Topeka teen hugged mother’s assassin earlier than turning him in, now elevating cash

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Topeka siblings Dillon and Sidney Jay look like twins despite their age difference of three years. They also bear a notable resemblance to their mother, Hester Workman, who was murdered on April 25 at her Topeka home.

Dillon Jay, who had been at work during the incident, came home to find his mother dead in the garage. 13-year-old Sidney was at his home with her father.

As a distraction from losing his mother, Dillon did what any 16-year-old would and invited his best friend over to his home.

“I hung out with Amadeus the day after,” said Dillon. “He hugged me and told me he couldn’t imagine what it’s like to lose a parent.”

The next day, Dillon looked at footage from a neighbor’s surveillance camera and identified the person running away from home with a baseball bat as Amadeus Ballou-Meyer, his 16-year-old best friend.

“This man has been at my house three days a week for months,” said Dillon.

Ballou-Meyer will appear in court on June 28th. He is billed as an adult.

Topeka police say teenagers, murder victims knew each other

As the investigation continues, the two siblings are now working to remember their mother’s life.

“My mom worked hard for me and my sister every day and I think I didn’t really appreciate that until I couldn’t do it,” said Dillon.

The kids remembered their Mother Sunday, from their selflessness to their generosity to all of their funny quirks. For example, she left her Christmas tree – ornaments and everything – there for years so they wouldn’t have to take it to the basement. Her son said that there can be floods there at times.

“If she had a gift card, she’d almost never spend it on herself, she’d insist on spending it on other people,” Sidney said.

The teenagers remembered a family vacation with their mother and all the fun places she would take them to. Workman was hoping to take her to the sea for the first time this summer.

A month later, when they further sorted their belongings, they remembered her style and how she would wear a different necklace, bracelet, and earrings. Dressing up was one of the ways she celebrated life.

To help Sidney, Dillon and the other beloved Workman you can use this link Donate.

This Spring, I’m Turning to Elton John For Fashion Inspiration

Sir Elton John, our patron saint of sky-high platforms, feather boas and larger-than-life sunglasses, turns 74 today. While it’s worth celebrating his formidable career with a candle-it-cake, I’ve revamped some of his best fashion moments in honor of the occasion. Nobody has done extravagant maximalism like the English singer. Over the years he has become synonymous with his over-the-top stage outfits – but off-duty, John’s personal style was just as exuberant, often wearing the chicest suits you’ve ever seen.

His early stage performance looks are really iconic. Do you remember his sold out Dodger Stadium concerts in the 1970s when he was wearing one stunned Dodger’s uniform? Or when he was singing on Sesame Street in a feathered cloak? One of John’s recent style hits that pop into my mind is the purple suit with black tuxedo lapels studded with crystals that he’s been wearing lately Grammy Awards. He also rocked flashy suits during his Rocketman press tour in 2019. At the Cannes Film Festival, he wore a powder blue Gucci two-piece suit with matching giant sunglasses. John always took plays and then pulled them off with ease.

Photo: Getty Images

My fashion sense over the last year has been pretty much the opposite of John’s. Like the rest of the world, I lived in tracksuits. But beyond that, I was interested in a more basic uniform. I work from home and mostly wear black pants and a printed shirt. While the prints are, if I may say, very fun, the formula itself is devoid of any pizazz whatsoever. I am suddenly a shell of my former self that would dress up to the nines to go to the office! But with spring here now, I challenge myself to step things up all over again – and who better to look for style inspiration than the master of shine?

Not quite ready to wear feathered jumpsuit just yet, I’m drawn to John’s talent because I’m just a match for him. By choosing sets with large lapels or flared legs, John has a kitschy way of dressing that doesn’t feel stiff or corporate. Since I’m not going to an office right now, I think this look is perfect for springtime, a fun, elegant way to swap things over over coffee. On my more casual days, I want to wear bold accessories again – a John signature. Suddenly John’s iconic heart-shaped glasses call my name.

Gucci spring 2021Photo: Gus Van Sant / Courtesy GucciLudovic De Saint Sernin Spring 2021Photo: Bruno Staub / Courtesy Ludovic De Saint Sernin

It seems like I’m not alone in my appreciation for John’s maximalist, oversized wardrobe. The fashion world has always oriented itself towards the singer, but this season many designers have poured their outré energy into their men’s collections. Gucci featured plush, embroidered suits with a pussy bow blouse (something John is sure to have placed a personal order for); There were blazers in Saint Laurent heavily printed in a luxurious fabric; Even with smaller labels like Ludovic de Saint SerninA rainbow top adorned with crystals seems like something John could easily have worn in his youth.

I’m not saying I need to buy a new designer wardrobe here, but the spring message on the runways is clearly more – and I totally agree with the idea. I may not look as wild as John, but I want to channel that energy and just get back to having fun in style. My spring mood is going to be loud, proud and a great return to how I used to dress before COVID. As John would sing, the bitch is back!

Below are more stylish moments from Sir Elton John.

Turning large snowstorm right into a cash making alternative

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – All that white on the ground means green to some people who went to work when the snow fell. Some on a large scale, others with smaller operations.

This week there has been no shortage of snow to plow or shovel and the entrepreneurs in this community got to work.

Dominic Kline was digging job number five when we found him. It’s a day off from school but a full day of work.

“My arms hurt sometimes,” said Kline.

Aside from the pain, he digs himself in to make some money. Something he’s done several times now.

“I found a shovel on the side of the road and decided to find a place to shovel over the winter so I could make some money and help people,” Kline said.

Justyce Luna and Bomyea’s grass and snow removal teams held on to the truck to remove snow from a shopping mall parking lot on Monroe Street. They weren’t sure we’d get the big storm, but we got one for the record books.

“Oh yeah, it always feels good to make money,” Luna said.

The same plan for Randy Burns and his team that has been unavailable since Monday night.

“It’s a bit too busy,” said Burns.

There was a lot to do with Burns and his team working on several large properties across the region.

“It’s too much. I don’t know how much we got, but there’s about a foot in the parking lots,” said Burns.

Tyasia Allen did some of her best work on the sidewalk outside her Toledo home and found the fun in it.

“It’s like a little family bond,” said Allen.

But did it make her some money from mom?

“I’ll give her about $ 10. We’re just having a little fun, ”said Latoya Crittenden, Allen’s mother.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just about the money. Davonta McQuin did it for free, digging through the snowpack for a very simple reason.

“Because I thought it was fun. I just wanted to shovel, ”said McQuin.

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How Kamala Harris Is Turning Heads With Her ‘Fashion And Assertion’

As Kamala Harris enters the U.S. Vice President’s office to take on the mighty responsibility, she also makes sure that everything is put in order, be it her Vice Presidential goals or her fashion goals. In simple terms, she gets to the point with style.

Kamala Harris’ outfits have always had the elegance and charisma that she wears. The formal blazers, pantsuits and skinny pants emphasize the strength and liveliness that keeps her expression. In fact, she is one of the few people who are able to display her sophistication and grace in casual clothing.

Susan E. Kelley, who runs the What Kamala Wore blog in New York post Officeexplained: “Her style is reserved, bespoke, elegant, businesslike, with a touch of humor.”

She doesn’t wear the clothes; She wears the clothes, ”she added.

In addition, she has been observed all along the line trying to make statements with her sense of fashion and style. Be it about the choice of her designer or the color she wears, she brings both style and symbolic statements to her outfits.

Housewarming outfits

Credits: USA Today

For the sworn ceremony, Kamala donned a purple cloak over a matching Christopher John Rogers dress. She also adorned her clothes with elegant pearls. For the festivities later that night, she wore a sequined cocktail dress under a Sergio Hudson silk tuxedo coat.

Kamala wore both style and meaning with her outfit at the housewarming ceremony. The purple color meant a mix of Republican red and Democratic blue, which is a symbol of non-partisanship. Another symbol could be that purple also has historical ties to the women’s suffrage movement. In addition to white and green, purple forms the color of the suffragette flag.

Apart from that, both designers belong to the black community. Meanwhile, Christopher John Rogers is also gay. Their choice of designers therefore implied inclusiveness.

Berry-colored set for the opening prayer

Continuing her motif of highlighting independent Black, Asian, and Ethnic Minority (BAME) designers, Kamala attended the President’s opening prayer, held virtually in the White House state dining room, and an ensemble of Nepalese Americans wore designer Prabal Gurung. She was now wearing a Tahitian black pearl necklace.

The formal, sleek and elegant look consists of a garnet double-sided wool crepe dress and matching coat, hand-tailored in Gurung’s New York studio.

Prabal Gurung used social media to express how proud and happy he was. He wrote: “Honored, humbled and forever grateful. It is almost impossible for me to really sum up the extent of that moment. Seeing Vice President @kamalaharris wearing our designs this morning, just a day after he was sworn in as the first female, black and South Asian American Vice President of the United States of America, is my American dream come true again. a????

Prabal Gurung is also known for standing up against racial domination and injustice, which he often speaks against. In addition, his message of solidarity, diversity and inclusion is also included in his designs.

White Suit in Wilmington, Delaware, for first speech as elected Vice President

Credits: USA Today

On November 7, 2020, Kamala Harris delivered her first address as elected Vice President in Wilmington, Delaware. She took the opportunity and wore a white suit with a Carolina Herrera blouse. These clothes not only made them look perfect, but also had a lot of symbolic and historical weight

The color white has long been associated with the struggle for women’s suffrage. In addition, white has been used over and over by various activists and politicians to make symbolic statements without words for the empowerment of women.

Hence, many believe that her decision to dress white from head to toe was probably not a fluke and contributed to that historic moment in the fight for equality and empowerment for women when she stepped on the scene as the first elected Vice President of the United States.

Additionally, the fact that Harris wore designer Carolina Herrera to the event is significant as the design is from an American fashion label that was founded by an immigrant.

Photo credit: USA Today