Journey in (Sustainable) Fashion with Rothy’s Weekender Bag

Photo: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Rothy’s.

Though COVID-19 is putting a damper on travel around the world, people are still finding ways to have little adventures of their own, even if it means a weekend trip to a nearby town to shop, relax, wine, eat and new ones to recharge your batteries. And while you may not have needed your bulky rolling luggage or even that overhead bin-friendly suitcase for the last two years, chances are you needed a smaller, more easily transportable suitcase weekend bag to see you through some much needed getaways in the pandemic time.

I’ve had my fair share weekend bags. There were the colorful cloth bags that looked cute but quickly lost their durability and originality after a few trips. Then there were them Leather holdalls which certainly contained everything I needed but weren’t fancy enough to use for more than a couple of years before they were donated.

And sure, there are tons of beautiful, fashionable weekender bags out there, but personally I’ve fallen in love Rothy’s weekender bag, which has already inspired me to make travel a priority. I chose the eco-friendly bag not only because of its beautiful design, but also because of the way it’s made.

Buy at Rothy’s, $550

Known for its commitment to sustainability and its trademark, easily identifiable homes, Rothy’s has made a name for itself with forward-thinking fashion. And while it would be easy to adore the brand just for their comfy flats, their lesser-known holdalls are also worthy of praise. The brand carries two that I love: The weekender and The sleeper.

As you might have guessed from the name, the weekender, made from recycled plastic, is spacious enough for multi-day trips. The bag holds its structure incredibly well and isn’t flimsy at all.

If you can mix and match clothes and don’t pack too much extra fluff – it’s hard not to overdo it with reading – you can pack comfortably for up to four to five days of travel with The Weekender. However, the overnighter is a real overnighter.

The story goes on

Buy at Rothy’s, $475

The bags themselves look like expensive handbags that have been blown up. I went with the versatile camel and black style, but the bag is also available in a sandstone Draft. And if you ever need to clean your bag, no worries: it comes with a dedicated wash bag to protect it for those gentle washes.

I sometimes use the adjustable shoulder strap depending on how much I’m carrying, but it’s removable if you prefer to hold the padded, easy-to-carry handles. The weekender bag has a main compartment for clothes, but also has two incredibly useful side compartments: one handy for shoes, maybe one matching pair of Rothys, and another to fit other necessities like phone charger, notebook, electric toothbrush, wallet, sunglasses – I’ll leave the packing to you.

And while it’s inevitable that international travel will pick up again as COVID-19 sees its decline, you’ll still find ways to integrate The weekender in your little adventures It’s okay to leave that bulky suitcase in the closet a little longer.

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U.S. CDC says folks ought to ‘keep away from cruise journey, no matter vaccination standing’

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday advised people against cruises regardless of their vaccination status after a recent surge in positive Covid cases on board ships due to the highly contagious one Omicron variant conquered the world.

The CDC has raised its travel warning for cruises to the highest level as the agency investigates or monitors dozens of ships that have had Covid outbreaks.

Cruise lines operating in US waters reported approximately 5,000 cases of Covid to the CDC between December 15 and 29, a sharp increase compared to the first two weeks of the month when 162 cases were reported.

“It is particularly important that travelers who come to a increased risk of serious illness of COVID-19, avoid travel on cruise lines, including river cruises, worldwide regardless of vaccination status, “said the CDC.

Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival stocks fell on the news.

The CDC warned that Covid is easily transmitted between people in close proximity on ships and that the likelihood of contracting the virus while on a cruise is very high, even for people who are vaccinated and have received a booster dose.

The CDC advised people who choose to cruise to get vaccinated before their trip and receive a booster dose if necessary. Face masks should also be worn in common areas. Passengers who are not fully vaccinated should quarantine themselves for five days after the trip, according to the CDC.

The CDC also said that people taking a cruise should get tested 1 to 3 days before departure and 3 to 5 days after their trip, regardless of vaccination status or symptoms.

However, many Americans who wish to take tests at home have found empty shelves in many pharmacies due to a national shortage, and the lines in clinics can sometimes be hours.

Brian Salerno of the Cruise Lines International Association said the trading group was disappointed with the CDC’s decision.

“We are obviously disappointed with the CDC’s decision to raise the level of travel for cruises today – especially given the overwhelming effectiveness of cruise protocols, which result in significantly lower incidents on cruises compared to land,” said Salerno.

Covid cases in the US have risen to pandemic high. The US reported a seven-day average of more than 300,000 daily new Covid cases on Wednesday, an 82% increase from last week, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Wednesday that Omicron is driving the rapid surge in Covid cases.

Correction: Norwegian Cruise Lines and Carnival stocks lost more than 2% on the news. Royal Caribbean fell 1.93%. An earlier version of this story misrepresented Royal Caribbean’s stock movement.

World air journey restoration will stay weak near-term, says analyst

International air traffic is likely to remain sluggish in the short term as uncertainties about Omicron’s Covid variant persist, according to an aviation analyst.

Brendan Sobie, independent analyst at Sobie Aviation, said omicron has achieved passenger confidence in “travel right now because things are changing every day”.

“The recovery that we hoped would continue into the first half of next year is simply not going to happen. That will be a setback, “Sobie told CNBC’s” Squawk Box Asia “on Thursday. “Because we don’t know too much about this variant and we don’t know what’s coming up.”

While much is still unknown about Omicron, the World Health Organization warned that the variant spreads “significantly faster” than the delta strain and could change the course of the pandemic.

The highly infectious variant has now been detected in at least 89 countries and forced some governments to impose stricter containment measures during the holiday season.

Singapore freezes new quarantine-free ticket sales

On Wednesday Singapore said it would freeze new ticket sales for quarantine-free travel to limit the number of Omicron cases imported.

Singapore’s vaccinated itineraries program has been key to the hinge of the country’s “Living With Covid” strategy, and the latest move is dealing a significant blow to those efforts. Stocks of Singapore’s travel stocks like Singapore Airlines fell Wednesday after the announcement.

“Singapore Airlines will be hit by the setback in the VTLs,” noted Sobie.

He added that things are not moving in the right direction for Asia Pacific airlines which is “very disappointing”.

“It’s been such a difficult year for airlines in the Asia-Pacific region – a lot worse than expected,” said Sobie.

“It looked like it would get better. Unfortunately, it is only going in the opposite direction now.”

Christmas trip journeys from journey trade insiders

Even without a pandemic, vacation trips are not for the faint of heart.

Millions are expected to travel this month, with the threat of volatile weather and the omicron variant continuing to stress people eager to end the second year of the pandemic.

To help travelers prepare, CNBC Travel asked industry insiders this question: What’s your one solid tip for travelers in December?

Travel planning tips

“Plan the arc of the trip. Imagine a journey like a story with a beginning, middle and end. For example, plan to have the nicest hotels in the end and build on a great grade. Then for entry and exit, plan out ways that you can keep things running smoothly. Maybe it’s arranging private transportation after a long flight so you don’t have to navigate public transportation in the middle of jet lag. Whatever your solid arch, plan to prepay it. “
—Sarah Groen, founder of the luxury travel company
Bell & Bly travel design

“When planning Greek island hopping, keep in mind that the Greeks themselves tend to stay on one island rather than cram as many as possible into a single trip. Think thematically: Santorini has breathtaking scenery, but beaches are better in Mykonos … [but] Islands like Tinos and Syros offer great food and culture at significantly lower hotel prices than Mykonos. Crete has a lot of variety, but a car is essential. ”
—Anthony Grant, American writer based in Greece

Tips for flying on vacation

“Choose early morning flights that are usually less crowded. Avoid the last flight of the day if possible, especially in the winter months, to reduce the chance of missed connections or delays due to cancellations or weather. … Choose Hand baggage On your next trip, you’ll skip the lines when you arrive at the airport and don’t have to wait for your baggage to land when you land. “
—Anna Brown, PR manager at
Expedia US

“Put a change of clothes in your hand luggage. Be prepared for the worst. … In the event of bottlenecks at airlines and increased travel, there is an above-average probability that your luggage will be lost. Do not travel with your gifts. … Consider shipping gifts direct to the final address. “
—Mark Hoenig, co-founder of the digital travel company VIP traveler

VIP Traveler’s Mark Hoenig recommends avoiding connecting flights, even if that means driving and parking at a different airport. “Each additional airport increases the likelihood of baggage loss, delays and cancellations.”

d3sign | Moment | Getty Images

“Buy your tickets ASAP. As people postpone their international travel plans due to Covid concerns, domestic flights tend to get more crowded and expensive. To speed airport security, don’t wrap gifts in case they do.” need to be checked. “
—Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO of Travel Insurance Marketplace

Tips for renting holiday homes

“Look for vacation rentals with the most flexible cancellation policy so you can leave your stay at the last minute for any reason.

Guestys COO Vered Schwarz recommends that people who want to travel longer look for houses with large closets, washing machines and dryers, and workplaces with ergonomic chairs, good lighting and fast WiFi.

Stephen Simpson | Stone | Getty Images

“Short term hospitality brands are featured on major booking channels, but they also have their own direct booking websites. Bookings of stays directly with the brand are usually associated with a discounted rate. And many of them … offer co-working spaces and digital concierge services. … are examples of such brands Casita, D Alexander and Central. ”
—Vered Schwarz, COO of the vacation rental software company Guests

Tips for family celebrations

For travel in the run-up to Christmas: “I recommend traveling with family and friends, who are the people you will be spending the holidays with. If for some reason you need to be quarantined after you get home, you are already with the family or friends you want to vacation with. “
—Matt Berna, general manager North America for travel companies
Undaunted travel

Harvard research fellow Stephen Kissler recommends keeping vacation meetings small and performing a Covid rapid test immediately before the meeting.

Suzana Topita | Moment | Getty Images

“Ventilation remains really important. This is one thing that I think is overlooked and underestimated. When the holidays are approaching, I definitely plan, no matter how cold it is outside, my windows will crack 4 to 6 inches … [and] Tests should be done immediately before the meeting, ideally an hour or two in advance, maybe in the morning. ”
—Stephen Kissler, research fellow at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health, in an online discussion on December 9th with Elana Gordon from the public radio show “The World”

Hotel booking tips

“Many of the best hotels block online reservations for the main ‘festival’ season … and manage them directly through their human team. It is worth asking your travel agent for help as they often have the relationships to do that Achieving the impossible when everything seems to be right. ” sold out.”
– Henley Vazquez, co-founder of the travel company

“Independent boutique hotels and locally owned businesses need love more than ever because they don’t have the privilege of large conglomerate financing to stay afloat. With that in mind and in the holiday spirit, give something back to the destination. “Revisit by focusing your vacation on staying in these locations and supporting local vendors.”
—Brandon Berkson, founder of the travel company Hotels above par

Tips for traveling with young children

“Plan some time off for your babies and toddlers on your vacation trips… Children don’t always feel good when they’re constantly on the move. Allow some time each day to just sit, relax, play with toys and be with your children.

Fran Maier, CEO of BabyQuip, recommends that babies and toddlers keep the same sleep routine when traveling. “If your child usually sleeps in a large crib, don’t try to push them into a pack and play and expect them to sleep well.”

Oleksandra Korobova | Moment | Getty Images

“Children need frequent human breaks and planned activities to let their thoughts run free while playing creatively. Pack enough toys to keep the kids busy when preparing meals, talking to adults, or just taking a break. ”
—Fran Maier, CEO of baby equipment rental

Tips for renting a car

“Many car rental companies offer contactless pickup where you can simply walk into the parking lot and get in your car. Use the Skip Meter filter on Expedia to find these options and avoid waiting in line . “
—Anna Brown, PR manager at Expedia USA

“When you reserve a rental car, you are booking a ‘Pay Later’ plan … which gives you the flexibility to cancel and rebook when a better deal is available. Rental rates can change several times a day. AutoSlash plays the system by continuously checking the price of your rental and notifying you when they find a lower price. “
—Jonathan Weinberg, CEO of the rental car price tracking company

Journey in type with these nice Cyber Monday hoverboard offers

Cyber ​​Monday deals have landed and that includes a slew of spectacular deals on hoverboards. So if you’re looking for a powerful hoverboard or one with multi-colored LED lights, you’ve come to the right place – we’ve found the best Cyber ​​Monday hoverboard deals from the US. (Not in the US? Scroll down for deals in your area).

Sure, they might not technically float, but the popularity of these wheeled gadgets is undeniable and you might be looking for something that makes getting from A to B a little bit more exhilarating.

There have been some great Black Friday hoverboard deals and the great deals seem to carry over to Cyber ​​Monday so keep an eye on ours Cyber ​​Monday Hoverboard Deals Hub.

Please note that if a hoverboard states a maximum speed of 9 mph, you may not legally be able to travel at that speed because hoverboard laws vary from state to state.

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Today’s Best Hoverboard Cyber ​​Monday Deals

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Today’s Best Hoverboard Deals

More Cyber ​​Monday offers

Southwest affords workers additional pay, frequent flyer miles to keep away from vacation journey disruptions

A bag handler pushes a bag near a Southwest Airlines plane at Hollywood Burbank Airport in Burbank, Calif., October 10, 2021.

Robyn Beck | AFP | Getty Images

Southwest Airlines On Saturday, its flight attendants offered new incentives to avoid further flight cancellations, especially during the main holiday season, amid staffing concerns, an internal memo said.

Southwest canceled more than 2,000 flights around Columbus Day weekend, disruptions the airline said cost it $ 75 million. American Airlines, which also offers flight attendants and other crews additional payment for vacation shifts, had to contend with mass cancellations of flights at the end of last month and also at the beginning of November.

Flight attendants, pilots and other operations staff could earn up to 120,000 Rapid Rewards points valued at more than $ 1,400. Flight attendants are entitled to work 36 days between November 15 and January 14, while cabin crews who work 28 days during that period could earn 60,000 points, the note said. Southwest said the number of qualifying shifts or days varies by work group.

The number of no-shows or unreachable flight attendants has risen recently, Southwest’s vice president of Sonya Lacore, vice president of in-flight operations, said in her message to cabin crew that was reviewed by CNBC. Sick calls have also increased when the company lifted emergency policies that required flight attendants to produce a medical certificate when they called sick. Lacore said, for example, when the airline last lifted these procedures on Nov. 9, two consecutive hours of sickness went from 20 to 90 an hour.

“We have a great opportunity here to maintain that commitment to you and her amid a difficult time for all of us,” wrote Lacore. “Our first step in addressing this and actively working to keep operations safe was to cut the schedule and we believe this incentive program will take us one more step in the right direction.”

The airline also offers ground operations workers triple pay for Thanksgiving and Christmas work, and double pay for overtime between November 17th and November 30th and December 17th through January 3rd. half salary.

The airlines had offered their employees early retirement packages and leave of absence to cut their labor costs during the pandemic, but were under staff shortages when demand picked up again this year. More flight attendants are returning from vacation to America and the Southwest, while these and other airlines are also aggressively hiring.

Well being Variant: Why journey nurses matter (and make good cash)

SIOUX FALLS, SD – Travel Nurses. They are healthcare professionals, reinforcements who were instrumental in helping understaffed nursing staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

And you probably haven’t even heard of it.

While not every short-term caregiver makes big bucks, high paychecks are possible, especially when health systems are desperate for help. At some point that year, a health system in South Dakota was looking for critical care, crisis response nurses and offering more than $ 6,000 a week.

On the latest episode of The Health Variant podcast, presenter and NewsMD health correspondent Jeremy Fugleberg speaks to Professor Joshua Gottlieb, Associate Professor and Nursing Researcher at the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicagofor answers on why traveling nurses are so important and why they are highest dollar can be paid for what they do.

Also discussed: Gottliebs Proposal to compensate health workers for the provision of vaccines, potential incentives to vaccinate more people, increase office hours, and other steps.

“The Health Variant” deals with health issues that are important to the region such as fitness, COVID-19, cannabis and telemedicine, introduces listeners to places and people they need to know and offers behind-the-scenes coverage.

NewsMD is a brand of Forum Communications focused on health and health coverage, primarily in the upper Midwest, including coverage of industry news, research, trends, technology, economic and political topics.

The Health Variant podcast is available on major podcast apps including:

For comments or suggested topics for podcast episodes, contact Fugleberg at or on Twitter: @jayfug.

Wyndham CEO says enterprise is ‘off the charts’ as leisure and enterprise journey returns in massive cities

The CEO of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts CNBC told CNBC on Thursday that strong travel demand in the US has helped the company shake off its pandemic-induced slowdown.

While some industries have struggled to recover after the disruption of the Covid pandemic, business at Wyndham is “absolutely stronger than it was before the pandemic,” said CEO Geoff Ballotti in an interview about “The exchange. “

“The intent to travel, get in your car and go somewhere and get out of your attic, get out of your basement with your family and friends, is spectacular,” Ballotti said. “It’s off the charts, it’s unprecedented, and I think we’ll see that well into the fall.”

Wyndham hotel brands include Days Inn, La Quinta, and Baymont. The hotel franchisor’s business is not only picking up in its US hotels, but also internationally, as the number of outbound flights is slowly recovering. “We’re seeing the international airlift to destinations like Mexico continue to grow, where we have a new Wyndham Alltra Cancun and a new Wynhdam Alltra Playa Del Carmen,” Ballotti said.

“People want to get away and have a safe, very flexible and uncomplicated vacation, and we can see that,” said Ballotti.

According to the CEO, business travel is coming back more slowly than leisure travel. “Big cities like San Francisco are just beginning to recover, it’s the group meetings with urban goals that have lagged behind.”

Despite the delay in business travel, Ballotti and other hotel CEOs expect to receive a top-up starting next month as the Biden government lifts international travel restrictions on November 8, imposed in the early days of the Covid pandemic last year.

“We believe that demand in the United States is sure to increase. … One thing we need to pick up are visa applications.

In the US, cities like Boston, New York and San Francisco will continue to see influx and growth in business and leisure travel for the remainder of the year, “this is great news for the travel industry,” Ballotti said.

Wyndham exceeded Wall Street’s expectations in his Quarterly results Thursday and increased guidelines for the rest of the year. The stock closed 4.33% on Thursday afternoon, trading at $ 85.84 per share.

Sydney to permit quarantine-free worldwide journey for Australians

People gather for a picnic next to Harbor Bridge in the suburb of Kirribilli on September 19, 2021 in Sydney, Australia. Covid-19 restrictions have eased for fully vaccinated people in NSW.

James D. Morgan | Getty Images News | Getty Images

Fully vaccinated Australians arriving in Sydney from overseas will no longer need to be in quarantine from November 1st.

At a briefing, New South Wales Prime Minister Dominic Perrottet hinted that quarantine-free travel was also possible for all vaccinated international travelers when he said, “We are opening Sydney and New South Wales to the world.”

However, it was overridden by Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who later said the easing of entry restrictions at the border was only for Australian citizens, permanent residents and their immediate families.

Individuals falling under these categories are allowed to leave and return to Sydney without being quarantined.

“This is about Australian residents and citizens first,” said Morrison at a briefing after Perrottet’s announcement.

“The Commonwealth government has made no decisions to allow other visa holders to come to Australia under these arrangements. They are decisions for the Commonwealth government, as the Prime Minister and I know, ”he said.

The Prime Minister on Friday gave no indication of when border restrictions would be eased for other travelers, but said it would be staged and cautious.

Border opening

Australia closed its international borders in March 2020 because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, only citizens and permanent residents have been allowed to enter, but they have to go through two weeks of quarantine.

With fewer flights available and weekly restrictions on how many international passengers can arrive in major cities, thousands of Australians have been stranded overseas.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison during Question Time in the House of Representatives on February 18, 2021 in Canberra, Australia.

Sam Mooy | Getty Images News | Getty Images

Australia’s other major state, Victoria, has a similar reopening roadmap, according to which certain restrictions will be lifted when vaccination rates reach a certain milestone. The state’s chief health officer, Brett Sutton, reportedly told local media this week that Melbourne could end the lockdown earlier than planned.

The rest of Australia still has a long way to go before reaching the 80% vaccination limit. Information compiled by the online publication Our World In Data showed that approximately 53% of all eligible people in Australia are fully vaccinated.

Relaxation of restrictions

Perrottet also announced a number of local restrictions that would be eased on those vaccinated as the state is expected to meet its target of fully vaccinating 80% of its population by this weekend.

From Monday, face masks will no longer be required in office buildings. Households could receive up to 20 visitors at a time, and outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people would be allowed.

Restrictions would remain for unvaccinated or not yet fully vaccinated people.

Travel between Greater Sydney and regional New South Wales will resume from November – when the state government expects the regional areas to reach the 80% vaccination target, Perrottet said.

A red flag flies on the Sydney Harbor Bridge to commemorate Merchant Navy Day on September 03, 2021 in Sydney, Australia.

James D. Morgan | Getty Images

“We have only been able to do this because people across New South Wales have put a tremendous effort into getting us to this point,” he added.

Australia has handled the coronavirus pandemic relatively better than most due to strict rules on social distancing, border restrictions, contact tracing and bans. Experienced the country an increase in Covid cases this year due to the Delta variantthat forced lockdowns in several major cities.

In July, the Australian government introduced a transition plan That said, it wants to fully vaccinate between 70 and 80% of the population before international border restrictions are relaxed.

Australia’s flagship Qantas said it would resume international flights from Nov. 1, two weeks ahead of the schedule following Friday’s announcements. Qantas said it would offer multiple round-trip flights from London and Los Angeles to Sydney every week.

Singapore’s ‘vaccinated journey lanes’ see Expedia flight searches soar

Singapore’s new “vaccinated itineraries” sparked a spate of flight inquiries as city-state residents seek to take advantage of the easing of international travel policies.

The search for cities within the so-called VTLs of Singapore has doubled – and in some cases almost tripled, according to the Expedia Group. It came after government officials announced the opening of new quarantine-free travel routes to countries in Europe, North America and Asia.

Facilitate international travel

Last week, Singapore announces quarantine-free travel with Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Great Britain and the USA from October 19th – as well South Korea from November 15th. The requirements include that travelers are vaccinated prior to entry and must take Covid-19 tests to ensure they do not become infected.

With the announcement, the island state’s VTL program, which currently includes Germany and Brunei, has been significantly expanded.

According to the news, the search interest of Singapore residents increased from week to week:

  • Seoul, South Korea – 180%
  • Vancouver, Canada – 160%
  • Frankfurt, Germany – 130%
  • London, United Kingdom – 120%
  • Los Angeles, United States – 80%

Expedia’s managing director for Asia said the searches mark a shift in consumer demand for international travel. In August, the most searched cities in Singapore were regional hotspots such as Japan, Hong Kong, Maldives and Taiwan.

Visitors walk through a terminal at Singapore Changi Airport on December 7, 2020.

Facebook Facebook logo Sign up on Facebook to connect with Roslan Rahman AFP | Getty Images

“The VTLs definitely have an impact on how people think about travel, where they want to go and how they plan their trip,” Choo Pin Ang told CNBC “Capital connection” Tuesday.

However, he added that he expects more traditional destinations to gain popularity as further easing is announced. Search queries in Singapore for year-end trips to VTL and non-VTL destinations from June to October have already tripled.

I don’t think we’re going to go back to regressive lockdowns and people who cannot travel

Amit saber whale

Founder and CEO, Reddoorz

This is good news for the ailing travel industry. From Wednesday, Singapore Airlines The stock price rose more than 9% during the week Shares of SATS – which provides ground and in-flight catering services at Singapore Changi Airport – increased by around 5%.

“It’s happy days again,” Amit Saberwal, founder and CEO of the Southeast Asian budget hotel chain RedDoorz, told CNBC on Wednesday. “Though it’s still in its infancy, I don’t think we’ll go back to a regressive lockdown and people won’t be able to travel … I think it’s our moment to shine again.”

Headwind remains

More quarantine-free itineraries are expected in the coming months, including some in the Asia-Pacific region, according to Singapore officials.

Australia, New Zealand and Japan should be there, as well as some “homeland” countries in Southeast Asia, Ang said.

Thailand on Monday announced plans to lift quarantine restrictions on vaccinated travelers from low-risk countries, including Singapore, from November.

“What will really determine whether VTLs can work is the strong economic ties between Singapore and these countries, vaccination rates and the progress that countries have made in containing Covid,” he said.

Nevertheless, headwinds remain. With travel restrictions evolving and the daily VTL arrivals in Singapore currently capped at 3,000, travelers should be “nimble” by making flexible bookings and purchasing travel insurance including Covid before departure.

– Shubhangi Goel contributed to this report.