Eagles focusing on big-money deal for tight finish Dallas Goedert as Zach Ertz prepares to maneuver on, per report

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The expected split between Zach Ertz and the Eagle has been postponed for months as Philadelphia hopes for better compensation in a potential deal, but for anyone skeptical of Ertz’s future exit, John McMullen of SI.com’s EagleMaven reports that the team has already taken several steps to prepare for 2021 and beyond without the long-term tight end. This also includes striving for a “big money contract extension” for Ertz’s tight-end colleagues Dallas Goedert, as well as informing Ertz that Goedert will take the majority of the snapshots at the position, regardless of who is on the list.

“Both sides want to move on,” McMullen wrote this week, “but Eagles (General Manager) Howie Roseman has continued to play hard when it comes to Ertz’s worth … What we do know is that the Eagles plan for life to Ertz and tries to work out a (deal) with Goedert. What’s more, the team has informed Ertz that Goedert will definitely get the lion’s share of the snapshots at the position. “

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Meanwhile, New Eagles coach Nick Sirianni wants to “get away from a two-tight-end-centered offensive and get more speed on the field,” reported McMullen. Philadelphia recently re-signed the Veterans Reserve Richard Rodgerswho would likely open as the team’s # 2 tight end in 2021 if Ertz is dealt or released.

The reasons for Ertz’s expected departure have been amply set out this off-season; the three-time pro bowler will forever be a Philadelphia legend for eight years of consistent production Super bowl LII performance, but at 30, after an injury and looking for a new setting and maybe a new contract, the ship has already sailed unofficially. As for Goedert, the former second-round pick admitted in June that he was hey Talks about a new deal started.

Goedert, 26, will join the Free Agency after this season. The Eagles could potentially use the 2022 Franchise Tag. forecast to be $ 11.3 millionto keep it after 2021. A long term contract could net him something on the order of $ 12 million to $ 14 million per season, making him one of the NFL‘s four highest paid players in his position, according to other tight ends Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith redeemed on deals Pay $ 12.5 million a year this off-season. The Eagles would save $ 8.5 million this year by cutting or bargaining Ertz.

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