Baltimore suspects in ‘ambush-style’ assault on cop allegedly shot and killed second sufferer

The two men were arrested in connection with an ambush-style attack Baltimore police officer They worked a night shift last week and were charged with shooting a second person, a murder victim, shortly after they allegedly tried to murder the police officer.

Elliot Knox, 31, and Travon Shaw, 32, are both charged with the attempted murder of Officer Keonna Holley – and the murder of 38-year-old Justin Johnson. Johnson was shot dead on the 600 block on Lucia Avenue, about 10 miles from Holley’s robbery.

When the arrests were announced on Friday, Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said the murder occurred while investigators were still working on the Holley shooting scene.


The officer was shot and wounded at 1:35 a.m. on Thursday morning in the 4400 block of Pennington Ave.

Travon Shaw, 32, (left) and Elliot Knox, 31 (right) are both charged with the attempted murder of Officer Holley and the murder of Justin Johnson.
(Baltimore Police Department)

Harrison said Holley was shot dead at her designated post while she was in her vehicle while on a night shift in the crime area of ​​Curtis Bay. According to the investigators, the shooter approached from behind and shot into the parked vehicle, which then accelerated and collided.

“What we now know is that both of the shootings are linked, since we now know that the perpetrators of Office Holley’s shooting exited that scene, went to Lucia Avenue, and then committed the murder of Justice Johnson,” Harrison said . “Our thoughts and prayers from his family, with whom we also spoke.”

Two weapons were seized that were believed to have been used in both incidents, he said.

“This week’s heinous incidents were another tragic reminder of the culture of violence that pervades Baltimore,” Harrison said Friday. “As I said last night, those who commit these violent, brazen and cowardly acts in our city will be held accountable.

Harrison thanked local, state, and federal partners who helped with the investigation and said he had received a call from US Attorney General Merrick Garland who “is using all available resources to help us,” and congratulated the team on the speed Completion of the case.

“At this moment, I cannot stress enough how angry and discouraged we all are that we continue to have people in our community who want to commit acts of violence, particularly against law enforcement,” Baltimore City Prosecutor Marilyn J. Mosby said on Friday. “It is unacceptable and we will not tolerate it … We will have no tolerance of those who try to use violence and murder to resolve their complaints, and the criminals who do so will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Holley was admitted to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Dr. Thomas Scalea of ​​the shock trauma department said in an update on Thursday evening that Holley was “seriously ill”, had undergone “surgical therapy” and was staying in the intensive care unit with life-threatening injuries “with life-sustaining measures”.

“The person who did this to my sister, you are a coward,” Officer Holley’s older sister Lawanda Sykes said at a press conference outside the hospital Thursday night. “You tried to suffocate her and take something you can’t. She is stronger than you will ever be. ”


Holley, who has been on duty for two years, is the mother of two daughters who stood next to her aunt at Thursday’s press conference.

“Keona Holley is my little sister. I have to know and understand this town before it became a police officer, it is a mother. She is a daughter. She is a sister. She’s a woman, ”continued the policeman’s sister. “She took this job, she took this responsibility. It was a lifelong goal of my sister to serve in the Baltimore City Police Department. My sister was dedicated to this job. She came in early. She stayed later. She spent countless hours without her children to serve the church in the southern district. ”

China arrests over 1,100 suspects in crackdown on crypto-related cash laundering

Police in China arrested over 1,100 people suspected of using cryptocurrencies to launder illegal proceeds from phone and internet fraud in a recent raid, the public security ministry said.

The arrests came as Chinese authorities stepped up crackdown on cryptocurrency trading. Last month, three industry bodies banned crypto-related financial and payment services, and the State Council, China’s cabinet, pledged to crack down on bitcoin mining and trading. Continue reading

The Ministry of Public Security said the police had arrested more than 170 criminal groups using cryptocurrencies for money laundering by Wednesday afternoon.

The money launderers charged their criminal customers a commission of 1.5% to 5% to convert illegal income into virtual currencies via crypto exchanges, the ministry said via its official Wechat account.

China’s Payment & Clearing Association said Wednesday that the number of crimes related to the use of virtual currencies is increasing.

Since cryptocurrencies are anonymous, convenient and global, “they are increasingly becoming an important channel for cross-border money laundering,” said a statement from the association.

Cryptocurrencies have already become a popular means of payment for illegal gambling activities. Almost 13% of gambling sites support the use of virtual currency, and blockchain technology has made it difficult for authorities to track the money, the association said.

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Prosecutors: Suspects tailed Woman Gaga’s canine walker | Leisure

LOS ANGELES (AP) – In late February, three men were driving around the Hollywood area stealing expensive French bulldogs, prosecutors said. Their night would end in gunfire – and the violent theft of pop stars Lady Gaga’s beloved pets.

The robbery would make headlines around the world – motivating French bulldog owners to be careful when taking walks – with little published evidence of the dogs’ case or circumstances surrounding the disappearance. The criminal complaint, filed by the prosecutor in the Los Angeles Supreme Court on Thursday and filed by The Associated Press on Monday, includes some new details about the attack and previous attacks.

Five people are charged in the case – the three men and two alleged accomplices – and none have pleaded guilty.

The Lady Gaga connection was a coincidence, authorities have said. The motive was the value of the French bulldogs, a breed that can cost thousands of dollars, and detectives don’t believe the thieves knew the dogs belonged to the pop star.

The three men in the limo – James Jackson, 18; Jaylin White, 19; and Lafayette Whaley, 27, were arrested last week on suspicion of attempted murder and robbery. Jackson is also accused of shooting Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer.

The trio – alleged gang members nicknamed Infant Dice, Lil Gudda and LFace – will appear in court on May 11.

Whaley drove Jackson and White through Hollywood, the city of West Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley on February 24, “in search of French bulldogs,” the criminal complaint said. They found Fischer and his three protégés in Hollywood.

The trio chased Fischer as he led the dogs – Asia, Koji, and Gustav – along the famous Sunset Boulevard, LA prosecutors wrote. They turned off the light of the white limousine and followed him down a remote back street.

Jackson and White jumped out and attacked Fischer. They stole Koji and Gustav in a violent fight that was caught on the doorbell camera of a nearby home. They beat and choked fishermen, suspected prosecutors, and Jackson pulled out a semi-automatic gun and fired and hit Fischer once before escaping.

The camera recorded the dog walker and yelled, “Oh my god! I was shot! “and” Help me! “and” I’m bleeding from my chest! “

Over the next two days, White’s father, Harold White, and Jennifer McBride, who were related to the elderly White, were implicated in the theft, prosecutors wrote. You allegedly helped the younger white man and McBride avoid arrest returned the dogs to the police on February 26th.

She claimed she found the animals tied to a pole, police said at the time, asking about Lady Gaga’s offer of a $ 500,000 reward if the dogs were returned “without question”. The singer was in Rome at the time to make a film.

Police initially said McBride was “uninvolved and unrelated to the crime”. She is accused of receiving over $ 950 worth of stolen property.

Jaylin White remains on more than $ 1 million in bond, according to prison records. Jackson holds a bond for just over $ 3 million, and Whaley’s bond is $ 1.1 million. The elderly white, a suspected gang member nicknamed Lil Porky, was released from jail on Saturday and McBride was released on Monday pending her next court appearance.

McBride’s attorney could not be reached immediately for comment. It wasn’t immediately clear if the other had lawyers who could speak on their behalf.

Lady Gaga and Fischer did not publicly address the arrests. Fischer is recovering from a gunshot wound and has described the violence as “a very close call with death” Social media posts.

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