Expensive Abby: Each time buddy calls from jail, he asks for cash

LOVE ABBY: I have a former high school classmate who I’ve gotten pretty close over the years. He was there for me when I was deepest, and I was there for him too. He lives several hours away, but we talked almost every day, in addition to social media.

I stopped hearing from him a few months ago and his social media profile went dark. I had a bad feeling so I googled him and was shocked to see he was arrested! Even though it wasn’t a violent crime, it was still terrible. He called me several times from prison and protested his innocence – always asking for money. Abby, I live from paycheck to paycheck. Even if I had extra money, I wouldn’t be comfortable giving it to him.

I feel hurt and used. Part of me says I have to end the friendship; the other part says he needs friends now and it is not my place to judge him. I refused to take his recent calls because I really don’t know what to do. Your thoughts are appreciated. – BLINDED IN PENNSYLVANIA

LOVE BLINDSIDE: This person hasn’t used you before. The next time he holds out his hand, answer the call. In doing this, you make it clear that you can offer moral support, but you cannot give him money because you are living from paycheck to paycheck. After that you are not allowed to hear from him anymore. But if he continues to ask, take a big step back and realize that that friendship has ended.

LOVE ABBY: My husband and I have been together for three years. He recently returned for a two-day trip to his home state, 1,000 miles away, to retrieve some items from his late mother’s estate. He’s been out of work for most of last year due to the pandemic so I’m a little at odds with something he said to me when I called to ask when he’ll be home. He said he found a job and decided to stay there and work for a few months in order to save enough money to pay off most of our debts.

He didn’t consult me ​​before making that decision. He told me that he had worked out a COVID-safe shelter with his sister and aunt. The kind of work he’s going to do there, he could be doing here where our home is. I don’t want to discourage him, but I am amazed that he would take a job 1,000 miles away. What if something happened to me or our animals? When I told him I didn’t agree with his decision, he told me to be glad he was no longer unemployed. How should I handle it? – FAR AWAY IN MISSOURI

LOVE MORE: Your husband shouldn’t have taken a job 1,000 miles away without first talking to you. That is, what is done is done and you have to let this play. Nothing stands in the way of your visit. Fortunately, you and the animals are fine. If circumstances change, he can quit the job and come back at any time.

When the time comes, say hello to your debt-free husband. There will be plenty of time for both of you PERSONAL to figure out what made him such a disruptive decision if there were similar jobs in your own community.

Dear Abby was written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and founded by her mother Pauline Phillips. Contact Dear Abby at www.DearAbby.com or PO Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

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Pretend Job Listings Value North Texans Time, Cash – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Value

Fake job offers have increased during the pandemic, according to the pandemic Better business office. In 2020 the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center data showed that 16,012 people were victims of employment fraud. They said they lost more than $ 59 million.

We told you about cyber criminals who fake legitimate companies and post on popular job boards to deceive job seekers.

Now a man from North Texas says a job fraud cost him potential unemployment benefits. Read on to learn more about how to spot the signs of fraud.

“To be too good to be true”

After being laid off last year, Moises Duke was in training for a new job. It was not in his area and it did not provide the full benefit. So when another company looked for a graphic design position with full health and dentures, Duke said he grabbed the chance.

“When I got the offer letter, I thought, okay, I’ll file my resignation with the other company,” Duke said.

Duke said all negotiations with the new company were handled via email. The company informed him that it would be discontinued this way because of the pandemic.

“I tried to sell myself through the emails and everything went well,” said Duke. “At some point they said that due to COVID we are going to send you a check so you can buy the computers and everything. Everything was a little too good to be true. “

He later learned that the second offer was a scam. Since he had quit his job, he could not apply for unemployment benefits.

“The problem is, I quit this company, the other one was fake, so I have no unemployment or a job,” said Duke.

Cyber ​​criminals use sophisticated tricks

Cyber ​​criminals go to extra lengths to make the scam more believable. They can fake legitimate companies – even pull up public information to impersonate actual employees.

According to the latest BBB to learn In job fraud, victims are usually contacted via email or text message, and most believe that the contact was the result of their online job search.

“A lot of people post their résumés when they apply for jobs without knowing that this information is readily available to everyone, including scammers,” said Erica Mendoza, investigations manager for BBB Serving North Central Texas.

Mendoza said that cyber criminals are after your personal information and money. A common trick is to send a job seeker a check with deposit instructions and then purchase equipment for work from home from a provider of their choice. The “seller” is also a fraud.

Once the victim sends money for equipment, the money is gone from their account. Later, the original check fails and the victim’s money is gone.

The Federal Trade Commission explained Just because you can see the balance in your account after you deposit a check, it does not mean that the check has been “cashed”. While banks are required to provide funds from deposited checks within a few days, it can take weeks before they discover that the check is a fake.

“In the end, you transfer your own money to these scammers and then you’re on the hook for the money,” Mendoza said.

Recognize red flags

Moises Duke didn’t lose any money in the end. The scam ended when his alleged new boss sent Duke a check to pay for equipment to work from home. Duke, a graphic designer, said he could see that the bank logo on the till check was not quite right.

“Usually the banks are the ones who make their logo look perfect,” Duke said.

He broke off contact with the fraudster, reported the system to the BBB and posted fraud warnings on his accounts. Although Duke did not return any cash, he had provided the scammer with personal information after they insisted on a background check.

“It’s a bit daunting because you’re trying to work hard to get a job,” said Duke.

He wants to share his story so that another job seeker doesn’t get thrown back by a scam.

“If it all sounds too good to be true, it’s not true,” said Duke. “Take care.”

Other red flags include grammatical and spelling mistakes, vague job descriptions, and the promise of immediate hiring without an interview.

The FBI warns job seekers to be careful about interviews that are not conducted in person or through a secure video call.

If asked to buy start-up equipment or pay for your own background check or check, it is likely a scam – according to the FBI.

The BBB said working from home, where packages are received and re-sent, is a fraud.

Be careful about providing personal information – including your full address, date of birth, and financial information – on your resume or to unverified recruiters and online applications.

The FBI advises that after hiring employees, legitimate companies will ask for direct deposit information for payroll purposes. It is safer to do this in person. Even reputable companies shouldn’t ask for your credit card number.

How to protect yourself

Check the job posting directly through the company. Don’t use a stranger’s contact information. Instead, call or go directly to the company’s website for contact information to validate the job posting.

If you can find multiple websites for the same company, or if the web address is just a few letters away from the URL of an actual company website, it may have been spoofed.

If a job posting appears on job boards but not on the company website, it could be a scam.

Check the Settings Manager email address. Does it match the web addresses used by the actual company? Scammers can use a similar looking address.

You can also do an internet search with the name of the employer and the word “scam” to look for reports of similar job fraud cases.

If a new employer sends you a check asking you to send money to a third party – either via wire transfer, cash app, or gift cards, don’t do it.

What to do if you are a victim of job fraud

Contact your bank or credit card company immediately. If you’ve used a cash app to send money to a stranger, contact the bank associated with the account and notify them of the fraudulent charge. It may be too late to stop the transaction, but law enforcement agencies recommend that you notify your financial institutions immediately.

The Federal Trade Commission highlights additional steps you can take here if you have been the victim of fraud.

Report the scam to Cybercrime Complaints Office.

Notify the FTC on-line or call 877-FTC Help

You can also use the BBB and report the scam of the website that featured the job posting and the company that the cybercriminals impersonated.

NBC 5 Responds is committed to investigating your concerns and getting your money back. Our goal is to give you answers and, if possible, solutions and a solution. Call us at 844-5RESPND (844-573-7763) or Fill out our customer complaint form.

Simple methods to economize the subsequent time you order takeout

It’s easy to pick up the phone to order takeaway food when you don’t feel like cooking, but a full stomach to take away can leave your wallet empty. This is how you can save.

SAN ANTONIO – You may notice it in your own budget: Texans have been spending more money eating out since the pandemic started. Takeaway food is convenient, but it can cleanse your wallet.

“Spending on eating out, such as spending in restaurants or taking out, has increased much faster than spending on groceries,” said Erika Giovanetti, who wrote a take-away report for. wrote Credit tree.

She found that some Texas households are spending nearly $ 440 a month on takeout. It’s a convenience you’ll pay for, but experts say there are ways to keep your stomach and wallet full.

First, try to cut down on your orders.

“If you order takeaway five nights a week, you might cut yourself down to just three nights a week,” said Andrea Woroch, a money-saving expert. “I like to say start small, and when you have adopted and adopted the next habit, you can reduce it further from there.

Groceries for delivery may have higher prices and additional fees. Instead, collect it yourself.

“Just order through your local restaurant and then choose pick-up,” said Woroch. “This is an easy way to avoid these fees. I know there are $ 3 or $ 5 fees here and there, doesn’t sound like a lot and might not break your budget, but if you do this regularly, those little fees add up. Pick up whenever possible and arrange with an errand so it doesn’t feel like you go out of your way just to get the take-away order. “

“Many small restaurants and family-run establishments are having problems right now,” said Giovanetti. “You’d probably really like it if you just called them up and ordered take-away instead of using a third-party service.”

Or save by buying more frozen, prepared foods for quick meals at the grocery store. Woroch always has a frozen pizza close at hand so that a meal can be prepared quickly.

“I also fill my freezer with things that can simply be reheated in the microwave or oven for those nights that I don’t want to order to take away. It still costs a little more than cooking it yourself, but not that much to take away, ”said Woroch. “Have things like frozen vegetables or chicken handy. That way, you have something that is easy to thaw and quick to cook. You don’t have to worry about going to the grocery store. I think that’s usually the main reason people end up ordering takeout. You’re like, ‘Oh, now I have to go to the grocery store and get all these ingredients and then cook.’ When you just have it at home and ready to go in the freezer, it is one less step to take to prepare your own meals and avoid takeout. “

“Everything looks good when you’re hungry,” said Woroch. “If you can make a small appetizer at home, be it humus and carrots or crackers and cheese, it might keep some of that hunger at bay.”

A budget can also help control food spending. Let technology do the hard work for you.

“Budgeting apps for your smartphone can set up automatic notifications when you over-spend in a certain category like restaurants or takeaways,” said Giovanetti.

She recommended using it mint.

Get cash from delivery orders by using coupon codes.

“There are sites like CouponCabin.com that will have offers on these different order sites, ”said Woroch. “Also, if you hit a certain spending limit, like ordering $ 30 worth of food in a restaurant, you might get a 10 percent discount. In that case, you might order lunch for the next day. Then you get this discount and are prepared for a few meals. “

Cashback apps like Get rewards allows you to get more meals for free.

“This gives you points that are good for free gift certificates,” said Woroch.

Also, make larger meals when you’re cooking and freeze leftovers so they can be easily reheated another night.

If you have an eyewitness question, email us at EWTK@KENS5.com or call us at 210-377-8647.


Drake Outfits: Greatest Drizzy Vogue & Model Moments of All Time

Wir werden die ersten sein, die es zugeben, Drakes persönlicher Stil war nicht immer etwas, worüber man nach Hause schreiben konnte. In seinen frühen Jahren im Rampenlicht trug er sicherlich einige kopfkratzende Entscheidungen. Aber im Laufe der Jahre, als er sich zum wohl größten Rapper der Welt entwickelt hat, hat sich sein Stil weiterentwickelt. Heutzutage ist er bequem auf seiner eigenen Spur und gilt weiterhin als einer der stylischsten Rapper der Gegenwart.

Er ist nicht immer durchnässt in seltener Streetwear und Sneakers wie Travis Scott. Er kann nicht tragen was er will und so durchkommen So schnell wie möglich Rocky, oder ziehen von Neonfarben wie Tyler, der Schöpfer. Er geht viel subtiler vor. Trainingsanzüge von Stone Island, Retro-Sportbekleidung von Nike und maßgeschneiderte Anzüge sind aus der Garderobe des 33-Jährigen nicht mehr wegzudenken. Auch Statement-Pieces wie Vintage-Outerwear, ungewöhnliche Throwback-Trikots oder wertvolle Supreme-Collabs werden von Zeit zu Zeit eingestreut. Wenn er seinen Kader vertreten möchte, können Sie damit rechnen, dass auch einige Stücke seines Bekleidungslabels OVO auftauchen.

Jetzt, da Certified Lover Boy hier ist, feiern wir die Veröffentlichung des Albums, indem wir einen Blick auf einige der besten Outfits von OVO im Laufe der Jahre werfen. Von Stoney bis Brioni, hier sind einige unserer Favoriten.

Anonymer Flur

Wann: 2015

Sicher, jedes Jahr ist für Drake ziemlich groß, aber 2015 schien für den Rapper aus Toronto ein besonders monumentales zu sein. Im September, als dieser Anfall von ihm auf Instagram gepostet wurde, war er mitten in seinem berüchtigten Beef mit Meek Mill, What a Time to be Alive hatte gerade veröffentlicht, und “Hotline Bling” braute sich zu dem Mega-Hit zusammen, der daraus werden sollte. Abgesehen vom Zeitrahmen ist dies nur ein sauberer Winterfit von Drake. Sagen Sie, was Sie über seinen Stil wollen, er hatte schon immer ein ziemlich herausragendes Spiel mit Oberbekleidung. Dieser rot-schwarze Jahrgang Steep Tech Skijacke von The North Face ist keine Ausnahme. Das frische Paar Timberland Boots runden die klassische Kaltwetter-Passform ab.

Anonyme Garage

Wann: 2016

Man kann argumentieren, dass Drake Juventus viel Geld verdient hat, indem er 2016 dieses rosa Trikot des italienischen Fußballclubs gerockt hat. Vergessen Sie den “Drake-Fluch”, das ist nur ein sauberes Trikot. Die passenden rosafarbenen Farbtöne und Rolls Royce Phantom im Hintergrund machen es zu einem klassischen, dezenten Flex.

Fotoshooting „Ansichten“

Wann: 2016

Der Aufbau zu Drakes viertem Studioalbum Views im Jahr 2016 hatte sowohl Hardcore- als auch Gelegenheitsfans, die ein unbestreitbares klassisches Werk erwarteten. Bis heute meinen einige Leute, dass das Album dem Hype einfach nicht gerecht wurde. Andere lieben das Projekt, das herausragende Highlights wie “Controlla” und “U With Me?” Unabhängig von Ihrer Meinung zu dem Album kann man nicht leugnen, dass die begleitende Fotografie Feuer war. Eines der besten Fotos zeigte Drake im Schnee in einem Pelz-Trenchcoat vor seiner Villa, die Hundeleine in der Hand und neben seinem schwarzen Rolls Royce Phantom. Direkter Don-Status von Drizzy in diesem Fall.


Wann: 2016

Drake hatte einige seiner besten Modemomente, als er am Spielfeld saß und seine Heimatstadt, die Toronto Raptors, anfeuerte. Drizzy trug dieses besondere Outfit während der gesamten Teilnahme an der Scotiabank Arena mit seinem OVO-Kollegen OB O’Brien, der eine grüne Nylon-Gucci-Jacke mit einem passenden Gucci-Schal mit Monogramm-Print rockte. War es kalkuliert Hommage an Jülz Santana? Wir wissen es nicht genau, aber wir möchten es gerne glauben.

„Look Alive“ Musikvideo

Wann: 2018

Drake liebt es, aufstrebende Rapper unter Vertrag zu nehmen. Er ist im Laufe der Jahre auf viele Tracks gesprungen, was mehreren Künstlern wie Migos, ILoveMakonnen und Lil Baby geholfen hat. Einer der bemerkenswertesten Beispiele dafür ist sein Auftritt in Blocboy JBs Hit „Look Alive“ aus dem Jahr 2018. Im offiziellen Video zur Single wechselt Drake zwischen einer Handvoll Anfälle, aber das Highlight muss dieser sein. Ganz oben die Polo NASA Jacket von 1994, ein Stück, das unter vielen Sammlern zum Gral geworden ist. Natürlich rockt er eine Stone Island Cargohose, um den Look zu vervollständigen. Schauen Sie sich das Abzeichen an.

Unbekannter Standort

Wann: 2017

Die Louis Vuitton-Kollaboration von Supreme das 2017 erschienene Projekt ist zweifellos eines der monumentalsten Projekte in der Geschichte der Streetwear. Angesichts der Kollaborateure und seiner begrenzten Natur wird es heutzutage auch auf dem Wiederverkaufsmarkt teuer. Drake hat seine Teile offensichtlich bereits gesichert. Hier ist er zu sehen, ein Weinglas in der Hand, um es edel zu halten, und rockt eines der besseren Stücke aus der Supreme x LV-Kollektion – die Jeansjacke mit Monogramm-Print im Co-Branding. Wir sind uns nicht sicher, was genau dieser Beitrag ist, aber es schreckt nicht wirklich davon ab, wie gut die Jacke ist. Wir geben ihm dieses Mal einen Pass.

Das Novo DTLA

Wann: 2019

“Der kleine König.” So bezeichnete sich Drake auf der Strecke „Omerta“, die im Juni 2019 veröffentlicht wurde, um die erste NBA-Meisterschaft der Toronto Raptors Anfang dieses Jahres zu feiern. Wenn Sie einen Beweis brauchten, hier gehen Sie. Das Fortlaufende Drake vs. Kanye West-Saga war interessant zu verfolgen. Es gibt viele Schichten dazu. Dank J. Prince gibt es wahrscheinlich eine Menge Dinge, die unausgesprochen bleiben werden, aber das ist weder hier noch dort. Drake ist immer noch bereit, ein paar subtile Schüsse abzufeuern, wenn ihm danach ist. Hier ist er zu sehen, wie er im vergangenen September einen von Cactus Plant Flea Market entworfenen Merch-Hoodie „Ye Must be Born Again“ rockt. Kleiner König, in der Tat.

2018 Halloween-Party

Wann: 2018

Ja, das ist eigentlich ein fabelhaftes Halloween-Kostüm. Nein, das macht den Nostalgiker nicht weniger Feuer. Drake kam 2018 zu dieser Party im Stil der 2000er Jahre und nickte jemandem zu, den er als eine seiner größten Inspirationen im Rap bezeichnet. Es war genau die Passform, die Loso in der getragen hat „Trade alles Pt. 2″ Musikvideo. Das klassische Minneanapolis Lakers Kobe Bryant-Trikot, das ausgebeulte weiße Unterhemd, die anliegende Kappe der Los Angeles Dodgers und ein babyblaues Bandana darüber. Schön. *Fabelhafte Stimme*

Empire-Lounge (Atlanta)

Drake Rasiermesser Ramon Bild über Getty/Prinz Williams

Wann: 2018

Hey jo! Drake strotzte vor Machismo, als er in diesem Vintage-T-Shirt von Razor Ramon heraustrat. Ramon (Scott Hall) wird sicherlich von Wrestling-Fans geschätzt, gehörte in den 90er Jahren zu den beliebtesten professionellen Wrestlern mit Stationen in der WWF und WCW, um sich zu rühmen. Das auffällig gelb-schwarze Allover-Grafik-T-Shirt könnte aus keinem anderen Jahrzehnt stammen. Es ist auch eines der wertvollsten Vintage-Wrestling-Shirts. Die Adidas-Trainingshose und die weißen Adidas Climacools an den Füßen repräsentieren auch einen sehr kurzlebigen Aufenthalt in den Drei Streifen im Jahr 2018.

Billboard Music Awards 2017

Drake Billboard Awards Bild über Getty/Allen Berezovsky

Wann: 2017

Fakt: Drake macht großartige Musik. Fakt: Drake liebt Stone Island. Dieses Bild bestätigt genau beides. Drizzy nahm an den Billboard Music Awards 2017 in der ganz weißen Stoney-Passform teil. Hier ist er mit diesen rekordverdächtigen 13 Auszeichnungen zu sehen. Achten Sie auch zu Fuß auf die superfrischen weißen Air Force 1s. Shoutout zu dieser super gemütlichen Preisverleihung.

„Top Boy“-UK-Premiere

Drake Top Junge Bild über Getty/Karwai Tang

Wann: 2019

Sicher, Drake hat einige Modefehler auf dem Buckel. Das machen wir alle. Aber wenn er sich entschloss, in einem Anzug herauszutreten, ist es normalerweise ein Hit. Sein Auftritt bei der UK-Premiere für Netflix’s Top Boy im vergangenen September war nicht anders. Ein klassischer schwarzer Anzug (wahrscheinlich ein maßgeschneiderter Brioni- oder Tom Ford-Anzug, kann aber nicht bestätigt werden), ein grauer Rollkragenpullover darunter und eine Diamanthalskette als Accessoire. *Kuss des Kochs*

Halbfinale der NBA Eastern Conference 2019

Drake Courtside Bild über Getty/Vaughn Ridley

Wann: 2019

Drizzy spielt nicht herum, wenn es um die Platzverhältnisse der Scotiabank Arena geht. Für das Halbfinale der Eastern Conference 2019 zog er ein ernsthaftes Statement heraus: eine blaue Visvim Kerchief Daunenjacke mit Paisley-Muster aus der Herbst/Winter 2012 Kollektion der japanischen Kult-Favoriten. Die restlichen Teile hielt er dezent – ​​ein weißes T-Shirt, hell gewaschener Denim, weißer Nike Air Force 1 und eine einzelne Diamantkette als Ergänzung.

NBA Eastern Conference-Finale 2019

Drake Courtside 1 Bild über Getty/Ron Turenne/NBAE

Wann: 2019

Drake hatte während des NBA-Playoff-Laufs der Toronto Raptors 2019 eine beeindruckende Auswahl an Courtside-Outfits. Eines der herausragenden Merkmale ist diese Anspielung auf Tupac, die er während des sechsten Spiels der Eastern Conference Finals trug, ein maßgeschneiderter „100 Miles“-Hoodie, der von Pacs Charakter Birdie inspiriert wurde aus “Above the Rim” von 1994. Während er sich kein Bandana um den Kopf band wie die verstorbene Rap-Legende, blieb er mit einem um den Hals gebunden. Drake verlieh dem Hoodie seine eigene Note, indem er in fetten weißen Buchstaben „Kawhi Me a River“ auf der Rückseite aufstickte, eine Hommage an Superstar Kawhi Leonard. „Ivory Snake“ Nike Air Force 1s an den Füßen sind nur ein zusätzlicher Bonus.

NBA-Finale 2019

Drake Courtside 2 Bild über Getty/Garrett Ellwood/NBAE

Wann: 2019

Zwei Dinge konnten wir bisher feststellen: Drake liebt die Toronto Raptors und er liebt es, mit seinen Outfits kleinlich zu sein. Diese Passform aus Game One der NBA-Finals 2019 zwischen den Toronto Raptors und den Golden State Warriors kreuzt beide Kästchen an. Hier ist er zu sehen, wie er in einem Dell Curry Raptors-Trikot im Rückblick den Platz feiert. Dell ist der Vater von Warriors Point Guard, Stephen Curry. Die Trikotwahl setzte Twitter in dieser Nacht in Brand. Dell und Frau Sonya waren sogar von der Wahl des Rappers beeindruckt. Auch hier ist kein „Drake-Fluch“ zu sehen. Die Raptors gewannen das Spiel 118-109. Drake spielt Schach mit seinen Anfällen. Wir spielen alle nur Dame.

Die Engel

Drake Finesse Bild via Getty/Hollywood an dich/Star Max

Wann: 2019

Dies ist eines von Drakes Outfits, bei dem das Internet im Juli 2018 nach einer Möglichkeit suchte, es für sich selbst zu erwerben. Vielleicht inspiriert von seinem Skorpion-Schnitt „Finesse“ trat er in einem leuchtend orangefarbenen Rundhalsausschnitt der University of Tennessee mit den sorgfältig geschnitzten Buchstaben heraus stattdessen „Finesse“ lesen. Das Stück wurde von einer zurückhaltenden Marke entworfen icantdecideyet die sicherlich die Begeisterung schätzten, die das monumentale Cosign hervorbrachte. Wie er es tut, hielt es Drake mit einer schwarzen Nylon-Trainingshose und passenden Nike Air Max Plus-Sneakern gemütlich, um den lässigen Los Angeles-Look zu vervollständigen.

Nike 2020 Forum

Beste Drake-Outfits Bild über Getty

Wann: 2020

Als Nike seine Laufstegshow im Forum 2020 zur New York Fashion Week brachte, war Drake anwesend und koordinierte ein passendes Outfit mit Virgil Abloh. Drake und Virgil trugen beide Tarnjacken aus der Arc’teryx LEAF-Linie. Die Jacken, die sie trugen, waren die Alpha Jacket LT Gen 2 Multicam und wird nur an Strafverfolgungs- oder Militärpersonal verkauft. Also ja, ich denke, man kann sagen, dass Drake mit dieser verrückten Arc-Passform, gepaart mit schwarzen Jeans und Air Maxes, das Gesetz niedergelegt hat.

Chrome Hearts und The North Face

Beste Drake-Outfits und Style-Moment aller Zeiten Bild über Getty

Wann: 2020

Wie wir alle von diesem extrem langwierigen Rollout für Certified Lover Boy wissen, Drake liebt Chrome Hearts. So viel, dass wir schon Monate vor dem Erscheinen des Albums einen Certified Lover Boy x Chrome Hearts-Merch erhalten haben. Hier sehen wir, wie Drake das teure Label aus Los Angeles repräsentiert und eine der berühmten Jeans der Marke trägt, die mit ledernen Kreuzaufnähern versehen sind. Dieses Outfit bietet eine gute Mischung aus High und Low. Ein bescheidener 700-Fill North Face Nuptse, ein komplett weißer Nike Air Force 1s, ein graumelierter Hoodie und eine Louis Vuitton-Umhängetasche vervollständigen diese großartige Drake-Passform.

„Überprüft Streifen“

Beste Drake-Outfits Nike Bild über BG020/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty

Wann: 2021

Drake bleibt Nike treu. Sein eigenes Label OVO hat mit ihnen zahlreiche Sneaker-Kollaborationen veröffentlicht. Und Nike hat sogar mit Drake zusammengearbeitet, um seine eigene, von Techwear inspirierte Bekleidungslinie namens . zu produzieren Freitag. Zusammen mit Nike produziert offiziellen Certified Lover Boy-Merch, ist es sehr klar, dass Drake tief mit der Marke verbunden ist. Und wenn das Musikvideo für “Lache jetzt, Weine später” Drakes Liebe zu Nike nicht deutlich genug für dich gemacht hat, wird diese Passform, die Drake zeigt, der Nike von Kopf bis Fuß trägt, definitiv dazu beitragen.

What time will ‘Cash Heist’ Season 5 be on Netflix Globally?

The Professor in Money Heist Season 5 – Picture: Netflix

It’s the final countdown. We’re just hours away from seeing the first half of the final season of the Money Heist phenomenon (La Casa De Papel). If you’re looking to stay up late or wake up early, here’s a full breakdown of when the show is streamed where you live.

If you want to know everything about Money Heist season five, go ahead and Check out our preview for the new season But if you want to get cold, that’s your prerogative.

For those who didn’t know, season 5 of La Casa De Papel has been split in half. The first of these will appear on Netflix on September 3, 2021.

Full schedule for the release of Money Heist Season 5 Part 1

Since Netflix is ​​based in Los Angeles, all of their original Netflix versions (with a few exceptions) arrive there at midnight. Since time is different around the world, this time will be relative.

So if you live in Europe, India, Australia, or the Middle East, you won’t be watching TV at 12:00 AM.

Time zone Time available to stream
Pacific Standard Time 12:00 p.m. (GMT-7)
Mountain standard time 01:00 am (GMT-6)
Central standard time 02:00 am (GMT-5)
eastern summer time 03:00 am (GMT-4)
Brasilia standard time 04:00 (GMT-3)
British summer time 8:00 a.m. (GMT +1)
central European Summer Time 09:00 am (GMT + 2)
Eastern European summer time 10:00 a.m. (GMT + 3)
Indian standard time 1:30 p.m. (GMT + 5:30 p.m.)
Philippine Time (PHT) 15:00 (GMT + 8: 00)
Japanese standard time 4:00 p.m. (GMT + 9)
Australian East Time 6:00 p.m. (GMT + 10)
New Zealand Standard Time 7:00 p.m. (GMT + 11)

Money Heist season 5 will not be shown on Netflix

Sometimes you may not see the new season straight away. This is usually a caching issue, which means you need to perform a few tricks to trigger the new season show.

To fix this, you essentially have to reload the Netflix app. On phones or app versions of Netflix (e.g. Netflix on your Roku, Fire Stick, or Smart TV) navigate to the Help section and there is a button to reload Netflix.

If you’re using a browser, you may need to refresh your cache or close and reopen the website.

Logging in and out can also help bring the new releases onto Netflix.

You can also use a direct link to get to Money Heist’s fifth season and we’ll add them here as soon as we have them.

Money Heist Cast in Season 5 – Picture: Netflix

The biggest problem you will likely face by the end of September 3rd is that you have run out of episodes. Don’t worry, you only have a few months to wait for the final half of season five to come out on December 3, 2021.

Let us know in the comments if you stay up late or wake up early to watch. In the meantime, check out our other coverage of Money Heist, including where to go to watch this Cast of Money Heist in other Netflix originals.

Standard waste of money and time | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

Bob Ziegler, Minot

Every time I come to the library the sights are the same. Whoever is “Work” road construction / pipeline construction on the road between the police station and the library is not making progress.

I see the same 6 or 7 “Manpower” Stand around a pickup and talk, or I won’t see anyone at all. No matter what time of day or day of the week, the sights are the same. I asked about them at the library and was told they would be ready in August and now I ask and get it in September. Maybe.

It seems this “Manpower” dragging the contract out for as long as possible, and town hall doesn’t seem to care. My tax dollars are being wasted (as always) and I want this project to be completed and the road reopened as soon as possible.

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Textbook tricks to prevent money and time – The GW Hatchet

Media credit: Photo illustration by Anthony Peltier | Employee photographer

The price of textbooks listed on curricula can be eye-catching, but there are many strategies you can use to lower your book costs.

A couple of things to expect if this is your first year on campus – you’ll have many long nights, find yourself at a few questionable parties, and feel the load of overpriced textbooks.

Students spend money on books they would never read on their own, only to leave useless books that they have to mortgage to someone else at the end of the semester. But not every textbook is necessary, and students often spend too much on the textbooks they buy.

If you find yourself overwhelmed the first time you buy textbooks, keep these tips in mind:

Do you even need your books?
If you’ve ever been assigned a $ 100 textbook that you haven’t touched in a full semester, you’re not alone.

If you see an expensive textbook on your reading list, check the curriculum for assigned readings from the book. If the textbook is not assigned reading, it is likely intended as a learning resource. In this case, online learning resources are like Khan Academy often work just as well. Or ask a friend who has attended the course. Chances are, the textbook will be a useful resource even if it is not intended for reading.

Nicholas Anastacio | Graphics editor

If you need a book, you may not need to buy a physical copy – Gutenberg project is a website that allows you to download eBook versions of books with expired copyright that were published more than 95 years ago. Or search online “[Textbook Name] pdf ”and with a bit of luck you will find an uploaded version of the book.

Having a library card isn’t hard to have fun
You may know your local library as the home of maids who silence their customers and books tainted with what you hope is ketchup, but if you’re looking to save money on books, libraries are a great one Resource.

Look at that DC Public Library for all the novels and popular non-fiction books that you have on your curriculum. Get a library card for free and gain access to the thousands of books the DCPL has to offer. the West End neighborhood library Location is within walking distance of the Foggy Bottom Campus, and for you Vernies that Palisades The location is only a 10 minute walk away. Note that you can only borrow a book for three weeks at a time, but you can extend most books for an additional three weeks if necessary. If you can’t find a book you want in your local library, try the retention system and you will get the book in a few days.

If you want to read on the go, stop by Libby, an app that allows you to download books from DCPL to your iPad or iPhone.

If you need an academic textbook, try the GW library Top textbooks Program. This means you only have three hours with a textbook before you have to return it, but you don’t have to pay a dime. Many students use this as a resource to complete assigned assignments or question sets in textbooks without having to purchase the book. The only downside is that the most popular textbooks can be in high demand. So do not rely on this method during the final or mid-term exams.

You can also try making your own de facto library with friends. If you and a few other people need the same book for a class, buy a copy or sign up online and split the price between yourself. You probably don’t need your biology textbook around the clock anyway.

Buy used and save
We all know used books are cheaper than new ones, but even GW Bookstore’s used books can get steep. Instead, try online sources like AbeBooks and Thrift bookswhere you can often find your textbooks for less than a third of the original price.

This means you need to plan a little in advance as shipping from these websites can take about a week or more. But the GW bookstore publishes lists of required books for each class before the semester starts so you don’t have to wait for a curriculum to buy books. Often at the beginning of the semester, professors give a week or so before you need your books, but after that you can get along quickly without them. If you take some time to think ahead, you can save quite a bit of money.

Save time, cash with preharvest gear examine

Imagine the following: The harvest is going well. Then the combine breaks down. The harvest comes to an abrupt halt while you spend the day communicating with a dealer and fixing the problem.

“I can’t think of anything more costly for a producer than a situation in which he is in the middle of the harvest and something should go wrong,” says Jim Franceschetti, Marketing Manager for Harvested Products at CNH Industrial Aftermarket Solutions. “If they are not proactive before harvest, they expose themselves to various scenarios.”

While plant failures are not necessarily inevitable and never predictable, planning maintenance before harvest can save time and money.

Without pre-harvest maintenance, farmers could expect additional costs – more than just paying for a service visit and parts, says Franceschetti. Equipment failures and service can also affect the efficiency of grain storage.

Something like the rasp strips on the combine rotor are a prime example of a simple solution that makes a big difference, says Franceschetti. If the part wears past the mark, yields could be negatively impacted, he says, as worn rasp bars will make it harder to separate the crop. Traders will likely have rasps on hand, and it’s an easy pre-harvest fix.

And while there are many things farmers can inspect and see, Franceschetti suggests arranging a pre-harvest inspection with a local dealer to spot problems big and small.

Franceschetti recommends waiting several weeks before harvesting before harvest, but a self-inspection the day before you go into the field can save you headaches later. A last-minute pre-harvest check is better than nothing, he adds.

After harvest

After the last field is harvested, consider an after-season inspection.

Then all the warning signals are fresh in the mind of the farmer during the harvest, says Franceschetti. Some dealers even offer a 12 month warranty on the parts installed by the dealer, ensuring the next harvest season.

In addition, dealers can only process a certain number of devices at the same time. Servicing earlier after harvest can mean shorter waiting times for an inspection appointment. And an early inspection allows enough time for repairs before storage and the next harvest.

“The sooner you put it in, the more time you have to make sure the next harvest is coming, you have had these discussions, carried out the inspection and replaced the parts,” says Franceschetti. “It’s kind of a domino effect that makes it so much easier.”

Laborious Cash Lenders Arizona Now Providing Promote & Keep Choices To Help Throughout Time Of Want

PHOENIX, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Hard Money Lenders Arizona continues efforts to provide access to real estate and financial services for their Arizona clients. In an effort to provide more offers and support, Hard Money Lenders Arizona is expanding their programs to offer Arizona residents options to sell and stay in homes as they may face short term funding problems. These new programs are designed for homeowners seeking access to their home equity while having the flexibility to buy back their home at a later agreed date.

Given the combination of the economic impact of COVID-19 and soaring house prices, millions of Americans are real estate rich and cash poor. As a result of the recent credit crunch, lenders have strict policies that keep many homeowners from applying for refinance and equity lines. With no viable alternative options, many Arizona Homeowners are being forced to sell their homes and move. In response to this new and unique challenge many Arizonans faced, and as a trusted lender in the Valley for over 30 years, Hard Money Lenders Arizona decided to introduce several sell and stay options that will help people stay in their homes while they get the money they need now.

The company was built on the foundation and mindset that just because a person may not have traditional documents such as proof of work and high credit does not mean they should not be able to obtain credit or financing on all real estate Purposes. All of the specialists employed at Hard Money Lenders Arizona have mastered this mentality in a quick and efficient manner, providing clients with a wealth of knowledge about loan and home purchase programs.

For more information on Hard Money Lenders loan programs, please visit https://hardmoneylendersarizona.com/

SOURCE hard money lender Arizona

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State company provides tricks to save time, cash, stress throughout wildfire evacuations

Fire alarm

SALEM, Ore. (KTVZ) – The Bootleg, Jack and Grandview forest fires triggered several evacuation orders. The Oregon Division of Financial Regulation has Forest Fire Insurance Resources available to help people on every level of evacuation.

By doing these chores, you and your family can save time, money, and stress before, during, and after wildfire.

Evacuation level 3: When you receive the level 3 order, please leave your home ASAP.

  • If it is safe, tell your insurance company that you have been asked to evacuate. Confirm your insurance coverage, your deductible and your specific coverage limits.
  • Save all receipts. Many insurance companies help cover expenses such as room and board and animal boarding.
  • Work on a home inventory list.
    • Review photos and videos to remember personal belongings. Pay close attention to the background and look for smaller items like jewelry.
    • To the best of your knowledge, write down the age, original cost, and replacement cost of each item.

Evacuation level 1 and 2:

  • Contact your insurance company to review your policy.
    • Ask about deductibles and specific coverage limits
    • Ask about the automatic coverage. You need comprehensive insurance for your vehicle to cover damage caused by a forest fire.
  • Do a quick home inventory.
    • Take photos of every room in your home. Don’t forget storage spaces like the attic, shed, and garage.
    • Check your insurance company’s website for an app or checklist that will help.
  • Build a financial backpack.
    • Gather important financial documents such as passports, social security cards, insurance policies, titles, deeds, and financial accounts.
    • Make copies or scan them to your phone or computer.
  • Put all information with your emergency supplies so that you have this information at hand during the evacuation.

Outside the evacuation zone: The time to prepare is now.
Follow the department’s disaster preparedness tips at disaster dfr.oregon.gov/preparenow.

Additional resources are available on the department’s website Forest Fire Insurance Resources Page.

If you have any questions about insurance coverage, contact your insurance company or broker. If you still have any questions or concerns, the Consumer Advisory Team at the Financial Regulation Department can help.
• Call 888-877-4894 (toll free)
• Email dfr.insurancehelp@oregon.gov
• Visit dfr.oregon.gov
About DCBS: The Department of Consumer and Business Services is Oregon’s largest regulatory and consumer protection agency. For more information, visit dcbs.oregon.gov.

About Oregon DFR: The Financial Regulation Department is part of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, Oregon’s largest regulatory and consumer protection agency in Oregon. visit dcbs.oregon.gov and dfr.oregon.gov.

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