Winnetka cycles from summer time to fall in fashion

Winnetka ushered in autumn with a bang on September 25th, with a full day of activities topped off with fireworks near the lake shore.

Saturday afternoon kicked off with a local classic: Bike Winnetka, a mile-long bike ride that park district officials say was the most popular version of all time.

“It was great to see everyone driving through Winnetka. We had the most attendees of all time, ”said James Janesku, the district’s recovery officer, in a press release. “Thank you, Winnetka. With this year’s success, I am excited to see how Bike Winnetka can grow in the future. “

Guests enjoy the festive bouncy castle at the autumn festival.

After the competition, bikers were encouraged to attend Fall Fest, a family event at Duke Childs Field that included music, food, and drink, and a pumpkin roll – for which participants rolled pumpkins down a hill.

The evening was punctuated with a 30-minute fireworks show originally scheduled for July 4th but postponed due to COVID-19 concerns.

“This year’s Fall Festival was one for the books,” said Toby Ross, the district’s recreation officer, in the press release. “We were very excited to have such a great day for the community. It felt great to see so many people coming out to ring in fall and sticking to our late July 4th fireworks show. “

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Millennial Cash: Beat your summer time ‘revenge procuring’ debt | Existence

List your debts using a spreadsheet, pencil and paper, or debt settlement app. Enter the balance, the interest rate and the minimum monthly payment. Make sure you consider all forms of debt, such as: B. Buy now and pay for loans later.

Then, look at your income and expenses to see how much money you are putting on debt and where you can cut expenses. For example, if you’re spending more on restaurants than you did six months ago, try reducing that to free up cash to pay off debt.

Next, choose a strategy for the payout. Here are a few common tactics:

– SCHULDSSCHNEEBALL: With that Debt snowballfocus your debt settlement energy on the smallest balance first, while making minimal payments for the rest. Once the smallest debt is dismissed, roll the amount you paid for it to the next smallest debt. As you pay off more debt, the payment amount grows like a snowball until you are out of debt.

– DEBT LAWINS: With this method, you settle the debt with the highest interest rate first. Then, similar to the debt snowball method, once it’s paid off, cascade the payment with the next highest interest rate on your debt.

Amsterdam’s coffeeshops reel from low vacationer numbers this summer season

A view towards Oudezijds Voorburgwal, lined with coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Thomas Imo | Photo library | Getty Images

Amsterdam has long been a magnet for millions of tourists from Europe and beyond, with many drawn to the city for its canals, architecture and museums and, of course, its numerous cannabis-laden coffee shops and unabashed sex industry.

But Europe’s so-called “City of Sin” has not been the same since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and tourism numbers were significantly lower than in previous years, when the Dutch capital could expect millions of visitors a year.

While many locals love the fact that they can wander and cycle through their city without avoiding the tourist crowds, Amsterdam businesses that rely on visitors – like coffee shops where cannabis can be openly bought and sold – are feeling the pinch, and it fears that local authorities may soon take action against their overseas customers.

“It’s definitely been a quiet year,” Ben, who works at Barney’s Coffeeshop, told CNBC on Wednesday. “Apparently [it’s better] compared to last summer with Corona[virus]but this year it started to get crowded but still nothing compared to the years before. Only really French tourists come by, French and German, not many British, not many Italians anymore. “

“I think now that the school holidays are over I don’t think it’s going to be too much,” he added.

The Dutch tourism industry is still recovering and has a way to go before reaching pre-Covid activity levels.

In the second quarter of 2021, revenue in the hotel and restaurant sector was 52.6% higher than the comparable quarter of 2020 (a period that covers the first lockdown). However, compared to the second quarter of 2019, it was over 35% smaller, so August data from Statistics Netherlandswho added that “the pre-Covid levels are still a long way off”.

A customer buys marijuana in a cafe in Amsterdam city center on January 8, 2021.

EVERT ELZINGA | AFP | Getty Images

Mike, a customer and retail manager at Green House, which has several coffee shops in Amsterdam, said business has grown since the country reopened and restrictions were lifted, but it is still not at its peak.

“The coffeeshops in the center are busy again … but it’s still quieter compared to normal years, but it has picked up again in the last month,” he told CNBC on Wednesday, noting that the coffeeshops had adapted to new rules such as social distancing between tables and the use of outdoor patios.

Mike noted that during the Covid-19 lockdown, coffee shops had “suffered a lot” over the past 18 months. The Dutch authorities initially announced that coffee shops would have to close at short notice when the country’s first lockdown began last spring.

However, the government quickly reversed course. after queues in front of coffee shops. Customers wanted to stockpile supplies before closings, and authorities feared cannabis sales could quickly take to the streets and illegal and unregulated drug trafficking could flourish.

In the Netherlands, Selling drugs is illegal, but the Dutch government tolerates the sale of soft drugs in coffee shops which are strictly regulated.

Despite being allowed to stay open, opening hours were shortened and travel bans meant that a large proportion of their customers, tourists, could not visit until this summer when the Netherlands opened trips to some countries.

However, there are still restrictions for visitors from some countries with higher Covid rates (as in many other countries, the Netherlands have set a traffic light system of red, yellow and green depending on the number of cases) and some have PCR tests and quarantine rules, many tourists further deter.

Locals enjoy the peace and quiet

Many locals are fed up with the groups of younger tourists who come to Amsterdam on soft drugs for their tourism and have enjoyed the lower numbers over the past 18 months.

Lieke, an Amsterdam-born woman with a young daughter, told CNBC that she enjoyed the quieter city but didn’t think coffee shops should be a no-go area for tourists, and banning tourists would be discriminatory.

Open smoking of cannabis is prohibited in some parts of Amsterdam.


Otto, an economics teacher who also lives in Amsterdam, agreed that as a resident it was “very nice to get our ‘own’ inner city back” instead of having to deal with “screaming and stinking” (stoned and drunk) tourists.

“It was also much more pleasant to cycle through the city without tourist cyclists with little cycling experience… All in all, it was actually much more pleasant,” he said.

When asked whether tourists were a nuisance in coffee shops, Otto answered unequivocally: “Yes.

In particular, Amsterdam has a problem with young tourists who “feel overwhelmed because they can smoke weed legally, although and because of their young age it is difficult for them to eat the right amount”.

More culture, less grass

The Dutch capital attracts a wide variety of tourists – from the inevitable groups of young people who want to experience the city’s coffee shops to the stag and hen parties that make the seemingly mandatory visit to De Wallen, Amsterdam’s main red light district.

But the city also attracts those interested in culture who visit the city’s museums and stroll through the picturesque canals to simply soak up the city’s unique character. Local officials seem keen to clean up the city’s image as a party town and instead want to attract more of this latter group of tourists to the city.

Tourists visit the red light district in Amsterdam

SOPA pictures | LightRakete | Getty Images

Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema has gone further and has suggested restricting main attractions for certain tourists – the red light district and coffee shops.

Halsema has proposed moving the city’s red light district to a purpose-built “erotic center” outside the city and banning foreign tourists from the city’s coffee shops who are understandably unimpressed by such proposals.

“You’re going to shoot yourself in the foot [if they do that], it’s not a good idea at all, “remarked Ben of Barney’s Coffeeshop.” You’re going to lose half the atmosphere that Amsterdam has had in the last 20 years. Not only the coffee shops will suffer, but also the hotels, the fast food restaurants, everything. “

Likewise, Mike of the Green House Coffeeshops Group said such proposals to ban foreign tourists were “ridiculous” and “would result in a huge reduction in tourism.”

“I think the emphasis on tourists coming here and visiting coffee shops is wrong because almost everyone who comes to Amsterdam at some point is interested in visiting a coffee shop, even just for a coffee. They just want to experience what it is like. And when you go to one of our coffee shops, it’s not just young English people who are drunk, most smokers don’t even drink. “

“The culture has changed in the last 10 years and we see all ages in our coffeeshops, 70-20 year olds and people in business suits who come after work to relax for half an hour,” said he.

Chrissy Teigen Exhibits How one can Fashion the Shoe of the Summer time With Sheer Crimson Prime and Denim Shorts

Chrissy Teigen proves with her latest look that this Bottega Veneta trend is still going strong.

The model was spotted wearing Bottega Veneta’s red mesh sandals yesterday while out and about in NYC with husband John Legend. in the color of tomatoes. She styled the it shoe with a matching red button-down shirt and cut off denim shorts. She emphasized the look with elegant gold jewelry, square sunglasses and a black shoulder bag with a chunky gold chain.

More from shoe news

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend sighting in NYC Downtown, NY.  - Credit: RCF / MEGA

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend sighting in NYC Downtown, NY. – Credit: RCF / MEGA


A closer look at the Bottega Veneta Stretch Heels by Chrissy Teigen.  - Credit: RCF / MEGA

A closer look at the Bottega Veneta Stretch Heels by Chrissy Teigen. – Credit: RCF / MEGA


With celebs like Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Kylie Jenner wearing the designer sandal, it has become one of the most popular styles of the summer. It features an elastic mesh material that covers the toes and a matching effect on the back of the heel. The shoes are available for $ 930 at

Teigen is known for its convenient, chic style that includes casual cut jeans, trendy outwear and filigree bikinis. When it’s time to dress up, you can find Teigen in sequined dresses, brightly colored pieces, and textured dresses. When it comes to shoes, Teigen usually leans towards brightly colored boots, extravagant heeled sandals and comfy sneakers from brands like Jimmy Choo, Nike and Bottega Veneta.

Teigen is no stranger to the fashion spotlight as she is a model. She worked with Revolve to create a clothing line of the same name that includes sleek jumpsuits, wrap dresses, and suede heels. She also appeared in campaigns for brands such as Ugg, XOXO and Beach Bunny Swimwear.

This summer, slip into a pair of stylish red pumps inspired by Chrissy Teigen.

Photo credit: DSW

Photo credit: DSW


Buy: JLO Jennifer Lopez Gannon Pumps, $ 70.

Photo credit: Nine West

Photo credit: Nine West

Nine West

Buy: Nine West Bliss pointed toe pumps, € 89.

The story goes on

Image credit: Dillards

Image credit: Dillards


Buy: Protection Lou pumps made of suede with a pointed toe, $ 98.

Click through the gallery to see Chrissy Teigens best style moments over the years.

Start gallery: Chrissy Teigen’s best street style moments over the years

Best of footwear news

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Georgia Energy: Ideas to assist prospects lower your expenses, vitality throughout sweltering summer season warmth

with Georgia With temperatures well above 90 degrees in some spots this week, Georgia Power is encouraging customers to take steps to minimize the impact of higher temperatures and increased energy consumption on their utility bills. The company is committed to providing information and choice that will give customers the options they need to reduce energy consumption and save money on a daily basis, whether they are renting a home or owning their own.

Tips, tools and resources
Georgia Power provides efficiency tips and tools that all customers can use to save money and energy year round. Hundreds of simple energy tips are available at The website also provides access to a free online energy check and a variety of discounts and incentives for homes and businesses.

Simple summer tips to save money and energy include:

  • Think thermostat – heating and cooling bills make up almost half of your average electricity bill. Set manual thermostats to 78 ° F in summer for maximum efficiency and take advantage of programmable thermostats that help reduce energy use based on your lifestyle. Every degree cooler can add 4% to your bill.
  • Use your fans – a ceiling fan only costs approx. $ 1.50 running for a month and will help you feel cooler without having to adjust your thermostat.
  • Get your air conditioner serviced – Even if you don’t lower your thermostat, your device has to work harder as the outside temperature rises. Inefficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can add to costs and add hundreds of dollars in additional energy bills each year.
  • Vents – To maintain constant temperatures throughout your home, keep vents and registers clear of obstructions such as furniture, curtains, and carpets.
  • Trim Plants and Change Filters – To ensure your unit is getting the correct airflow, change any filters inside and trim the plants around your outdoor unit.
  • Food Storage – Set your fridge thermostat between 35 ° F and 38 ° F and your freezer at 0 ° F for maximum efficiency – but be careful not to overfill. Removing food to allow air to circulate can reduce energy consumption.
  • Keep your refrigerator clean – Proper refrigerator cleaning and maintenance, e.g.
  • Heat in the kitchen – Reduce the temperature in your home by cooking food in the microwave or on the stove instead of in the oven whenever possible. Adjust pots and pans to the burner size to minimize heat loss. Use lids on pots to keep the heat in.

In addition, Georgia Powers is My electricity consumption Program, a free service associated with many Georgia Power online accounts, enables customers to track their daily energy usage online, forecast their monthly bill, and stay on a set energy budget.

Flexible tariff options to suit customers’ budget and lifestyle
Georgia Power is reminding its customers that now, as the seasons change, is a good time to review your current tariff plan and make sure you are getting the best tariff that fits your budget and lifestyle. Making sure you have the cheapest tariff for your usage is one of the most effective ways to keep your energy bills down. Customers can learn details on seven Georgia Power tariff plans at, including plans tailored for those who want the security of a year-round bill, customers who prepay and avoid a down payment, EV drivers, and others who want low-cost electricity after hours.

Invoice payment support
Georgia Power also provides bill payment assistance. The company works with customers to coordinate payment arrangements and discounts like the income-qualified senior discount, and can connect them with community organizations that may be able to help them pay their bills, including the Salvation Army’s Project SHARE program. More information is available at or by phone at 888-660-5890.

SOURCE Georgia Power

A Avenue Type Tracker Chooses 5 Favourite Look Makers of the Summer season

Kristen Bateman, New York

It takes effort to get noticed on the streets of New York. Kristen’s fearless handling of color and her tendency towards unexpected pairings is always an eye-catcher.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say eccentric, exaggerated, a bit ironic and I always like to experiment with accessories. I love to wear a lot of jewelry and I also love to wear a lot of makeup. Not a lot of makeup, but makeup that goes with the look, which I think is unique. I don’t think a lot of people do that, but I just love to give it my all.

How has your street style developed over the years?

I consider myself a collector so I’ve worked really hard to find really unique pieces. I’m just staring at my wardrobe, everything is there, from a Loewe bag in the shape of a cat to older Miu Miu items. I am absolutely obsessed with finding these pieces, collecting them, and then putting them in my closet. Also, street style is a lot about figuring out how to dress, how it works for you personally, and how you feel comfortable. For me, I can’t wear things that make me feel uncomfortable because I feel like it shows.

What are the biggest influences on your personal style?

My greatest style icon is my mom because she has always encouraged me to be very experimental with my style and express myself. She is in her 60s and has bright yellow hair so I think that says a lot.

Residence Set: Greatest Summer time Fashion, Magnificence & Wellness Information for August 2021

Welcome to Home Set. Below you can see our current favorite articles and accessories for style, wellness, beauty and living. Julia Cherruault for observer

Welcome to Home furnishings, a recurring feature in which we highlight our favorite accessories and essentials from the fields of fashion, wellness, beauty and everything else at home that is currently brightening up our days. From a moisturizing body serum and rose-inspired sunglasses to a bergamot armpit treatment and a honey-infused conditioner, this is what we love and desire right now.

Le Specs x GH Mumm

Le Specs x GHMumm Rosé Limited Edition Package

GH Mumm has teamed up with celebrity lovers Sunglasses brand Le Specs about the pink collaboration of your summer dreams with a pair of chic pink limited edition frames. Wear them while sipping a sparkling glass of Grand Cordon Rosé for a summer highlight. $ 115, GH mom.


Mutha deodorant

The clean beauty brand Mutha recently launched theirs very first deodorantbecause your boxes deserve the best. Arrowroot Power prevents odor-causing bacteria, while squalane and hyaluronic acid keep your armpits hydrated, so you can keep BO in check while taking care of your skin. It also smells amazing, thanks to a summery scent of bergamot and mint. $ 28, Mutha.


Pudus Creekside Slide Slippers

While I know slippers are best associated with the colder months, I firmly believe they have no seasons because who wants to risk accidentally sliding around on slippery floors? Plus, these adorable little gray slippers are cute, comfortable, and keep your feet safe from dust or dirt. $ 35, Pudus.

Wknd nation.

Wknd Nation boardroom shorts

I lived in these oh-so-soft black and white shorts that are like the chic summer version of very upscale sweatpants. Yes i love mine Denim cut-offs, but sometimes you just want a more relaxing moment without looking sloppy. $ 68. World nation.


The body serum kit

It is important to treat your body with the same care that you give your face. So why not include a body serum in your moisturizing routine? Nécessaire has changed my entire attitude towards personal care and just released a new and improved version of their iconic favorite body serum with even more hyaluronic acid for a serious hydration boost. It almost feels like a day in the sun. $ 45, Necessary.

Ba & sch.

Ba & sh Comy combat boots

I understand that we are in the middle of summer and it is all about sandals at the moment, but I’ve always loved pairing and ultra-feminine flirty dress with a pair of combat boots for the ultimate French girl aesthetic. These adorable black boots from Ba & sh will be a staple of your closet from now through fall and winter. $ 445, Memma.


Venn Probiotics Cica Complex Biome Booster

Even those of us who keep smearing plenty of sunscreen can still experience serious skin discomfort from the sheer time we spend under the hot sun in the summer … and sometimes you just forget to reapply and that is what we get! Use Venn’s microbiome-friendly serum to soothe and soothe irritated skin. $ 165, friend.


Gisou leave-in conditioner

Use this nourishing spray when you want to give your curls a serious boost of moisture. The leave-in conditioner enriched with honey is also ideal for straightening, detangling and protecting the hair, which is particularly appreciated in this rather hot time of the year, in order to prevent the hair from searing. $ 34, Gisou.

The laundress.

The Laundress No. 723 candle

I consider myself quite well versed in the world of candle scents, and I already live for the laundress’s latest Damascus rose fragrance, with notes of geranium, jasmine and lily that compensate for my warm amber, which is so beautiful for the summer. $ 32, The laundress.

Home Set: Shopping Obsessions in August

four methods to model Dior’s silk scarves, the chicest summer time accent of 2021

Dior silk scarves remain one of the key accessories for the maison’s Fall / Winter 2021 collection

For collectors, scarves are ideal as souvenirs or as wall-mounted displays in glass frames. Silk scarves add a touch of personalization to your overall look or a stylish touch to your handbags. In the heart of the Dior fall / winter 2021-2022 RTW collection, the brand brings a touch of elegance and boldness with a repertoire of scarves that represent the emblematic codes of the house and works of the Italian artist Pietro Ruffo.

The poetic sketches are implemented with the method of pen engraving with absolute attention to detail – this is what makes the Dior scarves so ingenious. The most famous leitmotifs include the epitome of Oblique and Toile de Jouy, one of Monsieur Dior’s most popular prints.

Suffice it to say that scarves have a magical touch when combined into a matching ensemble. Additionally, wrap it around the handles of yours Lady Dior or Dior Book Tote, here are some cto style the Dior silk scarves in a creative way – especially from the current autumn / winter 2021 RTW collection.

As a headdress

Dior scarves

Scarves are great for masking bad hair days or just to enhance your look – even your neck during WFH video calls. Make your presence felt in the room with a headdress that effortlessly exudes luxury and elegance. Wear it as a turban, bandana or headband – the choice is yours.

As a headscarf

Dior scarves

Dior scarves

There are many ways to make headgear. Whether a traditional wrap or a more creative variant, the possibilities are endless – twisted or knotted, symmetrical or turned to the side. You can always be creative by trying on the 70s head wrap style or the gypsy wrap to increase the stakes.

As a wrist piece

Dior scarves

Dior scarves

You don’t always have to have hardware on your wrist. Transform the Dior silk scarves into tasteful wrist pieces that match your look of the day. There are plenty of ways to tie a knot too – find a style that suits you.

As a hairstyle

Dior scarves

Dior scarves

Take it a notch up by braiding your hair with a scarf for texture and flair. While it may take you a while to master it, a few online tutorials will make you a pro. Here is a Video to get you started.

All images courtesy of Dior

This story first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.

Dame Judi Dench, 86, nails laid-back summer season type in a white outfit and gray cardigan in Mallorca

She has worn a seemingly endless collection of elaborate outfits throughout her legendary acting career spanning over 50 years.

But Dame Judi Dench, 86, showed her laid-back sense of style on Saturday when she wore a white ensemble and linen jacket for a photo op at the Atlantida Mallorca Film Festival.

The celebrated actress welcomed the warm weather in her summery outfit when she was accompanied by Stephen Frears to the press event in Palma de Mallorca.

Wow: Dame Judi Dench, 86, showed off her casual sense of style in a white ensemble and linen jacket on Saturday when she attended a photo op with Stephen Frears at the Atlantida Film Festival

Dame Judi’s white top had a V-neck and her jeans were straight cut.

The actress flicked her light gray cardigan over it and clutched a white fedora hat while adding heeled sandals to her height.

Dame Judi let her jewelry speak for itself as she wore brightly colored bracelets, rings and a selection of pendant necklaces.

Her white locks were styled in her signature short haircut and she opted for a light makeup palette.

Positive feeling: The celebrated thespianess embraced the warm weather in her summery outfit for the press event in Palma de Mallorca

Casual silhouette: Dame Judi’s white top had a V-neck and her jeans were cut straight

Meanwhile, Stephen, 80, slipped into navy blue pinstripe shorts and a red t-shirt for the photo op.

The excursion comes after Dame Judi reveals that she will swim naked in her pool when she is alone.

The stage and screen icon claimed that she finds skinny dipping “just heavenly,” but admits she is careful not to be caught red-handed.

In the podcast with Dame Esther Rantzen This is after life!, Esther said that on her birthday she stripped and ran naked through her garden and Dame Judi quipped, “Well, I know the feeling of taking off all your clothes is just heaven, isn’t it?

Eclectic: Dame Judi let her jewelry speak for itself when she wore brightly colored bracelets, rings and a selection of necklaces with pendants

Eclectic: Dame Judi let her jewelry speak for itself when she wore brightly colored bracelets, rings and a selection of necklaces with pendants

Finishing Touches: Her white locks were styled in her signature short haircut and she opted for a light makeup palette

Finishing Touches: Her white locks were styled in her signature short haircut and she opted for a light makeup palette

“I had to do it in a movie, Langrishe, Go Down, in a passionate scene with Jeremy Irons where she creams her nipples and he licks them.

“And after we made the scene, we came out and it was tea time and the caterers had made meringues! That was very, very nice for us. ‘

Returning to the subject of skinny dipping, she added, “Swimming naked is very good.

“I’m doing this because we’re lucky because we have a pool and you can sometimes make it really happy if someone doesn’t suddenly come by. I don’t want to get caught doing it. ‘

Shooting with a view: Stephen, 80, slipped into navy blue pinstripe shorts and a red T-shirt for the photo op

Shooting with a view: Stephen, 80, slipped into navy blue pinstripe shorts and a red T-shirt for the photo op

'I don't want to be caught!'  Dame Judi revealed on a podcast in May that she swims naked in her pool when she is alone, claiming thin dipping is

‘I don’t want to be caught!’ Dame Judi revealed on a podcast in May that she swims naked in her pool when she is alone, claiming thin dipping is “just heaven”.

On the podcast, Dame Judi also shared her opinion on the latest Bond films when she said Daniel Craig’s films were “gritty” compared to previous plots.

The award-winning actress, who has appeared in eight Bond films, was asked if she thought the new flick was “dark” and she replied, “The script isn’t that funny, I know, I agree.”

Dame Judi played the character of M who was head of the Secret Intelligence Service in Ian Fleming’s popular novels until she was killed in Skyfall in 2012.

Thoughts: (Pictured in February 2020) She said:

Thoughts: (Pictured in February 2020) She said, “I’m doing this because we’re lucky because we have a pool and sometimes you can be very happy to do it when someone doesn’t show up.”

Set: She discussed undressing and said:

Set: She discussed undressing and said, “I had to do it in Langrishe, Go Down (pictured) in a passionate scene with Jeremy Irons where she creams her nipples and he licks them!”

She also revealed in the new interview that she got emotional while filming her last Bond film – because she was only allowed to spend one night in Scotland.

On the podcast, she said frankly, “I cried because we were told we were going to Scotland for three weeks.

“We went there one morning, filmed and that evening we were back on the plane at 7.30 am.”

The release of the latest Bond film, No Time to Die, has been postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic, but is currently slated for March 30.

Downbeat: On the podcast, Dame Judi also shared her opinion on the latest Bond films when she said Daniel Craig's films were

Downbeat: On the podcast, Dame Judi also shared her opinion on the latest Bond films when she said Daniel Craig’s films were “gritty” compared to previous plots


Honestly: “The script isn’t that funny, I know, I agree,” revealed the award-winning actress

Giovanna Battaglia’s Summer time Model Is Every thing

See the queen of fashion weeks far and wide, Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert. When it comes to street style and Instagram snaps, it undoubtedly wins the “Most Interesting To Look At” title.

At the beginning of this year, the fashion world’s favorite took over the helm at Swarovski as the first creative director of the iconic crystal house. Since then she has been wearing the brand’s new collection with colorful, expressive pieces – think very Italian, very funny. And let’s just say this summer could be their most stylish season yet!

Click through to see our all-time favorites of Giovanna’s summer looks to date, from Parisian couture shows to sunny beach days to art museum walks!

[Photos via @giovannaengelbert]