Try the newest make money working from home fashion tendencies of 2022

Trends come and go, but some stick around for a while, like the work-from-home look. Forget about wearing casual clothes and try some new styles that are both comfortable and suitable for online meetings and calls.

Being stylish is always great, whether in the office or at home. Naveen Mahlawat, co-founder of, a fashion e-commerce site owned by MadBow Ventures Ltd, offers some new style tips for working from home:

The black and white top
This timeless combination never goes out of style. A black and white shirt paired with black trousers or a black skirt creates the perfect style, whether at your desk or in your favorite armchair at home.

olive green
What better way to show off your professional yet trendy side than with an olive green full sleeve top? In a Zoom meeting or during a virtual chat with your client, the ever-popular olive color is great for drawing attention.

Classy cargo pants
Old is gold, and cargo tracks are the most comfortable and easy to style. Combine them with sweaters or sweatshirts for a full day in front of the computer.

The shirt dress
For your virtual presentations about your office project, the shirt dress will give you a formal yet trendy look. The blue shirt seems comfortable enough to wear all day, but it also gives the impression that you haven’t just got out of bed.

Plaid blue skirt
Combine your favorite sleeveless tops with the pretty plaid blue tie skirt for a stylish look for your long day at work. This outfit allows you to show off your eccentric side while still maintaining a professional demeanor at work.

Passport: Locations, Tendencies, Type January 2022

Start your new chapter in the sky with Crew Aviation

By Shannon Weidekamp
Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Whether you are traveling to an exotic destination, a romantic resort or a familiar vacation spot to start a new life together, Crew Aviation can help make it a once in a lifetime experience.

What are the most important things couples should consider when planning their honeymoon?

A great experience starts with knowing your travel budget. But even if you have unlimited cash to spend, it can turn into a travel nightmare if your travel planning doesn’t include understanding the possible restrictions and providing the necessary documents for your trip. If you are traveling outside of the United States, you need to know the current restrictions in your destination. Some countries not only require COVID vaccinations for entry, but other vaccines may be required or strongly recommended. Yellow fever, malaria, typhoid, and other vaccinations are recommended in many countries and can be purchased from your local health department or your GP. A passport is required for travel outside the United States and current turnaround times can be lengthy. So plan accordingly. Most countries have restrictions that your passport cannot be issued within six months of its expiration. If in doubt, check your travel details with your current passport. Travel visas may also be required and there may be longer waiting times. With COVID restrictions changing on a daily basis, it is best to check back regularly to make sure you have all of the necessary documentation. Crew Aviation employees receive updates on travel restrictions, health and wellness and safety several times a day in order to inform our passengers in advance of their planned trip.

What are the advantages of private traveling with a crew for a newlywed couple?

Crew Aviation offers a bespoke experience where the couple can choose flight time, destination, amenities and travel details. There are no TSA lines, no ticket counters, lost luggage or angry passengers. Passengers can travel with their luggage and items that they want to take with them for recreational activities, such as golf clubs, ski equipment, snorkeling or diving equipment, hiking or trekking – really the sky and the luggage space are the limits! On return, most items purchased can be brought on board and secured for the journey home. Many newlyweds buy items to commemorate their trip, and private flights can easily accommodate a wine box, framed artwork, or treasure from an antique or design store that needs to be part of their home. The beginning of a new life together should be relaxing and romantic with the opportunity to make memories.

Which special services are still offered?

Our employees can coordinate a farewell party in our private VIP hangar with family and friends. Special items can be arranged for the flight, such as champagne, a personal wedding or honeymoon cake, a catering menu or the placement of gifts. We have an in-house travel expert who can book an entire trip including hotel, tours, meals, ground transportation and activities. Upon request of individual services, we can book rental cars, chauffeur-driven cars or limousines, island transports, and seaplanes or helicopters. We also have exclusive partners for luxury yachts, sailing boats or other excursions upon arrival at the destination. With a global network of companies and trusted contacts, we can help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

Can we add a Crew Aviation flight to our honeymoon registration?

Sure! Usually trips can be planned 12 months in advance, leaving enough time to leave gifts for your memorable trip. We can help you plan a registration budget or create an account that allows guests to contribute directly without the fees associated with most online sites. Contact us for restrictions and limitations so that you can decide which method is best for you.

Are there other options when using Crew Aviation?

Yes, we can offer transport to connecting locations. Perhaps your dream honeymoon is a cruise. We can fly you to the destination where your ship departs and return when your adventure is complete. Often times, couples are given airline tickets or airline miles for travel. If you fly commercially to Europe, Hawaii, Australia or Tahiti, we can connect you with direct international flights such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles or Seattle.

Whether we offer round-trip transportation or a connection to your entire honeymoon travel experience, we always offer Stellar service.

Crew Aviation, LLC
1176 Standiford Ave.
Louisville, KY 40213

Sew Repair Predicts “On a regular basis” Model and Purchasing Tendencies for 2022 in Inaugural Model Forecast Report

Reveals the pandemic’s impact on developing wardrobes when people conduct a closet clearance

– Two-thirds of Americans – and nearly 80% of millennials – say they intend to replace about a third of their wardrobe¹

– Almost a third of people would rather accept a 10% pay cut than dress for work every day, ¹ contributes to the rise of the new categories of business comfort and versatile athleisure

– Bold colors and patterns on the rise: Stitch Fix predicts Vibrant Magenta as the color of the year, with mint, mustard and purple also popular with women, while men turn to dusty lavender, dark green and coral. Color blocks, squares, and graphics are some of the most popular patterns

– Jeans are back – which is reflected in an increase in customer inquiries and sales from Stitch Fix. People are turning to more casual fits, with wide-legged sales up 70% year-over-year, while trends to “slim” are declining

– People are excited to get dressed up. 44% plan to replace their go-out clothing – 61% of Generation Z1 – as demand for special occasion clothing and high heels increases at Stitch Fix

– The vast majority (81%) of people would like a better way to find clothes that fit them and their lifestyle¹, suggesting that they need a more personalized shopping experience when they remodel their closets

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 15, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Stitch Fix (NASDAQ: SFIX), the world’s leading personalized online shopping experience, today released its first Style Forecast highlighting key trends for 2022, including Business Comfort as the new workwear category, Growth in versatile athleisure styles, bold colors and patterns and the resurgence of categories such as jeans, heels and dresses. The report also highlights the frustrations people experience with traditional online shopping, such as:

The comprehensive Style Forecast integrates Stitch Fix sales and purchasing insights from 4.2 million customers and thousands of Stitch Fix stylists, combined with consumer surveys and industry data to give solid insight into real life trends – not just on the fashion catwalks . Stitch Fix has billions of style data points, gathered by advanced algorithms and data science teams, from detailed style feedback that customers choose to leave, providing a continuous impetus on what people buy how often and why would.

The story goes on

“From the very beginning, Stitch Fix has brought together advanced data science and a human touch to transform the way people find the clothes that help them look and feel good. From this data, we also gain insight into broader style trends in the marketplace and what motivates those trends – which has been particularly important in the past two years in order to steer changing consumer preferences at an uncertain time, “said Elizabeth Spaulding, CEO, Stichfix. “We hope the Style Forecast offers a fashion perspective beyond the runway trends to help people and our brand partners better understand what’s trending in everyday life as we head into the New Year and adopt a ‘new normal’ together. “

Below are notable results from the Stitch Fix Style Forecast 2022. To read the full report, visit

The COVID closet clearance:

  • Two-thirds of consumers (67%) plan to replace a third of their wardrobe, 33% plan to replace at least half – and nearly 4 in 5 millennials (79%) are likely to refresh their wardrobe

  • Style preferences have changed: 58% of Stitch Fix Women’s customers and 53% of men said their looks changed during the pandemic and they expect those changes to continue in the near future.

Unexpected style influencers:

  • Amanda Gorman is the most unexpected style icon of 2021, as Stitch Fix customer requests for headbands have increased 600% year on year after putting on a statement headband at the inauguration – during Harry Styles is the most stylish celebrity of the year as inquiries mentioning the fashion icon rose 160% from 2020 after its “Love on Tour” shows launched.

  • Meanwhile, Stitch Fix customers are also turning to TikTok influencers for style advice: customer inquiry notes with “TikTok” are up 75% year over year, with some of the hottest looks including Y2K, Cottagecore and Dark Academia.

The color of the year is Vibrant Magenta:

  • Runner-up is purple, mint, and mustard for women – and dusty lavender, dark green, and coral for men.

  • More than a third (36%) of consumers say they will look forward to bright, saturated colors in 2022. Patterns – like color blocks, squares, and graphics – are also on the rise, with 25% of consumers planning to wear them more often. 1

Business comfort (not casual) is the future of workwear:

  • Almost a third (31%) of consumers say they would rather accept a 10% cut in their wages than dressing up for work every day.1 Almost 4 in 5 Americans (77%) have at least some business attire sworn off forever, 1 Almost half (45%) of the people wanted to do without business suits and a third (31%) wanted to do without suit pants. Over half (51%) of boomers say they will never wear a business suit again.

  • A new category that Stitch Fix called “Business Comfort” has emerged, proving that you can have style and comfort that are more sophisticated than the earlier “Casual” classification. This can be seen in oversized stretch blazers, elastic trousers, sweater dresses and new “Knoven” tops (knitwear + woven material).

Denim & dresses return to the daily wardrobe:

  • Jeans sales at Stitch Fix were up 30% year over year, and women’s wide leg sales were up 70%, while the skinny jeans growth rate declined over the same period after “toasting” on TikTok and a fashion trend over the winter “were heading towards style and comfort.

  • Everyday dresses are thriving too, and Stitch Fix has increased inventory by 40% year-over-year to meet demand. Top styles include maxi dresses, which have seen sales grow 60% year over year; Dresses made from natural fabrics such as linen, poplin, and gauze; and bright, upbeat colors and prints.

All-purpose athleisure & performance-oriented active:

  • Athleisure remains the fastest growing category of Stitch Fix, while performance-based active sales also rise (women 300% +, men 100% + YoY) as people discover new sports like tennis, golf, and hiking. Trendy styles in this category are skorts and skirts, bike shorts, hiking shorts and performance polos.

Increasingly on the move:

  • While workwear is all about comfort, more than half (55%) of consumers said they like getting dressed for going out, with 44% actively planning to replace their dressing gowns – 61% of Generation Z. 1

  • To support this, Stitch Fix’s sales in the special occasion category rose 50% year over year, suggesting that people are actually going out again. And fancy shoes grow faster – both boot and high heel sales rose about 70% year over year, while high boot sales rose 150% over the same period.

Offer a more personalized shopping experience

The vast majority (81%) of consumers say they want a better way to find clothes that fit them and their lifestyle. While eager to refresh their wardrobes, they still have huge frustrations with the typical online shopping experience – such as not knowing the fit before buying and scrolling for hours to find what they are looking for want. In the meantime, customer inquiries for sustainable and organic materials have increased by 22% since 2020, which indicates that consumers are placing increasing emphasis on social and ecological values ​​when shopping. The Style Forecast looks at the ability for retailers to offer the things that are most important to people in a shopping experience right now, such as:

Reporting methodology
The Stitch Fix Style Forecast leverages data collected from Stitch Fix’s 4.2 million customers and thousands of seasoned stylists and its merchandising team who review performance and feedback dashboards on a daily basis. Some of these metrics include: sales data; “Like / Love” value, a measure of customer feedback on certain points; “Success Rate” of the number of times an item is held in a fix (the curated selection of items that are delivered to customers); Customer profile data points; and Fix Request Notes, the note clients leave their stylist to indicate what they would like to receive in their next fix. Unless otherwise stated, all statistics on Stitch Fix sales and “Fix” inquiries refer to the calendar year 2021 to date, as of today November 30, 2021. Comparisons to the previous year relate to the 2020 calendar year from January 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020. Also cited is a survey of 1,000 nationally representative consumers aged 18 and over that was carried out by Wakefield Research for Stitch Fix, a survey of 2,000 nationally representative buyers aged 18 and over by OnePoll, market data from Coresight Research, industry trend sources such as WGSN and Trendalytics. All data is sourced from internal Stitch Fix resources unless otherwise noted. All sales data included refer to Stitch Fix sales unless otherwise stated.

About Stitch Fix
Stitch Fix is ​​the world’s leading personalized online shopping experience. Our unique business model combines the human touch of seasoned stylists with the precision of advanced data science. Since our inception in 2011, we’ve served millions of people as a trusted style partner, helping adults and children dress like their best selves every day. The Stitch Fix team is building a transformative and inclusive e-commerce model, an ecosystem of shopping experiences based on convenience and guided discovery that makes it radically easy and enjoyable for customers to discover and buy what they love. For more, visit


1 survey of 1,000 nationally representative US adults by Wakefield Research for Stitch Fix



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SOURCE Stitch Correction

From Rave to Prep, Google’s 2021 High Type Traits Show Picture is Every little thing

Google just released its Year in Search data, which shows the terms with the highest year-over-year growth. To Top trend search of 2020 for “indie style” Google’s 2021 data delves deeper into the world of niche trends, which are no doubt fueled by TikTok’s continued popularity. Among the top 10 outfits that Google recorded this year are “rave outfits”, “preppy outfits”, “cottage core outfits”, “90s outfits” and “festival outfits”, which suggests that People who are looking for fashion tips, want to partake in indie aesthetics or trends.

However, if renewed interest in raving or prep signals that subcultures are back, using those words on the internet, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, points in a different direction. Instead of raving about Bushwick or brunch at the country club, many young millennial and Generation Z fashion lovers see these subcultures less as ideological than aesthetic. The desire to dress like a raver has little to do with being a raver – and that mentality will be difficult to understand for older Millennials, Generation Xers, and Boomers. It used to be a cardinal sin against being cool to dress like a group you weren’t in, and the punishment was harsh: either you were a “poser” or a “sellout”.

In 2016, stylist and fashion lightning rod Lotta Volkova predicted this shift in an interview with Fashion store. “Of course there are no more subcultures to discover, at least not in the western world. It’s more about remixing information, ”she said. “Today’s children – the new generation – think differently. They don’t even know what a subculture is. It is not relevant to them. “

Google’s trending data backs their point. While clothes and aesthetics in the past said something about their wearer – only real punks wore tartan trousers and safety pins while real preps shopped at Ralph Lauren – shoppers today can hop on and off fashion moves without acknowledging the broader implications and historical connotations of their looks.

The endless feed of fashion videos from TikTok plays both sides: Some use the platform as a catwalk and test new aesthetics on an hourly basis, while others use it as an educational platform to familiarize themselves with new Gen Z trends such as “Subversive Basics” – shaped by forecasters deal with Agustina Panzoni in their TikTok feed @thealgorhythm as a catch-all for sexy essentials according to Helmut Lang – and “Avant Basic” – a look that was defined by fashion editor Emma Hope Allwood on Twitter and sweet swirl patterns, holiday checkerboard jeans and so on further contains ubiquitous pink mirror by Ettore Stottsass.

Market Tendencies: Flathead Dwelling Gross sales by Metropolis and Fashion

Which single-family house styles sell the most, how quickly from listing to contract (median), for how much per square meter (median)? See diagram (I filtered out some columns like A-Frame, Cabin and others – as they were full of outliers). Let’s compare September 30th with the previous October 1st for 2021, 2020 and 2019. Ranch and 1.5-2 story styles sell in the largest quantities. Single-story and round timber often sell best per square meter.

© Copyright 2021 by Richard Garrett Dews. All rights reserved. Research is based in part on information from Montana Regional MLS, LLC

Richard Dews is CEO of Glacier Flathead Real Estate, a Flathead-based real estate software and services company.

Insiders Instructed Me 5 Road Model Traits That Will Pop Off at Vogue Month

Fashion Month is officially here and at the same time one of my favorite pieces: street style. When I see what editors, buyers and fashion insiders wear to the shows, I always find so much inspiration. The trends are on the Street style scene and I’ve missed his absence for the past year and a half. What street style trends can we expect in the S / S 22 season now that it is back in full swing?

Curious to see the perspective of the best experts, I asked them to interfere. Here they share their fashion predictions with the 5 street style trends they think will be big during the fashion month. The best part is that each of these trends are very wearable so you can add them to your wardrobe no matter what you are dressing for. Prepare for some great ones Shopping tips for the new season vouch for.

The trend: west

“We expect the vest to see a big return to street style this fashion month. Paired with casual white wide-leg pants for the warmer days and a shirt or turtleneck underneath for cooler temperatures, it is the ultimate street check out The Row, Giuliva Heritage and Racil, all of which have impeccable iterations. ” —Libby Jane Page, Senior Market Editor, Net-a-Porter

Shop the trend:

Who wears what collection Amaya vest ($ 125)

Zara Linen blend vest ($ 40)

Tove Norah tweed vest ($ 170)

Kos Short vest ($ 115)

mango Linen suit vest ($ 80)

The trend: the 90s

“The trends of the nineties and nineties have come back and got stuck. I’m sure many of us feel that the lockdown life has aged us a little and the youthful, experimental spirit of Y2K fashion is a welcome counterbalance . Balenciaga has an obvious nod to rave culture in the F / W 21 collection. Prada revived the ’90s Cleo bag that sent us millennials very sentimental. And Gwyneth Paltrow’s iconic green matching set look from Great Expectations has been updated and reinterpreted by brands like Jacquemus, Christopher Esber and Mach & Mach for the fall. It takes three to make a trend, but with the amount of enthusiasm behind it, it feels more like a street style phenomenon. ” —Jana Hofheimer, buyer, Moda Operandi

The story goes on

Shop the trend:

HM Cotton shirt ($ 25)

Christopher Esber Slanted silk shirt dress with buttons ($ 935)

Urban Outfitters Beth baguette bag ($ 39)

Good american Good 90’s jeans ($ 145)

The Agency Ceci sleeveless turtleneck ($ 105)

The trend: novelty

“A street style trend that I see (and feel!) On the catwalk this month of fashion and will convey this excitement through expressive styles and eye-catching fits.” —Caroline Maguire, Fashion Director, Shopbop

Shop the trend:

reformation Emilio Top ($ 78)

Peter Do Tuxedo mini skirt made of virgin wool blend ($ 1195)

Shop the trend:

Rui Medium cut-out tank top ($ 365)

The ragged priest The Ragged Priest pixel rock ($ 80)

In the season Space dye sweater with puff sleeves and a round neckline ($ 75)

The trend: bare abs

“Exposed, bare waists will be an important trend that we will see through the rest of the fashion month. From ultra-low pants to bra tops layered under blazers, bellies will make up the rest of the month so get ready. ”—Lauren Eggertsen, Editor-in-Chief, Who What Wear

Shop the trend:

Khaite Indira silk georgette bra ($ 348)

Dickies Dickies Cord Pants Carpenter ($ 69)

Jacquemus Satin shirt jacket with chain detail ($ 570)

4. & reckless Arella ribbed jersey bralette ($ 22)

lioness Hidden short shirt ($ 79)

The trend: brown

“Ordinarily I would choose a black color option for everything I buy, but for the last year I have gravitated towards a dark brown. —Jessie Andrews, entrepreneur

Shop the trend:

Nanuschka Faroe Islands top ($ 495)

Gia Borghini X Pernille Teisbaek sandals with two straps ($ 365)

Who wears what collection Lou shirt with buttons ($ 115)

Skims Rib bra with stand-up collar ($ 42)

Edas Yshaia bag ($ 435)

Next, The new fashion finds I’m obsessed with right now.

This article originally appeared on Who wears what

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Jewelry ideas from F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Tendencies that by no means exit of fashion

The iconic 90s show “FRIENDS” recently caused a sensation when its glittering cast performed at a “reunion” event. The special episode frenzied the audience and once again showed how friends are with you forever in good, bad and ugly times! It also highlighted the timeless class and relevance of the ladies’ jewelry on the show. Let’s take a look at the jewelry choices of the most stylish TV characters of the 1990s and how Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe jewelry can still rock any outfit and occasion! We contacted Deepshikha Gupta, Senior VP – Design, Melorra, and asked her to list jewelry ideas inspired by Friends.

Rachel Green aka Jen An

There is no doubt that Jennifer Aniston completely rocked the show with her impeccable style that captured the hearts of millions at the time. She’s still making a splash after all these years, and with her strong personality and fashion sense, Rachel is ambitious for all girls. She completely dominated the screen in her formal attire. Her stunningly beautiful appearance was perfectly complemented by a long, minimalist chain necklace set with asymmetrical stones. Whether a long black dress or simple pant suits that a working fashionista would wear, she adorned them all with trendy but simple pendants that grabbed just the right amount of attention.

Every time her neckline was visible, for example, it was invariably accompanied by a perfect, subtle bling. It can be a red pearl necklace with a tiny crystal pendant and matching earrings or a dangling charms pendant with a figure-hugging sweater – it looks absolutely stylish even in a simple outfit.

There is no doubt that Rachel’s style was perfectly accentuated by her jewelry. It could even make a crystal pendant thread chain on a halter denim top or a pendant on dungarees look exotic. If you ever want a look that is simply stylish, let her inspire you.

Phoebe Buffay

While Rachel stole the limelight with her subtle and fine jewelry, Phoebe Buffay created her own storm by opting for a statement look with her jewelry and accessories. She broke every convention with style and showed how to be adventurous and creative. Phoebe not only made people the ROFL, but made a trendy statement with her unusual layerings and accessories every time Phoebe appeared on screen. She also opted for brightly colored clothes with collars.

When it comes to rings, there is no one like Phoebe. She could literally wear multiple rings, which gave clues about stacking ideas. She was always very superstitious and even saw clairvoyants, which is why you could see so many different rings on her fingers. At the same time, Phoebe looked like a sober woman who could even give Rachel a run for its money when it came to transforming herself into a classy look. She could wear pearls and diamonds with equal ease!

Monica Geller

Monica Geller could easily be any young girl out there. Your obsession with cleaning fits in well with the post-pandemic times! Monica mastered the art of low key style with her minimalist necklaces and earrings that made her look stylish yet normal. The timeless clothing style of Monica is also suitable for casual clothing elements such as pullovers, sweatshirts, T-shirts and normal shirts, etc. Her simple, everyday style is equally good for housewives or working women of today.

Monica wore long lariat necklaces with her low-cut dresses that make her look chic and make a fashion statement. She really flaunted her collarbone to great effect. She could see herself wearing a pair of minimalist pearl earrings and an elegant pearl necklace that make her style relatable, down to earth, and extremely practical for everyday lifestyle.

All three leading women from FRIENDS embody minimalist jewelry styling with their necklaces, simple chains, pendants, ear studs and wristwatches. At the same time you could see them with statement necklaces and asymmetrical designs that are just as adorable in 2021 as they were in 1999. What makes it really amazing is that the leading makers of the time are familiar with the timelessness and relevance of FRIENDS jewelry in our time. If you browse leading online jewelry portals known for minimalist design and style statement jewelry for working women, you will easily find an extensive range of options! Go ahead and bling in a friendly style!

On The Streets: Hottest tendencies from dreamy frocks to quirky baggage, Fashion Information & High Tales

This article first appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, the premier fashion magazine about the best of style, beauty, design, travel and the arts. Go to and follow @harpersbazaarsg; Harpersbazaar Singapore on Facebook. The July 2021 edition is now available in the kiosk.

Staycay style

Wrap it up

Designers took the house outside and turned throws and blankets into cozy style statements. Whether plain, printed, plush or quilted, they can be casually tossed around your shoulders. Or grab a poncho with rustic prints for a rustic chic.

Visual escape

Indulge your wanderlust with accessories made of natural materials – basket, raffia and seaweed – that are reminiscent of airy beach vacations. Unexpected shapes make bags fun, while mixed materials add depth to the resort look.

Aztec equation

Geometric tribal prints get a new life when done with a maximalist slant. Lively color combinations, plush textures and patchwork prints increase the happy meter, while clear, classic silhouettes offset the exaggerated quotient for a super wearable look.

Local respect


How do you look modern with fringe decorations, woven tapestry details and beadwork of indigenous styles for everyday wear? Just don’t go through with it.

Choose one or two items – like a fringed cardigan or a bag with a native print – and combine them with upscale basics to really accentuate your look. Then mix golden balls with fun beads for a high-low mash-up.

Social identity

Houndstooth bag. PHOTO: GUCCI

Carry your culture with pride in contemporary wardrobe classics revamped with traditional textiles and heritage prints. Play with accessories like chinoiseries earrings or a bag with a houndstooth pattern.

Eyes spy


Traditionally worn to drive away evil juju, the evil eye jewelry has re-emerged this season as an emblem of protection, with iterations that are painted, enameled, and blinged-out.

Whether worn on the ears, on the neck, on the wrist or on the fingers, the talismanic Malocchio gives a touch of quirk and at the same time offers comfort in these uncertain times.

Garden walk


Vintage wallpaper-inspired prints are back, switching from old-fashioned to fashionable with a game of silhouette and texture.

Add some pizzazz to maxi lengths with pleats or go easy in a romantic, floating number with boots. Finish with extras that emphasize your personality.

MTV generation

Bucket hats


Popularized by rappers in the 1980s and an integral part of street fashion in the 1990s, bucket hats have overtaken trucker caps as a fashionable mainstay.

Pick one in a whimsical hue, then pair it with the rest of your outfit.

Graphic t-shirts

Graphic t-shirts. PHOTOS: NET-A-PORTER, GUCCI

Bring out your inner child with a loud and proud graphic t-shirt. Who knows? You might meet a kindred spirit and make a new friend.

90s pants

Comfort and swag with relaxed pants. PHOTOS: VIENNA, KOCH

Bring back comfort and swag with casual pants that sit high at the waist. Balance the silhouette with an elegant leather jacket and Chica hoop earrings, go all out with a color-coordinated hoodie or layer a short top and a boho shawl coat with lots of jewelry.

More than words


Do you have something to say? Scream it out with your outfit.

Throw a wink at the eatery, use a tagline to sum up the setting of the day, or make a statement with a …, well, statement bag.


Thom Browne’s Hector bag. PHOTO: THOM BROWNE

Do you love your furry munchkin? Don’t just say it, show it – with one of these cool finds. Regardless of whether it is a funny and chic basket bag or a printed t-shirt with a mutt embossing, the Bow-Wow-Club is sure to agree.

Bum bags


Bum bags, also called bum bags, are here to stay.

The convenience of strap it around your shoulder, wearing it over your shoulder, or having your hands free with one strapped around your waist gave this 90s magazine a fashionable renaissance.

Toronto-style style and decor tops checklist of developments on Pinterest for some cause

Pinterest and its seemingly endless wealth of content has been inspiring housewives, artisans, fashionistas, foodies and more for more than a decade, with millions of user-created vision boards growing and changing all the time.

These boards can be used for all sorts of things including style and interior design, which a UK-based financial comparison site researched to see what aesthetics consumers prefer when it comes to home decor and fashion.

And strangely enough, it seems Toronto, the people who call it home and the rooms they live in all have a look that people all over the world seek.

During the examination 34,000 public clothing and home style boards on Pinterest, found that Toronto is one of the coolest and most famous cities in the world in the eyes of many.

While LA was named the top city for fashion and decor inspiration because of this crowdsourced data, Toronto surprisingly also landed pretty high on both lists, beating such major fashion clubs as Paris and Madrid (places like Milan and New York City kind of). didn’t make either list).

When it comes to clothing, Toronto appears to be the fourth-chicest city, with 787 Pinterest boards devoted to city fashion alone (compared to 997 for LA), though those of us who live here are ours Maybe not able to imagine a city with its own defined – and coveted – atmosphere.

As for home furnishings, people found Toronto’s interiors to be the third most inspirational of all cities, with 646 panels dedicated to the city’s decorating trends (compared to the cool 1,000 for LAs).

As the company notes, TO is currently “leading the way in bringing the wellness benefits of the great outdoors into our own homes, with lots of pins showing trends like dark-stained wood and biophilic wallpaper”.

While the exercise was more fun than anything official, it’s nice to know that when people all over the world think of Toronto, they think of sophisticated outfits and well-appointed interiors, not just “COVID-19 lockdown capital of the world” and “Crack-smoking Mayor. “

Brad Pitt’s flawless appears in tonal colors tempt males to steal his model ebook | Vogue Developments

Calming, safe, and warm tone colors are the hottest color trends of 2021 indicating a preference for cozier hues, and Hollywood star Brad Pitt reiterated our claim with his latest fashion looks that entice men to take a page out of his style book steal. Brad shot up our crush on the terrace of Suite 64 at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood with his relaxed self-confidence and elegant style, and drove fans into a frenzy when he dropped Fall / Winter 2021 looks in Brioni’s dusty pink suit and black evening wear .

The images and videos that have since flooded the internet show the actor highlighting his perfectly toned body in a sharp and stunning look. One picture showed Brad wearing a dusty pink silk evening shirt combined with similarly colored pants made from sustainable new wool.

Brad paired it with a dusty pink tuxedo jacket and completed his clothes with a pair of brown leather shoes. The American star, who added a chunky bracelet to his look, looked flawless in a formal outfit.

The caption revealed, “The Brioni Fall / Winter 2021 advertising campaign with House Ambassador Brad Pitt. The images were taken on the terrace of Suite 64 at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood and show items of clothing that reflect the sartorial heritage of the house combined with a contemporary touch. Looks in tonal colors, including evening wear made from sustainable RWS wool, are inspired by Brioni’s traditional tailoring, but also pick up on new and more relaxed styles (sic). “

Another picture and video taken by photographer Mikael Jansson in LA shows Brad putting on a black and white cashmere and silk sweater with a high collar, combined with midnight blue wool trousers.

Brad complemented his look with vintage sunglasses and completed his attire with a pair of black shoes. The video and picture were simply headed “Brad in LA 2020 for Brioni #brioni #bradpitt #mikaeljansson #hollywood #chateaumarmont (sic)”.

Brad Pitt’s ensembles in the two images are attributed to the Rome-based Italian luxury menswear house Brioni, which boasts sartorial ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, glasses and fragrances and offers bespoke service.

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