Groups chill out their gown codes, and gamers’ private types escape – The Athletic

Pigs fly, hell is frozen over and it’s the end of the world as we know it: NHL Clubs are starting to relax their dress code on game day.

So far it is Coyotes and now the leaves have officially abolished the formal suit-and-tie mandates and moved into various levels of business casual (the Leafs) and completely relaxed (the Coyotes).

“Being the first team without a dress code was great” Jakob Chychrun from Arizona said about ESPN’s Emily Kaplan. “The boys loved it. I think it’s great to be able to show a bit of your personality and your wardrobe in addition to the suits. “

“It’s nice to mix it up a bit”, Toronto’s Auston Matthews, who is always well dressed, said Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star. “Just do your own thing. Whatever makes you happy. I do not care.”

It will be interesting to see how much these players choose to take advantage of the new rules, and I’m sure some of the looks will get more creative as they’re more comfortable. But even if most of the league still enforces the dress code, the first week of the 2021-22 season was a revelation for the fashion and general fun lovers among us.

Biking Groups Elevate Cash For Group Foster Throughout 24-Hour Spin Relay – CBS Pittsburgh

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A 24-hour film crew raises money for Team Foster, a charity that honors the service and sacrifice of Captain Erick Foster, an Oil City alum and Duquesne who died fighting in Iraq.

The group raises money to provide service dogs for injured and disabled veterans free of charge.

“PTSD and brain injuries are typical wounds of warfare after 9/11. We literally have hundreds of thousands of men and women suffering from these challenges. As a result, we lose over 20 veterans and service staff to suicide every day, and we know these dogs literally save lives, ”said Nick Liermann, Executive Director of Team Foster.

Team Foster hopes to raise $ 50,000 by the end of the 24-hour journey.

The group intends to double this amount next year.

SEC Wrap-Up, Jeopardy! Fashion: A Take a look at Groups Across the SEC

OXFORD, miss. – In the second week of the football season, some teams looked pretty smart. A few others looked like they had no idea. You know, a hint like the kind they give on Jeopardy!

On Saturday, the SEC drew 11-1 against non-conference teams.

Here’s a look at last week’s games and the Jeopardy hint each team has for the future. I’ll get Still The Best College Football Conference for $ 500.


Why does Auburn even charge entry for sideshows like this one? Instead of playing against Bama State, Tuskegee is even closer and a Division II team, why not play against them? At least fans could see Jarquez Hunter break a school record with a 94 yard touchdown run. Well, it happened less than a minute to go in the third quarter, so there weren’t many fans left at the Jordan Hare Stadium to see it.

THE NOTE: We found out about Auburn on Saturday.
THE QUESTION: “What is nothing? What is absolutely nothing? “


Shane Beamer took his second South Carolina coaching victory dramatically when the 27th. The Carolina Defense didn’t allow a pirate quarterback to throw 80 yards or an ECU runner to throw more than 70 yards. It also seems that former assistant Zeb Noland is a real leader.

THE NOTE: It is the single most important question to ask any aspiring assistant coach.
THE QUESTION: “What other authorization do you have?”


In an underrated game, the Johnny Majors Bowl took place on Rocky Top Saturday. The Panthers took the lead at 27:20 at halftime and that was important as the two teams exchanged punches like boxers in the second half.

UT needs to find out his game in progress. The Vols lead rusher was the starting quarterback and the second lead rusher was the backup quarterback.

THE NOTE: This is why Rocky Top is so rocky upstairs.
THE QUESTION: “What are Tennessee fans asking for Josh Heupel’s head after just two games?”


Quarrel about the quarterback? Which quarterback controversy? Oh, the one brewing in Gainesville, that’s the one. Starting quarterback Emory Jones threw for 151 yards in 14 completions for the Gators. Backup Anthony Richardson threw for 152 yards and two touchdowns on THREE completions.

THE NOTE: A thesaurus.
THE QUESTION: “What book does Dan Mullen have to read to find other words to replace ‘controversy’?”


JT who? Georgia’s JT Daniels was unable to play due to an injury, so Stetson Bennett IV stepped in, throwing 288 yards and five touchdowns. The real newcomer Carson Beck also came into play and threw his first touchdown of his career.

After the Dawg defense had only given one field goal to Clemson in the beginning, they gave the Blazers only a single touchdown. The UGA defense is pretty good.

THE NOTE: If a backup quarterback succeeds, it’s a product of that coaching philosophy from the season before.
THE QUESTION: “What is ‘this year’s coaching team for the next season’?”


Texas A&M not only lost its starting quarterback to Colorado, it almost lost the game and its high ranking. Losing Haynes King early in the game to a severe leg injury, the Aggies relied on replacement Zach Calazada to throw a 14-yard touchdown to Isaiah Spiller 2:41 in Denver to avoid the surprise.

THE NOTE: This is where you don’t look when facing non-conference opponents.
THE QUESTION: “What is too far to go to Arkansas on September 25th?


Even the announcers in Alabama sounded like Willy Wonka telling bad kids not to do bad things. “No stop. Please don’t,” Wonka said listlessly. Kudos to the Bama coaches who were able to get their team to play against a team that had never scored against them before Saturday.

THE NOTE: Nothing. I do not have anything.
THE QUESTION: “Why is Alabama playing against teams like Mercer?”


Wait what Arkansas not only won the game against the No. 15 Longhorns, the Hogs beat them too. Not only did Arkansas knock out the Horns in the first half, the Razorbacks also outperformed Texas in the second half, winning away from home. Any hog runner who handled the ball averaged at least 6.3 yards per rush.

THE NOTE: This team should be careful what they want for the future.
THE QUESTION: “What is Texas eagerly waiting for to join the SEC?”


Use caution if you speak ill of a Mike Leach team. After battling Louisiana Tech at the season opener, Mississippi State took just 13 seconds to let NC State know the Wolfpack had a long day ahead of them.

Lideatrick Griffin took the opening kickoff and ran back 100 yards to score a touchdown before the cowbells could even ring in Starkville. From then on, the Bulldogs looked like a team that other SEC schools can’t overlook.

THE NOTE: So many teams in SEC West can win many games.
THE QUESTION: “What is it all, including the state of Mississippi?”


It would be hard to choose a better game between SEC and SEC to start the season. Kentucky’s Will Levis and Chris Rodriguez, Jr. become one of the SEC’s most formidable quarterback-running-back duos. Rodriguez, Jr., ran for 206 yards and three touchdowns while Levis threw for 179 yards and one more score. Mizzous Conner Bazelak threw 294 yards and four scores.

THE NOTE: It sucks.
THE QUESTION: “What is the reaction if one of these teams had to lose this game?”


There was no hangover from an opening week win, no episodes of a short week, nor one big deal that Lane Kiffin returned to the sidelines. Instead, fans got what they expected. Matt Corral threw five touchdowns in three quarters, the Rebels had explosive plays and the defense even scored.

THE NOTE: You are back …
THE QUESTION: “Who is the Landshark Defense?”


In the weekly Take-Your-Son-to-Work game, LSU trainer Ed Orgeron’s group treated his son Cody’s McNeese State Cowboys. Cody threw a touchdown against Daddy’s team so that Father’s Day doesn’t get too uncomfortable in the Orgeron household.

One cool fact about McNeese: The Cowboys have lost two games this season. Both teams, LSU (FBS) and West Florida (D-2) became national champions in 2019.

THE NOTE: Another one.
THE QUESTION: “How many games does the LSU have before the Tigers get more serious?”


Yes, Vanderbilt won a game. In fact, Vanderbilt won a street game. Vanderbilt won a game that gave Clark Lea his first college win. The Commodores could have wrapped this up, but instead, when the Rams leveled the game with a touch of more than three minutes, Vandy took over and hit the field in eight games to Joseph Bulovas’ game-winning 38-yard field goal. Anchor down!

THE NOTE: After a win, Vanderbilt’s chances of beating Stanford – who defeated Southern Cal Saturday – in Nashville this week.
THE QUESTION: “Which is not good, but it sure would be cool.”

By the way, I personally know two guys who performed at Jeopardy! Neither of my friends won, but both said Alex Trebek was a real gentleman. (Why should they lie? These two guys are sports presenters.) Rest in peace, Alex.

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Saints to Maintain Casting Name for Three 2021 Leisure Groups

As things return to normal in the NFL, there are increasing signs of progression and the expectation that this reality will come true. On Friday, the Saints will announce a casting call for their entertainment team in 2021.

This year brings some new twists as there will be audits for three different dynamic groups that will help build on the team’s awards for the best fan experience they have received in recent years. The first group includes the Saintsations, the Saints’ official dance team. The second group is a fan engagement team called Black & Gold Patrol. Finally, there is a new cheerleading team that will be made up of multi-talented entertainers to enhance the fan experience.

All three groups will work together and interact throughout the season. Specific talents the team is looking for include both dancers, running and standing tumblers, cheerleaders and stunters.

“Our fans are eager to get back into the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and we want every facet of the gaming experience to be ready for them,” said Saints President Dennis Lauscha.

“We’re always thinking of new ways to deliver the best gaming experience in the NFL. The addition of cheerleaders and tumblers to our entertainment teams will bring even more energy and excitement to match day and reinforce our legendary Dome Field Advantage. “

The Saints had a mixed roster when the franchise began in 1967. At that time the games were played in the old Tulane Stadium. The squad existed all along, bypassing the Saintsations, but was disbanded in 1998. Almost 20 years later, 25-year-old Jessie Hernandez made history when he joined the Saintsations as a dancer in 2018.

The Saints’ goal is to improve the gaming experience for fans, and over the years New Orleans has explored a host of new ways to engage fans off the field.

Those interested can register until Thursday, July 17, 5 p.m. CT. You can find the application link Here after the official announcement. The audition will take place on Friday, July 18th from 5 p.m. in the Smoothie King Center

Knicks suppose Derrick Rose will acclimate shortly to crew’s type

Derrick Rose’s reintroduction was particularly premature.

He was traded on Sunday and reportedly sat outside the shootaround on Tuesday because he had to pass a physical pass. He was immediately transferred to the second unit against the heat that night and got to know the backyard comrade Immanuel Quickley very well. . . Good . . . fast.

And it worked out fine.

Rose’s gritty, physical attack went well with rookie Quickley’s shooting skills, and Rose finished with 14 points and three assists in 20 minutes. In addition, he has proven that he can adapt to his new environment – something coach Tom Thibodeau believes will only improve once the Knicks have two days off between games.

“We were able to do some quality exercises and have to carry them over into the games,” said Thibodeau when the Knicks faced the Wizards on Friday. “I think it’s important for us when you have a young team to acclimatize someone who has a job. The more time you have together on the pitch – and of course there are a lot of things we have to work on – but I think it’s helpful and of course we want to develop the right habits. “

Thibodeau, who also coached Rose with the Bulls and Timberwolves, said familiarity helps, but Rose’s 14-year career probably helps a lot more.

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“I think the upside is he’s a veteran and he’s been through things so he has to get used to the terminology, that’s the greatest,” Thibodeau said. “Chicago was a long time ago, Minnesota was a long time ago, so there are things to pick up on, but conceptually a lot of things are the same, especially defensive. And then offensively, see the actions – your pick and roll stuff, yours Side pick and roll, your angle pick and roll, your catch and shoot, your transition, the things you do outside of the river, and I think he is very good at taking that up quickly. “

And Julius Randle said that Rose’s experience is more than just another fringe attacker off the bench. The team is young and if Rose’s tag team with Quickley showed any signs of it on Tuesday, the added stability on the pitch will strengthen the roster. While Quickley had doubled up, Rose was partying.

“He will be very helpful,” said Randle after the shootaround. “It’s not just giving us a veteran presence, but a man who can go out there and create plays, just a consistency with him, just a trust in him, so I’m extremely excited. I think he’s going to help us a lot to win.” Obviously he’s familiar with Thibs and everything that’s going on, so it will likely be a quick adjustment for him. When the news got out, I was very excited to have him here. “

And while Thibodeau previously said he was more comfortable sitting Rose on the track because the Knicks used him in an earlier package, that is likely to change, especially given the early return.

“Every day he will be more comfortable with everything,” said Thibodeau. “We can of course combine with a lot of different combinations. Usually we have a fixed rotation at the beginning of the game, but the end of the game depends on what we need and who is playing well.”

Laura Albanese is a general-purpose sports reporter. She started as an intern on Newsday 2007.