This H-City Tattoo Artist Stays Busy With Rap and YouTube Fashion Movies

The main thing about Ghetto Princess is a tattoo artist, that’s what she is above all, she says. But the The 19-year-old is busy with a lot of hectic. Hailing from the north side of Houston, it is one of the newest names. Also under the name Nawf. G, she’s a Youtuber with style and a rapper who has it released music videos with Big Tony and Bo Bundy. She does everything.

In one of her style Videos, Ghetto Princess is economical and shows her fans outfit ideas. She wanted to incorporate anime into her style – which seems insane these days. She even talked about painting some of the pictures sign on her jeans.

For Gen-Zers like her, shows she grew up with like Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z have made it into fashion. She also takes a lot of inspiration from her Explore page on Instagram, which is just in the early 2000s.

We talked to Nawf more. G about her lifestyle and growing career.

How did you get into music? What inspired you to start this career?

I always wrote music as a kid. I recorded myself on YouTube a couple of times. I’ve always written music, but I’ve never taken myself seriously. I don’t know, I just thought it was for fun, in the beginning it was always for fun for me. But I used to be an apprentice at G6 studios, and that’s where I met Andy, and he’s a manager. I just started talking to him and telling him that I want to release a song in the studio just to see how it goes. And basically that’s where it all started.

You are really talented at tattooing and you started doing it at a young age too. What made you start this career?

On my 13th birthday, my mom took me to get my first tattoo. I’ve always loved drawing since I was a little girl and it was just my safe place. I felt comfortable drawing all the time. When I went to the tattoo artist I was talking to the tattoo artist and they were talking to me and they were like, ‘Since you can draw, maybe when you grow up you should become a tattoo artist.’ And that’s stuck with me ever since. I think I was inspired by the tattoo artists because they said, ‘I make my own money’.

You know, they were real fly. They have gold chains, you know, they have their own cars. I wanted to be my own boss.

I was a difficult kid in high school. So I went to an alternative school twice. But the second time I went to an alternative school, I spoke to the art teacher and she really helped me a lot.

She knew I was talented and all. And she invested in me and bought me henna ink, and with that I did hennas on the little kids and the teachers, and I saved $ 300 in three days, and that $ 300 was used to buy all of my tattoo equipment that i needed.

What does this city mean to you as a Houstonian?

I see a lot of pressure all over Houston. It’s funny how bad things are, I think. But I also feel very motivated and inspired by the city.

Spend a lot of time making videos for YouTube? What was the driving factor that made you post this very first YouTube video?

I always watched YouTube videos. Whenever I got home from school or like at school, I just watched YouTube videos. I wanted to be a YouTuber. I wanted to get paid to be a YouTuber like the ACE family or what Jeffree Star, they all receive payments from YouTube. I wanted to be like her, you know, an influencer

You post on your YouTube “Get ready for me” Videos and you love makeup. So how would you say that your makeup reflects your style and you?

I’ve always been an artist, and like before, I wanted to be a tattoo artist, and I was really into makeup and cosmetics. I really wanted to be a beautician. I actually have to upload a new Get Ready With Me on YouTube because I now have a completely different makeup routine.

One last thing, what would you like to say to your fans?

I just want to appreciate everyone who has supported me since I started my own YouTube channel and I really appreciate that. And I really appreciate my haters too, because you only conquer when you have haters.

To stay up to date on Ghetto Princess, follow her on Instagram. To hear their music, be sure to check them out Cloud of sound and Apple Music.

Coworkers elevating cash to assist tattoo artist hospitalized after bike crash

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – After her friend and work colleague was hospitalized after a motorcycle accident, Beelistic Tattoo raises money to help one of their own.

Ken Hutchinson, 32, was driving to Beelistic Tattoo to start his work day on Tuesday when he was hit by a car on Westwood Northern Boulevard.

According to Serenity Baumer, manager at Beelistic Tattoo, Hutchinson suffered broken ribs, a broken pelvis, a bruised heart and bleeding in the brain.

Hutchinson is now in a medically induced coma in the intensive care unit on a ventilator.

To make matters worse, his house was robbed the day after the crash.

“He had a girlfriend who lived with him and she went to the house she lived in and the door was open and the safe was open and it was empty,” Baumer said.

To help Hutchinson get back some of the stolen money, his employees try to raise $ 15,000.

“He has five children to look after, all of them pretty small. He wanted to save money for them, ”explains Baumer. “He has no insurance and no medical bills, I can’t imagine, so we all have to put people on deck to raise the money we can.”

To raise more money, Beelistic is donating $ 10 from every piercing and tattoo to the fund this week.

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Sam Smith refers to gender id with new tattoo | Leisure

Sam Smith has hinted at her gender identity with her new tattoo.

The “How do you sleep?” hitmaker – who announced two years ago that they were not binary and wanted to use s / s pronouns – seemed to be referencing their identity in their new ink.

The tattoo, shared online by the London Social Tattoo Shop, shows a short-haired person in underwear looking in the mirror in high heels.

They titled it: “ICON @samsmith thanks for getting tattooed (sic)”

Sam had previously admitted that they were “always not binary”.

They said, “I’ve always had a little war in my body and mind … I’m neither male nor female, I guess I flow somewhere in between. It’s all on the spectrum …

“Yeah, I’ve always been non-binary, I’ve always felt the way I felt, and just hearing other non-binary stories make me feel suddenly seen. This is a way I can live where I am Tell people this is how I feel and how I want to be treated, life is easier. “

And the 28-year-old singer is happy that they changed their pronouns as they were able to “feel just like themselves” and “enjoy” their lives.

They added, “I’ve always felt the way I felt. It wasn’t a new feeling, it was just the discovery of a language and a community of people who felt the same way. It was beautiful. It was a process of Feeling heard and seen – that there is a space where I can live and enjoy my life and feel just like me and be treated as such. I think that’s the difference to the pronouns. “

Nicola Peltz will get tattoo of fiance Brooklyn Beckham’s title | Leisure

Nicola Peltz has a tattoo of Brooklyn Beckham’s name.

The 26-year-old actress is engaged to the 22-year-old aspiring photographer and announced on Thursday (April 8th, 21) that she had a new tattoo in honor of her future husband.

kAmqC @@ <= J? F? G6: = 65 E96:?<:?8 @? 9:D x?DE28C2> $ E @ CJ[ H96C6 96 D92C65 2 4=@D6FA D9@E @7 }:4@=2’D D<:? H:E9 E96 H@C5 “qC@@<=J?” HC:EE6? :? 2 4FCD:G6 7@?E]k ^ am

kAm% 96? 6HD 4 @> 6D 2D E96 92AAJ 4 @ FA = 6 2C6? @ DEC2? 86CD E @ AC @ F5 = J 5: DA = 2J:? 8 E96: C = @ G6 7 @ C @? 6 2? @ E96C[ 2D }:4@=2 C646?E=J C6G62=65 D96 92D 925 E96 4@FA=6VD H:D5@> E66E9 EFC?65 :?E@ 8@=5 ?64<=246D]k ^ am

came $ 96 42AE: @? 65 2 D @ 4: 2 => 65: 2 A @ DEi Qx 8 @ E @FC H: D5 @> E66E9> 256 😕 E @? 64 <= 246D o3C @@ <= J 364<92> J @ FVC6> J 36DE 7C: 6? 5]Qk ^ Am

kAmqC @@ <= J? H9 @ D6 A2C6? ED 2C6 C6E: C65 D @ 446C 246 s2G: 5 q64<92> 2? 5 72D9: @? 56D: 8-6C ‘: 4E @ C: 2 q64<92> 8FD965 @ G6C E96 Q36DE 8: 7EQ 7C @> 9: D Q2> 2K:? 8 7: 2? 4é6Q 2? 5 92: = 65}: 4 @ = 2 QE96 36DE E9:? 8 E92E 92D 6G6C 92AA6? 65Q E @ 9:>]k ^ Am

kAmw6 HC @ E6 @? 9: D @ H? $ E @ C: 6Di Q (@ C5D 42? VE 5: D4C: 36 9 @ H> F49 x = @ G6 J @ F o?: ​​4 @ = 22 ?? 6A6 = EK]x 2> E96 = F4 < : 6DE A6CD @? @? E9: DA = 2? 6E II x H: == = @ G6 J @ F 7 @ C6G6C 2? 5 6G6C]]]k ^ Am

kAm% 96 36DE 8: 7E 7C @ >> J 36DE 7C: 6? 5 2? 5 E96> @DE 2> 2K:? 8 7: 2? 4é I x = @ G6 J @ F =:<6 4C2KJ] *@F 2C6 E96 36DE E9:?8 E92E 92D 6G6C 92AA6?65 E@ >6]WD: 4XQk ^ Am

came | 62? H9: = 6[ qC@@<=J? 2=D@ C646?E=J 8@E 2 A6C>2?6?E EC:3FE6 E@ 9:D 7FEFC6 H:76 @? 9:D @H? D<:?[ 2D :? y2?F2CJ 96 D9@H65 @77 2 E2EE@@ @7 2 =@G6 =6EE6C 7C@> }:4@=2 H9@ 96 2D<65 E@ 36 9:D H:76 :? yF=J – H9:49 96 8@E @? 9:D 324<]k ^ am

kAm% 96:?<:?8 C625Di Q|J 7@C6G6C 3@J] #625 E9:D 2?JE:>6 J @ F 766 = 2? I: @FD]x H2? EJ @ FE @ <:?56DE 962CE x’G6 6G6C >6E 2? 5 x 9 @ A6 x? 6G6C 8 @ 2 52J H: E9 @ FE J @ FC = @ G6]x E9:?[ *@FC 7FEFC6 H:76J] WD: 4XQk ^ Am