Pine Tree band embraces new fashion at area marching contest | Native Information

Ariel Sanchez, a graduate of Pine Tree High School, paints like a calavera – or skull – and wears a delicate blue hat

Pine Tree was one of 25 schools that entered the competition on Tuesday.

The event on Tuesday was the first UIL marching competition of the season. Pine Tree and Spring Hill High School, which also participated, received a “1,” which means they will advance to the area competition. From there only four schools are selected to advance to the state competition.

The theme for Pine Trees Performance was Dia de los Muertos – or Day of the Dead. Large posters with decorative calaveras were placed along the pitch to support the band’s performance, as well as a stage adorned with flags and an ornate image of a girl in a traditional Mexican dress and blue hat.

This is Pine Tree’s second full year as a corps-style band, previously practicing military style.

The style of the corps is identified by its focus on percussion, with props and theatrical performances often accompanied. Military and traditional styles can also be used by marching bands, with the military being popular in the south, said Mark Perry, director of the Pine Tree Band.

“Whether in the military or in the corps, it’s hard to do well,” said Perry.

Many of the bands that entered the competition on Tuesday were military style.

Perry stated that the decision to perform as a Corps band resulted from the need to be more competitive at the area level where most other bands will be using the same style.

“I have the greatest respect for military bands and what they do – tradition is important,” he said. “At the same time, I want my children to know what 95% of the country are doing.”

According to Perry, most marching bands across the country practice the corps style.

“I also wanted to give my children something new that they can bite into and get excited about beyond marches,” he said. “Many military bands push the limits of what is considered to be the military. I would just say that the musical repertoire we can play when you’re in a corps band has more choices. “

Perry said the band started working on a theme for Tuesday’s performance last November.

“Planning for a march show really starts a year ago,” he said.

Perry added that Deputy Band Director and Color Guard Director Jared Cronk was the “Master Visualizer” for Tuesday’s performance and designed all of the costumes worn by Color Guard members.

“March shows are supposed to be so exciting … so how do you make a ‘down’ ending with such a finality?” Perry said about the ending that Sanchez showed off in her makeup and hat.

“(Cronk) that was his plan to do all of that,” he said. “We all know someone who has passed away,” symbolized the last picture of the performance.

Deep discounters like Greenback Tree get hit by soar provide chain prices

A man enters a Dollar Tree discount store in Garden City, New York.

Shannon Stapleton | Reuters

When a chartered ship for Money tree Arrived in China to load goods, a single crew member’s positive Covid-19 test forced the ship to turn back. The trip was delayed by two months.

CEO Mike Witynski shared this story and other shipping problems during a phone call on Thursday. He spoke bluntly about supply chain confusion and labor shortages. And he said they made it harder for the retailer, who sells most of their items for a dollar. And they are expected to continue into next year.

“The Dollar Tree banner is more freight sensitive than others in the industry,” he said.

Dollar Tree said Thursday that rising freight costs will push its earnings $ 1.50 to $ 1.60 per share – more than double the 60 cents forecast in May to 65 cents. Estimated earnings per share for the fiscal year will be between $ 5.40 and $ 5.60, which was lower than analysts expected.

The company’s shares closed 12.08% to $ 93.48 on Thursday.

Deep discounters are feeling the pain as Covid outbreaks and congested ports drive up the cost of shipping goods around the world. Dealers like Dick’s sporting goods, Best buy and Williams-Sonomareported higher gains this week. These companies found that fewer promotions did not dampen their customers’ willingness to buy. Some said they pay more to move goods quickly – such as flying goods on airplanes – and buyers are still buying.

However, at low cost retailers, buyers cannot afford to pay more or will walk away if the item doesn’t look like a bargain. This puts retailers in a bind as they have to decide when to raise prices and when to absorb higher costs.

“I would tell you that we were very careful in passing on prices because we know that our core customers find it difficult to afford many price increases.” Dollar general CEO Todd Vasos said on a conference call on Thursday.

Shares in the rival dollar store chain closed 3.77% to $ 225.90 on Thursday.

The off-price retailers – who also appeal to price-conscious shoppers – all fell on Thursday. Ross Stores, TJ Maxx and Burlington Stores closed by about 4%, 3% and 9%, respectively, early Thursday afternoon. Nordstrom, which also includes Nordstrom Rack, closed around 8%.

Some have detailed how to deal with the headwind.

Dollar General’s Vasos said the retailer is negotiating with vendors and has swapped some items for similar ones over the past few quarters to keep prices down.

Dollar Tree’s Witynski said the retailer had reserved its own spot on charter ships for the first time – including signing a three-year contract for a large ship. More U.S. goods were being purchased, so the Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores were well stocked for the back-to-school season. And it prioritizes shipping containers depending on which goods are in season or in demand.

It will also continue to order seasonal purchases 30 days earlier than usual and monitor shipping availability in ports in China and the US

On the conference call, the company’s executives pointed to the predictions of industry experts that maritime shipping capacity will normalize no later than 2023 as more ships become available.

However, CFO Kevin Wampler admitted the rapidly changing environment during the pandemic – and said it made it difficult to estimate future freight costs.

“There could be another Covid outbreak,” he said. “There could be a lot of different things that could affect this. I think you have to keep in mind that it is probably the most dynamic thing we have ever seen in relation to this market. “

—CNBCs Robert Hum contributed to this report.

Outdated City Spring artist Jonathan Dow creates tree sculptures with shredded cash

SPRING, Texas – They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but Jonathan Dow wouldn’t agree. He is a money tree artist who opened a shop in the heart of Old Town Spring just over a year ago. Inspired by the bonsai, Dow has been creating these unique trees for some time.

He uses shredded paper to make the leaves. According to Dow, the destroyed money is available through the bureau for engraving and printing. He is allowed to use the currency for artistic purposes. Many people definitely notice it when they take a closer look at his creations.

Dow wraps the trunks and branches with hemp twine. The trees are mounted on driftwood and decorated with artificial moss for the finishing touches. The best part is that you don’t have to water them.

Dow says he got the idea years ago after receiving a small bag of shredded money as a gift. Consumers can purchase small quantities of the scraps at visitor centers in Washington, DC or Fort Worth. Dow accepted the novelty gift and created his first money tree while living in Florida. Since then, his creativity has jumped to the next level. You can buy one of its seedlings starting at $ 20, and prices go up depending on the size of the tree.

To see more of Dow’s artwork, visit his website Here

Tv Q&A: The Mankiewicz household tree | Arts & Leisure

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: Are Turner Classic Movies’ Ben Mankiewicz and Dateline NBC’s Josh Mankiewicz removed cousins?

On a. They are brothers with Josh the Elder. They are the sons of Frank Mankiewicz, the journalist, political actor and former president of NPR; Frank died in 2014. For those of you who know other celebrities named Mankiewicz, Frank was the son of Herman Mankiewicz, who was famous for co-writing Citizen Kane with Orson Welles. Herman was played by Gary Oldman in the recent film Mank. Herman’s brother Joseph was another Hollywood legend whose credits include writing and directing the classic “All About Eve”.

Q: How could CBS cancel “Mom”? It’s such a good show.

A: “Mom” is also a show that, as I mentioned a while ago, lost a big player before this season. Anna Faris, who played Christy, left for other opportunities. The remaining cast, led by the wonderful Allison Janney, is still going strong. And according to some reports, ratings also stayed good on some Faris slip-ups. However, other factors may also have been at work.

Eight seasons is a pretty good run for a series, and costs like salaries tend to go up when shows are long. According to Deadline.comJanney’s contract was finalized after that season, so the show may face a tough negotiation – or just Janney’s decision to move on. At the same time, according to Deadline, the show’s deal with CBS expires at the end of this season, which means there is more business to be done. And who knows how that would have worked out? For now, enjoy the remaining episodes, which will end with a series finale on May 6th.

Q: I seem to remember in the first few seasons of “Black-ish” that the character of Rainbow was a cardiologist. Now they say she is an anesthetist. Am i right or not

A: I have to say “not”. In the third episode of the first season in which Rainbow brings Diane to her place of work, we see that she is an anesthetist.

Q: Why was Redd Foxx absent so late in the third season of “Sanford and Son” and so early in the fourth “In St. Louis”?

A: Foxx was in an argument with the show. GetTV, which wears “Sanford” runes, says Foxx claimed health problems walking off during season three but was actually looking for a bigger payday. “Foxx wanted a 25 percent stake in the series and Tandem Productions filed a $ 10 million lawsuit,” the website said. The dispute was settled in June 1974 when Foxx received $ 25,000 per episode plus 25% of the producers’ net income. Although Foxx was absent from the production of the first three shows of the fourth season, NBC aired its return as a season premiere. “Foxx finally left the show after six seasons when he signed a contract for a variety show with ABC.

Q: Did the credits for “Young Sheldon” ever have a fear of tumbleweed?

A: Yes. The series has varied its title sequence over the years, and the tumbleweed made its debut in the fourth episode of season one.

Q: I would like to get a DVD with the film “Road House”, a black and white film with Cornel Wilde, Richard Widmark and Ida Lupino. I thought you could help.

A: This 1948 film can be difficult to find, especially because searching for “Road House” tends to lead people to the Patrick Swayze film of the same name. Nonetheless, a DVD of the Wilde / Widmark film – an admired example of film noir – was released in 2008 and can be found on (Look for Road House Widmark to skip Swayze.) Prices start at around $ 14 for used copies, much more for new ones. And there is a Blu-ray version if you have that format.

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