Suggestions for mountaineering the Continental Divide Path, or CDT

Millions of people canceled their travel plans in 2021 when Covid-19 suspended international travel around the world.

Renee Miller and Tim Beissinger were not among them.

The two are “thru-hiker,” a term used to describe a style of hiking that begins and ends in different locations, often covering long distances.

Rather than staying home, the American couple saw the pandemic as an opportunity to take a 3,149-mile hike along the Continental Divide Trail, which stretches across the United States between the borders of Mexico and Canada.

TikTok famous

Miller and Beissinger shared their four-month journey down the road commonly known as CDT on the TikTok social media website, which they now have 1.7 million followers.

“We knew that … other hikers would find it interesting to watch someone on the CDT,” said Beissinger. “But the fact that a lot of people were inspired and motivated to think more about hiking … was just fun and worth it.”

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the CDT stretches north to south across the United States and passes through famous hiking destinations such as Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park and along the Rocky Mountains.

Beissinger and Miller arrive in Canada after a four-month hike that began on the US-Mexico border.

Courtesy Timothy Beissinger and Renee Miller

The couple gained popularity on TikTok as followers tuned in to see the CDT’s picturesque views and monitor their progress.

“We didn’t have to work to show how nice it is,” said Beissinger.

The couple said they had received messages from people saying they had been inspired to start hiking – some for the very first time.

Beissinger said a man told them he was inspired to start hiking for health reasons.

“He’s lost 42 pounds,” Beissinger said, adding that long-distance hiking doesn’t require any prior experience. “You just have to have lust and passion.”

Hiking tips

From packing lists to recipes, the couple’s social media pages and online blog have prep tips for hiking the CDT.

To ensure adequate food supplies, Miller and Beissinger dehydrated 100 homemade dinners and mailed them to the various cities they wanted to pass on their trek.

“It’s really nice to have a healthy home-cooked meal at the end of each day,” said Miller, who said these meals usually had a combination of carbohydrates, vegetables, beans, and flavorings.

Miller and Beissinger shared 15 different recipes on their blog, including coconut cashew curry and taco noodles, with instructions on how to dry and cook the meals.

Courtesy Timothy Beissinger and Renee Miller

The couple did not always have access to clean water during their trip and often relied on creeks, lakes and rivers to stay hydrated.

“Our water filter was extremely important … We could have got sick if the water sources were infected or contaminated with Giardia“she said.” It could have thrown us off course.

The couple used disposable water bottles during their hike because they weigh less than aluminum bottles.

Courtesy Timothy Beissinger and Renee Miller

As they were crossing a desert, Beissinger related how they ran out of water after a spring they used ran dry.

“After walking 11 miles back and really getting our water rationed and thirsty, we found a nice full cow pot,” he said, referring to a water trough. “Cow water has never tasted so good.”

Bumps on the way

Miller and Beissinger’s trip on CDT may sound like the perfect escape from the lockdowns many experienced in 2021. But their journey was fraught with challenges, they said.

Rapid changes in weather often meant hours of traveling through rain.

Harsh weather conditions were the order of the day during the couple’s hike from Mexico to Canada.

Courtesy Timothy Beissinger and Renee Miller

“We even had our raincoats, rain pants and rain gloves with us, but our feet were always wet,” recalls Miller. “I had a blister on every single toe on the sole of my foot.”

The pair went through five pairs of shoes over the four months, she said.

The equipment brought along to stay warm and dry throughout the hike “could be life or death in a weather change,” Beissinger added.

On their four-month hike, Miller and Beissinger encountered animals from bears to mountain goats.

Courtesy Timothy Beissinger and Renee Miller

Traveling during the pandemic also meant that when the couple left the trail to venture into the cities, drivers were more careful about taking them.

“Usually the route leads into the mountains,” says Beissinger. “We usually hitchhike into town … cars may have been more nervous about stopping and picking us up.”

The couple also didn’t always have access to showers. At one point along the way, they did not bathe for 23 days.

No regret

Although they put their careers on hold and faced unforeseen challenges during their trek on the CDT, I “never thought about quitting,” Miller said.

“The desire to come home to bed also means the responsibility not to be on a trail and to be away from this beauty,” said Beissinger.

He said his favorite spots on the hike were when the couple were “in the middle of nowhere”.

The hiking duo is currently north of the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden and experiences the “polar night”, a phenomenon in which the sun does not rise for weeks or even months, depending on where you are.

These Type Ideas Will Assist Curvy Lady to Not Let Weight Are available in Manner of Vogue

One should wear or dress however one likes. But if you’re caught in a style break, have just gained weight, or don’t know enough to dress for your body type, read on for some great style tips for plus size ladies. Guides on how to choose plus size outfits can help you look chic, stylish, and most importantly, feel happy.

Know that good interior or shapewear is your best friend

This suggestion isn’t just for plus size women; Every woman should wear well-fitting inner garments as this is the best way to ensure that your top clothes fit properly. Get measured to make sure you are wearing the correct size bra, and don’t limit yourself to large panties. Invest in attractive, supportive underwear and watch your self-esteem skyrocket! Shapewear will also help you smooth out those curves and make your dress look more flattering.

Dress according to your figure

Dressing in baggy t-shirts and bulky clothing can hide your bumps and bumps, but it also gives the impression that you have the anatomy of a sack. Dress your shape, not your size, and yes, round is a shape! Find clothes that fit you well and accentuate your figure instead of hiding under oversized clothes.

Understand your fabrics

A tank top made of polyester or lycra that hugs you and creates static bumps is less flattering than a stretchy, well-fitting cotton-spandex blend. Learning the composition and texture of materials can help you choose better fitting clothes when shopping online or in-store.

Love vintage

Vintage clothing is fantastic in many ways. Vintage clothing and accessories can quickly add a wow element to your ensemble as each piece is unique and the environmentally friendly recycled component is used. Vintage silhouettes such as dresses from the empire line are also incredibly flattering for women in plus sizes.

Say it with your shoes

Shoes are excellent because your feet can never get a “puffy day” so they always look and feel amazing when you wear them! They’re also a great way to add some individuality and flair to your ensemble without overdoing it. We love the texture of snake print boots to a plain black dress – instant glamor.

After all, when it comes to your personal style, the only norms you need to adhere to are those that you created for yourself and know they will work for you. Unless you really want to go with a trend, you don’t even have to follow it. Let your aesthetics reflect your personality and essentially feel safe and comfortable with what you are wearing.

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This ‘mild parenting’ guru provides her ideas for elevating assured children

A relationship with your child based on empathy and mutual respect, also known as “gentle parenting,” can make them more confident, according to a popular childcare writer.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith, who wrote The Gentle Parenting Book, told CNBC over the phone that “gentle” parents understand their children’s abilities well, so expectations of their behavior are “age-appropriate”.

In other words, “gentle” parents do not expect their child to behave like an adult, but rather to empathize with their behavior. For example, if they misbehave, she said that a “gentle” parent would try to teach their child a better way to express their feelings rather than punishing them.

Ockwell-Smith stated that having children grow up in a home with less yelling and punishment has “a massive impact on their self-esteem”.

Calmer, more empathic parenting also had a neurologically positive effect on the development of the child’s amygdala, which is responsible for regulating emotions. Ockwell-Smith said research has shown that this part of their brains grows larger as children grow up in a “more supportive and caring” environment.

“So they have literally grown the part of their brain that is responsible for their emotions and calm when they are older,” said Ockwell-Smith.

For example a to learn conducted by a researcher at the University of Montreal, published in March, showed that “tough parenting practices” could actually stunt the growth of a child’s brain. A 2012 to learn on pre-school children by Washington University scientists showed “positive effects of early supportive parenting on healthy hippocampal development,” which is a key to memory, learning and stress modulation in the brain region.

‘Architects’ of a child’s life

Ockwell-Smith said research showed that raising children, especially during the first five years of their lives, is key to developing their self-esteem and future relationships with others.

A 2016 paper Research, cited by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, shows that more than a million new synapses or connections between neurons in the brain are created every second during the first few years of a child’s life. Later these connections are reduced, a process called circumcision, which preserves the connections that are “strengthened” by what they experience and learn. The authors of the paper therefore argued that positive experiences in those early years are key to creating a strong foundation for a child’s development.

In fact, Ockwell-Smith said that parents acted as “architects” in a child’s life, so there was “nothing more important” than the way they were raised in those early years.

She explained that there are three main styles of upbringing: authoritarian, authoritative (also known as “gentle parenting”) and permissive.

In contrast to “soft upbringing”, the authoritarian approach could be classified as “old school” upbringing, she said. Parents who follow this approach typically demand respect from their child and are often punished for wrongdoing.

On the other side of the spectrum, “permissive” parents can be classified as those who have low expectations of their child and who offer a lack of discipline and guidance, such as one Explanation on the Ockwell-Smith website.

“Good headroom”

However, Ockwell-Smith said the most important thing for parents is to solve their own problems first before following advice on “soft parenting”.

She said, “We have to start with ourselves – so we have to think about it, what are my stressors? Why do I act the way I do? Why do I get so offended when my child says or does something? Am I a good role model? ‘”

She explained that this was important because a parent could do or say all the right things, but if they weren’t calm and quick-tempered, a child would still notice – “It’s not magic, it won’t work unless you’re in good headspace first. ”

This may mean working through their own childhood or adult problems, such as: B. the need to set boundaries with other adults.

This could mean, for example, that the “mental burden” of parenting is more evenly shared with a partner, Ockwell-Smith said.

However, she emphasized that it is also important for parents to express when they are “busy” and need a break.

She said that it wasn’t about following this advice to “always be perfect” and realizing that it is acceptable to make mistakes as parents, as it has also helped teach children what to do, when they make mistakes.

eight Gown and Model Ideas for Presenting to Traders

The opinions of entrepreneurs’ contributors are their own.

One of the most exciting (and nerve-wracking) phases of entrepreneurship is presenting to investors. This is your opportunity to receive the capital you need to turn your fantastic business plan into a reality. Or it could be a tough wake up call that your business idea isn’t as groundbreaking as you think it is.

Before investors are ready to fund your business, they need to be convinced that you are worth funding. In addition to having a good business strategy, you need to make a good first impression – which means to dress the part.

ABQ monetary advisor: Ideas for speaking about cash along with your children, preventing in opposition to inflation

Danielle death co

Updated: September 27, 2021 8:51 am

Created: September 27, 2021 8:49 AM

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Concerns about money is something many of us have experienced before, and rising inflation is making it more common. However, there are ways you can fight inflation and teach your children how to make good financial decisions.

David Hicks of the Oakmont Advisory Group discussed tips on every topic with Danielle Todesco on Monday morning.

These cash and investing suggestions may also help you construct a portfolio for all seasons

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5 tricks to repay mounting debt | Cash Good

If you’re having trouble getting your bills off, here are a few tips that might help you.

SAN ANTONIO – If you are heavily in debt, you are not alone.

US household debt hit a record high of $ 15 trillion in the second quarter of 2021, according to the latest report.

The latest quarterly report on the debt and creditworthiness of households in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York says total household debt rose 2.1% to hit $ 14.96 trillion. The report shows that mortgage debt was the largest contributor. Auto loans and loan spending also contributed to the increase.

If you’re struggling to get your bills off, here are five tips that might help.

“A lot of people think that you should cash out your highest-interest credit cards first, but psychologically, I think it’s best to get some out of the way. If you have five or six credit cards, and one of them is very small, pay it off first because mentally you feel like you can accomplish something by getting rid of one credit card, ”said Karl Eggerss, Senior Wealth Advisor and Partner at Federation.


“If you can call the institution to try to get a lower rate, I’d advise. If not, you can actually transfer this balance to another credit card on an introductory course. Maybe zero percent or six months or even a year. You’re trying to buy yourself time while you pay for it, ”advised Eggerss.


“If you only pay the minimum, you will never pay them off. So make sure you cut the spending elsewhere to pay for that credit card, ”he said.

“Sell things that you no longer need in your house and literally put the money on your credit card,” advised Eggerss.

“You need to know what money is coming in and what is coming out. When it comes to spending too much, you will never get anywhere with these credit cards and it will continue to be a problem. In terms of interest rates, it is getting bigger and bigger and could lead to bankruptcy, ”suspects Eggerss.

CA’s Finest Labor Day Weekend Barbecue Ideas, Carolina Model

CALIFORNIA – The Golden State may be the top outdoor grilling destination this Labor Day weekend, but the state has nothing to offer like authentic Southern barbecue.

With vacation coming up, we reached out to someone with real barbecue chops for tips on how to sizzle a California backyard feast.

Rodney Scott is a legendary pitmaster in the southeast. He has been cooking whole pig barbecue over charcoal since he was 11 and learned his trade from his family at Scott’s Variety Store & Bar-BQ in Hemingway, SC

Scott is now a middle-aged married man with three sons three restaurants in the southeast which are a must for barbecue lovers.

He opened his first Rodney Scott’s BBQ on King Street in Charleston, SC., partnered with The Pihakis Restaurant Group in 2017, and it’s been a delicious ride ever since. In the same year, Bon Appétit named it one of the 50 best new restaurants; In 2018, Scott was named Best Chef: Southeast at the James Beard Foundation Awards.

Last September, the grill master starred in his own episode on the Netflix series “Chef’s Table”; this year he is a judge on the Food Network’s “BBQ Brawl: Flay vs. Symon”; and in March he published his first cookbook, “Rodney Scott’s Grill World: Every day is a good day“(Clarkson Potter; March 16, 2021).

The book is a compendium of special recipes and poignant essays on South Carolina food and traditions. It’s also an American success story that describes how a young pit master went from working for his father in the tobacco fields and smokehouse to making the sacrifices he made to expand his family’s business and then set up his own business in Charleston .

Scott’s BBQ restaurants serve ribs, chicken, and turkey on the menu, with classic side dishes like kale, coleslaw, and “Ella’s Banana Pudding,” a tribute to Scott’s mother. His barbecue style is “Carolina,” which is whole pork cooking.

“The whole pig is a difference that can be tasted, and the fact that we make it here is what sets us apart,” said Scott.

But the grill king is an easy man when it comes to gardening at home.

“My first port of call would be the hamburger or hot dog, then ribs,” he told Patch. “If I feel like it, it’s probably the ribeye steak and anything cooked over the fire.

“Believe it or not, my favorite weekends are pasta salad, chicken salad, or seafood salad, which is served cold with ribs,” he continued. “My next stop would be a hamburger and a hot dog in that order, both on the plate at the same time.”

But when planning a feast, “the first step is choosing your favorite protein,” said Scott. “Mine is steak, more precisely a ribeye cut with a bone. For fish I prefer fillet catfish or salmon, and for poultry I choose chicken legs because they are juicier and you get a nice crispy skin when cooked over a stone. Go with proteins that contain some fat for more flavor. “

Scott is a master at pit barbecue, which involves cooking in a hole in the ground. This method has evolved into above-ground pits, usually built with cinder blocks, with a grill about 2 feet above the fire.

“This method is the best because it comes slowly and slowly so that the food can really absorb that smoky taste,” explained Scott.

But many Californians use store-bought grills, and low and slow isn’t exactly a forte in the West.

“For people who don’t have the patience and want to grill quickly, I’d suggest a smaller protein like hamburgers, hot dogs, weenies, shrimp kebabs, and wings. They cook a lot faster and are super easy to add flavor, “explained Scott.

When it comes to seasoning, Scott recommends trying the flavors you choose before actually using them. Sometimes you need a rub, but sometimes a sprinkle is enough. Leave it to your taste buds.

“I always tell people to try the rub before you apply it so you can see if it’s too salty or too sweet, which helps you know how much to sprinkle or grate,” explained Scott . “If you want to tenderize your meat, be sure to marinate the protein at refrigerator temperature – that is, put it back in the refrigerator as long as possible before cooking it.”

For Seiten, Scott suggests picking what’s in season.

“Enjoy the last of the summer corn with some kale and maybe a grilled vegetable salad,” he said.

The biggest mistake Scott sees cooking over a fire is not being careful.

“A lot of people turn away from cooking and get distracted and burn the food. Focus on the food and it will be great,” he said.

According to Scott, the real secret to a good grill isn’t that complicated.

“Be prepared to have fun and enjoy your barbecue,” he said. “Enjoy the moment with family, friends and neighbors and serve it with confidence.”

2 Suggestions for Saving Cash That You Most likely Have not Thought-about

There are many different approaches and strategies people can use to build wealth, but we can all agree on one principle: Consistently save money is key to achieving a financial plan with long-term goals.

But while most people understand the importance of this concept, many still find it difficult to prioritize the reasonable amount of savings needed to meet their specific goals. If you are one of them, here are two surprising tips on saving money that you may not have thought of.

1. Be clear about your expenses

Lots of people like to use Budgeting toolsthat are great and can be very effective at managing money. Unfortunately also when going through the process of draw up a budget, I’ve noticed that a lot of people never really get a clear idea of ​​how much they are actually spending.

Sometimes individuals only use estimates of their expenses. For certain expenses, you can round the amounts up, while other expenses can be rounded down. This ultimately leads to an inaccurate calculation of the total cost, be it too high or too low.

The challenge is to calculate these amounts as accurately as possible. One way to do this is to look at your current checking account and credit card statements and break down the expenses to know exactly where your cash flow has gone each month.

This kind of clarity about spending leads to two scenarios, both of which help individuals save more. A person will either find that they have a higher ability to save than they originally thought, which makes them more accountable to themselves to save more. Or someone will find that they are simply spending too much in certain areas and are asked to adjust accordingly to allow more flexibility in saving.

2. Allocate money for activities you really enjoy

By putting aside an amount of money, this tip may seem absurd, but it does take into account the emotional side of financial planning, which is very important. I think it is beneficial for the individual Distribute money for activities they enjoy and that brings them peace of mind in life.

This action does two specific things. First of all, it allows people to simply enjoy their life and reduce stress. Since neither of us is promised a day, it is of course very important that you make an effort to enjoy your life. Next, a person might be less prone to spontaneous purchases of other things they might like (even if not the things they really like). Ultimately, this can lead to discipline in how much someone is spending each month, which can lead to higher amounts of savings. Take the following example.

Mark and Jane have been married for 10 years. Both of them enjoy the restaurants in their area very much and have decided to create a once-a-week spending category so that they can spend time together without interruptions. This has improved their relationship significantly, but it has also given them some degree of control over their spending. Knowing that they will have their date once a week has helped them limit their purchases of random things, which has improved their savings.

Textbook tricks to prevent money and time – The GW Hatchet

Media credit: Photo illustration by Anthony Peltier | Employee photographer

The price of textbooks listed on curricula can be eye-catching, but there are many strategies you can use to lower your book costs.

A couple of things to expect if this is your first year on campus – you’ll have many long nights, find yourself at a few questionable parties, and feel the load of overpriced textbooks.

Students spend money on books they would never read on their own, only to leave useless books that they have to mortgage to someone else at the end of the semester. But not every textbook is necessary, and students often spend too much on the textbooks they buy.

If you find yourself overwhelmed the first time you buy textbooks, keep these tips in mind:

Do you even need your books?
If you’ve ever been assigned a $ 100 textbook that you haven’t touched in a full semester, you’re not alone.

If you see an expensive textbook on your reading list, check the curriculum for assigned readings from the book. If the textbook is not assigned reading, it is likely intended as a learning resource. In this case, online learning resources are like Khan Academy often work just as well. Or ask a friend who has attended the course. Chances are, the textbook will be a useful resource even if it is not intended for reading.

Nicholas Anastacio | Graphics editor

If you need a book, you may not need to buy a physical copy – Gutenberg project is a website that allows you to download eBook versions of books with expired copyright that were published more than 95 years ago. Or search online “[Textbook Name] pdf ”and with a bit of luck you will find an uploaded version of the book.

Having a library card isn’t hard to have fun
You may know your local library as the home of maids who silence their customers and books tainted with what you hope is ketchup, but if you’re looking to save money on books, libraries are a great one Resource.

Look at that DC Public Library for all the novels and popular non-fiction books that you have on your curriculum. Get a library card for free and gain access to the thousands of books the DCPL has to offer. the West End neighborhood library Location is within walking distance of the Foggy Bottom Campus, and for you Vernies that Palisades The location is only a 10 minute walk away. Note that you can only borrow a book for three weeks at a time, but you can extend most books for an additional three weeks if necessary. If you can’t find a book you want in your local library, try the retention system and you will get the book in a few days.

If you want to read on the go, stop by Libby, an app that allows you to download books from DCPL to your iPad or iPhone.

If you need an academic textbook, try the GW library Top textbooks Program. This means you only have three hours with a textbook before you have to return it, but you don’t have to pay a dime. Many students use this as a resource to complete assigned assignments or question sets in textbooks without having to purchase the book. The only downside is that the most popular textbooks can be in high demand. So do not rely on this method during the final or mid-term exams.

You can also try making your own de facto library with friends. If you and a few other people need the same book for a class, buy a copy or sign up online and split the price between yourself. You probably don’t need your biology textbook around the clock anyway.

Buy used and save
We all know used books are cheaper than new ones, but even GW Bookstore’s used books can get steep. Instead, try online sources like AbeBooks and Thrift bookswhere you can often find your textbooks for less than a third of the original price.

This means you need to plan a little in advance as shipping from these websites can take about a week or more. But the GW bookstore publishes lists of required books for each class before the semester starts so you don’t have to wait for a curriculum to buy books. Often at the beginning of the semester, professors give a week or so before you need your books, but after that you can get along quickly without them. If you take some time to think ahead, you can save quite a bit of money.