Some Individuals blocked from ordering Biden’s free Covid assessments in early web site launch

Take-home COVID-19 self-test kits provided by the District of Columbia government, which is offering city residents four free take-home tests per day, are shown in this illustration dated January 11, 2022.

Evelyn Hockstein Reuters

Americans on Tuesday began placing orders for free Covid tests promised by the Biden administration after the federal government launched the site a day earlier than expected – some complained on social media about being blocked from doing so were to order the tests.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the website is in the testing phase and will officially launch Wednesday morning. Orders placed during the site’s testing period on Tuesday are valid and will be shipped, White House spokesman Kevin Munoz told CNBC.

Each household, based on home address, is limited to four tests. The White House said last week it has limited the number of tests people can order to ensure broad access to the program.

Tests can be ordered here:

After a user clicks “Order free home tests” The website directs the user to a postal service order form where they enter a name and address before checking out.

The Postal Service ships the tests 7 to 12 days after the order is placed, according to the Biden administration. The website said on Tuesday that the orders would be shipped by the end of the month.

While some users said the site was simple and easy to use, others — particularly people who live in apartment buildings — reported problems in social media posts on Tuesday.

“Any website launch, in our view, comes with risks,” Psaki told reporters during a White House briefing on Tuesday. “We cannot guarantee that there will be zero or two errors. But the best technical teams in the administration and the postal service are working hard to make this a success,” she said.

The White House launched the site after a public outcry over the widespread lack of testing during the busy holiday travel season, when the highly contagious Covid Omicron variant swept the country. Pharmacies, large and small, have struggled to stock home tests as demand suddenly surged.

President Joe Biden said the government is getting a total of 1 billion home tests to distribute free to Americans. The Department of Defense awards the tests in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Southwest CEO exams optimistic for Covid days after unmasked Senate listening to with different airline chiefs

Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines, Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines, and Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, say during a Senate hearing on Commerce, Science and Transportation on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC on December 15 2021.

Chip Somodevilla | Swimming pool | Reuters

Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly tested positive for Covid-19 after a Senate hearing with other airline chiefs earlier this week, the airline said on Friday.

Kelly, along with the CEOs of United Airlines and American Airlines, Delta Airlines” Chief of Operations and President of the largest flight attendant union in the country, testified personally for more than three hours At the Senate Commerce Committee hearing on Wednesday afternoon over $ 54 billion in federal payroll slips the airlines spent trying to get out of the pandemic. Witnesses and lawmakers did not wear masks during the hearing. Most of the other participants wore face masks.

“Although Gary tested negative several times before the Senate Commerce Committee hearing, he tested positive for COVID-19 after returning home, showing mild symptoms and a PCR test,” a Southwest spokeswoman said in a statement. “Gary is fine and is currently resting at home. He was fully vaccinated and received the booster earlier this year. Gary’s symptoms remain mild and he is getting closer to a full recovery each day.”

United boss Scott Kirby, who was Kelly’s left in the hearing, tested negative for Covid on Friday, according to a person familiar with the matter. American boss Doug Parker tested negative on Friday, a spokeswoman said.

Delta’s chief of operations, John Laughter, who testified at the hearing on Wednesday and sat two seats away from Kelly, tested negative on Thursday and Friday.

“He will continue to carry out tests and take other precautions if necessary,” the airline said in a statement.

To Laughter’s left sat Sara Nelson, President of the Association of Flight Attendants.

“I was advised by Gary Kelly shortly after he tested positive and, ironically, just as I was getting back to work after the booster,” she said in a statement. “I follow CDC protocols and will test multiple times within the recommended period of 5-7 days and before I go on vacation with my family.”

Senators questioned witnesses about recent flight disruptions, airline hiring issues, 5G, as well as vaccination and mask requirements.

When Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) Asked airline CEOs during the hearing whether they assumed that passengers would not have to wear masks on board, Kelly promoted the effectiveness of the air filtration and circulation systems on board and said, “Me think the case is very strong that masks don’t add much to the air cabin environment. “

The Biden government has been requiring bus passengers to wear face masks since February, although airlines requested them in spring 2020 with the start of the pandemic. Earlier this month, the Biden government extended the mandate until March 18.

On Friday, Kelly softened his tone and said he supported the federal mandate.

During the hearing, “I mistook some for a short answer to a question about masks,” he wrote in a staff note in which he also disclosed his positive Covid result. “So, to be clear, me and Southwest and together with [U.S. airline lobbying group] Airlines for America are all coordinated and support the current federal mask mandate at airports and in airplanes.

“The majority of our employees and customers feel that it’s an important layer of protection, and I definitely agree,” he continued. “So we continue to rely on the advice of our medical experts about the need for masks. And I apologize for the confusion!”

Doug Parker, CEO of American Airlines, Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest Airlines, Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines, John Laughter, executive vice president of Delta Air Lines, and Sara Nelson, international president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, say before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation in the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill in Washington, December 15, 2021.

Chip Somodevilla | Swimming pool | Reuters

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said, “I agree,” immediately following Kelly’s response at the hearing, but the company issued a statement Thursday saying it would “approve of the comments made by other witnesses about the high quality of the Aircraft Cabin Air “agree and did not question the need for face masks on airplanes.”

Parker later posted a lengthy statement on his Instagram account saying the airline supported the mask mandate and that he “should have been more explicit in my answer to a question that misrepresented American’s position on the mask mandate has”.

Air travel is one of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic. In the meantime, demand has recovered, primarily thanks to domestic leisure travel. Delta and United executives announced this week that they are preparing Busy end of the year holiday season, despite the prevalence of the Omicron variant.

Individuals ought to quickly be capable to get free at-home Covid assessments

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Who can get the free trials?

The White House says the 150 million Americans Individuals with private health insurance are eligible for full reimbursement after purchasing a home Covid test. This includes people who are insured with their employer as well as those who bought a plan on the Affordable Care Act marketplace, Dawson said.

The new rules do not apply to Medicaid and Medicare policyholders, although this may change, and Medicare policyholders with private insurance may be covered.

Short-term plans or health-care sharing plans usually don’t have to cover your tests, said Sabrina Corlette, Co-director of the Center on Health Insurance Reforms at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University.

Covid tests at home are also possible a refundable expense for flexible savings accounts and health savings accounts.

Can I get any test?

Experts said we will have to wait for further instructions from the government to know what is covered, but they expect most of the home tests available in pharmacies to be included in the policy.

How do I make sure that my insurer reimburses me?

You probably still have some work to do to get the money back, Dawson said.

Many people may not even be familiar with their provider’s refund policy. (You can start learning about this by reaching out to your plan.)

It will be important that you keep your receipt, said Caitlin Donovan, a spokeswoman for the Patient Advocate Foundation

“Your normal receipt should be fine – I even printed out receipts from Amazon – and then you’d have to send it in,” Donovan said, adding that insurers usually have a reimbursement form that you want to fill out.

“Insurers usually have a physical mailing address,” she said. “They may also have an option for electronic submission, which means you can upload them to their website or email them.”

To send a simpler receipt, Donovan recommends asking the cashier to call the tests separately from further purchases.

Corlette hopes government guidelines in January will require insurers to reimburse people for bills within a certain timeframe.

“It can take some companies a long time to cut these checks,” Corlette said.

What if i don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance or are covered by Medicaid and Medicare, the White House doubles the number of free tests it distributes in community centers from 25 million to 50 million.

You should be able to find one of these centers on your state or local health agency website, Corlette said.

When should I do a home test?

VioletaStoimenova | E + | Getty Images

Dawson mentioned some of the most common circumstances people might want to test for the virus: They have come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid, they show symptoms of the virus, or they are expected to participate in a risk event, such as a large family gathering or a meeting with an immunocompromised person.

Can I use a home test on the go?

Most take-away tests bought at your local Walgreens, for example, don’t provide results for you to use before a flight or cruise. However, there is at least one home test that the CDC has approved for travel purposes. according to the travel site The Points Guy.

Lions Membership eye assessments for youths, Cash Issues webinar, extra – Loveland Reporter-Herald

The Loveland Lions Club is offering free eye tests for preschoolers and kindergarten children on Saturday, August 21st. Libraries and credit unions are offering an online webinar on money management, and there will be a vegetable garden talk in Windsor and a hydropower program in Estes Park.

Eye tests for children

The Loveland Lions Club is offering free trials of the Kids Sight Program for preschoolers and kindergarteners on Saturday, August 21, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at North Lake Park, Taft Avenue, and 29th Street, adjacent to the Buckhorn Northern Train Depot.

The non-contact tests use a device to analyze children’s eyes for nearsightedness, farsightedness and muscular inadequacies.

Parents must sign a declaration of consent.

If any irregularities are found, the Lions Eye Center will review the data and contact the parents.

The process only takes a few minutes.

The Lions Club will provide games for the children while they wait.

For details please visit

Money is important

A webinar on money matters will take place on Wednesday, August 18, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

It provides a general educational overview, including basic concepts, strategies and asset allocations.

The seminar is part of the Money Matters series on personal financial literacy in collaboration with libraries and credit unions across the front range.

Register at

Tips for the vegetable garden

A Treasure Island Demonstration Garden course of vegetable gardening tips will be held in the garden at 31500 Laku Lake Road, Windsor on Wednesday, August 18 at 10-11am.

Learn what they grow in Colorado kitchen gardens, common pests and diseases, and how to properly harvest products.

Registration is required; visit

History of hydropower

The Estes Park Museum and engineer John Cowdrey will present a program on hydropower and the area’s power plants on Saturday, August 14th at 2pm at the Estes Park Museum, 200 Fourth Street, Estes Park.

Cowdrey shows historical pictures and describes how the hydropower plants were created and how they are doing today.

The program takes place in the boardroom of the Estes Park Museum. No reservations are required. Due to the size of the room and the expected number of participants, it is mandatory to wear a mask during the program.

For details please visit

Prime Minister on checks, tracing and vaccination

Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore’s Prime Minister.

Facebook Facebook Logo Log in to Facebook to connect with Roslan Rahman AFP | Getty Images

SINGAPORE – Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Monday that the country’s Covid restrictions could be eased after June 13 if the situation improves.

“Aside from another super-spreader or large cluster, we should be on track to get this outbreak under control,” he said in a televised address.

“If our situation continues to improve and the number of cases in the community continues to decline, we should be able to relax restrictions after June 13,” he said.

The Southeast Asian nation imposed two stricter measures in May after local coronavirus infections rose in April.

The increase in cases also led to another delay in the travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong.

“New Normal”

Lee said Singapore is fighting “more infectious strains of the virus” and needs to vaccinate as many as possible to achieve “herd immunity”. This occurs when enough people in the community are infected or vaccinated and the disease can no longer spread quickly.

“We need to continually adjust our strategies and improve our game to keep Covid-19 under control,” he said, adding that the country needs to test, track and vaccinate its population faster.

Singapore uses different types of Covid-19 tests along with polymerase chain reaction tests which are widely considered to be the gold standard.

“You should expect routine, large-scale, quick, and easy testing to be part of our new normal,” Lee said.

In terms of contact tracing, individuals living with close contact from an infected case now need to be isolated. So far, only the close contacts had to be quarantined.

“This more aggressive approach will help us close clusters faster,” he said.

Expansion of the vaccination program

As of Tuesday, more than 400,000 students will be able to book vaccination spots in Singapore, the Prime Minister said.

Graduating cohorts and students with special needs are given priority and can start vaccinating as early as Thursday.

Young adults 39 and under should be able to book vaccination spots in mid-June, with Singaporeans being given a two-week priority window, he said.

Seniors over the age of 60 can now get vaccinated without registering and can go to any vaccination center to get their shots, he said.

As of Sunday, the country reported 62,028 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 33 deaths from the disease.

Since May 8th Singapore extended quarantines for overseas travelers, closed gyms and limited social gatherings for groups of five.

It was announced later a ban on dine-in, Public gatherings have been limited to two people and all workers who can work from home are required to do so from May 16 to June 13. At that point, the government announced that it would review the measures two weeks later.

The Singapore government last week warned of “heightened uncertainties” in the coming months due to the pandemic, but kept its growth forecast for 2021 at 4% to 6%. The country’s economy grew 1.3% in the first quarter of 2021. the fastest pace in over a year.

AP sources: Michael Strahan exams optimistic for COVID-19 | Leisure

FILE – Former New York giant Michael Strahan is posing for a picture at the opening of “NFL Experience” in Times Square, New York this Thursday, November 30, 2017. Michael Strahan, Pro Football Hall of Famer and host of Good Morning America, has tested positive for COVID-19 and is himself quarantined, according to people familiar with the situation. They spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity on Wednesday, January 27, 2021 due to medical restrictions.

Seth Little

Sports journalist by JOE REEDY AP

Michael Strahan, Pro Football Hall of Famer and host of Good Morning America, has tested positive for COVID-19 and is himself quarantined, according to people familiar with the situation.

Strahan currently has no serious symptoms of COVID-19. People spoke to The Associated Press on Wednesday on condition of anonymity due to medical restrictions.

TMZ first reported positive Strahan tests.

Strahan, who also provides analysis of the Fox NFL Sunday pregame show, performed remotely during the NFC championship game last Sunday. However, Strahan also appeared remotely for much of the season so that the network’s Thursday night games would not conflict with its “GMA” schedule.

49-year-old Strahan hasn’t been on the ABC morning show all week and it remains uncertain when he will be back.

He has been part of Good Morning America since 2016 and has been a staple of Fox’s NFL coverage since retiring after the New York Giants won the third of their four Super Bowl titles in the 2007 season.

More AP NFL: and

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Cash for workforce exams is a clever funding | Opinion

{& by1JC} By Johnson City Press Editorial Board {/ bylineJC}

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As we see it

L.Heads of State and Government will have the opportunity on Monday to put their money where they are when it comes to Washington County earning Work Ready Community certification.

County Commissioners are asked to allocate up to $ 3,000 to the First Tennessee Development District to cover the cost of work-ready testing for program participants who cannot afford the $ 75 fee.

The FTDD is working with the eight counties in northeast Tennessee to help them become ACT Work Ready Communities. It is a testimonial that job seekers can use to demonstrate their skills to companies that insist on hiring only the best qualified people. Counties of Sullivan and Hawkins will be the first counties in northeast Tennessee to earn community working certification.

Washington County is 91% achieving its goals of becoming a work-ready community, according to Lottie Ryans, director of FTDD’s workforce and literacy programs. She told members of the county’s health, education and social welfare committee earlier this month she needed their help to overcome the final hurdle to gaining this certification.

She suggested that by helping offset the cost of the tests, luring the 40 students needed to take the test to gain certification of the workforce.

HEW committee members are also committed to recruiting up to 10 local businesses to show support for the community program that is ready to work.

Ryans said only a handful of Tennessee’s 95 counties are now designated as a working parish. She said the award would give Washington County and other places an “edge” in attracting potential employers to the area.

To earn the work-ready certification, students are tested to understand workplace documents, graphics skills, and applied math.

Students can get a bronze, silver, gold or platinum certification. Platinum is the highest level. This is also the level Eastman Chemical Co. needs to apply for a position at its facility.

Spending up to $ 3,000 to assist students with the tests that enable Washington County to earn that valuable work-ready certification doesn’t seem like asking too much. It is a worthwhile investment in workforce development indeed.

New York is operating 1,000 genome exams every week to search for Covid variants

Scientists work in a laboratory testing COVID-19 samples at the New York City Health Department during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in New York on April 23, 2020.

Brendan McDermid | Reuters

New York State runs about 1,000 genome tests every week to look for new, contagious variants of Covid, said state health commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, at a news conference on Friday.

“The new varieties are terrifying: the British variety, the Brazilian variety, now the South African variety,” said Governor Andrew Cuomo at the briefing. “The British variety is here.”

Zucker said the state has done about 6,000 genome tests so far and only found the strain that came from the UK. New York officials have so far identified 25 of these cases, including two new cases in Westchester County and one new case in Kings County. Said Cuomo. According to Zucker, there were no deaths in these cases.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told reporters on Friday that there was “some evidence” of the mutated tribe could also be more deadly than the originalwhich has its origin in Wuhan, China.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention previously said there was no evidence that any of the new variants were more deadly or causing more serious illness.

When asked about the potential for higher mortality associated with the British tribe, Zucker said he was in contact with the British science advisor and the evidence is still preliminary.

“The fact that it’s more communicable means there will be more cases. If there are more cases, there will be more hospitalizations, and obviously if there are more hospitalizations there is an obvious risk of more deaths,” Zucker said.

At the meeting, Cuomo said he hoped President Joe Bidens The new administration will boost vaccine production and allow increased vaccine distribution. New York gave more than 975,000 people at least one dose of the vaccine on Thursday, according to the state Vaccine tracker.

“The British tribe is spreading. We still only have a vaccination rate of 60% to 70% of our hospital workers. This is a problem,” said Cuomo.

Why fast Covid exams are inflicting a stir within the UK

Diane Schofield takes a side flow test when she arrives at the Aspen Hill Village nursing home in Hunslet, Leeds.

Danny Lawson – PA Pictures | PA pictures | Getty Images

LONDON – A battle has broken out in the UK over the use of rapid coronavirus tests – formally known as “lateral flow tests”.

There is a heated debate going on about how exactly they detect Covid-19 cases and whether they should be introduced as a cheaper and faster way to do mass testing.

The tests can be done by yourself and detect the current Covid-19 infection, with the results usually being available within 30 minutes. They involve taking a swab from both nostrils, but not the throat, and can be used without laboratory equipment.

The UK government, which wants lateral flow testing to be introduced in more facilities like schools, says the tests are accurate, reliable, and allow regular testing of people who may have the virus but are asymptomatic.

However, the tests have divided the scientific community. Critics say the tests are less accurate than PCR tests, which are still generally considered the “gold standard” for sensitivity and accuracy (although results typically take longer than 24 hours) and could produce multiple false negative results to lead.

The government is keen to expand the testing regime (in a strategy known as “Operation Moonshot”) as this could allow a faster exit from a third national lockdown that is further damaging the UK economy after a year of disruption.

Most infectious Covid cases

A Form from A government-funded study by Oxford University was published Thursday that concluded that “lateral flow devices could detect most infectious Covid-19 cases and allow the current lockdown to be relaxed more safely”.

The study also confirmed that the more viruses found in the nose and throat (known as viral load), the more contagious the individual is: “This is the first time this has been confirmed in a large-scale study and explains part of it why some pass on Covid-19, others don’t, “the study says.

Therefore, people with higher viral loads are more likely to pass the infection on to others, making those infected people the most important to identify so that they can be isolated to reduce further transmission.

The wider use of lateral flow tests could help ingest more of these highly infectious people who are more likely to transmit the virus, the study said.

“The modeling suggests that lateral flow devices would identify people who are responsible for 84% of transmissions by using the least sensitive of four tested (lateral flow) kits and 91% the most sensitive,” says it in the study, although they realized that such tests are less accurate than PCR tests.

“Covid-19 tests that are less sensitive than standard PCR but are easier to make widely available, such as lateral flow tests, could be a good solution to ensure that highly infectious people know that they have to isolate faster and in a more isolated manner could allow the lockdown restrictions to be relaxed.

“They would also allow more people to be tested, which leads to immediate results, including those who have no symptoms and people at an increased risk of testing positive, for example because of their work or because they have had contact.”

Tim Peto, Professor of Medicine at Oxford University and lead author on the study, said, “We know that lateral flow tests are not perfect, but that doesn’t prevent them from playing an important role in detecting large numbers of blood cells . ” Cases of infection fast enough to prevent further spread. “

The UK government had planned to run lateral flow tests in schools to run daily coronavirus tests on students ages 11-18 to reduce the number of children and young adults staying at home and self-isolating must when they come into contact with a positive case.

However, the plan was put on hold as the majority of schools took classes online and a third lockdown was in place due to a rapid surge in infections.