TikTok Thinks 2010s Model Is Coming Again

When a trend goes out of style, it’s only a matter of time before it is back. Right now it’s all about the 2000s, including a resurgence of Juicy Couture sweatshirts and low-rise jeans. But according to TikTok, the next big fad will be all about the following decade: the 2010s. Yes, that was only 10 years ago, but fashion fans on the app are predicting the peplum, statement necklaces and extra-wide belts of this era will make a comeback. The question is: are you ready for this?

There have been quite a few TikTokers who suggested this fashion idea. Hali Brown Onigbanjo by Next carrier made dissection of 2010s fashion a focus on her side, and she believes her return is imminent. “As someone young enough to be a regular TikTok user but old enough to be a teenage Tumblr user in the 2010s, it’s crazy to see how quickly things are making a comeback” she tells Vogue. “The next generation of teenagers are already starting to wear creepers, romanticizing soft and pastel grunge on TikTok.” So do you predicts that asymmetrical skirts, striped shirts, and feathered hair extensions – a favorite of 2010s stars like Ke $ ha – will be back too. (Addison Rae has worn some hairsprings before, which is worth it.)

Brown-Onigbanjo adds that the 2010s had a more playful attitude towards dressing, and she understands why Generation Z is adopting this. “The 2010s was a really fun and democratizing era of fashion, with the rise of fashion bloggers and it-girl Tumblr users who helped shape a range of ‘aesthetics’,” she says. “I can totally understand why people who were too young to experience the first time are now trying to experience that energy.” Ari Arvand, a Fashion TikToker who also believes in the return of the 2010 style confirms this feeling. “In early 2010, the focus of fashion was on DIY fashion with items like flower crowns and fringed shirts,” she says. “Although we are in an era of short trend cycles, people are again focusing more on DIY’ing and personal style.”

In one of their TikTok videos, says Ari that not only generation Z is jumping on the aesthetics of 2010, but also current fashion labels. She was referring to the new Givenchy collection, for example, which relied heavily on peplum silhouettes (Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian – they all wore them for the decade). She also pointed out that brands like Valentino were showing Gladiator sandals, another favorite of the 2010s. However, Ari isn’t in favor of some of these trends coming back into play. “I don’t have to see her anymore,” she says.

However, other TikTok stars are on board with the return of denim vests, fringed circle scarves, and hair bows. Take Mandy Lee, a trend researcher from @oldlooserinbrooklyn, who made a TikTok Hypothesized on how the 2010s pieces will be modernized, including disco pants and Jeffrey Campbell Lita-style platforms. “One of my favorite elements in studying the trend cycle is seeing the resurgence of older trends in new and updated ways,” she says. “For example for the iconic disco pants from American Apparel: There are these Tyler McGillivary shortened disco pants and these colorful ones Rezek Studio ones. “Michaila Cothran also went to school Image-day-TikTok celebrates these kinds of 2010s looks. “It’s always so fun to see what twists and turns the new age imposes on old trends,” she says. “Sometimes it’s even better the second time!” Whether you agree or not, you should go back to your closet.

Famend investor Kevin Ryan thinks the massive cash is in healthcare – TechCrunch

Kevin Ryan has become very wealthy by being in the right place at the right time – including the online advertising network DoubleClick, which he joined as the twelfth employee and eventually headed as CEO (it was later acquired twice) – as well as co-founding numerous companies , including software company MongoDB, which is currently valued at around $ 30 billion as a publicly traded company. (Ryan still owns “at least half of my shares” in the company, he says.)

The other day we spoke to Ryan about his biggest and newest bet on health technology. As we reported earlier, his investment firm AlleyCorp is stalling $ 100 million mostly of Ryan’s own capital into creating and funding outfits in space – on top of the roughly 20 related bets the outfit has already made. We wondered how he got so involved when his previous projects had almost nothing to do with each other. You can hear this conversation here or view excerpts below.

TC: To someone who is not careful, your extreme focus on health technology comes as a surprise. What sparked your initial interest?

KR: One of the things I always do from the AlleyCorp perspective is to think about what 5 to 10 year trends we want to bet on. Some areas can be overcrowded and you think there is no chance, everything is already taken care of. And sometimes you think there is a great opportunity. And so, two or three years ago, I felt like there were huge opportunities in both New York and healthcare in general because there are so many aspects of the healthcare system that are just not working well. It’s incredibly expensive, the electronic records aren’t great, it’s super inefficient. Most of us are very frustrated with this whole health system, which means opportunity.

TC: You mostly oversee your own capital here. Why not borrow billions of dollars to invest, which you, as a proven entrepreneur and investor, could probably do in this current market?

KR: Partly because the area of ​​the ecosystem in which I like to play and in which I feel most comfortable and know best is still in its early stages. So, do I want to invest in a $ 3 billion company and hope it hits $ 10 billion? I don’t really play there. I want to be in the early stages where it’s riskiest and that just requires less capital. By the way, we are not tied up with capital, otherwise we would not bring all these other things to the market [including incubating a number companies inside AlleyCorp like Nomad Health, which raised a $63 million round earlier this year, and Pearl Health, which closed an $18 million round in September].

When we start a new business, we have to bring in $ 1.5 million to $ 2 million to get a business off the ground and then we raise money [from] outside and when we have to raise a lot of money, we collect a lot of money and keep investing, we try to limit our investment in a single company to around $ 10 million. But no, there are many options. And here I want to play.

TC: And this model works even in a world where we are now seeing $ 100 million seed rounds?

KR: The changed environment only helps us. Take pearl health. We have invested $ 1.5 million in this company and are starting with a large equity position. It depends on the company, but we’ll probably have 30-60% somewhere between our partners because the management team has a lot and sometimes there are co-founders on it, so it’s a great position.

Then a company like Andreessen Horowitz comes with a high valuation, a big step up – and we put another $ 3 million or $ 4 million into that round – but we decide who comes in. And by the way, if there is a round at, I don’t know, $ 400 million, then we’re probably going to stop investing. That’s what happens to seed capital. Other big buys will come, we will be watered down, and that’s not a problem. Our money is most effective when we think we can make 10 times our money.

TC: So you are not interested in participating in the later stages.

KR: No. I’ve invested every now and then. We just put a ton of money into Nomad, and Nomad is valued at around $ 250 million. But I think it’s a $ 2 billion company that can be started, so I still feel good about it [our bigger investment], but it’s probably the last round we’ll invest in. There are other people out there who play the role of investing money who think they will get 2 or 3 times the return on it, which is fantastic for their fund. You are much later; they’ll just be inside [a company] for five years. We want to put our money in, be in it for nine years and earn 100 times our money,

TC: Many of your contemporaries are beginning to step out of the venture capital industry, or at least out of their companies. I was wondering how you feel about it. Do you have a right hand at AlleyCorp? What if you decide to step down at some point?

KR: First of all, I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon. But you know it’s Brenton [Fargnoli], Conduct health efforts; it’s wendy [Tsu] who works in the non-medical field. And then I guess that in a year we will have two or three more partners and that I would be practically the managing partner of the company. But I’m fine for another 10 years.

Michael Chandler Thinks His Type Matches Up Nicely In opposition to Makhachev’s

Easy UFC contender Michael Chandler responded to Islam Makhachev after the Dagestani called him out at UFC Vegas 31.

Chandler’s comments came after Makhachev brought up a variety of £ 155 names his comfortable Main Event victory against Thiago Moisés last weekend.

With Khabib Nurmagomedov Makhachev shouted instructions from his corner and controlled the 26-year-old for most of the fight. In the fourth round with a rear-naked entry, the Russian recorded his first UFC headlining win, making him the first man to submit Moisés in MMA.

After his victory over the Brazilian in the main event, Makhachev spoke behind the scenes about Michael Chandler and suggested “checking” the former. Bellator Skills of the champion.

“I see Michael Chandler here, why not? Let’s go Chandler. Are you coming for an easy fight in the UFC? No, you come from Bellator, we want to make it difficult for you. Let us do this. Chandler, if you hear me, we’ll do it. You’re from Bellator, I want to test your skills. ”(h / t MMA fight)

Conveniently, a man on the receiving end of the Dagestani calls was present at the event last weekend. Chandler worked as an analyst at UFC Vegas 31 and was immediately on hand to provide his reaction to Makhachev’s victory and words after the fight.

During Saturday’s post-fight show, Chandler awarded the Russian credit for the callout but did not give a direct response.

“Send little invitations out there … He did what he wanted to do tonight, and he did what he had to do tonight, which was to go out and put a big stamp on his performance. Now he does what he has to do too. He’s at number 9, he wants to say as many names as possible. Nice little reputation. “

The former UFC lightweight title challenger didn’t rule out a clash with Makhachev below.

“The man impressed tonight. I have to take my fighter hat off, be the analyst tonight, he did a phenomenal job against a very tough man. Kid has a bright future, we’ll see what happens. “

Chandler added that while he believes wrestling is superior to sambo and all other forms of ground martial arts, he recognizes Makhachev’s ability to prevent talented grabs from using their skills.

“I’m a homer when it comes to wrestling. I think wrestling beats anything. I think wrestling beats judo [Brazilian jiu-jitsu], I think it beats sambo, but that’s just that I’m a homer. But what Islam Makhachev does is put you in these positions and put you in a position where you cannot really move. Thiago Moises has phenomenal chain grappling. We saw him running around everywhere, up, down, flipping, rolling, sweeping. He wasn’t able to do many of these things. What Islam does best is that it neutralizes boys. When you neutralize a guy, it’s not just physically. It’s mental. It’s emotional. It’s cardio. He sucks the life out of the boys. “

Chandler went on to tease a possible test of his theory through a wrestling-sambo fight with Makhachev in the future.

“Can he increase the pace for that long? He showed tonight that he can get a finish later in the rounds. I think wrestling beats sambo. I think wrestling beats any other ground martial art. Maybe one day we’ll see. “

As Makhachev continues his climb to the 155-pound ladder, Chandler will try to recover the next time he steps onto the Octagon after his loss to his Charles Oliveira at UFC 262. After a dominant debut against Dan Hooker In January, the 35-year-old fought for the vacant lightweight title in ‘Do Bronx’ in May. Although Chandler was close to a goal in the opening round, he suffered his first UFC defeat in the second round.

While many have suggested a match with Justin Gaethje, given his hype and rapid rise, Chandler may be tempted to go into the cage with the Dagestani.

How do you think Islam Makhachev would fare against Michael Chandler?

Tyron Woodley Thinks Jake Paul’s Aggressive Model Performs Into His Arms

Former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley believes Jake Paul‘s pressing style will be expensive.

Woodley is will make his professional boxing debut against Paul on August 28th. It’s a chance for Woodley to leave the YouTuber star behind after Paul knocked out his friend and training partner. I askren back in April.

At this point in time, Paul is the easy betting favorite over Woodley. Paul had a reputation for having an aggressive style in the ring, and Woodley told Fight Hub TV that it will be to his advantage (via MMAFighting.com).

“When people press me, they pass out every time, every time,” said Woodley. “Who has been harassing me and has not passed out? When I sat back and let people get into the fight and let people say, ‘Ah, I’m waiting for Tyron to do what he normally does’ and when I didn’t, it gave them the confidence and courage to descend. Then you have a chance.

“I think he’s got enough intelligence – he’s stupid as hell, but he’s fucking smart – he’s coached by people who tell him, ‘Okay, that’s what he’s done, the people who are good against did it. they did this. ‘ Who wouldn’t look back? He’s got a lot more footage of me than I have of him. He will see so much film, so many people will see him, they will dissolve him, people I have trained with, sparring partners, probably trainers, he will do anything to get information because he has to. He cannot make up for 30 years as an athlete. “

Paul is 3-0 in the boxing ring. He has taken victories over AnEsonGib, former NBA star Nate Robinson and Askren. As mentioned earlier, Woodley has no professional boxing experience, but he has punch that was lacking in Paul’s previous opponents.

Lenny Kravitz thinks he influenced Harry Types’, um, model – Deltaplex Information

Harry Styles is the fashion world’s darling for its risk-taking when it comes to its clothes and gender-bending looks. But according to one veteran rocker, Harry has at least some of that fashion sense from him.

During an interview with People (the TV show!), Lenny Kravitz was asked if he thought Harry was “heavily influenced” by Lenny’s own fashion sense.

“I think there are several things in there, and one of them could possibly be me”, the “Are you going my way“Answered Rocker. “We met and made friends on the street years ago, [he’s a] really cute guy. And he developed from his group to what he is now doing alone. “

Lenny added, “Well, it’s nice to see him in the suits and the boas and all that stuff I did in the 90s.”

Lenny has consistently made the best dressed lists over the years and dressed sharply in the process fits, Feather boas, leather and gender changing looks while Harry was still in diapers.

Lenny Kravitz passed on his fashion sense to daughter, actress Zoe Kravitzwho has worked as a model many times. She recently did Headlines to tell Channing Tatum that he couldn’t take off Crocs and should stop wearing them.

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Chaim Bloom thinks baseball has a giant leisure drawback

Chaim Bloom blames analytics for the ultimate suffering of baseball. While this is a little short-sighted, Bloom makes a valid point on some aspects.

Analytics is a widely used buzz phrase used by front office experts and old school baseball minds alike to frequently blame the modern game trends that they don’t like. Red Sox Chaim Bloom, Chief Baseball Officer, uses a unique blend of analytical thinking and the simpler eye test to lead his team.

However, for some who lean too heavily on this analytical mindset, baseball becomes far too boring.

“My short answer is yes,” said Bloom 98.5 The sports hub. “And to expand on that a little, I really think what’s going on – and you can blame analytics or anything – it really only happens because the teams are trying to win and they are trying to do it the best possible way, how you can. “

Red Sox: Chaim Bloom believes baseball has an entertainment problem

Baseball games are prone to strikes and home runs. There is very little in between these days, especially when that analytical mindset suggests that it is more practical for most players to swing at the fences rather than slam a single one in the opposite direction. This results in more shifts and a more predictable token.

“They’re concerned about winning and not necessarily about aesthetics,” said Bloom. “I think a lot of what happened is that just 30 teams playing like crazy and trying to win resulted in a game that I think in some ways resulted in a game that is not that exciting and is not as action-packed as we would like it to be. “

Aesthetic or not, it can’t be denied that the beat and hit rate in baseball has risen, while six no-hitters this season suggest a flawed mentality for this generation of sluggers.

Hilaria Baldwin thinks of the infants she misplaced every day | Leisure

Hilaria Baldwin thinks about the babies she lost “every day”.

The 37-year-old star shared the devastating miscarriages in 2019, admitting that she thinks about the children she tragically lost every day in a post for Infertility Awareness Week.

In an emotional post she wrote: “It’s #infertilityawarenessweek … and although I am so blessed to have my babies, I also have a couple of angels. I had two miscarriages in a row in 2019 – the second when I was 4 months old. I was told , “It’s just bad luck” … there are so many puzzles as to why certain souls come into our lives and others do not … A year after their birth, my Edu and Lucia are constant companions, but I think of the babies who I have lost every day. Resigned and respectful of how my life has developed. Gratitude and sadness, wholeness and longing are the dualities of my reality. (sic) “

And Hilaria – who has Carmen, seven, Rafael, five, Leonardo, four, Romeo, two, Eduardo, eight months and the newborn Lucia with her husband Alec Baldwin – insists that she care for the children she has lost ” just as a mother “is.

In an open post on Instagram, she wrote, “We all have different fertility / infertility histories and there are so many ways to become parents. Being a parent really means taking care of another soul in the deepest possible way … through this giving energy that we nourish ourselves and fill the world with love. I am as much a mother to my angel babies as I am to those I can physically hold in my arms. If you have fought, or have fought – or will fight, you know that you are not alone … if it serves you, connect with others while you are grieving. We are a mighty bunch that carries this heaviness in our hearts – and together we can relieve each other through support and understanding. (sic ) “

Jennifer Garner thinks pandemic has been ‘difficult’ | Leisure

Jennifer Garner has found the coronavirus pandemic “challenging”.

The ’13 Going On 30 ‘star is always very positive and has tried to see the “bright side” of things amid the coronavirus pandemic and keep a “smile on their face”.

A source told E! News: “She’s always very positive and tries to see the good side in every situation. There have definitely been challenges, but she keeps her head down and a smile on her face.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously admitted that she thinks how she dealt with the pandemic, proving that she is “resilient” when realizing her strength in being able to adapt and deal with the changes.

She said, “I’ve learned that I’m pretty tough. I’m fine when I’m alone in the house. I’m fine when it’s just the kids and me. I’m fine when they fall apart. I mean, I have my moments, but pretty much, I’m really fine … [It meant] Use a lot of enthusiasm when I can and create adventures when there are none. Like we started making silly videos that they got sick of in front of me because I love the end result and have them forever. They started to say, “Yes, mom. No.'”

Jennifer has also kept her busy setting up themed restaurant nights.

She shared, “First I was the American hostess and then the French waiter. And I kept changing like Mrs. Doubtfire. We made a beach shack and deli in New York. We made a runway restaurant where the There were kids in the car and I bought the little trays that hung on the windows and made burgers. You just want to have a fun night every now and then. “