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Eat that, not that!

The frightening link between ultra-processed foods, sugar, and cancer, Doctor reveals

It’s no news that processed foods, whether you eat salty snacks or sugary treats, aren’t good for your waistline – especially if you eat them in place of fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy foods like legumes and nuts. More worrisome, however, is the ability of processed foods to damage your health significantly later on. In his new novel, Metabolical, which recently hit bookshelves everywhere, Dr. Robert H. Lustig, MD, MDL, a pediatric neuroendocrinologist explored the many ugly truths of our current food system and modern medicine. Delving into the depths of eight pathologies in cells that believe in all chronic diseases, he argues that drugs are not an adequate solution to preventing or treating them. Instead, it shows how the food we eat is the real cure (and enemy) for conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even cancer. Ultra-processed foods like potato chips, candy bars, cheese, and even sausages are often full of added sugars, partially hydrogenated oils, and nitrates. In “Metabolical”, a title that combines the functioning of the body (metabolism) with that of mass products, Big Pharma and Big Government (devilish), Lustig shows how all these components in processed foods can lead to type 2 diabetes and heart disease regular and prolonged consumption. Even more petrifying is the idea that these foods can contribute to cancer growth. How can consuming processed foods lead to cancer? “In the gut, nitrates are first converted into nitrites and then into nitrosoureas, which are known to be carcinogenic and cause colon cancer,” Lustig said in an interview with Eat This, Not That! Recent research has even suggested that nitrates alone, found in cured meats like pancetta, ham, salami, and other processed meats like bacon, beef jerky, and sausages, could increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease . “And refined carbohydrates lead to insulin release and insulin resistance,” he says. “Insulin is a growth factor that makes cancer cells grow, and glucose is their main fuel.” Some cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, feed on fructose (which makes up 50% of table sugar or sucrose), which makes them stronger and more harmful. “While sugar is not a specific cause of cancer cell differentiation, it is a major driver of cancer cell growth,” adds Lustig. How has the mass production of food ruined society’s health in the past few decades? With the exception of 2020, Funny If you look at what people have died from in the past 50 years, it has changed dramatically from an infectious disease (like influenza) to a chronic non-communicable disease that includes heart disease, cancer, and dementia. “These are the diseases we now have evidence of how ultra-processed foods – especially sugars, but also trans fats – disrupt the mitochondria to cause these chronic diseases,” he says. “In other words, food has gone from providing health to disease. The point is, it’s not the food, it’s what was done with the food that makes it toxic.” What do you suggest we do to improve our own metabolic function and avoid chronic and inflammatory diseases? It’s easy. Funny says the answer can be found in three words: Eat real food. “Real food is anything that came out of the ground or any animal that ate that came out of the ground,” he adds. When the animal is fed something processed or the plant-based products have been stripped of nutrients and fiber (think whole wheat versus white bread), or chemicals are added to the animals’ feed and growing plants. The feed becomes a threat to our health. “We have a limited capacity to metabolize these chemicals, and we are well over our limit,” says Lustig. For more information, see 26 Worst Habits That Slow Your Metabolism Down, Science Says.

Blindspotting TV Collection Trailer Expands the Film’s Narrative, Retains the Identical Model and Power – /Movie

Blind spotting was one of the celebrated premieres Coming out of the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. Featuring the Hamilton Star Daveed Diggs In the lead role, the film dealt with some serious issues, including systemic racism and police brutality, but with sharp satirical humor and hip-hop musical sequences. The film had a style all of its own, and now a Blindspotting TV series will continue in the same way, but now the main character will be one of the supporting cast of the original film.

Check out the Blindspotting TV series trailer below for an accurate look.

Blindspotting TV series trailer

The theatrical version of Blindspotting followed Collin Hoskins (Daveed Diggs) as he tried to get through his last three days of parole without getting into trouble. He’s hoping for a fresh start, but his troubled best friend Miles (Rafael couple) doesn’t make it easy. However, the real test for Hoskins comes when he witnesses a police shot that tests his sanity and patience as the neighborhood around him gets better every day.

The Blindspotting TV series acts as a spin-off focused on Miles’ girlfriend Ashley (Jasmine Cephas-Jones(Repetition of her role from the film). When Miles is suddenly arrested on New Year’s Eve, she and her son have to move in with Miles’ mother Rainey (Helen Hunt) and his half-sister Trish (Jaylen Barron). Combine that with a job that gets her nowhere and a society that marginalizes her, and Ashley has a lot on her plate.

As you can see in the trailer above, the show features many of the same flourishes that made the movie stand out. Characters speak to the camera, and hip-hop musical sequences add moments of electricity and liveliness, almost like a musical version of Do the Right Thing. And the serious thematic elements are still there too. As Daveed Diggs said, the series is about “how a broken prison system affects us all, and like in the film, we use comedy to talk about very real systemic effects in the country with the largest prison population in the world. ”

Although Diggs is nowhere to be seen in the trailer, he is a writer on the series, and there’s a chance he’ll show up at some point. He is also executive producer at Rafael Casal, who not only starred in the series, but also directed at least one of the episodes. Jess Wu Calder and Keith Calder will also produce the series in addition to Executive Emily Gerson Saines, Ken Lee, and Tim Palen.

The Blindspotting TV series comes from Starz June 13, 2021.

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Fan Trailer Recuts Freddy Vs. Jason In The Fashion Of Godzilla Vs. Kong


The trailer for Godzilla versus Kong the audience was more than a little enthusiastic about the big budget pairing between the two monster monarchs. It also inspired the creativity of some viewers, with an editor re-cutting the trailer for Freddy versus Jason in the same style.

Unlike other efforts with a similar concept, there is no intent to match the footage of the trailers with the events shown, but the slasher crossover is still previewed in a similar manner to the kaiju punchout with the same music, with the tension going through Each antagonist is elevated to display in vague and unfocused settings before revealing them in their full glory and demonstrating how insignificant normal people are when confronted with them.

The clearest parallel arises from the two titans, be it figuratively or literally, facing each other. This is the point where Chris Classic begins “Here We Go” and traces the following fight with heavy kinetic energy as each participant is severely beaten by the other.

Interestingly, this isn’t the only time recently The two franchise mashups have drawn comparisons with each other. However, unlike Godzilla vs. Kong, in which Mechagodzilla will likely turn out to be the Titan’s main antagonist, Freddy vs. Jason didn’t have a third party that the two could team up against and formed when the enemies of the same name came in for physical blows this is the climax of the film.

Freddy versus Jason Fans of both franchises don’t fondly remember that both characters are poorly served by a script that doesn’t do either justice, while Godzilla vs. Kong is awaited with far greater gusto. This fan trailer shows that, despite the overall quality of creative work, with enough imagination and skill, anything can be designed to look far better than it actually is.

Warner Bros. Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer: Our Cash’s On Kong

As you would think at first Godzilla would be the clear winner based on its size and ability to cut through ships with its gnarled spine. King Kong brings a lot into the ring Warner bros.‘s first full trailer for Godzilla Vs. King. Not only does Kong have some kind of handcrafted weapon that can block Godzilla’s atom, he apparently has a longstanding legendary grudge that fuels his anger. “The myths are real,” explains Ilene Andrews of Rebecca Hall. “There was a war and they are the last to stand.”

The trailer is full of classic ominous monster movies like this one that hint at a huge battle led by Godzilla and the greatest great ape. “We need Kong,” warns Alexander Skarsgard’s geologist Nathan Lind. “The world needs him to stop what’s coming.” Dr. Chand Russell of Kyle Chandler worries, “Godzilla is out there hurting people and we don’t know why.”

Hopefully, they can team up with Millie Bobbie Brown, Brian Tyree Henry, Julian Dennison, and probably the rest of the planet’s scientists, to find a solution before all of the world’s capitals tumble apart like so many Lego buildings. At least on the human side is Kong’s relationship with the tiny human child Jia (Kaylee Hottle), who hopefully can communicate with the gigantic ape from a safe distance during this entire escapade. Maybe you can get Kong a large bluetooth headset? Find out who is ahead on March 26th when Godzilla Vs. Kong hits theaters and HBO Max at the same time; The film will be displayed on the platform for 31 days.