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No matter how they get into music or what genre they fall into, almost every recording artist shares the same dream privately: to become an icon in the industry and change the face of music in the process. And while there are hundreds of talented and successful artists, very few will do all of these. Most will have a hit or two, and many may even hit a string of successful albums, but few will change the course of pop music or pave a new path for those who follow.

But of course there have been a handful of modern musicians who have done that. Stacker has summarized the 50 most successful musicians of all time. These people were pioneers and icons. They have sold millions of albums and singles, performed countless live shows, and even invented new genres.

To create this list, Forklift looked at dates from both Association of the Recording Industry of America (RIAA) and the Grammy Awards. The RIAA awards certifications based on the number of albums and singles sold by an artist. Gold albums were sold 500,000 times; Platinum albums sold 1,000,000 copies; Multi-platinum has sold 2,000,000 (with increments of 1,000,000 thereafter) and diamond albums have sold 10,000,000 copies. Stacker then built an index to rate each artist that took into account the total number of RIAA certified units (70%), Grammy wins (20%), and Grammy nominations (10%). To be considered for this story, artists must have sold 10 million RIAA certified units.

Some artists on the list are predictable, like Michael Jackson and The Beatles, while others might be more surprising, like Eminem and Kenny G. Read on to find out if your favorite musicians made the cut.

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50 greatest sci-fi reveals of all time | Leisure

The science fiction genre can use the cover of space, unrealized technology, or the future to tell the stories about ourselves that we cannot hear. By shielding subjects in an otherworldly unreality, science fiction can penetrate deeply into the most difficult, uncomfortable, and even most appalling parts of our nature, our nations, and ourselves. To better understand the impact of science fiction on our culture, Forklift pulled data on all science fiction series of all time and rearranged them IMDb User reviews as of January 13, 2020), with # 1 being the best. To qualify, the series had to have at least 10,000 votes and be in English. Limited series were also taken into account.

The best science fiction tells stories with vision, ambition, drama and often even humor. In the mid-20th century, Rod Serling’s television series “The Twilight Zone” showed television viewers what can happen to our ability to be civil in the face of nuclear effects – or how our own prejudices and fears could make us the monsters we are trying to avoid. Gene Roddenberry used “Star Trek” until 1966 to explore how a nation can be a force for good without becoming imperialist. And in the 1990s Chris Carter’s “The X-Files” dealt with the overreach of our own government.

Today, Sci-Fi keeps confronting us with a familiar question: How will cultural changes and advancing technologies change our society?

Incredibly, Roddenberry’s “Star Trek” – along with many others on this list – was unsuccessful at the time it aired, and built an army of devoted fans over time. These 50 shows rarely broke rating records; but those who loved her loved her intensely, like cosplay, conventions, letter campaigns, Marathon demonstrations, and even Mobs chase McDonald’s for Szechuan sauce.

Let’s go boldly from # 50 to # 1.

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Thoughts on Cash: Time to take one other have a look at the Roth IRA | F. Marc Ruiz: Your Thoughts on Cash

The motivating factor for this second look is the likelihood that under the new Democratic regime in Washington, the attractive tax rates introduced under the previous administration will likely drift higher, but not until next year due to COVID.

With a little math and some reasonable assumptions, I think it might be possible to conduct some kind of tax arbitrage where a Roth switch in 2021 would make investors, especially those granted deferment from the RMD, pay taxes in the EU In the current low interest rate environment, higher tax rates can be expected for themselves or their beneficiaries in the future.

It’s hard to overstate how attractive current tax laws are to families in the $ 80,000 to $ 125,000 income range, which is a very common range for many retirees. By using a Roth IRA conversion to fill those attractively low tax brackets and essentially moving money to a Roth IRA tax haven, potentially less attractive tax rates for retirees and their final beneficiaries can be avoided in the future.

This information is not a substitute for specific individual tax advice. We encourage you to discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor. Traditional IRA account holders need to give some thought before a Roth IRA conversion. Above all, this includes income tax consequences for the converted amount in the year of conversion, redemption restrictions from a Roth IRA and income restrictions for future contributions to a Roth IRA. If you need to make a Minimum Required Distribution (RMD) in the year you convert, you must do so prior to converting to a Roth IRA. Marc Ruiz is an asset advisor and partner of Oak Partners and a registered agent of LPL Financial. Contact Marc at Securities offered through LPL Financial, member FINRA / SIPC.