The Gaykery Is Denver’s Latest Cell Bakery Serving Southern Fashion Consolation Meals and Candy Treats

If you’ve ever hung around one of Denver’s endless breweries and heard the car horn go by like a car horn, you’ve been in the presence of The Gaykery Food truck and its southern baked goods.

This mobile bakery specializes in a unique combo that completely embodies its owner Joel Brandon Tullos – a southern Mississippi transplant with a mission to connect people of all walks of life regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or sexual preference. While brainstorming various bakery names, Tullos let himself be partly about his own sexual orientation and that Master class cakeshop incident this was seen as a violation of anti-discrimination laws when refusing to bake a gender transition cake. Today The Gaykery serves as a beacon for inclusivity.

Tullos moved to Colorado eight years ago after a trip to the Boulder area. Just two months later, he started looking for jobs in Mile High City and was preparing to move. While studying cooking at Johnson & Wales University, he interned with La Fillette bakery where he got his first professional cooking job after graduating.

All photographs by Roxanna Carrasco.

Tullos only bought a food truck in April 2021 and finally started his own pastry shop at the end of June 2021. As a long-time home baker and now a professional baker, Tullos would definitely not find a niche in this traveling bakery in Denver.

“As southerners, we have to cook. And as a trained baker, I wanted to combine both. I noticed that food trucks have these glass cases on the windshield, but they never use them. It’s the perfect pastry shop, ”said Tullos.

While not all baked goodies are fully prepared on the truck, The Gaykery operates a communal kitchen that makes batches of cookie dough and pastries. After the transport to the truck, the oven and deep fryer are available for freshly baked delicacies. The same goes for its hearty menu items. Some of these key ingredients, such as raw seafood or poultry, cannot be cross-contaminated – so these are also prepared in the kitchen, stored in the refrigerator, and later roasted or grilled to order on the truck.

While it may seem difficult to juggle a full menu of both sweet and savory items on a food truck, Tullos is masters of the craft. When he grew up, he always mixed different ways, whether with pastries or fried southern food – nothing in the culinary world is taboo.

Some of the menu staples include Chicken and Waffles ($ 13), Shrimp and Grits ($ 14), French Macarons ($ 2.50 each) and various flavored biscuits. The hearty fare in the fare directly reflects the southern roots of Tullos. “I can’t go home if I can’t cook good chicken,” said Tullos.

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While dessert options fluctuate with the season, the macaron flavors change every few weeks. Winter brings a caramel apple, rosemary blueberry and spicy chocolate macaron to the menu. Some additional goodies that are planned for the holiday season include Ice-cold shortbread and creme brulee biscuits, biscuits decorated with Hannukah and even chicken and dumplings.

The constantly adapting pastry shop is the perfect vessel for Tullos’ culinary curiosity and passion for delighting its customers.

“I’m building a fan base of really great people who accept people from all walks of life. It’s nice to see that there is something like that in this world, ”said Tullos.

The Gaykery can be found in various breweries in the greater Denver area. You can find the weekly schedule online here.

All photographs by Roxanna Carrasco.


New genuine, handmade, homestyle Mexican-style ice cream parlor provides spooky treats

As seen in “Texas Eats” by KSAT 12, Tropicana ice cream serves a taste from the heart of Mexico with fresh handmade ice cream, paletas, fruit cups and snacks in the Alamo City

Everything is made from scratch, including ice cream, paletas, aguas frescas, chamoy, chili and whipped cream on the fresas con crema.

“Our Aguas Frescas are also made in the shop with natural ingredients. Make sure you try them all before you decide on your favorite, ”said Denisse Diaz, General Manager of Tropicana Ice Cream. “We make sure (in the process) that everything we offer our customers is the best it can be.”

On the snack menu, hungry customers can try mangonadas, banana splits, milkshakes, churro splits, fruit cups, nachos with jalapenos and corn dogs.

Since autumn is officially here, Tropicana Ice Cream is introducing its new flavor of pumpkin spice ice cream for all pumpkin spice lovers.


“This ice cream is also handcrafted with pumpkin puree and our signature pumpkin spice blend, which is sure to make your fall evening a little better,” said Diaz. “I like to eat this delicious pumpkin ice cream with a graham cracker crust and some whipped cream – and boom, it hits exactly the point.”

You can also make your own ice cream biscuit sandwiches. All you have to do is choose an ice cream, pick a topping, and the eatery will roll the biscuit right for you. With so many combinations, it might be a bit difficult to choose, but there is a lot to try.

To get a taste of what the menu has to offer, see below for the wide variety.

Credit: Tropicana Ice Cream Menu

Halloween celebrations at Tropicana Ice Cream

Anyone who visits during Halloween weekend, Friday 29-31 October comes in disguise to Tropicana Ice Cream, regardless of age, receives a free paleta with every purchase over $ 10.


The store is also hosting a Halloween costume contest on Instagram from October 20-31. Anyone who posts a picture of themselves with the hashtag #tropicanaspookynights takes part in the costume competition.

The rules will be posted on Tropicana Ice Cream’s social media and the first place winner will receive a $ 50 gift card, runner up will receive a $ 25 gift card, and third place will receive a $ 15 gift card U.S. dollar. There will also be prizes for other participants.

The Tropicana Ice Cream is located at 8223 Marbach Road # 119, San Antonio, 78227.

To place an online order from Tropicana Ice Cream, click or tap here.

KSAT’s David Elder has embarked on a new adventure called “Texas eats”, A one-hour program broadcast on Saturdays at 10 a.m. on KSAT 12, and our Streaming app.


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Charity making their very own canine treats to lift cash for trigger | KSNF/KODE

PINEVILLE, MO. – A local charity makes their own dog treats to raise money for people with disabilities who receive a service dog.

Joel and Danea Key started the Saber Life Foundation last spring when their daughter Gracie was hooked up with a service dog.

Service dogs cost about $ 3-5,000 plus $ 25,000 for training.

To pay the bills, the couple decided to make their own dog treats, which come in 7 flavors, from peanut butter squash to chick O’Nut twists.

It became a hit with the community and they decided to turn their project into a charity to raise money for local veterans and disabled people in need of a service dog.

Joel and Danea Key Founders say, “It’s getting very emotional because we walked in these shoes and so many other people who need these service dogs, and we have this now for our daughter, so that’s how we do it – very emotional. “

To date, the couple have helped 3 people maintain a service dog in the Four State Area.

If you’d like to volunteer or buy dog ​​food, you can call or visit 417-365-6917 Here or here