Tucker: Eric Swalwell has an issue with cash

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So much sadness, but honestly so many great stories right now. Texas Democrats, the ones who fled to Washington, D.C., the freedom fighters, the ones who came on a pilgrimage with nothing but a case of Miller Lite and the coronavirus, well it turns out they’ve just claimed several more victims, a White House official and an aide to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi have tested positive for COVID-19.

Apparently, they got it from the pilgrims from Texas. In a moment, we’ll have an update on the conditions of the victims and the scale of the super spreader event.

But first tonight, there are a lot of different ways to sell out to China, if you’re looking to do that. If you’re an unscrupulous finance mogul in New York, for example, you can just prop up the Chinese economy with billions in investment. Wall Street has been doing that for decades.

If you’re an elected official in Washington with a flair for demagoguery, you can do your part by pretending that the real threat to this country isn’t the rise of Chinese power and ambition. No, no, no, no, no. The real threat is that dastardly Vladimir Putin and his team of secret agents that his network of Macedonian troll farms. Just go on television a lot and say that, maybe people will believe you.

The question is what if you don’t have the money or the rhetorical skills to do either one of those things, but you still want to help? What if you’re a not very bright third string Democratic Congressman from the East Bay? How can you do your part for Xi Jinping?

Well, you could just find a Chinese spy and then have sex with her, repeatedly. That’s what Eric Swalwell did. Now, we’re not going to get into the details of their relationship because this is a family show and honestly it’s pretty creepy, but we can tell you the spy’s name was Fang Fang and no, we’re not making that up.

Fang Fang unfortunately is not available to join us on the show tonight. She has fled back to her handlers on the Chinese Mainland, ahead of a Justice Department investigation, but amazingly Eric Swalwell is still with us. He is still around. In fact, he’s been elevated to a seat on the House Intel Committee, the perfect reward for the boyfriend of a Chinese spy.

In a city obsessed with collusion with foreign power, Eric Swalwell exits his relationship with the Chinese spy and ascends to the Intel Committee. It does make you wonder.

Swalwell, you’ll recall came from nowhere nine years ago to beat one of the most powerful and longest-serving Members of Congress, Fortney “Pete” Stark. It took an awful lot of money to do that, but somehow despite being mediocre and inarticulate, and totally unknown and very young, Eric Swalwell had the money to do that.

So, where did that money come from? Good question.

After the election, the F.B.I. determined that Eric Swalwell had raised most of that money illegally. A donor called James Tong had supplied the money without complying with campaign finance laws. To this day, we have no idea where most of that cash came from. Swalwell, of course, pleaded ignorance and because he is dumb, the authorities apparently believed him. How would he know he was breaking the law? The guy is an idiot. That was their reasoning.

Swalwell blushed and promised never to do it again.

So, from the very first day, there have been real questions about this Eric Swalwell character if that is indeed as his real name. But you’d never know it now, such is the magic of resume laundry and the distorting power of the American news media.

Even a moron with a weakness for sex with Chinese spies, over time begins to look like Henry Kissinger if he does enough cable news hits, and that’s exactly where Eric Swalwell is today.

The spy’s boy toy is now an elder statesman. That’s his personal assessment of himself. Listen.


ERIC SWALWELL (D-CA): It is pro-wrestling to be honest. Many of my colleagues are better suited to work at the WWE and I say that about Gaetz because I’ve worked with him on marijuana issues, I’ve worked with him on other issues especially really before Trumpism took off and he turned into a character and he would — there were times where he would laugh at himself about how stupid he had to act, you know to keep, you know the act going.


CARLSON: I’ve been working on marijuana issues, says Eric Swalwell. But the rest of those guys, they are all clowns, says Swalwell adjusting his plastic nose and fright wig and applying more grease paint. I’m the only serious person in this building, me and Fang Fang. It is just too funny.

Meanwhile, wasn’t it just last week that we got that picture of Eric Swalwell grinning shirtless on a camel in Qatar as his faithful servant of color, his coolie looked un-adoringly in the foreground. Eric Swalwell the Great White Hunter of Alameda, leopards fear him.

That particular camel hunt by the way was paid for by business interests in the Persian Gulf. Oh, so we’re starting to sense a theme here.

Eric Swalwell has a problem with money. Shocked? You shouldn’t be.

Like so many progressives, Swalwell’s deepest desire is to live like a rich guy out of some movie, and that’s difficult on a Congressman’s salary. So corners get cut. Here’s the latest example of that.

Campaign finance records obtained by FOX News show that Eric Swalwell spent thousands in campaign contributions. That’s money he raised to run for office. Money he is prohibited by Federal law from spending on himself. He spent that money on expenses that seem suspiciously like personal luxuries. Those would include limo rides, booze deliveries, high-end steakhouses, and some of those expenditures appear very clearly to be for personal use. And again, that’s illegal.

For example, one order at the alcohol delivery service, Drizly was for under $10.00. Was that a campaign event? No, the man just wanted his Tequila Sunrise and he wanted it now, and so the donors paid for it.

Most interestingly on the disclosure form, more than $20,000.00 of Eric Swalwell’s campaign expenditures went to the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay, California. Now, weirdly or maybe not so weirdly, Eric Swalwell’s wife is an executive at that very hotel.

So, clever Members of Congress, the honest ones don’t do things like that, and when they do things like that, they tend to get in very deep trouble. In fact, it was just two years ago that Congressman Duncan Hunter of San Diego, same state, different party pleaded guilty in Federal Court to stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds that he and his wife used for personal expenses. He went to jail for 11 months.

Then in 2013, you’ll also recall Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his wife, both Democrats went to prison for the same thing.

Now, we’re not saying Eric Swalwell should be charged with sleeping with a Chinese spy or for misusing campaign funds, but we do know that under the standards that Eric Swalwell himself has laid out, we’re going to need an immediate Federal investigation, possibly a special counsel.


SWALWELL: The American people deserve to know what the Russians have exactly on Donald Trump, whether it was witting or unwitting, the end result is just as destructive because the President has drawn us close to a foreign adversary who is not our friend.


CARLSON: Oh Eric Swalwell was saying someone else drew close to a foreign adversary, it’s not our friend. Really how close, Eric Swalwell? So, what’s going on with Eric Swalwell? And why don’t we deserve to know what a sitting Member of the House Intelligence Committee is doing with Russian spies with his campaign contributions and on that now famous camel in Qatar? And what does his coolie think of this? Does he really adore Eric Swalwell as he pretended to in the picture? Probably not.

Let’s subpoena him.

Jesse Watters has studied this particular F.E.C. report. He is the author of the fantastic book, “How I Saved the World,” and we are grateful to have him join us tonight to unravel the mystery of Eric Swalwell.

Jesse Watters, thank you.


CARLSON: Who is this guy?

WATTERS: Well, he likes the finer things in life and like most liberals, he wants someone else to pay for it. He must have developed this appetite for Far East cuisine when he was dating Fang Fang, but he loves the $90.00 dollar sushi roll at Oku Sushi in Washington, D.C.

CARLSON: Oh, come on.

WATTERS: That comes with truffle soy, caviar, and gold flakes. Also, he likes to frequent — because he’s a working man — the Charlie Palmer Steakhouse where he can get a $130.00 steak and that is not included with a side or a soup or a salad, everything is a la carte. He knows that.

And of course, you have to stay at your wife’s Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, Tucker. I mean, you can’t go back to your meager house in your district, you’ve got to wake up the next morning and get 18 holes in at the course that overlooks The Pacific, then you can go back to have lunch that someone else, of course, is paying for.

But this is why people hate politicians. It’s because these narcissist finger-waggers go into politics just for the comfortable lifestyle that they would never be able to achieve or afford in any other profession because they don’t have the brains or the talent.

So, it’s the Napa Valley cabs, the limousines, the international junkets, corporate lobbyists and donors all pay for it and we pay for the rest, the taxpayers. And he goes on TV the next day and says, we’ve got to get big money out of politics and everything is corrupt. That’s probably the biggest lie he’s told and there’s been a lot of them.

CARLSON: I’ve got to ask. I mean, you never really get the perspective of the servants. Now, we have this picture on the screen there. There’s a man that Swalwell refers to as his native bearer, his coolie, his servant of color. And he is grinning, he is obviously under some pressure to pretend that he adores Eric Swalwell because Swalwell is in charge. Of course, he is the great white hunter.

But why shouldn’t we subpoena that man — that unheard voice and let him tell his story? What is it like to have Eric Swalwell as your as your chief, as your commander?

WATTERS: Well, I just — I just feel bad for the camel because Swalwell does not have good manners as we’ve seen on a few TV clips in cable, but if he is really a champion of women’s rights, did he go over to Qatar and ask why it’s legal to beat your wife there? As someone that says the world is going to end in 12 years, did he ask Qatar about their emissions?

As the pro-working Democrat that he claims to be, did he ask about how slave labor is building the soccer stadium over there?

I have a feeling this was not a fact-finding mission, Tucker, and maybe when I say fact, probably daiquiris was the only thing he was looking for.

CARLSON: And you know, I was thinking Tequila Sunrises, but you’re absolutely, daiquiris or froses and I just want to put a call out to our viewers, if you know his native bearer, his apparently adoring servant that we put up in that picture, if you’ve got his number, send it to us because we would like to hear from him. We think that all voices should be heard, especially yours, Jesse Watters.

WATTERS: Thank you.

CARLSON: Thank you so much for that insight.

So, Jeff Bezos is not having a mid-life crisis or anything like that. He just built a rocket and took it into outer space today. The rocket is called Phallus One and Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon boarded it and was outside of our atmosphere for 10 minutes. He was accompanied by his brother, Mark Bezos, as well as an 82-year-old woman and an 18-year-old student.

Now, a lot of people missed the launch. It happened just after 8:00 a.m. local time in Texas, so we want to give you a quick replay of what it looked like.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Colonel, you better take a look at this radar.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What is it, son?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don’t know, sir, but it looks like a giant —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh my god, it looks like a huge —

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Any of your kids want another wiener?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Dad, what’s that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don’t know son —


CARLSON: Yes, that’s the world’s largest penile implant. We didn’t make that up. We didn’t do it. Jeff Bezos did, blame him.

We didn’t want to put that on television, but he is the world’s richest man and we have no choice but to cover his hobbies.

So, we not now going to tell you what that rocket’s actual name is. He is calling it New Shepard. Here is what we’re going to tell you, we are going to talk about his reception.

As soon as Jeff Bezos landed, he was greeted by a throng of his own reporters. Jeff Bezos owns “The Washington Post.” You tend to get good coverage when you pay the people producing it. These are people who know how bad life could be. They could be working in an Amazon fulfillment center, peeing in cans for the rest of their life.

So, they immediately asked Jeff Bezos for comment in a very respectful way. How did he respond? Here’s his quote, “Best day ever.” That was it. Not one small step for man or something along those lines, he doesn’t have time for rhetorical flourishes like that. He sells books. He doesn’t write them.

But it didn’t matter. Our media were suitably impressed. They bowed before the richest man. “Best day ever” is three syllables, but it is three syllables they can understand very well.

Plus Jeff Bezos looked a lot like them, the heavily quaffed TV anchors who spend their day getting makeup. He’d had face fillers. He was looking suspiciously puffy before he went up to space, therefore the commenters on television were unanimous. This was better than anything John Glenn ever did.


ANA CABRERA, CNN HOST: Today was a big day, exactly 52 years since the first moon landing, another landmark moment in space exploration. Here you see, billionaire Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos and crew when they reached the edge of space and floated in Zero Gravity.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don’t know why I am like when I was nine and we stopped and watched the original John Glenn launch. I mean, I feel like that. I think that America wants to know about this very much, and I don’t blame us for doing wall-to-wall because I think this is the most — this is one of the great business stories of all time because it is private equity, private enterprise going to space.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: And it really is obviously a big step for future space tourism, but it’s a remarkable step in a mission that began more than two decades ago when Jeff Bezos founded Blue Origin.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Your brother has been determined to advance space travel. I want to know, what did it feel like to be up there together, when you locked eyes?


CARLSON: Houston, this is Phallus One. We’re leaving the atmosphere. Oh, they’re so impressed. It’s unbelievable. Slobbering over Jeff Bezos.

Now, why do they love Jeff Bezos so much? Well, we just found out today, Jeff Bezos is giving a hundred million dollars no strings attached to CNN contributor, Van Jones. That’s a lot of money. It can buy a lot of love and they love him at CNN. They love him. Jeff Bezos.

Don’t ever ask, how do you treat your employees, Jeff Bezos? How does it feel to be China’s biggest retailer? How exactly do you own the capital city’s local newspaper? No one asks those questions because in the end, everyone is hoping to get money from Jeff Bezos.

People who aren’t getting money from Jeff Bezos have a very different view of him. Here’s Tulsi Gabbard’s view. She is not taking money from Jeff Bezos. She sent this today. “The only problem I have with Bezos’s rocket ship into outer space is that it’s going to come back.” You go, Tulsi Gabbard. No wonder they hated you.

Well, the C.D.C. has a new ban that could affect over a million people. It’s got nothing to do with COVID. It’s about dogs. The war on dogs continues, and it’s worth fighting. We’ll tell you what it is, next.


CARLSON: Raise your hand if you voted for anyone who works at the C.D.C.? Raise your hand if you understand why the C.D.C. all of a sudden controls the intimate details of your life? Oh no hands. Yes, it’s a mystery, but they do and their power seems to be growing.

The agency has announced a new ban, and it’s going to affect potentially you, your family, and your pets. The C.D.C. says that any dog coming from a country with a quote, “high risk” for dog rabies will now be banned from entering the United States. How can they do that?

Well, according to C.D.C.’s own numbers, this ban could affect over a million dogs a year. The funny thing is, the risk according to the C.D.C. is minuscule, again according to their numbers. Since 2015 — that’s six years — only four dogs coming in from abroad, any country abroad have tested positive for rabies. But a million dogs just this year will be affected by this.

What will happen to those dogs in the wake of the C.D.C.’s new ban that by the way no one asked us to vote on? Jill Stewart is the President and Founder of China Rescue Dogs. She says dogs will die, millions of them. She joins us tonight with her dog.

Jill, thanks so much for coming on and we’re always grateful to have a dog on screen, so thanks for that, too. Tell us what the effect of this ban will be?

JILL STEWART, PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER, CHINA RESCUE DOGS: It will be absolutely devastating. On June 14th, unbeknownst to any of us, the C.D.C. made a ruling for 113 countries to ban exportation for live animals to come into the United States. Absolutely heartbreaking. None of us knew about it.

CARLSON: So, some people were not aware that dogs come in from foreign countries — into this country from foreign countries, so now that no dogs can come from say China, what will happen to those dogs, do you think?

STEWART: Oh, it will be absolutely catastrophic. These dogs are — this is “Miso.” This is my dog from China. He represents many dogs that will not be able to come into our country. Again, this will be absolutely devastating.

These dogs are put on slaughter trucks, brutalized every single day, eaten, and they have no hope. If we, our organization, non-profits, cannot help and rescue these animals, it will be catastrophic in China. Absolutely catastrophic.

CARLSON: Yes. This is a country where dogs are beaten to death in huge numbers and eaten, so under this rule, it’s not a law because they don’t have law-making ability, and they are not legislators. They are just some random agency that seems to run the country all of a sudden.

If you’re a U.S. diplomat, you adopt a dog in say China, you can’t bring that dog home now?

STEWART: That is correct. If you have a service dog, you cannot use your service dog. If you are military and you found a pet in one of these high- risk countries and you want to bring it home, you can’t bring your beloved pet home. You are stuck.

There’s someone in China right now who is a diplomat, who can’t even come home because she can’t bring her dog.

CARLSON: I mean, you know people who don’t have dogs, don’t love dogs may not understand what that means. I remember during Hurricane Katrina, people died rather than leave their dogs and some of us feel the same way. What can we do about this? Is this something we can just ignore? I hope.

STEWART: Absolutely not. We have formed a coalition, over a hundred non- profits, attorneys, lobbyists, veterinarians, and skilled educated people. We represent one percent, a hundred thousand animals come in through what’s called the United States Import Permit with custom broker. We have the artist, G. Mike who is our wonderful customs broker.

We do everything right. We’ve written the C.D.C. and asked for an exemption. Of course, they have said no exemption and not responding back to us.

CARLSON: Yes, not responding back to you. Who made them god exactly? Maybe a theological question beyond your scope, but Jill, I appreciate you bringing this to our attention. It is very distressing on many levels and I hope that you can get it overturned. Thank you.

STEWART: Thank you very much.

CARLSON: Thanks. Well in the six months he’s been President, Joe Biden has spent an inordinate amount of time telling us about the greatest threat of our time. Of course, it’s not China. We’re friends with China. No, it’s white supremacy.


JOE BIDEN (D), PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: According to the Intelligence Community, terrorism from white supremacy is the most lethal threat to the Homeland today. Not ISIS, not al-Qaeda, white supremacists.


CARLSON: Notice he never defined white supremacy. No one ever has. There is no actual definition for it, so it can apply to everyone who didn’t vote for Joe Biden. That’s why it’s terrifying, that’s why you should resist it.

Biden has gone much farther than any other President, however, to politicize every Federal agency and that includes terrifyingly the military.

Biden has directed the Defense Department, the department that is supposed to work on keeping us safe from foreign threats, to instead turn its attention on American citizens. Watch.


LLOYD JAMES AUSTIN III, U.S. SECRETARY OF DEFENSE: And if confirmed, I will fight hard to stamp out sexual assault and to rid our ranks of racist and extremists.

The job of the Department of Defense is to keep America safe from our enemies, but we can’t do that if some of those enemies lie within our own ranks.


CARLSON: Oh, the enemies are within, says defense contractor, Lloyd Austin. So, how exactly are they quote, “fighting” white supremacy? Well, they are working with a defense contractor called Moonshot CVE, which claims to track extremism. So, the question is, how does Moonshot define extremism?

Well, one example the company gave for white supremacy was anyone who searched for the term on Google or DuckDuckGo this phrase, “The truth about Black Lives Matter.” If you want to know the truth about Black Lives Matter, you were by definition a white supremacist and an enemy of the United States.

Vince Coglianese is the host of WMAL’s “The Vince Coglianese Show” in Washington, D.C. which dominates his time slot, we’re happy to have him with us tonight. Vince, thanks so much for coming on.

So, how can a search term, how can a question be a sign of extremism?

VINCE COGLIANESE, RADIO SHOW HOST: Well, if the outcome is contrived. I mean, this is — the only reason you would include a question or just a simple fact-finding mission as a sign of extremism is if you are trying to rig the outcome of a study like this.

So, you know, where this comes from, this is called Moonshot CVE, as you noted. It’s a contractor based out of London, England. They did a report earlier this year that gives us some indication of how they study extremism. It was released in June and it was about white supremacy in the United States.

And they just surveyed search terms nationwide and one of the search terms that they included as an indicator of white supremacy is what you said, “The truth about Black Lives Matter.” Now, any number of people of all skin colors and concerns and political backgrounds could be searching for something like that, perhaps you’re Marcellus Wiley, a sports commentator on FOX Sports 1 who is looking for information on how Black Lives Matter sought to disrupt the western prescribed nuclear family that was once on the Black Lives Matter website.

Maybe you’re a Black Lives Matter chapter trying to figure out where $90 million that was raised by the national organization was spent and wasted. Maybe you’re the type of person who is just looking up the ideological meanings of its founders, one of them declaring, Patrisse Cullors that she is a trained Marxist. Additionally, the Marxist leanings of the organization came out again this past week has its expressed support not for the people that are seeking freedom, but the communist regime in Cuba.

So there are plenty of reasons to ask that question, but if you do, you may get swept up in an extremism database.

CARLSON: I’ve got to ask, has there ever been a greater tragedy, a greater act of civic vandalism than politicizing the military in the way that the Biden administration has in the last six months? Have you ever seen anything like this before?

COGLIANESE: It’s completely out of control. Asking questions, now extremism. Free inquiry, now extremism. It’s getting worse.

CARLSON: Someone defend us from this. We have Members of Congress who are supposed to. I wish they would.

Vince Coglianese, I appreciate your insight and the information you brought. Thank you.

COGLIANESE: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: So, we’ve got an update for you tonight on the pilgrimage of Texas Democrats to Washington which turned into a super spreader event because everything is irony. More people have been infected tonight. We’ll tell you who they are, next.


CARLSON: So those Democratic freedom fighters for democracy from Texas showed up in D.C. last week, and all of a sudden, people started getting corona in big numbers — apparently from them. It was what they call a super spreader event.

Kevin Corke is a FOX News correspondent, one of our favorites. He joins us tonight with an update on this situation. Hey, Kevin.


Now, you’ll recall that when the White House held an event for Amy Coney Barrett, the Trump administration was accused in the press of creating a super spreader event. It was an inescapable narrative promoted across cable news for days, but by comparison, relatively few outlets have called the Texas Democrats’ trip to the nation’s capital what it is. And obviously, it is also a super spreader trip, without doubt.

At least six confirmed cases of COVID out of the roughly 60 travelers and new cases having now spread to both the White House and the Speaker’s office where a fully vaccinated senior aide has tested positive for COVID- 19 after coming into contact with those Texas lawmakers and while White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is rejecting the super spreader label, she said today, it’s not a characterization that we’re making here.

She did confirm that a fully vaccinated White House official tested positive for COVID on Monday. That was by the way a day after Vice President Harris tested negative following her July 13th meeting with those Texas Democrats and yet, those very same Democrats, Tucker, say they will remain in D.C. until August after the special session is over back in Austin — a very costly decision in more ways than one — Tucker.

CARLSON: Man, those guys need tracking bracelets or something.

CORKE: Clearly.

CARLSON: Kevin Corke — clearly — I appreciate your reporting tonight. Thank you so much. Good to see you.

CORKE: You, too.

CARLSON: Well, one person who has been following this amazing story very closely is Will Cain who hosts “FOX and Friends” Weekend for us and does a fantastic job. Will Cain joins us now. Will, thanks so much for coming on.

So, this is one of those stories — they jet from Austin to D.C. in a private plane with a case of Miller Lite and they bring a little corona with them. What do you make of this?

WILL CAIN, FOX NEWS CHANNEL COHOST, “FOX & FRIENDS”: That’s right. They brought corona and Miller Lite. I caught that right there and they’re going to stay through August because a few more members of the Biden administration, they need to blow corona breath into before this month is over.

However many people they exposed to COVID, Tucker, let’s hope expose the American people to the preening peacocking hypocrites that they are because, how hypocritical can you be? Let’s quickly count the ways.

A, you know, they flew on a plane maskless. You and I, peons, everyone out there watching, we have to wear a mask still when we fly on a plane. That’s number one. Two, they fled their state. You know they would criticize, you know they have criticized Republicans if they ever employed that same tactic.

Number three, they are creeping closer and closer to vaccine passports, to show us your papers, to prove to me you’re vaccinated, but they tell us, “Trust us. We’re all vaccinated.”

And finally, as you point out and as Kevin reported so well, it’s a super spreader event. When that was a Trump rally or an athletic event or a spring break over the past year, everything is a super spreader event, except the actual super spreader events.

CARLSON: I mean, look, the second to the last point that you made, I think is a really important one. I’m hardly attacking vaccines or trying to convince people not to get them at all. I never have done that and I won’t. However, I’m against lying and they’re telling us that once you get vaccinated you can’t get it or spread it. Here you have vaccinated people getting it and then spreading it to other vaccinated people. Maybe we should start being honest about the limitations of the medicine, no?

CAIN: Absolutely, or be honest that you’re not vaccinated. Which is it? Just be honest either way, when it comes to Texas Democrats.

Real quickly as well, Tucker, what I think you’re seeing is this sort of joke of a stunt derails is the limits of trying to play politics through social media. I think the left has won on social media. They made Corporate America bend to their knee for the better part of a year. And so, why would they stop?

But ultimately, you have to interact in the real world and here they are. They are trying the same type of social media stunt in the real world and it’s a bad joke. Unfortunately, it’s also a deadly joke.

CARLSON: That’s such a smart point. This whole thing was staged for Instagram. It was like a one-act play written for social media and ultimately, that’s like not enough to govern a country. And I thank you for pointing that out and for coming on. Will Cain, good to see you.

CAIN: You bet. Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Well, there is a recall election going on in our largest state, the State of California, bouncing Governor Gavin Newsom from office, we pray. Someone new has gotten into the race. We’ll just be honest, he is a friend of ours, we think he is great. He joins us next.


CARLSON: So, Gavin Newsom is the governor of our largest state, California. He is a liberal Democrat, but the problem is deeper than that. It’s not even ideological, he is just a bad governor. The state doesn’t work very well. It’s more crowded every year. It’s dirty as hell. You’ve got junkies living on every street corner in every park and they can’t even keep the power on.

So, it’s a failed state. It’s embarrassing and even if you don’t live in California, you should be embarrassed and horrified by it. Why do we allow this and why let some tiny brained moron like Gavin Newsom wreck our prettiest state? That’s how most people in the state feel, even the Democrats, so they’re going to recall him.

A lot of people joined the race and last week, one of our friends did. Larry Elder, who is a radio show host in the state joined in the recall effort and the election to replace him. But now the State of California is trying to keep Larry Elder off the ballot.

So today, Elder announced he is suing the California Secretary of State Shirley Weber for wrongfully blocking him from the ballot. Talk about an attack on democracy.

He says he has complied with the state laws and the move to block him is entirely political, which since it’s California, you can believe.

Larry Elder joins us tonight. Larry, thanks so much for coming on. Congratulations on your run. Unlike a lot of people who run for office, you’ve been very clear about what you believe. It is all on the record, no one needs to guess about what you would do because you’ve got decades of saying it out loud.

Tell us how they’re trying to keep you off the ballot.

LARRY ELDER (R), CALIFORNIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE: Well, Tucker, we have gone to court. We filed a lawsuit last night. We’re probably going to have a hearing tomorrow and not only me, there’s also a woman named Betty Chu who is the first Chinese-American to pass the bar in California, she is in her 80’s. She still ticked off, she filed the lawsuit for herself and she said she is doing it for other people who are now being deprived of the opportunity to vote for Larry Elder because the Secretary of State has denied me the opportunity to be on the ballot.

And what they’re arguing, Tucker, is out of the 300 pages of five years of tax returns that we turned in, I didn’t redact something that should have been redacted or redacted something that shouldn’t have been redacted — I’m not quite sure which it is.

All I know is that there is a provision that allows the Secretary of State to correct any minor discrepancy and she elected not to do it, and that is why I believe that I was targeted.

Now, a lot of people have asked me, Tucker, was this racism? Now, you know me for a long time. I don’t play that and what I said is, it’s not racism, it’s face-ism. It is Larry Elder.

Because they know that I’m the guy who can take this guy down. As you pointed out I’ve been talking about these issues for some 30 years. I’m on in every major market in in California. I have higher name recognition than any of the other candidates other than Caitlyn Jenner.

People know me. I’m from the hood. I’m from the inner city.

I can talk firsthand about the declining quality of schools. I can talk firsthand about why we have rising crime, why we have rising homelessness, why the cost of living has gotten so outrageous, that for the first time in our state’s history, people are leaving California and going to places like Texas and Tennessee and Florida.

It is outrageous. There’s a magazine called “CEO” Magazine, been around for 17 years, Tucker, and for 17 years, California has been determined to be the worst state in which to do business of all 50 states and I can turn that around, and they are scared to death.

CARLSON: I mean, if people are moving from San Francisco, which has got to be the prettiest city we have in this entire country and moving to Reno, which no offense is not, and if a lot of people are doing that, it really tells you that it’s like so mismanaged that you’re seeing an exodus of normal people.

I mean, can you — can you win the battle to be on the ballot? I mean, they say they care about democracy, but they’re trying to keep you off the ballot. Like how does that work even?

ELDER: No, I’m going to be on the ballot. We’re going to prevail in the lawsuit and if we don’t, we’ll take it up to the California Supreme Court. This law was designed to make Donald Trump turn over five years of tax returns in order to be eligible to run for re-election in California in 2020. It was litigated all the way up to the left-wing California Supreme Court and they voted unanimously seven zip that the law was unconstitutional, both California Constitution and the U.S. Constitution. But they did say it was okay for gubernatorial races.

It’s not even clear it applies to a recall election that’s why I’m telling people to go to electelder.com, electelder.com. Throw a little something in the tip jar because he has unlimited ability to raise money and spend money. His rivals on the other hand have campaign finance limits.

And regarding public education, there are 300,000 public school teachers here in California, Tucker. I’m told by expert after expert, at least five percent are incompetent. That’s 15,000 teachers that are walking the halls of our schools, mis-educating our kids.

I want choice in school as do urban parents, black and brown, yet they pull the lever for the party that denies it and I’m going to turn that around.

There’s only about 75 percent of black kids in California, Tucker, cannot read at state levels of proficiency. My former high school, Crenshaw High School, the one that was featured in the movie “Boyz n the Hood,” two percent of the kids are math proficient.

It is outrageous.

CARLSON: Yes, and they are the ones lecturing about race. By the way, you have to show your tax returns to run for office? Why not a literacy test or a poll tax? I mean, what the hell?

Speaking of a barrier to entry in democracy, like why that’s hard to believe that’s even real. And I hope you beat it.

I hope you spank it. Larry Elder, thank you. We’ll be following carefully. Good to see you.

ELDER: My pleasure, electelder.com.


Well, one of the most watched local TV stations in America has just announced what we ought to be doing to people, to people, not for people, to Americans who haven’t been vaccinated. We’ll tell you what it is next.


CARLSON: So, the left’s moral measurement is pretty clear, good people follow corona law obediently; evil people don’t.

Former Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius just made this announcement.


KATHLEEN SEBELIUS, FORMER SECRETARY OF HEALTH UNDER OBAMA ADMINISTRATION: I think that it’s time to say to those folks, it’s fine if you don’t choose to get vaccinated, you may not come to work, you may not have access to a situation where you’re going to put my grandchildren in jeopardy, where you might kill them, where you might put them in a situation where they’re going to carry the virus to someone in a high risk position.

That’s, I think, the point where we are, is — freedom is one thing, but freedom when you harm others like secondhand smoke and issues that we’ve dealt with very clearly in the past. You can’t drive drunk, you can drink, but you can’t drive drunk because you can injure other people.


CARLSON: Freedom is one thing. Weird how many vaccinated people seem to be spreading the virus at this point, so, maybe it’s not as simple as unvaccinated bad, vaccinated virtuous. Maybe it’s a disease not a moral category. Maybe you should be quiet, Kathleen Sebelius, you’re an idiot.

There are a lot of idiots. The main anchor at the most watched local television station in the country, WABC in New York, Bill Ritter just wrote this in a Facebook post. “Anyone who hasn’t gotten vaccinated and is medically able to get it, stay away from me and have the decency to let people know you’re not inoculated by putting a sign on your neck.” Whoa, wear a little badge.

Victor Davis Hanson is a fellow at the Hoover Institution. He joins us tonight. So, you should wear a little badge if you haven’t been vaccinated, despite the fact we’re watching vaccinated people spread the virus to other vaccinated people. What is this?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: Well, how did we get here, Tucker? If you and I had this conversation last June or July, the now President of the United States would be reassuring people that he probably would not get vaccinated because of the association with Donald Trump and the vaccine. And the Vice President, current Vice President would be more explicit.

And then we were told by Dr. Fauci, there was no way we would have a vaccine in 2020. It would have to be to 2021. And then we were told by the President of the United States that no one was vaccinated until he was inaugurated, that was a flat out lie. And then we were told that two million people were scheduled to come into the United States in the 12- month period, and we’re on track to meet that disturbing goal.

And then we were told that none of them would be vaccinated that we knew of. We would have no test yet the H.H.S. Secretary and Joe Biden would say, unlike people who are not U.S. citizens, you, U.S. citizens will be adjudicated. We’re going to go door-t-door to make sure that you are vaccinated.

And then so we turn to the medical community, we say help us. The politicians have failed us. And we look at Dr. Fauci, and what does he say? No relationship with the Wuhan lab and the origins of COVID. No gain-of- function research funded by N.I.H. or N.I.H. Infectious Diseases.

Oh, by the way, mask have no utility. One mask is what you want, better two, oh, 60 percent, 70 percent, 80 percent herd immunity. Pick your pick, oh, that was all noble lies.

And so when you saturate the public with so much political disinformation, and they turn to the medical community, and it is weaponized, and I remember, I think it was June 8th of last year, when 1,200 quote-unquote, “medical experts” said the psychic damage would be so great for BLM supporters not to break the quarantine that it was medically officious for them to go out shoulder to shoulder and violate the quarantine and protest, but no one else.

So, when you lose that credibility and politicians and the medical community, I’m afraid that — now I’m a big supporter of vaccinations, but I have a lot of empathy with people who can’t trust the government, and they’ve lost the narrative and now they’re trying to double down by coercion.

All they need to do is be transparent and honest. This is the vaccination. This is the efficacy rate. These are the dangers. Here’s the natural immunity or lack of it. There is an intellectual or the knowledgeable decision you can make. We give you two recommendations. Go to it. And maybe they could trust with confidence — they could have confidence of the American people.

But so far, the American people have no confidence in them because they ruined their reputations and credibility for cheap political gain, I guess.

CARLSON: It’s amazing how many people who should know better helping them do it. Victor Davis Hanson, I appreciate it so much. Great to see tonight.

HANSON: Thank you.

CARLSON: Sean Hannity is, of course standing by next.

By the way, Nancy Pelosi has been lecturing us for months now about how we’re immoral if we don’t wear a mask and get the vaccines, and now, it looks like members of her staff who wore a mask and got the vaccine got corona anyway from those fleeing Texas legislators.

It makes you wonder if what Pelosi has been saying about masks and vaccines is actually science, doesn’t it? The rest of us ought to be careful not about your talking points. She doesn’t seem very well informed.

Sean Hannity, over to you.

Content and Programming Copyright 2021 Fox News Network, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Copyright 2021 VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. All materials herein are protected by United States copyright law and may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of VIQ Media Transcription, Inc. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content.

Tucker Carlson: They’re attempting to trick us with Soviet-style fakes

There are a lot of topics in the news these days. A lot of them are pretty depressing. This Friday we thought we were starting something pretty amusing.

As early as 2015, the so-called intelligence community of our government, which is neither intelligent nor a community, announced that it was going on a new five-year mission. The goal, according to the Obama administration, was to give every intelligence agency in the country more resources – the CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA and so on. Even the the coast guard The internal intelligence operation should have a larger budget.

Under normal circumstances, such an announcement would cause tremors of fear among our opponents around the world. They would tremble in their caves. The Chinese Perhaps you should think twice before bribing more Harvard professors or sending Eric Swalwell a new secret agent to have sex. But in this case they just laughed. Because they knew money couldn’t buy drones, more sophisticated surveillance equipment, or more local agents. Instead, it was earmarked for new platoons by Equity and Inclusion consultants and HR administrators.

The point of the money was to make the intelligence community “more diverse,” which means there are fewer whites and men. After all, America’s spies would look different. Which is indispensable when you … to … to … well, actually we don’t really know why it matters. What does the race and gender of intelligence workers have to do with America’s security? They never told us. Instead, they told us something we’d heard once or twice: “Diversity is our strength.”

PENTAGON says diversity training is essential to “defending the nation”

KAMALA HARRIS: Knowing our diversity is our strength and our unity is our strength.

PELOSI: And I tell you, our diversity is our strength.

OBAMA: Our diversity, our patchwork heritage is not a weakness. It is and will remain one of our greatest strengths.

BERNIE SANDERS: Our diversity is one of our greatest strengths.

BIDEN: I think this is an opportunity to see that there is a tremendous, tremendous force coming from our diversity.

How exactly does it work? Shut up. Just read the cliché. It’s on the menu.


Tremendous strength. We’re officially much stronger now. The Office of the Director of National Intelligence has just released the evidence: It’s called Annual Demographic Report for Fiscal Year 2020: Hiring and Retention of Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities in the United States Intelligence Community. Get a copy in time for Christmas – not to read it. It is not intended for reading. In fact, it is unreadable. But for the pictures. The pictures are amazing. We now have conclusive photographic evidence that our spy agencies employ multiple people of different skin color. There is even a woman in a wheelchair and a seemingly blind man.

How do we know he’s blind? We do not make such assumptions. Because he has Ray Charles glasses, a walking stick and a guide dog. If this seems like a lot to you, remember: the best spies have a backup plan. We say Russian Assassins follow our blind secret service agent when he picks up a dead drop of microfilm in a park in East Berlin. You somehow manage to take out his guide dog. Maybe with a network.

That’s OK. He can manage. He still has the cane and glasses. And by the way, we assume that the cane shoots curare darts. In the CIA, they think of everything. It’s your job.


What exactly is the blind man’s job? What is he doing in our fabled intelligence community? How does he keep America safe? We don’t doubt it is, but how? Well, we don’t know because the report doesn’t tell us. Nor does it explain why there appears to be some kind of dark halo around the lower part of the blind man’s body in the picture? What’s this? Spy steam?

Another question: where are the old people in the picture? Lots of Americans are pretty old. The Intel community says it’s diverse. Where are the seniors? Where are the 80 year old super spies? They would hate to think that for all their fame, the Biden people fell victim to age discrimination. We may need a class action lawsuit to resolve this. And while we’re at it, we honestly haven’t seen many trans women, non-binary pansexual twofold spirits, or a single person from Malawi. The picture we greeted with joy looks problematic.

Indeed it is. According to freelance intelligence analysis, on Twitter – Digital manipulation experts – this picture is not real. These people were never in the same room at the same time. Some don’t even work for their federal government. Maybe none of them. The whole thing is a disinformation campaign. It’s a Soviet style fake. Apparently, the Intel community spent part of its “diversity budget” not to achieve diversity, but to buy a stock image from a website called “Shutterstock”.


This picture is titled, quote: “Portrait of a multicultural office worker standing in the lobby.” You can also buy it and put it on your next Christmas card if you want.

But apparently the archive photo of the multicultural office staff was not multicultural or diverse enough for the Biden people. So they added two more stock pictures to the picture.


One of these images – also available on Shutterstock – is literally called “Blind young man with guide dog on a white background”. What is what it is The other is creatively titled “Beautiful businesswoman with tablet computer in a wheelchair on a white background”.

Hm. So these aren’t real intelligence agents. They are archive photos. On one level, this is good news. The Secret Service hasn’t really revealed the identity of its most attractive wheelchair-bound spy or blind 007. So you are safe.

This article is extracted from Tucker Carlson’s opening comment on the March 26, 2021 issue of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Ross Tucker Questions If Brandon Scherff’s Worth Is Value a Massive-Cash Contract – NBC4 Washington

Ross Tucker asks if Scherff’s worth is worth a big deal originally published on NBC Sports Washington

When Brandon Scherff joins the freelance agency this off-season, it seems like a breeze for the Washington Football team to be working to bring him back.

The veteran security guard has had a first-team all-pro season in which he was instrumental in helping Washington return to the playoffs. In addition, Scherff has stated that he wants to stay in Burgundy and gold and see the transformation of the franchise through. While his next contract is going to be expensive, it’s worth locking him up and securing the offensive line, isn’t it?

Former NFL offensive lineman Ross Tucker isn’t so sure if that’s the case. Keep talking 106.7 “BMitch & Finlay” by the fan He stated that the award may not be worth the reward.

“When I see guards being projected like $ 16 million a year, I think he’s a really good player. I sometimes wonder if a security guard … if a security guard really offers that much value, “Tucker said.” Especially someone who was just as much in the line-up as Brandon. “

His point of view of what a guard means to an NFL team doesn’t come from the outside, as Tucker played in that position for most of his five-year career. He understands it’s important for an offensive line, but in terms of financial compensation, he doesn’t see Scherff’s planned salary as equivalent to what he appreciates the position.

As Tucker explained, this has in part to do with Scherff’s injury history. Despite his success over the years, the security guard hasn’t played a full season for Washington since 2016. The wear and tear on Scherff and his inability to temporarily stay in the field have made Tucker fear that a big treaty could come back to bite Washington.

Download and subscribe to the Washington Football Talk podcast

Tucker’s opinion also comes from what he’s seen in the league when it comes to dealing with guards. He noted that New York Giants security guard Kevin Zeitler, who signed a three-year contract in 2019 with an average salary of around $ 10.6 million, and Andrew Norwell’s average cost of $ 13.3 million a year lately emerged as potential cap shedding measures.

These teams once thought these somewhat expensive contracts were worth it, but just a few years later it’s a commitment that organizations aren’t sure they can move on.

Seeing this, Tucker doesn’t want Washington to get into a similar situation. He has no problem with Scherff making the money the current market allows. He’s just not sure if it’s an investment that will pay off later.

“We all know that O-Line is really important, D-Line is really important. You’re good at D-Line, you don’t want to let people like Brandon Scherff go. But I feel like most of the teams that pay the top of the market for these guards say a year or two later, “Are we really getting our money’s worth there?” Tucker said.

Vanessa Hudgens makes Cole Tucker romance Instagram official! | Leisure

Vanessa Hudgens made her relationship with Cole Tucker Instagram official.

The 32-year-old actress is said to have fallen in love with the 24-year-old baseball player back in November, and on Sunday (02/14/21) the couple celebrated Valentine’s Day by making their relationship with Instagram official.

In addition to a picture of her and Cole sharing a sweet kiss, Vanessa wrote on Instagram: “It’s you, it’s me, it’s us. @cotuck (sic) ”

Cole also shared a picture of himself and the ‘High School Musical’ alum huddled together on his own Instagram, titled “Happy V day @vanessahudgens (sic)”.

After the couple first bonded late last year, a source reported that they officially became boyfriends and girlfriends shortly before the start of 2021.

The insider said, “You are a boyfriend and girlfriend. They rang the doorbell together in the new year. “

Vanessa and Cole were originally spotted having “romantic dinner” together, and sources at the time said Vanessa was “giddy with laughter” and “couldn’t hold back her smile.”

A source said: “They had a romantic dinner outside under the stars. They shared wine and food and had a great two hour meal. Vanessa was dizzy with laughter. She looked over at Cole and couldn’t suppress her smile. “

The new romance comes after the ‘Princess Switch’ star split from longtime boyfriend Austin Butler after nearly nine years together in January 2020.

Before meeting Cole, Vanessa had said she was interested in finding a partner who shares “similar basics” with her.

She explained, “Your girl is open-minded. I feel like at the end of the day it’s just about having similar basics and wanting the same things. I’m really not picky.”

The “Spring Breakers” actress, who was previously dating her former “High School Musical” co-star, Zac Efron, also announced that she would probably prefer to find a friend who wasn’t “in public.” ” stands.

She added, “I know what I want and I think if someone comes into the picture and can give me all of these things then it’s great whether they are in public or not – if anything I prefer that they are not, but we’ll see, we’ll see. “