American Ballet Theatre government director on fall return after Covid halt

The American Ballet Theater – the country’s national ballet company – has announced that it will return to the stage in New York City this October, a year after indoor performances were suspended due to Covid.

“We can’t wait to see ABT in the Lincoln Center theaters that are our home,” Kara Medoff Barnett, ABT’s executive director, told CNBC “Worldwide exchange” on Friday. “We know our New York fans are excited to see ABT performers back on stage.”

ABT has just completed a cross-country tour that took 20 of its 84 dancers along with 28 support crews to eight different states. The company has performed at socially distant outdoor venues, and Barnett said it will learn from the protocols it developed this summer to ensure a safe indoor season this fall.

“We want to continue our commitment to the safety of our artists, staff and viewers,” said Barnett. “That was certainly the most important thing when we planned our outdoor tour to keep the audience out while we have the summer sun.”

American Ballet Theater dancers perform the company premiere of “La Follia Variations,” choreographed by Lauren Lovette and costumes by Victor Glemaud, during a dress rehearsal for the American Ballet Theater’s production of “Uniting in Movement” at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Costa Mesa on Thursday, April 22, 2021.

Leonard Ortiz | MediaNews Group | Orange County Register via Getty Images

Since its last fall season in 2019, ABT has had to cancel its personal appearances and switch to digital programs, like many ballet companies across the country and worldwide.

Barnett said the pandemic was a time of adaptation and learning for the entire company. “We always think, especially in the last year and a half, what is Plan B, Plan C,” she added. “We are agile in more ways than one.”

During Lincoln Center season, which occurs the last two weeks of October, performances may require proof of vaccination or a negative Covid test, depending on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The tickets will be refunded by 12 noon on the day of the performance if there are last-minute changes for spectators.

“We work very closely with our Lincoln Center venues. We work very closely with our medical advisor. And we are determined to find ways that we can continue the mission of this company, which has been bringing extraordinary art to audiences for 81 years.” can track. ” “Barnett told CNBC.

Performances this season include the classical ballet “Giselle” as well as three of the 22 works developed over the past year while the dancers have been divided into 11 creative bubbles.

“We’re bringing three of the works that were created in these residential bubbles to the New York audience to have their live premieres on stage,” said Barnett. “They had digital premieres, they had outdoor premieres all over the country – but now we’re bringing them to Lincoln Center.”

The “ABT Across America” ​​performances, which ended on Wednesday in New York City, were mostly free. But for a company that generated 36% of its revenue from ticket sales in 2018, the return of a full program is essential to future success and longevity.

Barnett isn’t worried about the recovery period and says she is very optimistic about the demand for live performances. “I think there is so much pent-up demand for the performing arts, so much pent-up demand for joint activities and experiences and the joy of celebrating together. In fact, I think we can assume we have the biggest audience we’ve had “seen in years.”

“We had 6,000 people, 8,000 people in these parks watching ballet under the stars,” added Barnett, referring to the cross-country tour. “I think the audience is ready, they missed us and they really want to come back.”

Coolidge Nook Theatre Brookline enlargement impressed by artwork deco type

The plush red curtains and gold leaf accents are usually the first clue to visitors that their visit to the Coolidge Corner Theater is not just an evening at the movies, but evening entertainment.

Then they look up.

The jewel-colored Art Deco sunburst pattern on the ceiling of Moviehouse I is just one of the many distinctive stylistic features that the independent theater not only in Brookline but also around the world.

“I always tell people when they’re here, ‘Look up! Look up! ‘”Said Katherine Tallman, director and CEO of the theater. “But it’s really the whole experience, right, when you walk in and just hear people say, ‘Wow, that’s amazing.'”

Now the Coolidge is getting a long-awaited $ 12.5 million addition that takes its existing quirks and visual themes and offers a new perspective and ushers the theater into its next act.

Originally built as a universalist church in 1906, the Coolidge brought the screen to Brookline when it was reinvented as an Art Deco film Theater in 1933.

The theater survived financial problems and remediation threats over the years and as 2020 rolled around shows left and right sold out, proving the need for more seats and screens, Tallman recalled. Then the pandemic hit.

Forced to temporarily close its doors, the theater turned to online programming and tested a number of innovative ways to entertain his audience and to keep his books in the black. The Coolidge even took part in the 2021 Sundance Film Festival as one of several Satellite screens across the country. After a gradually reopening, the theater is now fully occupied again.

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Katherine Tallman, Executive Director & CEO of the Coolidge Corner Theater, pointed out the area that will be expanded on June 28, 2021.

It may seem like an odd time planning an expensive post-pandemic expansion, but the Coolidge’s new addition has been in the works for years. The theater received Town Meeting approval in 2013 to build in the parking lot behind the building at 290 Harvard Street.

Space to grow

According to Tallman, there were several factors behind the need for expansion.

One of the more visible needs is space in the lobby: currently, customers are queuing outside to buy tickets in rain or shine. Once inside, they have to fight the crowds for the concession booths.

“Our concession sales are so limited because if you’ve been in here unless you’re with a friend, you won’t get popcorn and a glass of wine or beer because you don’t have enough time and we have lines that go up the stairs, ”said Tallman. A spacious new lobby allows indoor ticketing and less crowded concessions.

The Coolidge Corner Theater, known as

The new expansion will also add a 150-seat screen and a 60-seat screen, expanding the theater’s programming options, according to Tallman. The Coolidge now has a limited number of screens – two larger movie theaters and two smaller projection rooms – and film distributors often need at least 150 available spots for a first feature film, she explained.

“We often couldn’t accept all of the films that we were offered or that our customers wanted,” said Tallman.

The Coolidge team also plans to add a Community Education and Engagement Center to the off-screen program, which will include a catering kitchen and rooftop terrace. Tallman says the room is ideal for groups watching a movie and wanting a debriefing afterwards.

“We know that film is a good basis for understanding and discussion. … I think there are a lot of difficult issues that can be discussed and addressed by watching a movie with someone else, ”she said. “One of our components of our mission is to entertain, inform and engage – to build a lively community through film culture.”

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Do not worry; the marquee is safe

Earlier this month, Coolidge announced that it had hit 85% of its $ 12.5 million goal Fundraiser still running.

The project is due for fee waiver Tuesday before the Select Board, and construction could begin as early as the first week of July, according to Tallman. The theater will be open for regular operations during construction of the new fossil fuel-free expansion, which is slated to be completed in August 2022.

During the year-long process, Coolidge has found overwhelming support from the Brookline community, Tallman said.

She noticed some social media reviewers complaining that the extension looked bare in the architectural renderings and others who wondered if the construction would affect the theater’s iconic marquee. (The new lobby will be decorated with Coolidge’s usual cinematic flair, including posters and memorabilia, and the marquee will remain in place, Tallman assured.)

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The expansion will complement and honor some of the existing design elements, as she explained.

“We want this to be aesthetically consistent, and what we’ve learned is that this is Art Deco, but Art Deco is really a style and is interpreted differently in different time periods,” she said.

An architectural representation of the upcoming expansion of the Coolidge Corner Theater and the new entrance to Center Street.

Architects’ plans Höweler + Yoon capture the exuberance of the Art Deco era, pick up on the colors of the existing theater and make small allusions through the details.

For example, Tallman recalled, early plans showed a metal case for the expansion. The Coolidge pushed back and said he didn’t fit in the neighborhood.

“And so they came up with this wave pattern, but it’s all made of white brick,” said Tallman. “And Eric Höweler, the architect, will tell you that it reminds you of the curtain.”

Fox theatre, different leisure venues set to open this summer season

The reopening comes when COVID rates drop and a fluctuating entertainment industry tries to make up for lost deals

ATLANTA – Updated guidelines from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are in line with local concert venues. As COVID-19 prices fallThe entertainment industry is set to make a big comeback this summer.

The Fox Theater is slated to reopen for the first time since the July pandemic, followed by a five-week run by Hamilton. President and CEO Allan Vella said this is the second Broadway show to reopen in North America since the lockdown.

There will be new products at Fox, such as: B. mobile ticketing and concession orders, new metal detectors and a new air filter system. Masks are needed at the Fox Theater until further notice, Vella said.

“I think we have learned to be more nimble and prepare for this post-pandemic world and serve our customers even better than ever before,” Vella said.

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The pandemic forced the Fox Theater and other entertainment venues to close over a year. With no public ticketing events allowed, the venue had to postpone hundreds of events and reimburse millions of dollars in ticket sales. Vella estimated the losses at up to $ 70 million.

The fox took leave or laid off most of his employees and introduced wage cuts. Vella said a “rainy day” savings fund prevented the theater from closing while it was closed. He said smaller and independent venues weren’t so lucky.

“They may not have the resources to rely on to help bridge a significant time like this,” Vella said. “If these smaller venues close and become inaccessible when the tour is re-lit, it will be a problem for all of us. So it was in everyone’s best interests to see the entire industry come back. “

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Shuttered locations can leverage the small business administration’s $ 16 billion Federal grant pool. Vella said the fox applied for federal funding to recoup labor costs, capital expenditures and future operations.

Vella promised the Fox would not raise ticket prices, though he warned that pent-up demand could of course raise resale ticket prices.

The venues are preparing for the opening as Vaccinations are more common in Georgia.

Cobb Energy Center Johnny Gill planned for June 5th.
Chastain Park Cadence Bank Amphitheater Anthony Hamilton has planned for July 3rd.
Lakewood Cellairis Amphitheater planned the Kings of Leon for August 7th.
Gwinnett Infinite Energy Center Banda MS has planned for June 12th.

Mayor Fulop Proclaims Main Partnership with Leisure Large; $72M Restoration Plan will take Historic Loew’s Theatre to the Subsequent Stage

Mayor Fulop Announces Major Partnership With Entertainment Giant; The $ 72 million restoration plan takes the historic Löwstheater to the next level

Devils Arena Entertainment, operator of world renown Prudential Center and home of the New Jersey Devils, selected to restore and maximize music, performance and live event bookings at the 3,300-seat Iconic Theater

For renderings click on Here.

JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop today announced a new partnership with Devils Arena Entertainment (DAE), the largest entertainment provider in New Jersey and operator of the Prudential Center, one of the ten most booked arenas in North America, to sign a unique $ 72 million agreement for the transformative restoration of the historic Loew’s Theater. The revitalization aims to transform the centuries-old theater into a state-of-the-art, 3,300-seat venue that will attract superstars and emerging artists, act as the engine of economic development and hub for the local Journal Square community, and expand Jersey City’s growing reputation as an unparalleled arts destination in the New Jersey.

“The restoration of the Löw is decades in the making, so I am encouraged and excited to work with Devils Arena Entertainment, a respected entertainment company and operator of the globally successful Prudential Center, to advance this monumental step in our commitment to restoring Löw Theater to its former glory, revitalizing Journal Square and growing our art community, ”he said Major Fulop. “This unique partnership signifies our long-term planning for a post-pandemic future in which we are confident that art and culture will be a staple of life.”

The majestic Loew’s Jersey will be an integral part of the revitalization and redevelopment of Journal Square – Jersey City’s historic downtown and one of the busiest transportation hubs in the area. Called once

When the Loew’s Theater opened in Jersey City more than 90 years ago, it was underutilized for decades after various roadblocks until the Fulop administration stepped in and worked with local residents and the community group Friends of the Loews (FOL) with the common goal to revive the local gem and discover its untapped potential.

Construction is expected to start in 2022 with an expected opening in 2025. Part of the agreement ensures that priority will be given to hiring local MWBE companies to revitalize the regional economy and get people back to work.

“Loew’s Jersey Theater is a cult community treasure that has long played a prominent role as the premier arts and entertainment venue in Jersey City. We are privileged to have the opportunity to work with Mayor Fulop, the Friends of the Löws and the local Journal Square community to bring this historic venue back to life, ”he said Hugh Weber, President of Devils Arena Entertainment. “As operators of the nearby Prudential Center, one of the top entertainment destinations in the United States, we understand the importance of live performance in electroplating communities and stimulating business. We envision Loew’s Jersey Theater as a catalyst to help the citizens of Northern Jersey literally get back on their feet to celebrate world-class art and music. “

“We look forward to actively working with JCRA to create a detailed restructuring agreement that leverages DAE’s expertise in commercial show management and marketing while implementing all of last summer’s RFP guaranteed by FOL” , he said Colin Egan, founder of Friends of the Loew’s. “This agreement will continue FOL’s role as a non-profit branch of the Lions. We will therefore continue our voluntary activities that enable direct community participation in the life and maintenance of this landmark, maintain our support for local arts and develop other non-profit groups, and offer affordable programs. Perhaps most importantly, we continue to ensure that as many people as possible have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the Löws, ”said Colin Egan, founder and director of the Friends of the Löws.

The Rehabilitation and Operations Agreement ensures that DAE, a trusted owner and operator of industry-leading venues, will work closely with Jersey City and Friends of the Loew to restore the iconic theater to a world-class arts and entertainment hub. The $ 72 million deal aims to optimize the venue’s performance for both artists and audiences, including:

  • Modernization of technology with state-of-the-art visual and acoustic improvements, as well as concessions and ticket sales areas;
  • Reconceptualization of entrances and exits at the front and rear of the house to meet ADA requirements and expand audience capacity;
  • Major infrastructure improvements (HVAC, plumbing, code requirements, electrical upgrades); and
  • Historical preservation of the control lamp for the stage lighting, the pop-up microphone and the orchestra and organ lifts.

Once opened, DAE will continue to work with Jersey City to provide yet another exceptional resource in support of the surrounding community.


About Löws Theater

Loew’s Jersey is one of five “Wonder Theaters” built in the Tristate area in the late 1920s by Loew’s Corporation, which founded and owned MGM Studios and was one of the most important presenters of live stage shows and films at the time were. The five theaters were film palaces – a unique type of building that, as the name suggests, combined large seating capacities and some of the most elaborate architecture ever built with state-of-the-art film projection facilities, as well as stage and backstage facilities, and supported large-scale tours. Loew’s Corporation saved little money in building the five wonder theaters and made them exceptionally richly decorated and functional compared to many other film palaces. Loew’s Jersey cost $ 2,000,000 to build – a very large sum at the time.

The Loew’s early years hosted stage shows starring some of the greatest stars of the 1930s, including Cab Calloway, George Burns, Gracie Allen, and Duke Ellington. Movie stars like Judy Garland, Humphrey Bogart and Jean Harlow appeared there. In 1967 the four seasons gave a concert in the Löw.

In recent years, stars like Patti Labelle, Kurt Vile and Courtney Barnett, Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens, the Neutral Milk Hotel, the Decemberists, The Duprees and Beck have taken the stage of the Löws. Authors George R. Martin and Stephen King and stars Nick Offerman, Anna Faris and Bryan Cranston all sat down to discuss their new books.

More recently, the theater has become a filming location for movies, television shows, and music videos. In 2018, the lion was used for scenes in the film The Joker, in which Joaquin Phoenix stars in an Oscar-winning performance.

Via Devils Arena Entertainment and Prudential Center

Devils Arena Entertainment is a subsidiary of the New Jersey Devils of the National Hockey League, which is responsible for the leasing, operation and maintenance of the Prudential Center. The Prudential Center is a premier sports and entertainment venue in downtown Newark, New Jersey. The state-of-the-art arena opened in October 2007 and is home to three-time Stanley Cup champion Devils of the National Hockey League (NHL), Seton Hall University’s NCAA Division I men’s basketball program, and more than 175 concerts of family shows and special events each year. The arena is also home to the GRAMMY Museum Experience Prudential Center, which opened its doors to the public in October 2017. The 8,200-square-foot experience marks the first outpost of the GRAMMY Museum on the East Coast and features a dynamic combination of educational programs and interactive permanent and traveling exhibits, including a look at legendary GRAMMY winners from New Jersey. Voted in the top 8 nationwide by Pollstar, Billboard and Venues Today, the Prudential Center is considered one of the premier venues in the United States and receives over 2 million guests annually. For more information about the Prudential Center, visit Follow the arena on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PruCenter.

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Virginia Kids’s Theatre pronounces winter youth ensemble | Leisure

The Virginia Children’s Theater in Roanoke has announced who the members of its Youth Professional Ensemble will be in the winter of 2021.

The program has been revived in the 2019-20 season, bringing students together for weekly three-hour courses dealing with aspects of musical theater. If everything goes according to plan – COVID-19 conditions may change a plan – the ensemble will have a showcase performance on March 29th at 6pm. The venue has not yet been determined, VCT spokesman Lindsay Tolar wrote in an email.

The members of the ensemble are:

Ben Armstrong, 14, Magna Vista High School freshman

Hannah Cecil, 18, a senior from Salem High School

Grace Eakin, 16, junior in school

Olivia Goodman, 17, a senior at Patrick Henry High School

Anna Locklear, 15, newbie to school

Charles Meidlinger, 17, a junior at Patrick Henry High School

Carter Mullins, 17, junior of William Byrd High School

Mikayla Parker, 16, homeschooled sophomore

Jack Plogger, 16, Patrick Henry High School Junior

Ann Marie Thorell, 15, sophomore at Hidden Valley High School

Jonesborough Repertory Theatre presents romantic musical showcase | Leisure

Grab your lover, boyfriend, spouse, or someone else – or come alone – and celebrate Valentine’s Day weekend with an outdoor display case at the Jonesborough Repertory Theater. Curl up in the International Storytelling Plaza on Saturday, February 13th at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm and on Sunday, February 14th at 3pm and 5pm

“We want our community to have a fun season festival,” said Jennifer Bernhardt, JRT Artistic Director. “I think it’s really important that love is at the forefront of our focus – not just romantic love, but showing love and kindness to everyone.”

Performers will be performing both romantic and less romantic songs from shows the theater plans to open later this year. Details will be announced at the event. There will also be a non-perishable food collection bin for the Jonesborough Food Pantry and a donation jar for the JRT. Concessions are also being sold.

“A Little Romance” is related to the Chocolate Festival in downtown Jonesborough. So dress warmly, wear your mask and take part in Valentine’s Day. You can bring a chair or just find a place to stand (please distance yourself socially) and enjoy the JRT entertainment.

Arts & Extras: Virginia Kids’s Theatre elements methods with founder | Leisure

The petition was written by longtime VCT students and actors Nathan Kellner and Abby Shelton and referred to Wilhelms as the “heart and soul” of theater. She was “wrongly removed”. Kellner wrote in an email that the petition was sent to the VCT leadership on Wednesday with 109 signatures. The petition, which is not attributed to any author, states that Wilhelms was the “heart and soul” of the theater and that it was “wrongly removed”. ”

Wilhelms was originally scheduled to lead the 2020-21 season finale, “The Wizard of Oz,” which will be performed at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke from August 5-8.

Wilhelms hired Roden, a native of New York, to be the company’s director of education in 2017. At the beginning of the 2018/19 season she promoted him to deputy artistic director with the aim that he would take over her duties immediately with the 2019-20 season.

On Wednesday, VCT spokesman Lindsay Tolar shared a statement from the nonprofit’s board of directors. The statement claims that when Roden became Artistic Director, Wilhelms made an agreement to remain as Resident Stage Director for the 2019-20 season, with all future seasons advancing at Roden’s discretion.

In his declaration, Roden praised Wilhelms for leading the theater through “many years of excellence”.

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The Virginia Children’s Theater plays plays for school children, the works of which are almost always produced from children’s literature. The plays use actors from both children and adults, including actors who are members of the Actors’ Equity Association, the professional trade union.

Press play: Film nights again at Avalon Theatre | Leisure

When you’re ready to hop off, the Avalon Theater has space for you on Tuesday night.

With more than 1,000 seats, you can keep a lot of distance between yourself and other people who want to attend dinner, shopping and a movie in the theater on 645 Main St. on Tuesday evening.

The Avalon, which has been closed since early November due to the spike in COVID-19, will reopen on Tuesday, January 26th at 7:00 p.m. for dinner, shopping and a movie to watch the movie “Let Him Go. ”

Dinner, shopping, and a movie sponsored by Downtown Grand Junction all allow moviegoers free entry to a movie by submitting a receipt for a purchase of $ 5 or more at a downtown store or restaurant that same day how was the film shows.

Entry without a receipt is $ 7 per ticket. Entry is free for children up to 12 years of age and children must be accompanied by an adult.

Dinner, shopping, and the movie are all about helping businesses downtown, especially on a day when business is slow even in normal times, said Maria Rainsdon, general manager of Avalon.

It’s an easy option to go out too, and not much is available in that direction right now, she said.

The current capacity of the Avalon, which is certified with five stars, is 100 people. Rainsdon hopes the number of COVID-19 cases will soon rise to 175 people.

Everyone present has to wear a mask in the evening, even when sitting, said Rainsdon. Ushers will help moviegoers find seats at least 10 feet away from other customers, but given the Avalon’s size, this shouldn’t be a problem, she said.

Five films are on the schedule for dinner, shopping, and movies through February. All films were released in 2020 with the exception of Groundhog Day – the 1993 film will actually be shown on Groundhog Day on February 2nd.

Some of these films were shown in local theaters, but to a limited extent as “It was a strange time for movies too,” said Rainsdon.

For dinner, shopping, and a movie, visit the Avalon Theater Facebook page.

To find businesses that are part of Downtown Grand Junction, go to