Wooden County Commissioner helps Restoration Act cash for PSD consolidation

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) – The Wood County Commission may consider using funds from the American Recovery Act to help meet a long-term goal set by Commission President Blair Couch.

Couch has proposed consolidating some of the county’s smaller civil service districts for years.

This has been one of his goals in particular since the district commissions were given the power to process rate increase requests from the PSDs a few years ago.

The public law districts of Lübeck and Claywood Park had come before the Commission with requests for fees – in some cases more than once.

“Claywood Park and Lübeck are great PSDs,” Couch told us last week. “But the Charleston Civil Service Commission thinks it’s a worthy goal, and we’re going to involve them in it so we can get it right. I think there are inherent cost savings. “

The commission discussed the idea with representatives of the West Virginia Public Service Commission last summer, while Lübeck at the time had a proposal for a rate hike pending before the county.

The Commissioners will discuss the consolidation idea at their meeting on Monday morning.

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Musk says he helps crypto in battle with fiat cash

(This May 22 story corrects paragraph 6 to make it clear that Musk “Dogecoin” is a hustle and bustle, not Bitcoin.)

Tesla Inc. (TSLA.O) Board chairman Elon Musk tweeted on Saturday that he supports crypto in a battle between fiat and cryptocurrencies.

“The real battle is between Fiat and Crypto. All in all, I support the latter,” he said said on Twitter in response to a user who asked him what he thought of people who were angry with him about crypto.

Musk has previously compared Bitcoin to fiat money and tweeted frequently about cryptocurrencies that have sent values ​​up and down for Bitcoin and the meme digital currency Dogecoin.

In February, Bitcoin shot higher after Tesla announced it had bought $ 1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency and would soon accept it as payment for cars. Continue reading

Bitcoin plunged, however, after the billionaire announced in May that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin for car purchases, citing long-standing environmental concerns over a rapid reversal of the company’s position on cryptocurrency. Continue reading

Earlier this month, he also dubbed Dogecoin a “hustle” during its guest-host spot on the comedy sketch TV show “Saturday Night Live,” which led to a drop in prices. Continue reading

Two days ago, Musk assured that he had not sold any of his Dogecoin holdings and would not sell any. https://bit.ly/3hLz6LN

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver helps new league that pays excessive schoolers $100,000

National Basketball Association commissioner Adam Silver supports the new high school league, which gives young players at least $ 100,000.

Silver spoke to the media this weekend to release his annual update on the NBA, the day before the 2021 All-Star Game takes place in Atlanta. The NBA boss discussed media companies Overtime new basketball league (Overtime elite) for 16 to 18 year olds.

“I think it is generally good for the community to have optionality, especially when they are very solid people, which it appears to be [OTE], support it and behind it, “said Silver.” That’s one thing we’ll be paying a lot of attention to because these players may be the future of our league. “

On Thursday, OTE announced it would start in September and pay up to 30 players at least $ 100,000 if they choose to join. The league is backed by overtime investors, including NBA stars Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, and venture capital company Andreessen Horowitz.

Silver said he had “no objection to paying young people” any other way than turning professional and skipping the NCAA.

An overtime logo on a basketball court

Source: overtime

“We formed Team Ignite in the G League to give players the opportunity not to go to college and become professionals,” said Silver. “You can go straight to the G League and be well compensated.”

The NBA requires a player to be 19 years old before entering the league. The Ignite program is designed for people who want to skip college but are not yet eligible. Ignite players will earn approximately $ 200,000 to $ 500,000 while waiting to be eligible. Silver said the NBA could change their eligibility rule in the next collective agreement, but for now the NBA will oversee the OTE.

“It’s good for the game,” said Silver. “It’s more focused on the game, especially everything that’s happening on digital media right now; social media, new streaming services. There’s definitely interest in this content, so let’s pay attention.”

Back to regular business in the fall

On the call, Silver also mentioned that the NBA is expecting a return to its regular schedule for the 2021-22 season with full arenas. The NBA cut their schedule to 72 games this season due to the effects of Covid-19, but would like to return to an 82 game season.

“It remains planned to continue our season as normally as possible next year,” said Silver, adding that he was “pretty optimistic” that the league will start in October. “If vaccines are used against the virus and its variants as quickly as before and continue to be as effective as we are, we hope that we will have relatively full arenas next season as well.”

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver

Stacy Revere | Getty Images

When asked by CNBC to provide a financial update on the NBA, which suspended games almost a year ago due to the pandemic, Silver was optimistic. He said the league was “happy to work in the circumstances” despite the lack of it 40% of its sales limited with fans.

“The league’s long-term health is very solid,” said Silver. “We are seeing significant losses between last year and this year. I generally do not speak publicly about this because the teams are largely privately owned and we are not suggesting that this is anyone else’s problem than ours.”

“But last season and this season, the team owners have had to make significant investments – they accept that,” Silver continued. “The players will receive a salary cut this season because they are partners of the teams and the league in terms of revenue.”

The NBA missed sales forecasts by $ 1.5 billion due to Covid-19 Associated Press. With the resumption of the games last July and the conclusion of the 2020-21 campaign, the company was able to ward off massive losses. Should it resume normal operations for 2021-22, Silver said all NBA players would not need any vaccinations.

“I don’t see every player who needs vaccination as an obstacle to fans returning to the arena,” said Silver. “I don’t think anymore that the fact that not every fan is vaccinated is an obstacle to fans returning to the arena.”

Men walk past a poster at an NBA exhibition in Beijing, China on October 8, 2019.

Jason Lee | Reuters

NBA-China Business Update

When asked about the affairs of the NBA in China, Silver suggested that the business be carried out as usual.

“Our business continued there,” said Silver. “We have hundreds of millions of fans in China and we see it as our business to serve those fans.”

NBA team leader Daryl Morey 2019 Twitter Support comments Protesters in Hong Kong began the rift with China. Morey’s action resulted in China suspending NBA games on CCTV and streaming platform Tencent also restricted NBA content. The media outlets returned NBA games during the finale.

During the 2020 All-Star Game, Silver initially suggested that the feud could lead to an outcome $ 400 million loss. The NBA was evaluating their business in China over $ 5 billion following a $ 1.5 billion media rights deal with Tencent in 2019.

“Our values ​​remain the same and our business continues,” said Silver. “And it’s mostly about exporting American basketball and the culture that goes with it to China.”

Metropolis-County Council Helps Instructor Vaccines, Adopts Cash For Pandemic Response And Different Measures

Indianapolis City Council held a full session Monday evening. The meeting started with actions to prioritize teachers and public transport staff for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Councilor Jessica McCormick said the guideline should be updated.

“The Council urges our public health partners to carefully consider the age and racial makeup of education workers to ensure an equitable distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine,” McCormick said.

The special resolution cannot change the availability of vaccines. This power rests with the state and other political decision-makers.

A new proposal to set up the county’s cumulative capital development fund to cover the cost of $ 190 million to modernize facilities, including funds for parks and a forensic laboratory, was announced this week by Mayor Joe Hogestt.

The council provided additional funding for COVID-19-related expenses to the city budget, including money for rent support, paycheck protection, and small business loans.

It also approved changes to the city’s homeless rights, which include a study of alternative housing for the homeless.

Councilor Leroy Robinson said the study would be heard from those hardest hit.

“The study process will include input from service providers and those with lived experience of homelessness,” said Robinson.

The council also approved reappointments, including that of IMPD chief Randal Taylor.

Senate committee helps extra money for most cancers middle

A Florida Senate bill that would send additional state cigarette tax dollars to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa was approved by the Senate Health Policy Committee today. Senate Bill (SB) 866 now goes to the Senate Finance and Tax Committee.

Senate officials estimate that SB 866 will raise funds raised to Moffitt from $ 15.6 million annually to $ 26.9 million (an increase of $ 11.4 million over the current year) from fiscal 2021-2022 through to the fiscal year 2023-2024. For fiscal 2024-2025, Moffitt’s funding is estimated at $ 38.4 million annually (an increase of $ 22.9 million from applicable law). If the bill fails, this money goes to the state general income fund.

According to the sponsor of the bill, Senator Ed Hooper (R-Pasco County), Moffitt will use part of the additional money to build a new “Comprehensive Cancer Research and Treatment Center” on 500 acres in Pasco County

The location is off Suncoast Parkway south of State Road 52.

Hooper told the committee that Moffit is the third largest cancer center in the country and is growing rapidly. It serves patients from across Florida, the US, and internationally.

He said, “Florida has the second highest cancer burden in the country and no place reacts like the Moffitt Cancer Center.”

SB 866 passed the vote of the Health Policy Committee unanimously.

senator Janet Cruz (D-Hillsborough County) said there are few fights she wants to participate in but this was one of them.

“We need to show more love to the Moffitt Cancer Center,” she told the committee.

An identical bill, House Bill 789, is in the Florida House, and both bills are expected to be considered during the Florida legislature beginning March 2nd.

ABM Helps ASM World for a Wholesome Return to Sports activities and Leisure Services NYSE:ABM

NEW YORK, February 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – ABM (NYSE: ABM), a leading provider of facility solutions, today announced that it has teamed up with ASM Global (ASM), the world’s leading venue management and services company, and other partners to implement ASM’s industry-leading VenueShield program. VenueShield is a comprehensive set of protocols and procedures that provide trusted protection for the live experience, based on critical healthcare insights and partnerships with leading experts in sports and entertainment establishments. The program will support the further reopening of more than 325 ASM venues and customer partners worldwide. The deal was brokered by AEG Global Partnerships.

“We are proud to have the opportunity to leverage our expertise and solutions to help ASM improve and scale their reopening protocols for VenueShield,” said Billy Hatler, senior vice president, Operations, Business & Industry – West Region ABM. “ABM was a leader in plant solutions long before the pandemic. Under the guidance of our expert advisory board and in strict compliance with the CDC and other relevant guidelines of the agency, we continue to use the specialist knowledge inside and outside our organization in order to offer our customers the greatest possible benefit. “

“Our shared commitment to the highest quality of service and the best experiences for our guests is at the core of this partnership,” said Bob Newman, Chairman of ASM Global. “We are pleased that ABM’s experience and expertise add to our industry-leading VenueShield efforts as we continue to safely and successfully reopen ASM facilities around the world.”

ABM’s expert advisory board advises on many aspects of ABM’s business, including ABM’s EnhancedClean ™ program for surface disinfection and the new EnhancedFacility ™ program to improve indoor air quality. The council, composed of internal and external leading experts in infectious diseases and occupational hygiene, offers a third-party perspective to assist ABM in the value it offers customers.

ABM continues to oversee the most up-to-date safety, infection control, and cleaning protocols recommended by global experts, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA), and others. ABM’s services have been identified by relevant government agencies as “essential” to doing business during the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic. For more information on ABM service offerings for COVID-19, please contact your local ABM representative or visit ABM.com.

Connect with ABM

About ABM

ABM (NYSE: ABM) is a leading provider of facility solutions with sales of approximately $ 6.0 billion and more than 100,000 employees in over 350 offices in the USA and in various international locations. ABM’s extensive capabilities include janitorial, electrical and lighting solutions, energy solutions, building technology, HVAC and mechanics, landscape and lawns, business-critical solutions and parking that are provided through standalone or integrated solutions. ABM provides custom furnishing solutions in urban, suburban and rural areas for properties of all sizes – from schools and commercial buildings to hospitals, data centers, manufacturing facilities and airports. ABM Industries Incorporated, which operates through its subsidiaries, was founded in 1909. For more information, see www.abm.com.

About ASM Global

ASM Global is the world’s leading provider of innovative event services and live experiences. The company was formed through the combination of AEG Facilities and SMG, a global leader in venue and event strategy and management. The company’s elite events network spans five continents and includes more than 325 of the world’s most prestigious arenas, stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, and performing arts venues. From Aberdeen to Anchorage and Sydney to Stockholm, the venues connect people through the unique power of live experiences. ASM Global’s diverse client portfolio benefits from the company’s depth of resources and unparalleled experience, expertise and creative problem solving. Every day, the company’s 61,000 passionate employees around the world deliver locally tailored solutions and state-of-the-art technologies in order to offer organizers maximum results and amazing experiences for guests. By consistently searching for new ways to introduce, innovate and strengthen the spaces and places that bring people together, ASM Global enhances the human spirit while offering the highest value for everyone involved. For more information visit www.asmglobal.com.


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DVIDS – Information – Cash issues: Bliss ACS Monetary Readiness Program helps shoppers with training, supplies AER help

The start of a new year can instigate the thought of setting financial goals and finding new ways to keep up with monetary decisions. This may sound like an easy task, but what rules define the best way to keep finances on track? What kind of budget is effective? When is the best time to start saving? Is Financial Support Available?

These are just a few of the questions answered as part of the Fort Bliss Army Community Service Financial Readiness Program. This resource provides advice and educational assistance on managing finances, eliminating debt, setting financial goals, and developing money management skills. Through the FRP, soldiers suffering from financial difficulties can also seek help through the army’s emergency aid program.

Despite all of the FRP services on offer, there is still an uncomfortable stigma about turning to consultants, said FRP manager Philip Chang.

As a veteran in the army, Chang said he remembered working with young recruits who did not know where to seek financial help and who felt uncomfortable receiving help from the military.

“It was so easy for these new soldiers to make big purchases and buy new cars,” he said. “Many of them were so excited to receive their first check and spend all of their income without taking the time to plan future bills and expenses.”

Chang added that when joining the military, many members of the military are usually careful to sign a vehicle and not read the fine print about the high interest rates that are incurred over the life of the loan. “It is only after the contract is signed that the soldiers realize they may have lower prices available,” he said.

“I’ve been where you are and I know what it feels like to get that first paycheck and want to spend it right away,” said Chang. “Now that I am part of the FP program, I see the importance of financial planning. Our first mission is to reduce the debts of soldiers and family members. We want to be their first way out – and never their last – strong finances are the basis for strong families. “

Military ID holders who enroll for the FRP are assigned an accredited, licensed financial advisor who focuses on debt management and basic banking resources. The program begins with an assessment worksheet listing expenses, savings, and income ratios.

Virtual classroom sessions provide information on saving and investing, planning savings goals, reducing debt, and saving for emergencies. Financial highlights describe budget management, building up credit, personal financial planning for use, transition and relocation insurance, and writing checks.

Marion Walker, a member of the FRP team, said requests for training and advice have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic began, but staff are fully prepared to continue to schedule appointments and walk-ins. She explained that all arriving soldiers will receive practical financial solutions and ways to avoid debt traps during their in-processing briefings.

“Managing finances can be very overwhelming,” said Walker. “I always try to ask each customer what money problem they want to address first, and then take it step-by-step to help them meet their financial goals.”

Active and retired Soldiers suffering from financial difficulties can also seek assistance through the Army Emergency Relief Fund, which provides assistance to eligible ID holders in the form of interest-free loans or grants based on financial needs.

AER loans can help with overdue bills, food aid, rent, emergency leave, medical and mortgage payments. In addition, any AER loan can be converted into a grant in whole or in part based on financial needs and income.

Raul Minjarez, deputy head of the AER, said soldiers do not have to go through their chain of command to apply for a loan and no appointments are required. In an emergency outside of business hours, the request will be forwarded through the American Red Cross. On average, loan applications typically take 24 to 48 hours, but times can vary.

Heightened the dangers of “payday loans”, Minjarez said he worked with soldiers who originally signed up for $ 100 loans. However, due to the hidden interest accumulation, more than $ 1,000 was raised within one year.

“With an AER loan, you will never pay back more than you originally asked, and there are never any hidden interest or fees,” he said. “It’s just about soldiers helping other soldiers.”

The Fort Bliss AER has served more than 3,000 soldiers, retirees and their families with interest-free loans or grants of more than $ 4 million per year.

To learn more about Bliss Financial Preparedness Programs offered through ACS, visit

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