, Chris Steele-Perkins and Herbert List, at

Peoria Panthers soccer turns 100 in type

Friday night football meant a little more to the Peoria squad.

Peoria High School and the soccer program kicked off their 100th home season on September 3 with a win over Canyon View High School, 29-7.

Head coach and alumni Will Babb said he marked the 100th birthday.

“It’s kind of amazing. Many cannot say that. It’s exciting for the kids and to have the Gonzalo (brothers) on the sidelines, ”he said.

The pandemic continues to challenge teams with last minute changes and this game came together with two or three days to prepare. But for Canyon View junior Keegan Landis it was an experience just to have the opportunity to compete in the program at the first university game.

Babb said the Peoria coaching staff are working to help players understand that football is life.

“There are ups and downs and side by side, things you can control and things you can’t control,” he said.

But he admits that after the initial scrimmage and nine days of waiting for the first regular season snap, it has been a long wait.

Peoria senior running back Cameron Mack was the first to put the Panthers on the board with a 5-yard rushing touchdown. But despite all the positive yards Peoria earned, the team again received several holding penalties.

They finished the game with 18 penalties for 185 yards, compared to Canyon View’s five penalties for 55 yards.

Babb said offensively the team came out and did well on the first two drives after fighting their way back from holding penalties.

Senior receiver / cornerback Jeremiah Gossett added another Panthers touchdown from junior quarterback Josh Holiday.

Canyon View achieved the only score of the game in the second quarter with a typed pass from a Peoria defender that fell into the hands of a receiver lying in the end zone.

Head coach Nick Gehrts said the squad look like the young football team they are. And although the cadres are full of seniors, the team lacks the required experience at the university level in the first year.

But Gehrts said the big advantage was that the team played better in the second half and fought in the next two quarters. He said it was good to see the jaguars fought and didn’t just lie down.

“I’ve told my boys that everything they did can be fixed and we just need to come back to it one more time,” he said.

Peoria special teams gained momentum early in the second half with a 62-yard kickoff return for a touchdown from Gossett. This came after Peoria’s defense forced a security, fought on the line, and received penetration.

“We did a great job on the defensive and the guys played good task-based football and got where they needed to be,” said Babb.

Looking ahead, Peoria will prepare for a tough Casa Grande High School team to score a 26-14 win over Sunnyslope. The Cougars knocked out the Panthers in a 4A playoff quarter-finals of the season.

Canyon View travels to Shadow Ridge in surprise.

Jennifer Jimenez

Reporter | Sun City West |

I’m passionate about sports and community writing, and I keep the light on positivity as I provide the facts. I’ve been on the independent team for five months, but I’ve been in the game for 15 years. I am a proud Grand Canyon University alumni. Born and raised in Peoria, I am also blessed to have a street named Jennifer Rose Court named after me.

Twitter: @SCW_Independent

Confusion brews as retro-style EV startup Alpha Motor activates the appeal

Electric vehicle startup Alpha Motor Corporation posted a video this week showing the “launch” of its Alpha wolf electric pickup concept.

In it, Joshua Boyt and Jay Lijewski appear together on stage and come up with ideas like we’ve seen Silicon Valley guys and executives do in a variety of product debuts. No titles are given, but it’s not difficult to interpret them as designer and CTO and to remember how they came up with the idea behind the vehicle. Underlined with tech-bro sensibility, they say the electric pickup should be fun and futuristic, while evoking the nostalgia of watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Joshua Boyt and Jay Lijewski at Alpha Motors

“Since we are ramping up the production lines here in the USA, we assume that the Wolf electric truck will be available by the end of 2023,” says Lijewski. “More information on vehicle test drives and delivery dates will be available closer to production.”

The wolf is eye candy indeed – a nostalgia trigger and the kind of EV conversion Burner would get involved in. At roughly 190 inches in length, it’s roughly the length of the Ford Rangers, Nissan Hardbodys, and Toyota Trucks of the 1980s and through the 90s, and it’s irresistibly cute bait for tech, automotive, and electric vehicle editors who want that Get to know the audience. Affordability, robustness, retro look, Tesla-style door handles and the stock market craze for electric pickups from the Cybertruck to the Rivian R1T. It’s all there.

Alpha Wolf Concept - Alpha Motor Corporation - August 2021

Alpha Wolf Concept – Alpha Motor Corporation – August 2021

Such is a claimed range of 275 miles that exceeds any other electric vehicle currently sold in the US outside of the US Ford Mustang Mach-E and Tesla vehicles. Former

A 75 kWh lithium-ion battery delivers that estimated range, claims Alpha, on an 80% charge, which can be done in about 30 minutes with DC fast charging. In addition, Alpha claims a maximum towing capacity of 3,000 pounds and an acceleration to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds.

Unsurprisingly, the Wolf deserves tons of breathless, exuberant media coverage – with very little critical discussion of who Alpha Motor Corporation actually is, why it exists, or how this vehicle could be designed, developed, and built in less time than others Start-ups.

Joshua Boyt and Jay Lijewski at the Volvo Booth, NY Auto Show

Joshua Boyt and Jay Lijewski at the Volvo Booth, NY Auto Show

Boyt and Lijewski know something about serving what the automobile public wants. Previously, they worked with Volvo at US events and auto shows, and had small talk with the auto press – us included. But they didn’t work on the automotive side: it was Seattle baristas who made great coffee and espresso.

Some realities in the submissions

The only verifiable fact about the Wolf concept is that it is on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA this week. To the best of our knowledge, Boyt and Lijewski have no significant role in the product itself at the time of writing.

And now the part the fanboy press probably won’t want to hear: Alpha Motor Corporation lists its corporate address in the same way as the U.S. subsidiary of Neuron EV, a former company that it was reportedly in both Shanghai as well, except for the suite also based in Los Angeles, with an alleged $ 85 million seed funding round to be used to develop an electric vehicle.

Co-working space - company address for Alpha Motor and Neuron EV

Co-working space – company address for Alpha Motor and Neuron EV

It’s just not a place where Alpha conducts its top-secret vehicle development and builds its intellectual property – a co-working space next to the Spectrum Mall in Irvine. It is inconceivable that it could house the workforce of hundreds, if not thousands, of employees that would be necessary to have a vehicle delivered in just over two years.

That $ 85 million amount would really be considered training wheels in the world of EV startups. For a vehicle in the US market that meets DOT and safety standards, it costs approximately $ 2 billion to cover design, development, and construction, and to get through the validation phase of production. Byton– a recently formed startup with Chinese connections and funding from an industrial giant, a US presence, a German tech ground, and an almost entirely baked product – couldn’t quite pull it off with funds well in excess of that, considering its assembly The plant alone cost $ 1.5 billion.

Neuron EV debut

Neuron EV debut

Neuron New Energy Vehicle was founded by Gang Zheng, a venture capital investor in China, and Neuron Corporation, known as Neuron EV, was originally registered as a California company in 2018, initially registered to Jonathan Leu but signed by Edward Lee, with Lee and Michelle Quan as leaders.

One startup went dark, the other radioed in its place

Neuron’s website followed a similar design and layout to Alpha and originally featured a sustainability-rich language that comes close to Alpha’s message – although Neuron’s model itself comes with a full range of modular trucks, including a Class 8 articulated lorry, was much more extensive and ambitious. Sometime later in 2019, it went quiet. Green Car Reports tried to contact Neuron EV at the time to check the status of its projects but received no response. Some time later the website was taken offline.

A new document was submitted in April 2020 transferring the leadership positions from Neuron to Gang Zheng. In June, papers for the company’s liquidation were released.

Then two more things happened. Neuron EV was separately registered as a new California company in August 2020 and opened in an office building in neighboring Tustin near John Wayne Airport – with Gang Zheng as director. Alpha Motor Corporation was incorporated in Delaware that same month, with Michelle Quan and Edward Lee of Neuron listed as executives, then registered at the same address in Irvine in September 2020.

Alpha Wolf +

Alpha Wolf +

Under the new incarnation, Michael Adam Smith – a financial advisor – stepped in as executive officer. And in a Statement of Information to California in January 2021, the company lists another Lee, Kevin Lee (signed), as CEO, with Michelle Quan as secretary, CFO, and agent.

There are more than a few things that don’t quite pass the sniff test. One publication accompanying the video uses peculiar language for an EV startup, stating that the Wolf is “a versatile pickup truck powered by a battery-only system.” It said the company “will accelerate vehicle development by automating the latest digital efficiencies” and mentioned “precise virtual validation” enabled by the AMD Threadripper Pro.

No, this is not a manufacturing system or a robotics solution; The Threadripper Pro is a high-end processor for gaming and design workstations that is potentially worth less than the design software – like Catia – needed to design a complete electric vehicle.

Neuron and Alpha are not related at all. Haha.

Despite all the similarities – remember, the same office location and everything – Alpha Motor Corporation assured Green Car Reports in an email response that it had nothing to do with Neuron EV and that the Wolf was not based on an existing production vehicle , neither current nor earlier. It was also stated that it is not being funded by Gang Zheng.

The most disjointed part of the Alpha Wolf concept video launch is the coffee guys Boyt and Lijewski. They spoke to a “we” consistently enough to indicate that they are part of the automaker.

Lijewski and Boyt present Alpha Wolf electric truck

Lijewski and Boyt present Alpha Wolf electric truck

Calls to Boyt’s consulting firm, which apparently mainly serves coffee customers, went unanswered. The company then replied to Green Car Reports late Wednesday with the following finding: “Joshua Boyt and Jay Lijewski are representatives of the Move Humanity movement of Alpha Motor Corporation. “Move Humanity” is an initiative to build a community that supports positive change and supports other relevant causes through innovation. “

“The company first connected with Jay and Josh through an event to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen,” added Alpha.

From Yemeni coffee to the short circuit

Both Alpha and the new version of Neuron are listed by the California Office for Employment Development with an unknown number of employees.

We have asked Alpha four times since February for more information about the company and its officers. We know at least one of these messages was received because we were added to a mailing list.

It is not uncommon for electric car startups to go into what is known as “stealth mode”, in which the company is very reluctant to work on start-up financing in order to present an initial concept and business plan. The difference is that the company has already presented seven vehicles in detail and one is exhibited as a physical concept in a renowned car museum.

Yes, it’s great that a startup is making giving back part of the culture. But where are the company’s resources and employees? In China? Who are these US managers? Do you have more money than Neuron? Or do they rely on crowdfunding of a nostalgic looking design only to find out how difficult it really is to deliver a vehicle?

Alpha Wolf Concept - Alpha Motor Corporation - August 2021

Alpha Wolf Concept – Alpha Motor Corporation – August 2021

The Petersen Museum has confirmed that the concept has been accepted and will be on level 2 of the building by November. The museum, which instantly gives legitimacy to Alpha by showing the concept, has not yet responded as to whether Alpha Motor has been reviewed as part of its adoption. Further questions from us to the company about Petersen’s PR agency – about a publication by Alpha – have not yet been answered. This is an unusual way of introducing a company.

We don’t know about Quan or Lee and their ability to design or build vehicles, but given the evolution of past EV startups, time and reputation are ticking.

Based on the footage and firsthand review, here’s what we know about everyone we’ve met who’s associated with Alpha Motors: They make a hell of a cup of coffee.

Eire turns to vaccine passes to reopen its hospitality trade

People love to drink Guinness outside a pub in Dublin city center. On Monday 5th July 2021 in Dublin, Ireland.

NurPhoto | NurPhoto | Getty Images

DUBLIN – Despite the spread of the highly contagious Delta Coronavirus variant, Ireland is relying on “vaccine passports” to fully reopen its bars and restaurants.

Ireland Tourism and hospitality dealt with stop-and-starts on reopening during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Office work resumed on July 26th in a kind of photo finish, with the government and hospitality industry setting the guidelines for the reopening that morning. This included final adjustments to the restaurant’s contact tracking requirements.

The main differentiator this time around is that restaurants and bars are only allowed to open their doors to fully vaccinated people or people who have recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months. Outdoor seating remains available to all visitors.

The big test for businesses will be doing these customer vaccination checks.

The main means of proof of vaccination will be the EU’s digital Covid certificate, the same document on which Europe is pinning its hopes for revitalizing tourism on the continent.

Restaurants and bars are expected to scan the QR code on the certificate and check a customer’s ID to make sure they are fully vaccinated.

Noel Anderson is the managing director of Dublin restaurants Lemon & Duke and The Bridge 1859 and chairman of the trading association of the Licensed Vintners Association.

He told CNBC that in the first few days of reopening, customers are still opting for outdoor seating, but his staff have been trained on the new protocols, especially as the summer weather wears off.

“I firmly believe that this will be over in two or three weeks and that this will just be the norm. Hopefully it won’t be the norm for too long, ”he said.

He and many other hospitality businesses declined to request vaccination controls on the door.

“Ultimately, this was a government initiative. This was not being pushed by the pubs, but by the LVA, of which I am chairman, we didn’t want that,” he said.

“Either you want to stay closed until September and beyond, or that’s how you open it. When you have members who are closed [for over a year], you have no choice but to take it. “

data protection

The requirement of a vaccination certificate to enter a company premises has drawn some criticism, as it is claimed that it is discriminatory for unvaccinated people, while so-called vaccination cards or passports can also be tricky initiatives set up from a data protection and security point of view.

A spokesman for the Irish Data Protection Commission said hospitality companies need to be careful about the amount of data they collect and process and delete unneeded information.

“Owners / operators should not keep records that identify named people and details of their vaccinations or copies of certificates or identification documents as this is not required to meet their compliance obligations,” the DPC said.

The processing of personal data must be “justified on the basis of necessity and proportionality,” it said.

“The DPC has also made it clear that Covid-related laws must be time-bound and limited by sunset clauses to the duration of the pandemic in order to prevent excessive and disproportionate processing of personal data.”

Ireland won’t be an outlier in Europe for long when it comes to hospitality vaccination certificates France and Italy Introduction of similar requirements for entering bars, restaurants and cafes.

Careful approach

Not every bar and every restaurant wants to reopen its office staff. Pantibar, a popular gay bar in Dublin, has decided to keep Back office closed as most of the young employees are not yet fully vaccinated.

Another restaurateur, Barry McNerney, told CNBC that his Juniors and Paulie’s Pizza restaurants are not yet struggling to reopen indoors.

“I don’t know if the demand for indoor dining is very high. A lot of places have a young clientele, many of them wouldn’t be vaccinated so they couldn’t really eat inside.”

McNerney decided to wait and see how other companies deal with the new protocols and vaccine controls before diving in.

“We see how other operators are coping and then learn from them what the logistical challenges are.”

Despite the gradual reopening of the economy, many companies in Ireland are still threatened with rising numbers of Covid cases. The number of cases has risen steadily in the last few weeks, driven by the delta variant, with average daily numbers over 1,000.

The continued reopening of the hospitality industry has been criticized compared to the staggering spike in cases where Christmas restrictions were eased in late December, ultimately leading to lockdowns well into spring.

One key difference with the Christmas push is that vaccine rollout in Ireland is moving fast after a stuttering start earlier in the year. As of Friday, 3.2 million people had received at least one dose of the vaccine, 2.4 million of whom had received a double dose. The vaccination program has recently been expanded to include those under the age of 18.

Fed cash turns RBHS finances deficit into surplus

When the Board of Education of Riverside-Brookfield High School District 208 approved the final budget for fiscal year 2020-21 last September, officials projected a budget deficit of $ 1.6 million.

But thanks to the inflow of federal funds, deputy superintendent Kristin Smetana expects the RBHS to close the year in a slight surplus when the books for fiscal 2020-21 are closed in two weeks.

“It’s difficult to pin down an exact amount, especially this year, but we’ve received a lot of unexpected federal funding as well as several other sources of income,” said Smetana.

Two major federal COVID relief packages that were passed last year resulted in RBHS receiving approximately $ 900,000 in federal aid this year. Almost $ 790,000 of that was left out of the budget approved last September. RBHS also benefited from a federal food grant that was part of pandemic relief.

“We expected to spend over $ 200,000 on food this year, and we ended up participating in this federal program that reimbursed us for much of that,” said Smetana.

The property tax collection went a little better than expected, which also improved the school’s financial situation. Last year, Smetana predicted that the district would collect only 97 percent of its property tax, up from the normal 99 percent because of the economic troubles caused by the pandemic. However, it turned out that the RBHS collected around 97.4 percent of their tax levy.

“We reached this mark in our budget, and we didn’t think we’d make it for a long time because the money was coming in slowly and not following the normal collection plan,” said Smetana.

Smetana said RBHS has also raised approximately $ 50,000 more than expected in interest income from investments managed by the treasurer of the Proviso community school office.

Smetana also expects RBHS to generate a surplus in the next year as well. On June 8, the District 208 School Board unanimously approved a preliminary budget for fiscal year 2021-22 that projects an operating deficit of $ 26,715. But Smetana said budget changes made before the final budget was adopted in September will turn that small deficit into a surplus.

“I fully expect a budget surplus for next year when we start completing the budget in July and August,” said Smetana.

For now, Smetana is again forecasting a 97 percent land tax collection rate, but she’ll likely increase that forecast once she sees exactly how much property tax the district has collected this year.

“We will change that in July or probably in August,” said Smetana. “We want to close this fiscal year in full before we make this decision.”

The budget for 2021-22 will also be topped up by the third round of federal pandemic aid approved at the beginning of this year. As part of the ESSERS III program, RBHS expects to receive approximately $ 1 million in federal reimbursements over the next two years.

The RBHS will use the federal funds in a variety of ways to counter the effects of more than a year of mostly distance learning. It will use $ 250,000 in federal funding to hire four additional paraprofessionals for the next year and $ 84,000 will be used to add 1.4 full-time apprenticeships over budget. The move is to reduce class size, avoid overcrowded classrooms, and encourage social distancing.

The school will also use $ 161,660 in federal funds to hire another psychologist to deal with learning disabilities and promote social and emotional health. Another $ 171,000 in federal funds will go towards purchasing Chromebooks and $ 161,000 towards purchasing educational software.

Approximately $ 40,000 in federal funds will be used to rent additional building security to monitor students at lunchtime and the start and end of the school day to ensure safe practices when entering and exiting the building, while $ 60,000 for new comprehensive social services for general education students.

The budget picture for next year is also brighter because four experienced teachers and one advisor retired at the end of the 2020/21 school year. Smetana says the district saves about $ 70,000 every time a teacher retires and is replaced with a less experienced and less expensive new teacher.

The tentative budget is $ 27,503,480 in operating expenses for the next year. Total spending is expected to increase by 2.85 percent in the coming financial year. The provisional budget is currently available to the public on the district’s website.

The final budget for the 2021/22 financial year is expected to be approved by the school council in September.