DC’s Sport of Thrones-Model Universe Teases a Batman, Inexperienced Arrow Confrontation

Writer Tom Taylor reveals the cover of Dark Knights of Steel # 2, in which Batman and Green Arrow compete against each other.

Writer Tom Taylor revealed the cover of DC Comics’ Dark Knights of Steel # 2, designed by artist Yasmine Putri.

Dark Knights of Steel is a reinterpretation of the DC Universe takes place in the Middle Ages, and sees the heroes of the world take off their cloaks for shining armor and insignia. The series will have twelve issues, with the cover being the latest reveal of what could come of history. Apparently, a duel between Batman and Green Arrow could be an option for this fantastic retelling.

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In the lower half of the cover, the dark knight (in the truest sense of the word) swings a sword against the emerald-green archer. Other faces on the cover are believed to be the iterations of This World of Superman, John Constantine, Black Lightning, and Supergirl. The full scope of the story has yet to be revealed, but fans can now see how the similarly-endowed heroes face each other.

There have always been blatant similarities between Batman and Green Arrow, the Arrow television series seems to turn Oliver Queen into a Bruce Wayne character more than he does in the comics. In the comics, both heroes have “caves” and safe houses from which they operate, an extraordinary wealth (though not in current Batman comics) and similar tools and devices. While Oliver tends to be more optimistic in the comics, Bruce was always drawn to the scowl, not the smile.

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Of course, it’s unclear what backgrounds, skills, and inventory differences these two can have in this Game of Thrones version of the DC Universe. While Green Arrow’s gimmick can hold its own against a backdrop designed for a Robin Hood-like character to thrive, Batman clearly has seen reformatting. The hero’s new look is similar to his Element X clothing that appears in the Finale of Dark Nights: Metal.

This story also marks another book in which these two will interact. Currently, the only major title that these two frequently share the side is the Justice League series directed by Brian Michael Bendis. However, Green Arrow has snuck into other books like Checkmate, The Flash, and the books to come Aquaman / Green Arrow: Deep target will be released in October, a month before Dark Knights of Steel. Batman, on the other hand, can be found in numerous titles ranging from Nightwing to Harley Quinn and beyond.

Dark Knights of Steel # 1 is written by Taylor, with artwork and cover artwork by Yasmine Putri, who also did the cover for this second issue. Variant covers for the first issue are being created by Joshua Middleton and Wayne Reynolds. The first edition will be available from November 2, 2021.

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