Somerville Board of Well being Votes In opposition to COVID Vaccine Passport-Fashion System – CBS Boston

SOMERVILLE (CBS) — The city of Somerville will not adopt a COVID vaccine passport-style system used in Boston and other communities.

On Thursday evening, the city’s health department rejected the proposal by a score of two to one.

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In a statement, Somerville Mayor Katjana Ballantyn said that while she disagreed with the committee’s decision, she respected the considerations that went into it.

“The key takeaway from last night’s hearing is that the board and the city agree that vaccination is critical to getting this virus under control.

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The question for us is which tools we use to drive this goal forward. Of course, we had hoped that the Board would support the proposed requirement, but I respect their decision and their thoughtful consideration, so today we move on to the next effort. My focus remains fully on applying all the strategies at our disposal to deal with the pandemic.

Since day one in office, I’ve had staff doubling down to increase access to testing, masks, vaccines, information, and financial and health support. This decision will not slow us down, it will only give additional impetus to our efforts to fight the virus on all fronts.”

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Bostons vaccination order started last Saturday. Anyone entering a Boston restaurant, bar or venue must show at least one first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Mariachi Leisure System fuses Mexican people music

TEXAS – Alina Mallén’s fingers strum a vihuela while reading music.

“I love to play Vihuela, it’s from Mexico,” said Mallén.

Mallén is a professional mariachi and plays most of her adult life. San Antonians can even tell their time at Spurs games. As much as she is a traditionalist, the music is an arrangement from “Gerudo Valley”. The song debuted in 1998 on Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

“It’s so much fun playing different chords and different progressions. You don’t usually see that in traditional music, ”she said.

Mallén is a founding member of Mariachi Entertainment System. She is known as Doomsday Lozano according to her website Bio.

“It’s great fun to see other people’s nostalgia when they hear us,” said Mallén.

Mallén makes singing, plays the flute and vihuela. As founding member David Ortiz will tell you, she can do pretty much anything.

“We’re putting the finishing touches on a ‘Zelda’ album that we’re working on to release later this year,” said Ortiz.

Ortiz is the musical director and writes arrangements for the band. He started playing mariachi in college and is a classically trained musician.

“I noticed that mariachis were often discredited. I didn’t really feel the stereotypes about mariachis were true, it wasn’t always five fat guys getting drunk in a bar and sounding awful, “Ortiz said. “There are a lot of good musicians who play.”

Ortiz felt that video game music also went unrecognized.

“Video game music also fell into the same category in which other classical musicians did not legitimize it. I thought if I did both, others would see that both are worthwhile efforts, ”Ortiz said.

MES has been around since 2015. Her YouTube channel shows some of her live performances before the pandemic, including venues like PAX South in San Antonio. Ortiz thought the YouTube channel was a toast in 2020, but the group stepped up and posted 20 videos last year.

While Ortiz doesn’t brag about every part of the group’s work, he’s proud of the work they’ve done from various studios.

“The little thing about getting a successful mix of such styles is a tricky endeavor,” said Ortiz.

As fascinating as it may be to see mariachis play video game music for some, there are people who believe they are too deviated from tradition.

“People try to say things like, ‘Why are you playing this with mariachi? It shouldn’t be. ‘We changed it from the start,’ said Mallén.

She describes Charro Avitia and Mariachi Vargas as artists who inspired change.

“There is an occasional person who doesn’t want to hear mariachi music being played and singing in English. It’s not your cup of tea, ”Ortiz said. “It’s this criticism of how mariachis or musicians approached other genres.”

Ortiz equates the beauty of fusing two genres of music with food.

“You can put ketchup on your tacos and call for a fusion. Using the same ingredients thoughtfully to create something that is actually representative of different styles and cultures is a lot trickier and requires a lot more thought, “Ortiz said.

This is Roger Ebert Displaying Off the Biggest Leisure System of 1988

A fantastic video from 1988 has resurfaced showing legendary American film critic Roger Ebert showing off the largest entertainment system from 1988 – LaserVision.Shared by Jeremy Herbert The late Roger Ebert appeared on Twitter with Gene Siskel in one 1988 Holiday Gift Guide and he greeted the audience in his basement entertainment center as part of a segment to demonstrate his setup.

In 1988 Roger Ebert shows his entertainment center in the basement, which is referred to as “The Orson Welles Room”:

– Jeremy Herbert (@DDayFilms) April 30, 2021

While demonstrating his entertainment center, which he called “The Orson Welles Room,” Ebert first stated that he had a 45 “screen because the 50” screen would not fit down the stairs. He then said, “Anyone with a large TV screen needs LaserVision to get a good picture on the screen because it gives you a lot more definition.”

LaserVision or LaserDisc first came to the United States in 1978 and was a home video format and the first commercial optical storage medium. LaserDisc was a major upgrade from VHS, offering 425 lines of resolution as opposed to 240 lines of VHS. LaserDisc also offered digital audio over analog audio.

Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

By today’s standards, LaserVision also had huge optical discs that resembled the size and shape of vinyl records. Ebert even commented that they looked like they were eating some of it in Close Encounters in the spaceship [of the Third Kind]. “

While it never quite reached the popularity of DVD in the US, it was popular in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. It also laid the foundation for CD, DVD and Blu-Ray.

Roger Ebert was the first film critic to win the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism and worked for the Chicago Sun-Times from 1987 to 1987 his death in 2013 at the age of 70.

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Scammers posing as UP Well being System asking sufferers for cash 

Jackie Drees – – |

UP Health System-Marquette, Michigan warns patients of a new “Caller ID spoofing” scam that uses the health system name to solicit patients’ money and / or personal information. This emerged from a report by the NBC member dated March 18 WLUC.

A third party is involved in the scam who gives the impression that a call is coming from UP Health System-Marquette and then tries to collect money or information for fraudulent purposes.

The health system said it was working to stop the program but said these types of fraud were difficult to trace. The health system said it would never call patients before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. and would never request personal information regarding credit scores over the phone.

Anyone who receives a suspicious call, email, or text message from someone claiming to be with UP Health System-Marquette should hang up and call the appropriate health care department to verify that the caller’s identity is valid is.

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Photo voltaic flare-style rocket thruster ‘may ship astronauts to outer photo voltaic system’

PPPL physicist Fatima Ebrahimi in front of an artist’s impression of the fusion rocket (Photo credit: Elle Starkman (PPPL Office of Communications) and ITER)

A new type of rocket engine, mimicking the mechanism behind solar flares, could send people to Mars and beyond, one researcher has claimed.

Fatima Ebrahimi, a senior research physicist at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) in New Jersey, suggested the concept. The engine would apply magnetic fields to cause plasma particles to shoot out of the rear of the rocket and propel it forward. Current space-proven plasma thrusters use electrical fields to propel the particles.

The new concept would accelerate the particles through magnetic reconnection – a process found throughout the universe, including the surface of the sun – in which magnetic field lines converge, suddenly separate, and then join again, creating a lot of energy. Reconnection is also done within donut-shaped tokamak fusion devices.

“I’ve been cooking this concept for a while,” said Ebrahimi, the author of a paper that included the idea in the Journal of Plasma Physics. “I got the idea in 2017 while sitting on a deck pondering the similarities between a car’s exhaust and the high-speed exhaust particles produced by PPPL’s ​​National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX). During its operation, this tokamak generates magnetic bubbles called plasmoids, which move at a speed of about 20 kilometers per second, which seemed to me very much like thrust. “

Current plasma thrusters, which use electric fields to propel the particles, can only generate a low specific impulse. However, computer simulations showed that the new plasma engine concept can generate exhaust gases at speeds of hundreds of kilometers per second, ten times faster than other engines.

That faster speed at the beginning of a spacecraft’s journey could bring the outer planets within reach of astronauts, Ebrahimi said.

“Long-distance travel takes months or years because the specific momentum of chemical rocket engines is very low, so it takes a while for the vehicle to be up to date,” she said. “But if we make engines based on magnetic reconnection, we could potentially complete long-range missions in less time.”

There are three main differences between Ebrahimi’s engine concept and other devices. The first is that changing the strength of the magnetic fields can increase or decrease the amount of thrust. Second, the new thruster creates motion by ejecting both plasma particles and plasmoids, adding power to the engine. The third difference is that, unlike electric field thrusters, the magnetic fields in Ebrahimi’s concept allow the plasma to be made up of either heavy or light atoms.

“While other thrusters require heavy gas made from atoms like xenon, you can use any type of gas you want in this concept,” she said. In some cases, scientists may prefer light gas because the smaller atoms can move faster.

Ebrahimi emphasized that her engine concept resulted directly from her research into fusion energy. “This work was inspired by previous fusion work and this is the first time plasmoids and reconnections have been proposed for space propulsion,” she said. “The next step is building a prototype.”

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Motion clears the way in which for federal cash to assist construct Terrebonne levee system

The Trump administration has cleared the way for federal funds to be spent on a system of dams, sluices and sluices that will protect Terrebonne and part of Lafourche from flooding during hurricanes, officials said today.

US Senator John Kennedy, R-La., Said he had received confirmation from the White House that the Morganza to Gulf hurricane protection system had been labeled “Fresh Start” by the Department of Administration and Budget.

The long-awaited action paves the way for the federal government to spend money on building the system for the first time.

“The people of southern Louisiana worked hard for 13 years to make the Morganza to the Gulf project a reality,” Kennedy said in a press release. “It is both wise and fair for the federal government to get involved and help them complete this crucial project.” Hurricane Protection Initiative.

“I am grateful to the White House and the Trump Administration for recognizing the value of safeguarding lives and property in the Terrebonne community. I am also grateful to the Corps of Engineers for the time and talent they have shown in Morganza invest in golf. “

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Reggie Dupre, Terrebonne dyke district manager who is overseeing the construction of Morganza, said the move was an important milestone.

“This is really good news,” Dupre said in an interview tonight. “You will have the opportunity to spend federal money on this massive federal project.”

Congress has approved Morganza as a federal project three times since work on the project began in 1992, but has never provided money. The designation “fresh start” enables the army corps to request and spend money from its budget for Morganza.

Frustrated by delays, the community’s Levee Board began building Morganza, using mostly local sales tax money, after Hurricane Rita flooded an estimated 10,000 homes in Terrebonne in 2005.

So far, the Levee Board has spent $ 506 million to bring Morganza’s levees to their current height of 12 feet. And that doesn’t include the $ 400 million sluice gate on the Houma Navigational Channel, which will begin fines this year. BP and other companies are paying due to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The lockdown is expected to be completed in May 2024.

More:The key part of the Terrebonne storm protection approved for the start of construction

The Levee Board has pushed the interim system in the hopes that the Army Corps will eventually receive the estimated $ 3.2 billion needed to arm itself to protect against what is known as a 100-year storm. It is defined as the type of hurricane that has a 1 percent chance of occurrence in any given year.

Dupre said federal funds and help from the corps with construction are essential to completing this work. Much of the dyke system will be raised to around 20 feet and two massive locks will be built in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, one in Houma and one in Larose.

– Keith Magill, Executive Editor of Courier and Daily Comet, can be reached at 857-2201 or Follow him on Twitter @CourierEditor.