What did the trombone make the Suki Waterhouse canine do? | Leisure Information

Suki Waterhouse had a dog that urinates every time he blows the trumpet.

The 29-year-old actress started playing brass at a young age, and after playing some noises, she found that her performance had a very unusual impact on her friend’s toilet habits.

She said, “The first instrument I played was the trombone. I chose the trombone because my dog ​​let me pee when needed because I found it interesting. “

The first animal she kept was a lizard named Lizzie, which she lost, so Suki doesn’t seem to have a track record of pets.

The “Detective Pikachu” star has now promised her dog friend Marvin: “My first pet was a lizard named Lizzie, who fled and returned eight months later.”

In addition to her various pet owner accomplishments, Suki revealed some unusual facts about her life in a specialty in Us Weekly magazine’s 25 new publications about me that you did not know about. Problems with her legs.

She said, “I’ve shrunk my toes. It is said that one day it will cause a lot of problems. “

Suki also spilled that her boyfriend Robert Pattinson wasn’t the only famous face in her London home. A framed photo of her acting idol Julia Roberts hit one of the walls. Decorate.

“I framed a photo signed by Julia Roberts that I bought on eBay and hung it on my wall.”

Suki also revealed that she was a “brown belt in karate” and now “can’t stop buying chairs” when it comes to shopping.

What did the trumpet do to the Suki Waterhouse dog? | Entertainment news

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