Scout Willis flaunts eager sense of favor throughout procuring journey in LA

Scout Willis shows off her keen sense of style in an abstract sweater and combat boots during a solo shopping trip in Los Angeles

Scout Willis showed her keen sense of style while she was out and about The angel this weekend.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s 30-year-old middle kid let her long, dark hair flow freely as she reached for shopping in an off-white sweater with a black and red abstract print.

It was complemented with black straight-leg jeans and black Doc Marten combat boots.

Fall Fashion: Scout Willis showed off her keen sense of style this weekend while out and about in Los Angeles

Seen alone, the singer-songwriter showed that she was self-sufficient as she carried multiple bags.

She went the sustainable way and carried her groceries in reusable bags.

The independent young woman slung a bag over her shoulder, one over her forearm, and carried one in her hand.

Willis used her free hand to clutch a carton of S. Pellegrino drinks.

She looked like she had a minimally make-up face that was rounded off with a plum-colored lip color.

Saturday food run: Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s 30-year-old middle child let their long, dark hair flow freely as she reached for groceries in an off-white sweater with a black and red abstract print

Coordination;  Her top was complemented with black straight-leg jeans and black Doc Marten combat boots

Coordination; Her top was complemented with black straight-leg jeans and black Doc Marten combat boots

In October, the multi-talented beauty released a music video for her guitar-heavy song Love Without Possession.

In the four-minute visual, the dark-haired stunner did nothing and covered her parts with strands of her long hair.

Ahead of its release, Scout took to Instagram to share her feelings about the vulnerable written melody.

“I wrote this song in 2016 amid deep heartache, hope, confusion, tenderness and growth,” she explained.

“It kept me company like an affectionate friend, telling a story I experienced in real time, and softening the edges of my pain as only art can.”

Stripped down: In October, the multi-talented beauty released a music video for her guitar-heavy song Love Without Possession

Stripped down: In October, the multi-talented beauty released a music video for her guitar-heavy song Love Without Possession

On Friday, the singer took to Instagram to celebrate five weeks since the video premiered.

‘Some love without possession BTS to mark 5 weeks since it came out!’ Scout wrote to her 262,000 followers.

She shared a number of outtakes from the set, including a group photo with mom Demi.

Another shot showed the artist in a floral robe in a room with green walls, hanging guitars and drums in the background.

Behind the Scenes: On Friday, Scout shared a number of outtakes from the set of Love Without Possession, including a group photo with mom Demi;  LR Juliana Giraffe, Nicky Giraffe, Monica Adriana, Demi, Scout

Behind the Scenes: On Friday, Scout shared a number of outtakes from the set of Love Without Possession, including a group photo with mom Demi; LR Juliana Giraffe, Nicky Giraffe, Monica Adriana, Demi, Scout

Set life: Another shot showed the artist in a floral robe in a room with green walls, hanging guitars and drums in the background

Set life: Another shot showed the artist in a floral robe in a room with green walls, hanging guitars and drums in the background


58-86: Actual Madrid wins in fashion in opposition to MoraBanc Andorra on first street journey of league marketing campaign

real Madrid made two out of two wins and took a first win on the road after taking a sublime away from MoraBanc Andorra with a good team performance. Five players finished the game with double digits, led by Tavares (15 points, 8 rebounds, 4 blocks and 26 in PIR). The team, trained by Pablo lasso – who reached the 600-victory mark as the whites in charge – delivered another good defensive performance that Andorra – which had previously recorded 98 – limited to only 58 points. In less than 48 hours, Madrid will be back in the league against Mombus Obradoiro WiZink Center.

The Whites got off to a flying start, taking a 0-10 lead in the first two minutes and 39 seconds – a perfect magic when the team defended solidly, had the rebound on top, moved the ball well and kept running, to take the initiative against a shocked home team. Heurtel determine the tone of the game (5 assists) and its follow-up game Tavares (9 points and 5 rebounds), along with Give it back‘s contribution (5 + 3), led the Madridistas in the early stages. MoraBanc Andorra responded well from the three-point line (14-16) but the rotations around lasso helped the guests to a comfortable seven-point lead at the end of the first quarter (14:21).

Madrid under control

The high number of sales and the introduction of diagnosis for Andorra prevented Madrid from clearing the scoreboard in the first half. The defensive solidity of the team, which corresponds to the physicality of the opponent, and the contribution of the players who come off the bench in the form of Llull, Taylor, Pear tree and Alocén, allowed the team to extend the lead to 12 points at 22:34 in the 17th minute. By this point in the game, the Vitoria-born coach had already used all 12 players, including Rudywho, after an injury in the Spanish Supercup (30-38, at least 20).

The team remained determined even after the break and, thanks to an aggressive defensive and energetic offensive, gradually built the gap to an opponent who was rarely able to react. At 32-38 in the 21st minute, Build put Madrid firmly in power with an exhibition from the three-point area. His three straight threesomes were followed by another six points from the fire Tavares, kept pounding on the home side’s basket as he approached a doubles doubles. Until then, Madrid was very comfortable and the combination Heurtel, Entertainer and Give it back opened in the third quarter with a minute before the end a 22-point lead (42:64).

Convincing victory

Madrid remained mentally strong and did not let the big lead carry them away as the guests continued to shoot determinedly and fought for every ball. MoraBanc Andorra couldn’t counter lassoTroops and encountered a remarkable defense in which both Tavares and Pear tree Proved to be unbeatable (4 blocks from Cape Verde). Williams-Goss made sure that the lead was expanded further, which was 33 points at 53:84 one minute before the end. It was the second win for real Madrid and the team is sure to start clicking. The whites must now concentrate on the duel against Monbus Obradoiro, who the WiZink Center on Sunday (8 p.m. CET).


What to find out about planning a visit to Machu Picchu after the pandemic

The pandemic is causing changes in Machu Picchu, some of which may last long after the global outbreak ends.

The Inca archaeological site from the 15th ruined by crowds.

Perhaps the pandemic contributed to this. New rules now regulate how many people are admitted and what they can do inside, said Jose Miguel Bastante, director of Peru’s Machupicchu Archaeological National Park, in an interview with CNBC.

safety rules

Like other monuments around the world, Machu Picchu was closed to visitors in March 2020.

Visitors to Machu Picchu must wear masks at all times, including when taking photos.

Percy Hurtado | AFP | Getty Images

It reopened in November, but with new safety protocols such as the compulsory wearing of masks, restrictions on group size – no more than nine people, including a guide – and a requirement that groups stay at least 20 meters apart.

Less visitors

Over the past five years, Machu Picchu has received an average of up to 4,800 visitors a day. Basically everyone who arrived was allowed to enter, according to a 2017 report of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee.

Machu Picchu’s ticketing website sold 3,700 tickets per day, but it did not include the 500 daily visitors who visited the website, according to the report. Additionally, the report states that additional tickets are being sold by tour operators and on the website itself.

We open at six in the morning and there were hundreds and hundreds of people wanting to enter …

Jose M. Bastante


In July 2020 the Peruvian authorities the number of website visitors in Machu Picchu is limited to 2,244 per day. But even this change did not solve the problem of people who preferred to visit at the same time of day, especially at sunrise.

“Everyone wanted to be the first in Machu Picchu,” he said. “We open at six in the morning and there were hundreds and hundreds of people wanting to enter, with queues that will be two hours.”

It was as if visitors believed that “the sun will come up super early and light up Machu Picchu like in a movie,” he said, adding that the best time to visit is actually the afternoon after the morning mist clears Has.

The park is still open 365 days a year from 6 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., but tickets are now being sold for certain times of the day.

Matthew Williams-Ellis | Universal picture group | Getty Images

Before the website reopened, the way tickets were issued changed. In the past, tickets were issued for half-day blocks – either in the morning or in the afternoon. Now visitors buy tickets for certain hours.

“If you have a 10am ticket, you have to enter between 10am and 11am,” Bastante said, adding that travelers who arrive outside of their time frame “cannot enter”.

Emotional outbursts

The new rules have sparked emotional reactions from tourists, some of whom may have crossed continents to see Peru’s most famous tourist attraction.

“We had people outside of the website complaining and crying,” Bastante said in an interview with the Getty Conservation Institute released this spring. “But we cannot go against our established capacities.”

Machu Picchu was built to accommodate about 400 residents with about 1,200 additional people during the festivals, according to archaeologist Jose Miguel Bastante.

prosiaczeq | iStock editorial team | Getty Images

Visitors now also spend a little less time on the website. The older half-day rule allowed them to explore the site for four hours, although it was not strictly enforced. Now they are allowed to stay until they have finished their chosen route, which can take anywhere from one to three hours, said Bastante.

The hourly quota system will remain – even after the pandemic subsides – because it has made crowd management more efficient, Bastante said.

“No more last-minute destination”

Planning a trip to Machu Picchu has also changed. Visitors can no longer expect to buy tickets on site or even a few days in advance as they sell out quickly.

Bastante recommends booking tickets a month or two in advance. He also suggests booking tickets before booking flights and hotels, adding that Machu Picchu “is no longer a last-minute destination”.

“There were people who came to Cusco and then they realized that … there are no tickets to Machu Picchu,” he said, referring to the Peruvian city about 80 kilometers from the site.

The authorities launched a new ticketing website in 2018. On it, travelers can see how many free slots are available for each hour. Most of the appointments in the next two months are already booked, but Tickets were more easily available afterwards.

Less trekkers on the Inca Trail

Authorities have also restricted the number of trekkers on the Inca Trail. The four-day trek from Cusco to the entrance of Machu Picchu is a popular way to get to the site, although most visitors travel by rail in a 3.5-hour train ride.

The Inca Trail can now only take up half of its previous limit, or about 250 hikers a day, said Fernando Rodriguez, operations manager for Undaunted travel in Peru.

Like visitors to Machu Picchu, the number of hikers on the Inca Trail has also been restricted.

Matthew Williams-Ellis | Universal picture group | Getty Images

Once the porters are captured, there will be 100-110 permits per day left for visitors, he said.

“We encourage travelers to book at least a few months in advance,” he said, “or longer if possible.”

The Inca Trail is subject to similar Covid-19 restrictions as Machu Picchu – group sizes of eight plus a guide, wearing a mask if social distancing is not an option – even when hiking and camping, Rodriguez said.

Closed routes

In 2019, four circuits or fixed routes were set up in the citadel to ensure better crowd control and location management. Previously, these routes were only recommended, and people could go back and explore more than one. Well, none of that is allowed.

There are four walking tours or routes in the citadel, the most depicted in photos of Machu Picchu.

Cris Bouroncle | AFP | Getty Images

The racetracks disperse the crowds and keep people moving, Bastante explained. The given paths mean that tourists cannot explore the entire site in one visit.

Bastante recommends doing an upper loop on the first day, staying overnight in Cusco, and returning the next day to visit one of the lower routes.

More tourists in the future?

Despite the new rules that limit the number of tourists, the site authorities plan to increase the capacity for Machu Picchu in the future.

A new visitor center, due to begin construction later this year, could allow around 6,000 visitors a day to tour Machu Picchu, Bastante said.

Machu Picchu is one of only eight mixed UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Latin America and the Caribbean, which means it has both cultural and natural significance.

Ernesto Benavides | AFP | Getty Images

The visitor center will be the starting point for new routes and will house a new museum and botanical garden, which Bastante said will more than double the current capacity of the site.

The center will have information on how visitors “should behave in a sacred space,” he said.

“Tourists … don’t understand that this was a sacred place for the Incas and the Peruvians,” he said. “You should behave exactly as you would in any sacred place of any other religion in the world.”

FCC Hearth Cadets increase cash for 9/11 journey to New York

Fresno, CA (KFSN) – To mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Fresno City College is sending 27 cadets to New York next week for a memorial service.

But they need your help to make it happen.

20 years ago, class representative Scott Jeckel decided to become a firefighter.

“Ironically, it’s 9/11,” said Jackel. “Twenty years ago when the September 11th incident occurred, I was 20 years old. Military service was out of the question because I had children at the time. It took me several years to decide how to give back to the community. “”

Inspired by the courage he saw in the firefighters that day, it lit a spark that never went out.

“At 2,000 miles away, if I want to help, I feel like I can’t help,” said Jackel.

Twenty years later, he finally realized his dream of becoming a firefighter.

“Many people in the fire department will understand the fiery desire that never goes away,” added Jackel.

He and 26 other cadets, now at Fresno City College, will be visiting New York next week to visit the 9/11 Memorial and attend a memorial ceremony.

“For those who are alive in the meantime and returning to the fire department in tribute, it really makes sense,” added Jackel.

When not in class, the cadets are working to raise the $ 30,000 needed for the trip, and they are still raising money just days after it takes off.

“We felt it was important to maintain a relationship and partnership with the east coast in the event of a pandemic or something else,” said Peter Cakossa, head of fire drills.

I hope to honor the brave men who died that day 20 years ago.

“We can welcome cadets who weren’t alive then, share the job we’re working on, and understand that we are all one big family,” explains Jackel. Bottom.

To donate to them, please contact Director Peter Cacossa. Or Cadet Scott Jaeckel

Copyright © 2021 KFSN-TV. All rights reserved.

FCC Fire Cadets raise funds for 9/11 trip to New York Source link FCC Fire Cadets raise funds for 9/11 trip to New York

What’s journey stacking and why are vacationers reserving a number of journeys?

When planning a trip, a trip to a specific location is usually booked at the same time.

Now more and more people are booking two or even three trips in the same travel period in case Covid-related issues ruin their preferred plans.

The trend is known as “trip stacking” and involves booking a more aggressive trip – such as overseas or a cruise – backed by a trip that is less likely to be canceled.

By planning multiple trips to different geographic areas, travelers can also choose the trip that suits their level of comfort closer to the time of departure.

When it started

Trip stacking is “a pretty new trend,” says Misty Belles, executive director of the luxury travel network Virtuoso. She estimates it started between May and June after the US got vaccinations and Europe started reopening.

The trend took off in the summer when new variants of Covid-19 began to disrupt travel plans around the globe, said Joshua Bush, CEO of the Pennsylvania-based travel company Avenue Two journeys.

On the whole, the cancellation policy has remained very flexible so that the traveler has this choice. But as travel gets bigger and bigger, you can find that this changes a little.

Misty Belles

Managing Director, Virtuoso

He told CNBC that sometimes its customers would wait six to nine months to travel only to ruin their plans just before their departure date.

By early August, more than 50% of Americans had canceled or changed their travel plans due to the delta variant, according to a survey by finance website FinanceBuzz.

Plan A and B goals

One of Bush’s clients booked a Silverseas cruise from Athens to Rome in October and a 10-day trip to Hawaii over the same period, he told CNBC.

“The thing is … actually that Hawaii could be a bit more of a challenge than actually going to Greece, “he said, referring to the announcement made last week by Hawaii Governor David Ige that travelers should stay away from the state.

Joshua Bush, CEO of Avenue Two Travel, said his company booked many travelers to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico this year.

Danny Lehman | The image database | Getty Images

Mexico and the Caribbean islands also serve as a safety net for Americans because they’re easy to get to, Bush said.

Belles told CNBC about a traveler who booked a trip to Portugal before the reopening, with Florida as a backup plan. Portugal opened on time and the traveler could start the European trip. She put off the Florida trip until the end of the year.

“By and large, the cancellation policy has remained very flexible, giving the traveler that choice,” said Belles. “But as travel gets bigger, you can find that that changes a little.”

More travel, more money

Trip stacking works for some in the industry: travelers are more likely to get their vacation, and travel agents can make more money from it. The Australian agency magazine “Travel Talk” published an article on the trend this month entitled “What is trip stacking? and how can you make money with it?

But the hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators on the receiving end of the cancellations may not have that much to gain.

Bush said to protect his company’s relationship with its supplies, concurrent trips are only booked for a “small group of our very best customers.” Many travelers postpone their trips instead of canceling their trips, he said, and in other cases, cancellations are filled in by other travelers booking at the last minute.

“Thirty percent our bookings are made within five days of departure, which is absolutely unheard of, “he said.” Even in-house at our own company, we can replenish many of them. ” [canceled] Reservations. “

Bush said he had trained his agency’s 115 advisors across the country on “how to do this ethically”. He added that, in his opinion, the negative impact will not be big enough to cause hotels to change the flexible cancellation policy that made the trend flourish in the first place.

“Part of the game”

Jason Friedman, the executive director of the hotel consulting firm JM Friedman & Co., said that while trip stacking can be annoying for hotels, it’s “part of the game”.

“If a hotel wants to extend a 24-hour toll-free cancellation policy, a guest booking and subsequent cancellation within the policy is fine,” he said.

But the guests also have to obey the rules, Friedman said. He called it “a one-way street” and said guests would also have to accept cancellation fees and non-refundable deposit policies.

Trip stacking will cause airline and hotel prices to rise for everyone.

Tim Hentschel

Hotel planner

He differentiates trip stacking from “ghost bookings” – which he described as “bored people in lockdown, having fun” who book trips because there are no penalties for doing so.

“There are people who have no intention of finalizing the booking,” he said. “That’s wrong.”

Tim Hentschel, co-founder and CEO of travel technology company HotelPlanner, said that while trip stacking makes sense, it can also have pitfalls.

“Travelers also need to know that as opposed to three or four dinner reservations and then deciding hours in advance where to go based on appetite or convenience, travel stacking causes airline and hotel prices to rise for everyone,” he said. “In contrast to restaurants, hotels and airlines raise their prices with increasing occupancy.”

Read more from CNBC about travel and vaccinations

He said he doesn’t expect trip stacking to be popular with hotels.

“Some hotels can now start charging a non-refundable booking fee in advance – as airlines do – and others can simply abolish their cancellation policy altogether to avoid double bookings,” said Hentschel.

To minimize the likelihood of hotels reacting in this way, there is something travelers can do, according to Hentschel.

“Travelers using their trip stack or arbitrage options should remember the customary courtesy of canceling all reservations and bookings as early as possible,” he said. “That’s the socially responsible thing.”

Meanwhile, Bush said he believed trip stacking is a short-term tactic that will end with the pandemic.

“If we do what Dr. Fauci said yesterday and get vaccinated, we’ll be out in the spring,” he said.

NBC10 Boston Responds Helps Household Get Cash Again After Journey Canceled – NBC Boston

The Amodeos family from Southbridge, Massachusetts planned to spend a week in Hawaii last May.

“We were looking forward to lots of beach time,” said Lee Amodeo. “But the pandemic has arrived and it was pretty obvious that this thing wasn’t going to happen.”

Amodeo says his wife booked the trip through the Hopper travel app.

After Hawaii’s governor announced a 14-day quarantine restriction, he said they received an email from Hopper in April informing them that Hawaiian Airlines had canceled their flights. They requested a refund and Hopper said they are working with the airline and hope to be back in touch within 90 business days.

Amodeo says they never got an update and tried for months to get a refund.

“It would be an email waiting for a reply and an email waiting for a reply and then finally, ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you,'” he said. “I don’t know if they were just overwhelmed, but we hadn’t heard anything for a long time.”

Amodeo says it was at this point that his wife decided to contact NBC10 Boston Responds.

“She said, ‘You know, I’ll call NBC, I’ll contact Leslie Gaydos and involve her investigation team,” Amodeo recalled.

NBC10 Boston contacted Hopper and heard from them the next day. The company said it was in contact with the Amodeos and offered them a total refund of $ 1,115.60.

In addition to the airfare, the company tells us: “Hopper made a refund for the additional services purchased at the time of booking, including insurance, refundable ticket, missed connection plans and Hopper tip. However, these fees were originally non-refundable as Hopper has refunded the full amount out of courtesy. “

“I barely checked the bank account and the money was in the account,” said Amodeo. “The experience with NBC was absolutely wonderful, I was happy to have it over with, absolutely. I wouldn’t want to go through this again.”

It is advisable to compare prices and read the fine print carefully before booking through a third-party travel website. If you need to change your reservation, the fee can be cheaper if you booked directly with the hotel or the airline. And if the airline cancels your flight, you will likely get a refund faster if you booked directly.

If you have a consumer problem that you need help with, contact us by clicking here or call 1-888-521-NEWS. We are the only local station committed to answering all of your calls and emails.

Uber charged me £332 for a 1.75-mile journey dwelling | Cash

I booked one last week over from our favorite bar to my home in north London – a 1.75 mile journey I have made taken several hundred times.

I was out with two friends whom I regularly drop off on the go. I asked the driver to choose my preferred route, he refused and an argument ensued, to the point where he expelled us out of the cabin in the rain.

The next day I received a receipt for £ 332 – travel expenses. The money was withdrawn from my bank account.

It appears that the driver ran his meter for 16 hours and 27 minutes.

I tried everything to convince Uber that something was wrong. After 1 hour 20 minutes on the phone, it just cut me off, and the company doesn’t seem to have a system that will take such an absurd bill.

AG, London

Aside from asking if you want to get into an argument with drivers about their route, I agree that it is very strange that Uber’s systems failed to detect this obvious flaw.

The travel time is clearly indicated in the app as 16 hours, but shows a shorter route through London.

You are not the first reader to complain that Uber’s customer service is impenetrable.

Uber says, “We’re sorry the user had such a bad experience. Due to a technical error in the trip that we are investigating, the user was overcharged and we contacted you to reimburse the trip. “

And finally …

LT writes to commend easyJet for canceling its flights to Bodrum, Turkey in late July. Within five days of requesting a full refund, she said the money was in her bank account. We are overlooked that this was the airline’s legal responsibility. Many passengers are still waiting for refunds from other airlines and travel agents from last year.

We look forward to letters, but we cannot reply individually. Email or write to Consumer Champions, Money, the Guardian, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU. Please provide a phone number for the day. The submission and publication of all letters is subject to ours Terms and Conditions

17 Cash-Saving Ideas for Your Highway Journey to Las Vegas

If you’ve chosen Las Vegas as your road trip destination, your future will definitely be fun. Try some of these money saving ideas to get the most of your trip.

Start your journey to financial success with a bang

Get free access to the select products we use to meet our money goals. These fully vetted tips could be the solution to increasing your credit score, investing more profitably, building an emergency fund, and much more.

By submitting your email address, you consent to us sending you money tips along with products and services that we think may interest you. You can unsubscribe at any time. Please read our Data protection and Terms & amp; conditions.

How to save money on a trip to Las Vegas

Follow some or all of these tips to save money on your Las Vegas adventure.

1. Get a new credit card

If you’re eligible, you might be able to get a nice welcome offer by opening a new one Credit card Account. Look for one that offers a Sign up bonus Cash or points that can be used directly on your trip. This strategy requires a bit of foresight, as most rewards credit card Bonus offers depend on the fact that you debit the card with a certain amount within the first few months of opening the account.

2. Use your points

Did you Credit card points who have sat around with little to no travel over the past year? Break them out. Redeem any free hotel room certificates you have as they may have an expiration date.

3. Avoid holidays

This is a golden rule of travel. More people have time to travel on and around holidays. Popular travel destinations will be more crowded and businesses will have little incentive to offer deals or savings.

4. Visit during the week

For the same reasons, Las Vegas is cheaper on weekdays. Some hotels charge more on Saturdays – sometimes double or more – compared to earlier in the week.

5. Set a gambling budget

You really don’t have to gamble to have fun in Las Vegas. But if you’re looking forward to taking a risk, take action budget. Decide how much you want to spend on gambling in advance and then stop when that amount runs out.

6. Get a gamer card

When you plan to play, every casino will give you a loyalty card. You may receive a freebie just for signing up. You can then collect points for rewards such as restaurant or room discounts.

7. Play from the strip

You will likely find lower minimum stakes and friendlier player rules once you step out of the general area of ​​Las Vegas Boulevard. Some people say that the slot machines also pay out more often off the strip.

8. Get a room away from the Strip

Hotels along the Las Vegas Strip are often the most expensive accommodations. The prices of course depend on the day of the week and the time of year you are traveling. But when doing your research, be sure to compare prices for off-strip and lesser-known hotels. Many are of the same caliber as the better-known hotels, offering great food and entertainment without the high room rates.

9. Rebooking and rebooking

Hotels and resorts in Las Vegas often offer free cancellation up to a few days before arrival. Find out about the cancellation policy for your reservation and keep booking better deals until there are no more options. Canceling a prepaid or third-party reservation can be more difficult than canceling a reservation made directly with a hotel. So make sure you understand the policies before booking.

10. Book a last minute room

Are you enthusiastic about spontaneity? This strategy is for you, especially if you live near Las Vegas. Book your room the day you want to go. Rooms sometimes show up for as little as $ 20.

11. Watch free shows

All major casinos and many smaller venues offer free entertainment. That’s because they want you there so they can trick you into spending money. That is why they go to great lengths to attract and hold you. That means some of the free conversations are really pretty spectacular. Some shows take place outdoors, like the volcanic eruption in front of The Mirage. And some are inside, like the amazing painted ceilings at The Venetian.

12. Buy tickets at half price

Las Vegas is where you’ll find world-class entertainment. From Cirque du Soleil to Taylor Swift, Vegas shows can leave you breathless and amazed. Unfortunately, ticket prices can leave you gasping for breath. But if you’re flexible with your plans and are open to the show you end up seeing, you may be able to snag cheap tickets at the last minute. Discount resellers sell tickets for the same day at a steep discount. There are kiosks all over Las Vegas.

13. Use public transport

Find free parking spaces and leave your car parked. Aside from the challenge of finding free parking in other locations, traffic in Las Vegas can be brutal. Las Vegas has a bus that takes you back and forth between downtown and the Strip for a few dollars a day. Some hotels have free tram service to other hotels. The Downtown Loop Shuttle is also free. If necessary, you can get into a rideshare vehicle at any time.

14. BYO drinks and snacks

Many hotel rooms are equipped with a small refrigerator. Do some grocery shopping to save money on restaurant meals.

15. Eat brunch

Rumor has it that Las Vegas hotel buffets will reopen sometime in June or July 2021. Fingers crossed! If a buffet is an option when visiting Las Vegas, schedule your visit for a late breakfast / early lunch to save an entire meal for the day. Another great option is to purchase the Buffet of Buffets Pass, which gives you access to a range of buffets for one price. Usually enough for a full day, but if you buy it just before dinner, it’s good for 24 hours, giving you the option of getting four meals for one price.

16. Avoid using a casino ATM

Casino ATMs often charge very high fees for cash withdrawals. Get your money in advance from an ATM outside the casino.

17. Protect your money

The best thieves in the world are in Las Vegas enjoying things right alongside unsuspecting visitors with money to spend. Do you think a thief couldn’t take your wallet out of your purse or pocket? Think again Aside from the old fashioned pickpocket, you can find all kinds of scammers. Be more defensive than usual and be wary of any heartfelt plea for help or golden opportunity.

One thing that you should NOT be doing to save money in Las Vegas

We’re all about saving money, and this list just scratches the surface when it comes to how to save money on a Las Vegas vacation. But you should also know a money-saving strategy that could bring you bad service, bad karma, bad luck, or a combination of the three:

Be stingy with tips. The folks in Las Vegas work around the clock to give you a good experience. The personal finance many of these workers rely on tips as it can be their main or sole source of income. So be kind and plan to tip the workers who are performing a service to your benefit.


Former trainer accused of stealing area journey cash

CNN – Regional

From WALA employees

Click here for updates on this story

MOBIL, Alabama (WALA) – A Mobile County woman has come into conflict with the law and is accused of stealing money while teaching at Taylor White Elementary School.

Amanda Brown Hall was jailed in Metro Prison on Wednesday and faced two ethics violation charges. Bond was set at $ 5,000 for each charge. Records show that she connected about two hours later.

Hall was indicted by a Mobile County grand jury in May. The prosecutor’s office said the investigation began in 2019.

The indictment states, “Hall has withheld, converted, and / or misappropriated funds, cash, currencies, and / or funds collected for a school excursion (s).”

It’s unclear how much money Hall is accused of theft or whether she has a lawyer.

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The Phelps issue: Kalisz claims return journey to Olympics | Leisure

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) – Despite retiring from swimming five years ago, the influence of Michael Phelps was felt on the opening night of the U.S. Olympic Trials.

Chase Kalisz, who says Phelps is like a big brother, got himself another trip to the Olympics by winning the 400m individual medley on Sunday.

A hooded Phelps then cheered him on from the socially distant stands sauntered onto the deck to hug his former training partner at the North Baltimore Aquatic Club.

“Michael supports me a lot,” said Kalisz. “He’ll give me a kick in the butt when I need it, and sometimes I need it. Michael was an older brother to me in my life. I remember interacting with Michael when I was 6 years old – and here we are 21 years later. “

Phelps was impressed with Kalisz’s performance.

“His back half was great,” Phelps told the Associated Press. “I thought he might go a little faster. But he’ll be there soon. He took care of what he had to do. “

On the women’s side, the Americans had offspring: 19-year-old Emma Weyant prevailed against three Olympic veterans in her first tests and won an exciting 400 IM.

Another Olympic rookie, Kieran Smith, cut his previous personal best by almost 3 seconds to win the 400 freestyle and take his place for Tokyo.

Kalisz was halfway behind the top qualifier Carson Foster after the butterfly and backstroke course.

But Kalisz took the lead in the breaststroke and held it through the freestyles to the end, winning in 4 minutes, 9.09 seconds.

“I know where to be to get away from the breaststroke,” said the 27-year-old.

Phelps, who retired in 2016 after winning a record 23 gold medals in the Olympics, said everyone at the trials should get a boost from racing in front of fans.

USA Swimming allowed around 50% capacity in the 14,000-seat arena, with many of the empty seats filled with cardboard cutouts.

After more than a year without fans in the stands, the atmosphere for the swimmers was still a welcome change.

“You get that power from the fans,” said Phelps. “I got goosebumps when I entered the arena tonight.”

Another 2016 Olympian, Jay Litherland, followed Foster over the last 25 meters and took the expected second place on the Olympic team in 4: 10.33.

Foster finished third in 4: 10.86 – outside of the Olympic Games.

This ensured that some veterans would be the first swimmers to grab spots on the squad that will travel with high expectations to the Tokyo games delayed by the pandemic.

Kalisz took silver in the 400 IM at the Rio Olympics while Litherland finished fifth in that event.

Kalisz swam over to hug Litherland after seeing them finish 1-2. Both attended the University of Georgia and are still training together.

“It means the world to have my training partner with me,” said Kalisz.

The pandemic-related Olympics turned out to be a blessing for Kalisz, who hadn’t even qualified for the final of the 400 IM at the 2019 World Championships. He was struggling with a shoulder injury and was clearly not in full force.

An additional year of training was just what he needed before he could take on the grueling 400 IM on exams.

“I would definitely say that,” said Kalisz. “I don’t want to say that last year I wasn’t prepared because I was. But I’m 27. My body needs a lot more rest than ever before. “

Practically in sync with the top 4 In the final round of the 400 women’s IMs, Weyant touched first in 4: 33.81.

Hali Flickinger secured the probable second place for Tokyo with 4: 33.96, while Melanie Margalis (4: 34.08) and Leah Smith (4: 34.55) just missed out.

They set the four fastest times in the world that year, a testament to America’s strength and depth among women.

Weyant said her strategy is, “Stick to my race schedule and don’t worry about everyone around me. Stick to my strengths and always take them home with you when doing freestyle. “

Flickinger, Margalis, and Smith were on the U.S. Olympic team in 2016, but Weyant defeated them all.

“I’m not going to lie,” said the teenager. “I was really nervous so I tried to get that out of my system (in the morning preliminary round). Tonight’s plan was just to race. “

Kieran Smith’s Olympic debut will also be his first time with the national team.

He won in 3: 44.86 but knows that he has to be even faster to get a medal – especially against a strong Australian squad.

Reigning Olympic gold medalist Mack Horton drove a faster time than Smith in his country’s trials, and it wasn’t even good enough to make it onto the Australian team.

“I’m really excited about this swim,” said Smith, who had a best time to date of 3: 47.71. “I’m looking forward to hopefully improving this swim and being competitive with the rest of the world.”

No one else in the eight-man final was fast enough to meet the qualifying time for Tokyo.

Sunday too Michael Andrew has set two American records in the 100th breaststroke, 58.19 in the preliminary rounds in the morning and even faster – 58.14 – in the evening semi-finals.

He will be the clear favorite in the final on Monday.

“There’s a lot left in the tank,” said Andrew. “Maybe I tried too hard with the lights and cameras to go home. Hopefully I can fix that tomorrow. “

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