Thomas Rhett is a professional ‘lady dad’ | Leisure

Thomas Rhett admits that he “got really good” at being a “girl father”.

The country musician and his wife, Lauren Akins – who are already Willa, five, Ada, three, and Lennon, 15 months together – will have their fourth daughter later this year, and Thomas insisted he be a pro Parenting girls.

He told Entertainment Tonight: It’s overwhelming to be honest with you.

“We’re due in November and we’re going to have four little girls and it’s going to be just great. I feel like I’ve gotten very good at being a girl dad and I’m so very, very excited.”

Although the couple are thrilled to have another girl on the way, their daughters were hoping for a brother.

Thomas shared, “I have a video of this that I haven’t shared with anyone.

“Lauren shows them the pregnancy test and they ask, ‘Is it a boy. Is it a brother?’ Lauren says, ‘We don’t know yet’ and when we told them they said, ‘We wanted a boy!’ “

The couple announced last month they had another little baby when Lauren shared a photo of Thomas with her growing belly on Instagram and wrote, “SURPRISE. He just couldn’t wait any longer so @thomasrhettakins shared our newest little secret told on stage at @billybobstexas in Fort Worth (my mother’s hometown) just in time for Mother’s Day. Akin’s family is expanding with our FOURTH baby in November 2021. (sic) “

Her husband shared a similar photo and wrote on his own account, “Well … we’re pregnant again. Tonight I was on stage in Fort Worth to play ‘for the boys who date my girls’ , my wife talked to me my (earbuds) and said ‘you can tell them if you want’ so anyway, now you know. We’re pumped to get our fourth girl. (sic) “

Justin Thomas gave Michael Visacki cash to assist his profession

At the end of April we met Michael Visacki, a mini-tour golfer who got emotional on a phone call with his father after qualifying for his first PGA Tour event since his career in 2013.

A few days later he went out and started this event in an incredible way. While Vissacki didn’t make the cut at the Valspar Championship, it was very cool to see someone come true a dream that meant so much to them.

Visacki’s story earned him an invitation to the annual PGA Tour stop last weekend in Colonial for the Charles Schwab Classic. He missed the cut after rounds 77-72 but before leaving he shared a great moment with Justin Thomas who presented him with a check to help him with his career.

Being a mini-tour player can be very expensive, and that expense can be a burden on a player trying to make their way up to the PGA Tour.

That was great:

– Rick Gehman (@RickRunGood) May 31, 2021

Visacki spoke at Valspar about how expensive it is to be a mini-tour player. Posted by Kyle Porter of CBS Sports:

“It’s extremely difficult,” said Visacki. “Sometimes the entry fees are $ 400 to $ 600, and if you don’t win or finish second, I mean you are barely breaking even. Then it is not the case that there is a free entry fee every week, that we are only playing for one price. For example, if you miss two or three cuts and each cut costs you $ 500 each tournament, then in two or three weeks you will be down $ 1,500 in entry fee alone, hopefully the car won’t break down.

“Despite all of my success, it’s still very, very, very difficult to make a living. If I had to pay rent, I probably still wouldn’t be able to play as much professional golf as I’ve won in the past. “

Good from Thomas, number 2 in the world, for helping him. And what a sweet reaction from Visacki and his Pops.

‘Hooked on a Feeling’ singer B.J. Thomas dies at 78 | Leisure

BJ Thomas, the Grammy winner who hit the pop, country and gospel charts with hits like “I Just Can’t Help Believe”, “Raindrops Always Fall On My Head” and “Hooked on a Feeling” was successful. died. He was 78 years old.

Thomas, who announced in March that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer, died of complications from the disease on Saturday at his home in Arlington, Texas, publicist Jeremy Westby said in a statement.

Houston-raised Hugo Billy Joe Thomas broke through in 1966 with a gospel-style cover of Hank Williams’ “I’m So Lonely I Cry,” selling millions of records and having dozens of hit genres. In 1976 he hit number 1 with pop, adult contemporaries, and country listeners with “(Hey, don’t you want to play)?” In the same year, his “Home Where I Belong” was one of the first gospel albums to go platinum, selling more than 1 million copies.

Thomas ‘signature recording was Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head, a No. 1 pop hit and Oscar winner for Best Original Song, as part of the soundtrack to one of 1969’s greatest films, the irreverent Western “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” Thomas wasn’t the first choice to play the quirky ballad by Burt Bacharach and Hal David. Ray Stevens turned down the songwriters. But its warm, soulful tenor matched the laid-back mood of the song in the film during the scene in which Butch (Paul Newman) shows off his new bike to Etta Place (Katharine Ross), girlfriend of the Sundance Kid (Robert Redford) was immortalized.

“Raindrops” have since been heard everywhere from “The Simpsons” to “Forrest Gump” and were elected to the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2013. At first, however, not everyone was satisfied. Thomas recovered from laryngitis while recording the soundtrack version, and his vocals are scratchier than the track that was released on its own. Redford, meanwhile, doubted that the song even belonged to “Butch Cassidy”.

“When the film was released, I was very critical – how did the song fit into the film? There was no rain, “Redford told USA Today in 2019.” It seemed like a stupid idea at the time. How wrong I was. “

Thomas would later say that the “raindrop” phenomenon exacerbated an addiction to pills and alcohol that dates back to his teens when a Houston record producer suggested using amphetamines to keep his energy levels up. He toured and recorded all the time, taking dozens of pills every day. In 1976, when “(Hey, don’t you wanna play) Another Someone Who Made the Wrong Song” hit # 1, he felt like “Number 1,000”.

“I was at the bottom of my addictions and problems,” he said on The Debby Campbell Goodtime Show in 2020. He cited a “spiritual awakening” he shared with his wife, Gloria Richardson, to help him get clean.

Thomas had few pop hits after the mid-1970s, but he continued to score in the country charts with No. 1 songs like “Whatever Happened To Old Fashioned Love” and “New Looks From an Old Lover” . He was also a top gospel and inspiration singer in the late 1970s and early 80s, winning two Dove Awards and five Grammys, including a 1979 Grammy for Best Gospel Performance for The Lord’s Prayer.

Fans of the 1980s sitcom “Growing Pains” heard him sing the show’s theme song. He also starred in a handful of films, including “Jory” and “Jake’s Corner,” and toured frequently. Recent recordings include Living Room Music, with cameos by Lyle Lovett, Vince Gill and Richard Marx. He had planned to record in Muscle Shoals, Ala., In 2020, but the sessions have been postponed due to the pandemic.

Thomas married Richardson in 1968 and had three daughters: Paige, Nora and Erin. In 1982 he and his wife worked on the essay “In Tune: Finding How Good Life Can Be”. His book “Home Where I Belong” was published in 1978 and was co-authored by Jerry B. Jenkins, later known for the multi-million dollar religious novels “Left Behind” written with Tim LaHaye.

Besides music, Thomas loved baseball as a kid and started calling himself BJ because so many of the Little League teammates were also called Billy Joe. As a teenager, he sang in church and had joined a local rock band, the Triumphs, which he would stay with until his 20s. He enjoyed Ernest Tubb, Hank Williams, and other country artists his parents liked, but took his own inspiration from the soul, rhythm, and blues singers he heard on the radio or saw on stage, especially Jackie Wilson , whose hit ballad “To Be Beloved”, Thomas later reported and accepted it as a kind of guide for his life.

“I grew up in a rather dysfunctional situation and experienced intense alcoholism and drug addiction for years. So the song was always a touchstone for me. If you open up to drugs and alcohol at such a young age, you have to deal with the rest of your life, ”he told the Huffington Post in 2014.

“What a roadblock and a heartache and times of failure have these addictions caused me. But I got that little bit of lightning from that song. That is the essence of it all. To love and be loved. And that lasts a lifetime. It’s always been an important part of my feelings. “

Sergio Aguero exits for Barcelona in type, however is Thomas Tuchel all that?

You really have to applaud Tottenham Hotspur.

They let us go there, I almost thought they were going to get one of the most perfect results of the last day.


Kane used what could turn out to be a farewell goal for Spurs against Leicester

To the untrained eye, it looked like Spurs was walking towards him Leicester with the full intent of winning and securing their place in next season’s new, exciting and perhaps prestigious Europa Conference League.

But for those of us who like to think we know a thing or two Tottenham conveniently took the media narrative of being “Spursy” to her advantage and awarded two penalties.

These were well hidden by Jamie Vardy, meaning Leicester got their wish for Champions League football and Spurs what they wanted – without wasting their time knocking around a ball in another meaningless competition on Thursday night.

Even better? Defeat would allow it arsenal, naively won 2-0 in Brighton and slipped to seventh place.


Gareth Bale scored twice on the last day of the season

Oh the way Ryan Mason and the boys had to grin in the second half as the perfect events unfolded – Harry Kane imagined finally achieving something meaningful in his time with the club.

And then Leicester realized they were going to be in the top four and went on together, and I think that’s the technical sporting term, all by itself.

After being in the top four all season until he was briefly out of the game against Chelsea during the week, Leicester managed to get back on track by about 20 minutes – only to implode in impressive style.

I mean, they bottled it from a great height last season, but that was a new level.

You have to feel a bit how Kasper Schmeichel – the Wembley hero – hits a corner in his own net and ends the season there and then.

It was a disappointing day for Leicester


It was a disappointing day for Leicester

Brendan Rodgers needed Chelsea to do them a favor, and boy didn’t he? Imagine going to Villa and losing when all you need is one positive result to secure Champions League football for the next season.

Of course, this could be the ultimate double bluff (or something, I’m confused now, let alone you) from Tottenham

Did they suddenly know that Rodgers might suddenly be interested in taking them on next season by killing Leicester’s dreams of the Champions League? If so, I salute Daniel Levy once again for his sheer genius.

Kane got the Golden Shoe, of course, and Gareth Bale chose his final minutes in a Tottenham shirt to actually look like a Premier League footballer again.

Imagine if Florentino Perez had seen this and stumbled upon a new sly plan for the summer. Bale has apparently made up his mind but is keeping it to himself.

Will Tottenham stars Harry Kane and Gareth Bale be at the club next season?


Will Tottenham stars Harry Kane and Gareth Bale be at the club next season?

I think the modern slang is “fraud” – and I wouldn’t have been surprised to see that word and Thomas Tuchel in the same tweet if Chelsea had managed to finish fifth. Fifth, losing the FA Cup final and likely losing the Champions League to City?

I’m sure Frank Lampard could have done it. OK, that might be driving it – and it didn’t actually land that way, but it was very, very close.

Can we all get off the Thomas Tuchel train now? I’m preparing for an almighty fall if they topple Pep’s lot next week but he doesn’t win a final and he got Chelsea to the point where it was 100% in their own hands and the match had to win – and needed Spurs, of all people, Spurs to save her. Are we sure he’s all of that?

Thanks to Aston Villa – Bertrand Traore, one of many who were turned down by Chelsea, turned out to be decisive when many other Chelsea men of greater repute decided not to put on a show.

Thomas Tuchel thanked Tottenham for helping happy Chelsea reach the Champions League


Thomas Tuchel thanked Tottenham for helping happy Chelsea reach the Champions League

All the chaos at King Power and Villa Park has distracted us from a very efficient job of the former champions in Anfield.

Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool picked up and came in third. Sadio Mane has done enough to mean that next season he is unlikely to be the striker threatened for his place.

Any other day, the real story would have been that Pep Guardiola sent Sergio Aguero at the perfect time to say goodbye to Premier League football.

City’s record scorer was on the pitch within minutes, scoring two of the most classic Aguero goals imaginable.

Thank goodness Everton was the opposition, otherwise it probably wouldn’t have happened. Imagine if you could take part in a title race earlier in the season.

Aguero now has the most Premier League goals for a single club and is on his way to repair the self inflicted damage in Barcelona.

Aguero ended his Premier League career in style when he won another trophy wearing a Man City shirt


Aguero ended his Premier League career in style when he won another trophy wearing a Man City shirt

Are Newcastle fans still digging up Steve Bruce?

He got you 12th, folks, an impressive performance in one of the more challenging seasons the club will ever have. I mean, imagine Liverpool losing two of their best players for a long time and seeing them get along.

West Ham seems really grown up now.

There was no drama, just a few heart-pounding moments, none of the great things at the track and field stadium when the Moysiah led the Hammers to sixth and European place with a 3-0 win over Southampton.

Everyone is right to talk about his repair work on Jesse Lingard, but what about Pablo Fornals?

David Moyes would like to keep both Jesse Lingard and Declan Rice at West Ham for the next season


David Moyes would like to keep both Jesse Lingard and Declan Rice at West Ham for the next season

Juan Mata may have scored his last goal for Manchester United the day another academy kid scored his first goal.

United ruined Nuno’s goodbye to Wolves by winning (again) away with a dubious penalty (again) and winning without falling behind – that must be a good sign ahead of Wednesday’s Europa League final.

Nicolas Pepe showed his talents in a win against Brighton


Nicolas Pepe showed his talents in a win against Brighton

Leeds ended their season in style, beating Big Sam’s West Brom 3-1 in Allardyce’s last Premier League game (probably not considering – Watford, December 2021 – you heard it here first).

Sheffield United defeated Burnley in the match that cared nothing in the least – even the fans.


Agbonlahor reluctantly compliments Leeds on the season after making “naive” and “mythical” claims


James Maddison cracked for “shameful” antics when Leicester dropped out of the top four


Messages transmitted: Kane at the latest, Guardiola drops Aguero notice, Konate complications


Neymar receive “one of the worst penalties you will ever see” when PSG lose the Ligue 1 title


Ronaldo is angry that Napoli almost took Juventus’ place in the Champions League


David Moyes gives a big update on the future of Jesse Lingard and Declan Rice

Stories of the highest order: The slightly ironic recap of the 2020/21 Premier League season book will be available on Amazon in the not too distant future. Keep your eyes open

A Primer on Items and Enterprise Leisure | Thomas Fox

If one pondered the provision of gifts and business entertainment to foreign government officials, it would be reasonable to conclude that after 40 years of FCPA, companies would be able to comply with their regulations regarding gifts and business entertainment. However, there have been some notable FCPA enforcement actions in this area.

The 2020 FCPA Resource Guide clarified that the FCPA does not prohibit gifts and entertainment. In fact, it has been said, “A small gift, or a token of appreciation or gratitude, is often an appropriate way for business people to show respect for one another. Some signs of appropriate gift giving are when the gift is given openly and transparently, properly recorded in the giver’s books and records, provided only for appreciation or gratitude, and permitted under local law. Face value items such as taxi rides, reasonable meals and entertainment, or company promotional items are unlikely to inappropriately affect an officer and are therefore not readily items to lead to enforcement actions by the DOJ or SEC. “

What does the FCPA say? While the FCPA prohibits the payment of money or valuables to foreign officials in order to get or keep business, it does allow the same officials to incur certain costs. There is no de minimis provision. Presenting a gift or business entertainment expense may constitute a breach of the FCPA when it is done with the corrupt intent of getting or keeping business. Under the FCPA, 15 USC Section 78dd-1 (c) (2) (A) – (B), the following affirmative defense exists in relation to the payment of expenses:

[it] should be an affirmative defense [that] The payment, gift, offer, or promise of any item of value that was made was a fair and bona fide expense, such as an expense. B. Travel and accommodation expenses incurred by a foreign official, party, party official or candidate or on behalf of a foreign official in direct connection with … the promotion, demonstration or explanation of products or services; or … the execution or performance of a contract with a foreign government or agency thereof.

As with most matters within the FCPA, there is little direct evidence of what behavior may go beyond the limit set out above. Of course, there’s always the gut test, which simply measures, “If it feels wrong in your gut, it’s probably wrong.” It is a good thing to keep this in mind under all circumstances.

Opinions published. Somewhat surprising is that there have been no current DOJ opinion releases in the last 10 years addressing the values ​​for gifts and business entertainment under the FCPA. However, there are three opinion releases from the early 1980s that can provide some pointers to current practitioners.

in the Comment Release 82-01The DOJ approved the donation of cheese samples to Mexican government officials by the Missouri State Department of Agriculture to promote the state of Missouri’s agricultural products. However, the value of the cheese to be submitted was not included in the opinion. in the Comment Release 81-02The DOJ approved a gift of its packaged beef products from Iowa Beef Packers, Inc. to officials at the Soviet Department of Foreign Affairs. The total value of all samples presented was estimated to be less than $ 2,000, and Iowa Beef Packers, Inc. stated that individual sample packages would not exceed $ 250 in value.

The final opinion on gifts is this Comment Release 81-01. In this press release, Bechtel Group Inc. (Bechtel) applied for permission to use the SGV Group (SGV), a multinational organization headquartered in the Republic of the Philippines, made up of separate member companies in ten Asian countries and Saudi Arabia, the Carry out tests. Business consulting, project management and tax advice. The SGV wanted to ask for business on behalf of Bechtel, who had proposed reimbursing the SGV for the gift costs incurred in this business promotion. Regarding the reimbursement of gift costs by Bechtel to SGV, the DOJ stated:

Expenses for gifts or material items of any kind that are incurred without the prior written consent of Bechtel will only be reimbursed if such expenses are permitted under local law. The ceremonial value of the object exceeds its intrinsic value. The cost of the gift will not exceed $ 500 per person and the cost is in accordance with legitimate and generally accepted local custom for such expenses by private businessmen in the country.

Gifts and Business Entertainment Policies and Procedures. Based on the FCPA language and relevant opinion releases, and considering inflation over the past 30 years, it seems reasonable for a company to be able to provide gifts up to a value of $ 500. The following are the guidelines that the submissions would suggest for inclusion in a compliance guideline for gifts to government officials:

  • The gift should be given as a token of appreciation, courtesy, or in return for hospitality.
  • The gift should have a face value, but in no case more than $ 500.
  • No cash gifts.
  • The gift is permitted under both local law and employer / government agency guidelines.
  • The gift should be of a value that is customary in the country in question and appropriate for the occasion.
  • The gift should be for official rather than personal use.
  • The gift should showcase the company’s products or include the company logo.
  • The gift should be presented openly and completely transparently.
  • The cost of the gift should be properly recorded in the company’s books and records.

Business entertainment by government officials. Based on the FCPA language (there are no comments on this point) there is no threshold at which a company can set a value for business entertainment. However, I believe there are clear guidelines that should be included in your corporate spending policy that should include:

  • There must be a fair balance for real business entertainment during an official business trip.
  • All business upkeep costs must be reasonable.
  • The cost of business maintenance must be permitted under (1) local laws and (2) customer guidelines.
  • Business maintenance costs must be in accordance with local custom and practice.
  • Business entertainment costs must avoid the appearance of inappropriateness.
  • Business maintenance costs must be supported by appropriate records and properly recorded in the company’s books and records.

Including these concepts in a compliance policy is a good first step in preventing potential violations from occurring. However, it must be emphasized that this is only a first step. There must be procedures in place to implement these guidelines. At a minimum, you must obtain a business justification from the company representative in order to provide the gift or business entertainment. Next, it should be reviewed and approved by a frontline compliance expert. Depending on the volume and type of request, a CCO approval may then be required. Finally, if there is a COC, it should go to this committee for a final review to make sure everything is in order.

These guidelines must be accompanied by active training of all employees, not only on a company’s compliance policies, but also on the corporate and individual consequences that may arise if the FCPA violates gifts and business entertainment becomes. Finally, it is imperative that all such gifts and business conversations are properly recorded, as required by the book and record component of the FCPA.

And as always, don’t forget the bowel test.

[View source.]

Thomas Markle: I’ve by no means stopped loving Meghan | Leisure

Thomas Markle “never stopped loving his daughter, Duchess Meghan”.

The Duchess of Sussex’s father appeared for the first time since her and Prince Harry’s bombshell interview – in which she admitted that she felt “betrayed” by her father for speaking about her to the press – and he insisted that he be would be “available” to them at all times.

Thomas said of his daughter: “I’m available whenever we can meet. I would like to see each other. I have never stopped loving my daughter. I don’t always agree with the things my children do.” but i don’t stop loving my kids … i’m still their dad. “

And Thomas insisted he only speak publicly because he hadn’t heard from the Sussexes.

He added, “If they say I lie and use the press … if I don’t hear from them in 30 days, I’ll make a story for the press. I would love to hear from them. When do they start working with me talk, I stop talking to the press … I’m sorry for what I did, that was a long time ago, I’ve definitely tried to make amends for the paper every time because I’m not heard from you. “

The 76-year-old, who was married to Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mother, until 1987, also admitted he hadn’t spoken to her daughter in four years.

He admitted, “This is actually the first time I heard her speak in about four years, the last time we talked – we actually texted each other – that I was in the hospital after a heart attack. I had to tell them it couldn’t come to the wedding. At that point, we pretty much said our goodbyes. “

And Thomas also feels “left out to dry” with no support for himself or his family.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, he said: “We were attacked by the press every day, nobody was there to take care of us, nobody looked after us. Nobody helped us.”

“Then I saw a headline that said they had recommended Harry and Meghan that someone come and help me, which they denied. I was left out to dry. I also said that we all make mistakes.”

Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel delivers verdict on Jorginho’s penalty model

Thomas Tuchel has no preference for how Jorginho takes his penalties after the Chelsea midfielder has scored two goals in as many games.

The 29-year-old Jorginho scored in the game on Sunday Chelsea’s 2-1 win over Sheffield United gave Tuchel his third straight win to blame for the blues.

Chelsea are unbeaten in all four of Tuchel’s opening games, and a penalty has been the deciding goal in their last two games.

It was Jorginho’s responsibility to put it on the web, and he did it – against Tottenham and most recently Sheffield United.

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READ MORE: Thomas Tuchel judges Chelsea’s chances of making the top 4

READ MORE: Thomas Tuchel praises Timo Werner’s performance in Sheffield United win

At Spurs, he opted for a direct shot past Hugo Lloris before reverting to his usual “hop, skip and a jump” technique that sent Aaron Ramsdale the wrong way.

When asked about his preference for style, Tuchel doesn’t mind as long as it’s in the back of the network.

“I like them both because they are both online. I will never tell a player how to score a penalty. I will never give this advice because I played football at a lower level and you can feel the pressure, when the ball is. ” lie on the spot.

“No advice to me, Jorgi can take the punishments, but helps him score. I was glad he took them because both were crucial.”

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