Plumber: Select one of the best soaking tub type to suit your toilet area | Houses & Backyard

Q: Dear Ed: I am planning my new bathroom. Space is a little tight, but I want a separate shower cubicle and bathtub. What are some basic bathtub style options that I can look at to see what works best with my bathroom layout?

– Jerry, Washington State Washington

A: Different style bathtubs usually require different types of installations. So do some homework and choose the tub installation option that best suits your bathroom floor plan. With that in mind, I’ll go over a few popular soaking baths.

1. Corner bath

For smaller bathrooms with separate tub and shower fittings, a corner bath may be best to create a little more space. As the name suggests, they are designed to fit snugly into a corner, and many come with ready-made front aprons.

2. Inset or sub-construction baths

These trays are designed to be built into a custom base. The sub-frame type is installed under the finished plinth top, and the drop-in type has a finished rim and falls into the finished plinth opening.

3. Freestanding bathtub

These beautiful soaking baths are self-supporting, cosmetically refined inside and out and very flexible in the choice of the installation location.

However, a freestanding bathtub is anything but “free”. These are usually high-end faucets and can end up soaking up a good chunk of your bathroom budget.

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