TV tonight: Kathy Burke explores our obsession with cash | Tv & radio

Kathy Burke: Money Talks

10 p.m., channel 4

The beloved comic Kathy Burke is at the forefront of this two-part documentary that examines our peculiar British relationship to money. Burke begins by meeting with longtime comedy friends Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse to discuss the Thatcher politics that provided the backdrop for her early sketches before meeting millionaire Alfie Best and talking about his ongoing fear to lose one’s wealth. A visit to a “TikTok house” shows Burke one of the 21st century methods of getting rich. Ammar Kalia

Gold Rush: Our Race to Olympic Glory

9 p.m., BBC One

From the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 to London in 2012, this sports documentary examines how British athletes went from a ridiculous international presence to fearsome competitors. We’re opening in Georgia, with the UK posting a low of 36 on the medal table so far. IF

Long lost family

9 p.m., ITV

Family secrets, hidden pasts, the search for identity: these are some of the endlessly compelling reasons why Long Lost Family is still going strong after 10 years. In this first episode of a new series, Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell help a footballer find his roots and reunite mother and child after 50 years. Ellen E. Jones

Great British Gardens with Carol Klein

9 p.m., channel 5

Green fingered … Carol Klein. Photo: Channel 5

Carol Klein’s cheerful excitement exudes every season of the year when she visits Shropshire’s Wollerton Old Hall Garden. She meets the couple who trim the pristine topiary puddings while Phil the gardener demonstrates how to grow better dahlias and naturally support shrubs. Hannah Verdier

Celebrity Karaoke Club

10:05 p.m., ITV2

Big Brother Champion Brian Dowling, comedian Suzi Ruffell and Blazin ‘Squads Marcel Somerville are just a few of the names lined up for this new series in hopes of wowing their competitors and judges with their whistles amid the usual gossip. However, the real price comes in the fall with a drag edition … Ali Catterall

High: Confessions from an Ibiza drug mule

10:35 p.m., BBC One

Michaella McCollum tells of her first trip abroad as a 19-year-old to Ibiza and its shocking consequences – she was arrested a few weeks later at an airport in Lima after she and a friend tried to smuggle 1.5 million pounds of cocaine in their suitcases. We open the documentary with Michaella, who begins a vacation romance. IF

Film selection

Convincing … Antoine Olivier Pilon in Mama. Photo: Allstar / Metafilms

Mama (Xavier Dolan, 2014) 1:15 a.m., film4
The young filmmaker from Quebec Xavier Dolan is an acquired taste, but this 2014 drama is a compelling, overheated triumph. Anne Dorval’s single mother Die struggles with her teenage son Steven (Antoine Olivier Pilon), who suffers from ADHD and violent tendencies, but Suzanne Clement’s neighbor offers a faint glimmer of hope. Simon Wardell

Live sports

Rugby League: Warrington Wolves versus Leeds Rhinos 7.30 p.m., Sky Sports Main Event. Clash of the super league.

Race: King’s Lynn Stars versus Ipswich Witches 7.30 p.m., Eurosport 2nd game of the British Speedway Premiership.

Baseball: San Francisco Giants versus St. Louis Cardinals 11pm, BT Sport 3rd National League game.

New Britain to Host Nice American Increase Drive-In Model Fireworks Tonight – NBC Connecticut

The 4th of July is here and hardly any other holiday is so synonymous with fireworks! Some of these shows were canceled last year due to COVID-19, but many are back in action this year.

One show that lights up the night sky is the Great American Boom in New Britain.

The show kicks off at 9:15 a.m. tonight with parking for the event, which opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 9 a.m.

During the show, guests are expected to stay in their vehicle except to go to the bathroom.

Officials encourage those who wish to see fireworks to come and watch instead of setting them off themselves.

Most fireworks are not legal in the state of Connecticut, and the list of illegal actions is much longer.

You cannot buy or sell fireworks without a license. It’s also illegal to buy fireworks in another state and bring them back to Connecticut – this includes fireworks and sky rockets. None of them should be used unless in the hands of a professional.

So what is legal? Sparklers and fountains are legal, but the fire department says you should still use caution when using them.

“It’s much more dangerous because of the projectile and the shooting,” said Groton City Fire Department chief Edward Sargent.

“Only adults should handle it. Children shouldn’t handle them. They should be outside, away from buildings. Get away from the woods because they can still start a fire, “added Sargent.

If the fireworks rains tonight, the rain date will be set for tomorrow night.

Gene Simmons And His Spouse Take ‘Leisure Tonight’ Inside Their $25 Million Los Angeles Mansion (Video)

Gene Simmons and his wife Shannon Lee Tweed Simmons recently gave Entertainment Tonight a tour of their Los Angeles mansion, which is on the market for $ 25 million.

Simmons was very vocal about his desire to leave California for some time because he wanted a quieter lifestyle and no longer had to be featured on celebrity cards or grappling with Beverly Hills tour buses. He also said that part of the reason he and his wife listed the two-acre property in Benedict Canyon is because the house had gotten too big for both of them since their children grew up.

“It’s a big lot and the kids were literally raised here,” he said. “Now they’ve moved on and both have their own houses next to each other in the Hollywood Hills. They borrow a cup of sugar and all that. They love and support each other like the best kids you can imagine.”

“They have their own lives and now we have this big house. And if I want to speak to Shannon, I have to put an intercom on because she’s on the other end of the house,” he continued. “It’s happy and it’s sad too. When you are a child and live at home, you love your mother and father, but at some point you have to move out. It’s sad because you are moving away from home, but you are also happy to the future and we really hope that the next family that lives here will enjoy this place as much as we do. “

Last fall, Simmons launched the Beverly Hills home for $ 22 million. He later gave it up for $ 25 million after it was never sold, and he reportedly invested a lot of money in improvements.

“The taxes [in California] are simply insurmountable, “Gene told KTLA 5 Morning News.” But for us it’s a jolt of the heart. We bought four acres of land [in Lake Tahoe]. There is a lot of land. There are 96 acres next door that I want to buy. Just a kind of page change. Less hustle and bustle. And no more traffic jams, no more earthquakes and no more fires. But we love LA and home, but it’s time for a change. “

Gene, 71, and Shannon, 64, were married in 2011 after dating since 1975. They have two children, Nick, 32, and Sophie, 28.

Gene, Shannon and their children were all featured on the reality television series “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” from 2006 to 2012.

For the past few months, Gene has been talking loudly about people taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously. He has also beaten up Americans who are defiantly skeptical about wearing masks, stating that their refusal to obey the rules puts our entire health at risk.

In its 48-year career, KISS has collected 23 gold and platinum albums – more than any other US band.

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Behind the E-book collection continues tonight | Arts & Leisure

KINGSPORT – The Kingsport Public Library is hosting their next “Behind the Book” event tonight – a discussion with Milligan University Music Professor Dr. Kellie Brown.

The discussion will take place at 7 p.m. and will take place virtually – the link is available at

In this year’s “Behind the Book” series, discussions were held with regional authors and illustrators to learn more about their books.


Brown has been a member of the Milligan University Music Faculty since 1998 and chairs the Music Department, Professor of Music, and Conductor of the Milligan Orchestra. She is a frequent clinician and performer across the country and serves as the assistant conductor and associate concertmaster of the Johnson City Symphony Orchestra.

In addition to her accomplishments and teaching, Brown is an accomplished writer and researcher who has published in magazines such as the American String Teacher, the Music Educators Journal, and Contributions to Music Education. As an internationally recognized authority on music during the Holocaust, Brown has spoken widely at academic institutions and conferences.


The book being discussed tonight is Brown’s most recent book – “The Sound of Hope: Music for Consolation, Resistance and Salvation during the Holocaust and World War II”. It was published by McFarland Publishing in 2020.

In its review of this book, the Washington Post stated that it “… has done an admirable job of bringing so much important research into one volume.”

“We want to share the work of local writers and illustrators with the community, and this series offers us an opportunity,” said Kate Woodworth, librarian and series coordinator. “If we start the series with virtual conversations, we can safely make that conversation available to the community.”

Hannah B. Olsen, Larry D. Thacker, and J. Dianne Dotson will be featured in the next discussions behind the book. visit For more information, contact the Kingsport Public Library at (423) 224-2539.