Rush for Harry Kinds tour tickets crashes Ticketmaster’s UK web site

The huge demand for Harry Styles tour tickets caused Ticketmaster’s UK website to crash earlier this morning (January 27).

Pre-sale tickets for the singer’s ‘Love On Tour’ UK dateswhich will take place in June, went on sale earlier today ahead of a general sale beginning tomorrow (January 28).

However, the huge demand for tickets this morning “exceeded everyone’s expectations”, causing Ticketmaster’s UK ticket outlets to crash.

“It seems Harry Styles has exceeded everyone’s expectations and ticket outlets are currently down under unprecedented demand,” Ticketmaster UK tweeted this morning.

“We’re working hard to rectify issues and will keep updating you here as we work to get things back up and running.”

It seems @Harry_Styles has exceeded everyone’s expectations and ticket outlets are currently down under unprecedented demand.

We’re working hard to rectify issues and will keep updating you here as we work to get things back up and running.

— ticketmasteruk (@TicketmasterUK) January 27, 2022

Just under an hour later, Ticketmaster confirmed that their site was “back up and running”, telling fans that they should contact their customer service team if they were still experiencing problems.

You can see Styles’ upcoming UK and European tour dates below.

11 – Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, UK (new show)
15 – Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester, UK (new show)
18 – Wembley Stadium, London, UK (new show)
22 – Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland (new show)
26 – Volksparkstadion, Hamburg, Germany (new show)
29 – Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, Sweden (new show)

1 – Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway (new show)
3 – Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark
5 – Accor Arena, Paris, France
7 – Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
9 – Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands
11 – Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
13 – Budapest Arena, Budapest, Hungary
15 – O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
16 – Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria
18 – Tauron Arena, Kraków, Poland
20 – Mercedes Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany
22 – Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany
25 – Unipol Arena, Bologna, Italy
26 – Pala Alpitour, Turin, Italy
29 – WiZink Center, Madrid, Spain
31 – Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal

Earlier this month Styles canceled the Australian and New Zealand dates on his ‘Love On Tour’.

Kim Kardashian Types Skims With Ex Kanye West’s Yeezy Sneakers

Stephen Lovekin / Shutterstock

Show support! Kim Kardashian – the style icon she is – decided to show her 270 million followers exactly how she would style pieces from her upcoming all-in-one Skims collection. And take this: One of her recommendations is to combine the Onsie with Ex Kanye WestYeezy’s sneakers.

The 41-year-old fashion designer stated on Instagram Stories on Friday December 17th how she would rock a handful of the pieces from the new line, which will be available on December 21st.

While she paired some of the bodysuits with fancy gloves and heels and others with high boots and down jackets, she decided to combine the angular jumpsuit with “a regular hoodie, some glasses, and sneakers”.

Courtesy Kim Kardashian / Instagram

Even if she didn’t proclaim the brand by name, the shoes in question are undoubtedly from West’s brand. They’re QNTM-style and available for resale for $ 250. Because even though the two are no longer together (Kardashian asked the court to explain them legally single Earlier this month) she’s still on good terms with the rapper.

And when it comes to fashion, West’s influence is second to none. When the founder of KKW Beauty was honored as a fashion icon at the People’s Choice Awards this month, she gave the Yeezy founder special praise. Upon accepting her award, Kardashian stated that her breakthrough into the world of couture fashion was due in large part to West’s connections in style.

“Thank you, Zac Posen, who dressed me and took me to my first CFDA Awards and so many great designers like Ricardo [Tisci] and Olivier [Rousteing] that really believed in me. Fountain, [they] probably [were] I put it in through a phone call from Kanye, ”she joked in her speech. “So thanks to Kanye for really introducing me to the fashion world. I fell in love with fashion. “

The mutual love of good looks has been part of their relationship for some time. In fact, during an interview with Drink Champs in November, West said that he primarily courted her by styling the star.

“I would style Kim, that’s a language of love for me. That’s how I bagged them in the first place, ”he said in an interview. “I drove up, I had the Balmain and the jackets and all, I’m putting on the jackets and the shoes.”

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Eternals Star Shares Picture of Harry Kinds’ Deleted Scene

Eternal shocked Marvel fans everywhere by the introduction Harry Styles as Eros, the beloved cosmic figure better known to the audience as Starfox. Although the character appears in a mid-credits scene – but alongside Patton Oswalt’s Pip the Troll – he was originally supposed to appear in a different scene in the film. Now fans could check out the scene in question after Eternals star Lia McHugh posted a series of pictures on her Instagram account on Sunday night.

In the first picture, McHugh can be seen alongside Richard Madden and Styles. The trio can wear the robe-like clothing that the entire group wore in the opening scene of the film. Styles, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found in this sequence. You can see the picture for yourself below.

“It’s interesting. Starfox, Eros, I like this character a lot, but he’s very problematic with release for reasons that even the She-Hulk Stuff is investigating which I find interesting,” Eternals producer Nate Moors previously told about Styles’ casting. “But when we decided to turn to Eros, the idea of ​​a man whose power lies in seduction and emotion control, that’s a pretty specific requirement for a piece of talent. And we talked about gender swapping, because really, Eros doesn’t have to be “a guy but he’s a guy but it could be anything.” It really is who is seductive just by being close to you. And that’s a pretty short list, and Admittedly, Chloé is a huge Harry Styles fan. And at first we were really like it? ‘ But I promise if you ever get the chance to meet Harry Stiles it will be true. “

“‘You just think I love this guy. I love this guy. I don’t know what it is. I love him.’ He’s funny. He’s charming. He’s nice to everyone. He’s kind of Eros, “Moore continued. “And it was an easy conversation. I think Harry Styles is at greater risk in being in this film than we are in casting Harry Styles. Because he has such a specific following and is a musician, and now he’s going to be an actor, but that’s not necessarily his core concern. And taking a flyer on this really random character he also knows is vaguely problematic, I think that was a bigger leap of faith for him. But I think the idea of ​​Eros in the MCU is so much fun. Definitely worth it. “

Eternals is out in theaters now, while Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings are streamed on Disney +.

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Groups chill out their gown codes, and gamers’ private types escape – The Athletic

Pigs fly, hell is frozen over and it’s the end of the world as we know it: NHL Clubs are starting to relax their dress code on game day.

So far it is Coyotes and now the leaves have officially abolished the formal suit-and-tie mandates and moved into various levels of business casual (the Leafs) and completely relaxed (the Coyotes).

“Being the first team without a dress code was great” Jakob Chychrun from Arizona said about ESPN’s Emily Kaplan. “The boys loved it. I think it’s great to be able to show a bit of your personality and your wardrobe in addition to the suits. “

“It’s nice to mix it up a bit”, Toronto’s Auston Matthews, who is always well dressed, said Kevin McGran of the Toronto Star. “Just do your own thing. Whatever makes you happy. I do not care.”

It will be interesting to see how much these players choose to take advantage of the new rules, and I’m sure some of the looks will get more creative as they’re more comfortable. But even if most of the league still enforces the dress code, the first week of the 2021-22 season was a revelation for the fashion and general fun lovers among us.

Create and Use Graphic Types in Illustrator

Graphic styles can preserve your creative hard work and save you time and effort. After you’ve carefully created vector graphics with just the right fills, strokes, and effects, you can save their appearance as a graphic style and then apply that exact look to new graphics with one click. You can also explore and use styles in other Illustrator files and from the many presets included with the application. Let’s get started right away and learn how to use this great feature.

Figure 1 – The stamped ink graphic style applied to this text has 10 different appearance attributes.

Starting point – the graphic styles panel

Choose Window> Graphic Styles or press Shift + F5 to display the control panel. A graphic styles icon is also available on the right side of the Essentials Classic workspace, grouped with the Appearance panel. I prefer to tear it down and make it a floating panel.

Figure 2 – The Graphic Styles panel grouped with others in the Essentials Classic workspace

Now draw a shape and click one of the style’s thumbnails in the panel: this will instantly change the look of your shape. But the real fun is creating your own graphic styles, so let’s do that next.

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Create works of art with multiple appearance attributes

I often work with text that needs to be styled in a certain way to grab attention. To do this, type in a word, choose a font, then use the direct selection tool to select the text, and you can start applying display attributes. Start by applying whatever fill and outline you want. Next, display the Appearance panel by selecting Window> Appearance or press Shift + F6 on your keyboard. Notice that the keyboard shortcuts for appearance and graphic styles are next to each other? It’s not a coincidence.

In the Appearance panel, you can apply additional strokes (including Brush strokes), Fills and effects. You can learn more about using the Appearance panel in my previous article. How to make woodcut style lettering in Illustrator.

Figure 3 – The Appearance Attributes of Metal Silver Style Text

When your picture is ready, select it, drag it to the Graphic Styles panel, or click the + button at the bottom of the panel. You can also click the panel menu and choose New Graphic Style.

Illustrator Graphic Styles panel menu

Figure 4 – Graphic Styles panel menu

This will create a thumbnail of your graphic style. When you drag artwork in thumbnail view onto the panel, Illustrator gives it a default name. Choose Small List View or Large List View from the panel menu to view and double-click style names to edit.

Deselect everything on your artboard by selecting Select> Deselect (Shift + Command / Ctrl + A) then type D on your keyboard to revert to Illustrator’s default fill and stroke. Draw a new shape or enter new text and click the thumbnail of your new graphic style to instantly transform the artwork.

When you apply a graphic style to editable text, the original font color is retained by default. To override this with the style’s main fill color, choose Override Character Color from the panel menu and reapply the style.

Editing graphic styles

To edit graphic styles, first apply a graphic style to an object. Edit any of the fills, strokes, or other appearance attributes of the artwork – you can easily do this in the Appearance panel. Now hold down the Option / Alt key while you drag the graphic into the Graphic Styles panel, over the thumbnail of the style you want to edit. This will update this style with the new attributes. Any artwork that the style has already been applied to is updated instantly.

To prevent style overrides, you can select your graphic and choose Unlink Graphic Style from the panel menu.

More ways to apply styles

With no graphic selected, drag one of the graphic style thumbnails from the control panel onto your artboard and hover over an object until a green + appears next to your cursor. The style is applied when you release the mouse.

Red dashed line showing the path from the graphic style menu to the shape

Figure 5 – Drag and drop graphic style

You can also merge two styles. With stylized artwork selected, press Option / Alt and click another thumbnail to add the attributes of that graphic style to the existing one. The appearance window now shows all attributes of both styles. To merge styles without affecting the graphic, press Command / Ctrl, click two or more style thumbnails, and choose Merge Graphic Styles from the panel menu.

Loading and saving graphic styles

Explore Illustrator’s many styles by selecting Open Graphic Style Library from the panel menu or by using the library icon in the lower left corner. Explore styles in other files by selecting Open Graphics Style Library> Other Library and selecting any Illustrator document. When you apply a style from a library to your artwork, it is loaded into your document and from then on it appears in the Graphics Styles panel.

To save the styles you created for easy reuse, select Save Graphic Style Library and you will be presented with a save dialog box. Graphic style libraries are saved as normal – but empty – Illustrator files.

SF Giants, LA Dodgers convey differing types to NLDS

SAN FRANCISCO – Gabe Kapler called it the “catch of the year”.

Buster Posey said it was one of the best catches he has seen in person.

Kevin Gausman sees it as a turning point in the Giants’ remarkable 2021 season.

Not only did Mike Tauchman bring back a potential walk-off home run by jumping in front of the wall of Dodger Stadium, he also swung the momentum of the Giants-Dodgers rivalry in San Francisco’s favor.

After the Giants lost four straight games to the Dodgers to open the season, Tauchman’s robbery of future Hall of Famer Albert Pujols made it possible on Jan.

“It was huge,” said Gausman before Game 1 of the NLDS at Oracle Park. “Of course, to make it to this place at Dodger Stadium it had been a huge streak to come back and win this game.”

That Tauchman was even in the game for the Giants reflected the different styles used by Kapler and Dodgers manager Dave Roberts. The outfielder, acquired in a trade that sent Wandy Peralta to the Yankees in April, competed as a pinch-hitter against right-handed Blake Treinen and stayed as part of a double substitution that made him a defensive replacement for left outfield Alex Dickerson did.

The move gave the Giants a move advantage against Treinen, gave Kapler a spot in the strike order to use Evan Longoria in a big pinch hit on the bat later in the game, and also improved the team’s defense. Tauchman, who was designated for deployment on July 28th after releasing a .566 OPS in 166 At-Bats, knocked out Treinen, but the move was one of many Kaplers that season who ultimately played a big role determining the results of. played several Giants wins.

It was also the kind of strategic move that Roberts didn’t have to think about much this year.

With a line-up filled mostly with hits like Corey Seager and Justin Turner starting against right- and left-handed pitchers, the Dodgers don’t make nearly as many direct substitutions as a Giants team that has a hockey-style line change becomes when an opponent brings in a relief mug.

“It seems like our entire squad, maybe not in one game, but over the course of a few games, our entire squad will likely be used,” said shortstop Brandon Crawford. “Whether it’s a pinch punch or comes from the bullpen or whatever it is.”

Crawford and Catcher Buster Posey are two of the few NLDS Game 1 Giants starters who can count on being in the Game 2 lineup when the Dodgers turn to southpaw Julio Urías. On opening day in 2020, Kapler even met right-handed infielder Donovan Solano for Crawford when Roberts challenged left-handed Adam Koralek out of the bullpen.

The Giants veteran shortstop has found its way out of a short-lived and undesirable move, but at most positions around the diamond, the Kapler era has shown a rotation of players that depends on the handedness of an opponent’s starting pitcher.

“He’s done a great job with this team,” Roberts said of Kapler. “So what it tends to mean in this series, there are tendencies, there are trends, but when you get into the postseason where everything is magnified more, it’s a little less predictable.”

The Giants made a slightly unpredictable move with their Game 1 lineup, as Kapler could have started left-handed beating outfielder Steven Duggar and LaMonte Wade Jr. moved to first base to add an extra left-handed to Dodgers starter Walker Buehler to squeeze, but the club decided to leave Duggar on his bench and start Wilmer Flores at first base.

The decision puts Flores, who released a .972 OPS in September, onto the line-up, while Kapler saved Duggar and his left-handed outfielder Alex Dickerson for pub gigs against a Dodgers bullpen that is heavy for right-handed people.

Kapler, Giants President of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi, and other top decision makers spend a lot of time determining how their staff will be deployed before each game. Roberts, on the other hand, had to plug a hole created when Max Muncy dislocated his elbow with a pull between Matt Beaty and Albert Pujols in first base, but the Dodgers’ starting line-up in Game 2 on Saturday might look the same as the iteration of Fans saw in game 1.

“I think the Dodgers have great faith in both their bank and their bullpen, but their starting line-up is a group that could obviously see the entire game and that wouldn’t be a surprise either,” Kapler said on Friday.

To win the NLDS, the Dodgers rely on their steady stars and daily starters, who for the most part will play every inning of every playoff game. The Giants need Crawford and Posey to shine, but to defeat the Dodgers they also need the same performances from substitutes that made up their 107-winning season.

How one can use iPhone 13 Photographic Types

Among the many Improvements to the camera of the iPhone 13 is the new photo style. The feature allows you to save a preset for the standard camera app and you can also quickly switch between the five options available at the moment. Let’s see how to use the iPhone 13’s Photo Styles.

Photographic styles are exclusive to the iPhone 13 series. However, there is always the possibility that Apple could extend the functionality to the iPhone 12 or other models in the future with a software update.

What is remarkable is that once you have captured an image using a Photo Style, it cannot be changed. Here’s a look at how to set a style and quickly change it while recording.

How to use iPhone 13 photo styles

Select Photo Styles in Settings

  • The first time you open the default camera app on iPhone 13, you’ll see a splash screen asking you to choose a photographic style
    • If you haven’t decided on one initially, you can go to the Settings app > camera > swipe down to Photographic styles
  • The first option is “Standard style”. Swipe to see how each style compares
    • There are a total of 5 styles, with the other four that go beyond the standard being “Rich Contrast”, “Vibrant”, “Warm” and “Cool”.
  • At the bottom, tap Use to choose a photographic style

Keep in mind that photo styles only work in the default camera app on iPhone 13 devices when you are using Photo mode.

Camera> Photo Styles” Class =”wp-image-757311″ srcset =” 3000w, /uploads/sites/6/2021/09/how-to-use-iphone-13-photographic-styles.jpg?resize=155,78 155w, 6/2021/09 / how-to-use-iphone-13-photographic-styles.jpg? Resize = 655.328 655w, -to-use-iphone-13-photographic-styles.jpg? resize = 768.384 768w, 13-photographic-styles.jpg? Resize = 1024,512 1024w, .jpg? resize = 1536,768 1536w, 2048,1024 2048w,,175 350w, https: // loads / s ites / 6/2021/09 / how-to-use-iphone-13-photographic-styles.jpg? resize = 1600,800 1600w, 6/2021 /09/how-to-use-iphone-13-photographic-styles.jpg?resize=290.145 290w, -to- use-iphone-13-photographic-styles.jpg? resize = 150.75 150w” Sizes =”(max width: 3000px) 100vw, 3000px”/>

This is how Apple describes each one:

  • Standard: The standard look created by the iPhone camera that is balanced and lifelike
  • Rich Contrast: Darker shadows, richer colors, and stronger contrasts create a dramatic look
  • Lively: Wonderfully bright and lively colors ensure a brilliant yet natural look
  • Warm: Golden undertones create a warm look
  • Cool: Blue undertones make for a cool look

Select iPhone 13 photo styles in the camera app

You can also change photo styles right in the camera app:

  • Look for the triple square icon in the top right corner (you can also tap the carrot in the top center of the camera app> then tap the triple square icon just above the shutter button).
  • Tap it to quickly swipe between photo styles
  • You can also use the filters available in the Photos app to edit pictures with a specific photo style after they have been taken

What do you think of photographic styles? Are you excited to make them an integral part of your workflow? Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Methods to use Photographic Types and swap between them

APPLE added a nifty new feature that will instantly liven up your photos.

The new iPhone 13 offers Photographic Styles – special “filter-style” camera presets that make your pictures look better.


Photo styles are designed to add character to your photosPhoto credit: Apple / The Sun

You select them before taking a photo and give your pictures a fresh and different look.

The feature is currently only available on the iPhone 13. So if you don’t have one, you’re missing out.

What are the iPhone 13 photo styles?

There are five photographic styles in the standard.

First thing is default – the standard iPhone option, which should work best for most situations.

Then there is Rich contrastthat promises “darker shadows, richer colors and strong contrasts” for a dramatic look.

Third is Lively style, which offers “wonderfully bright and vibrant colors” what Apple calls “a brilliant yet natural look”.

Fourth is Warm style, with golden undertones for a much warmer photo.

And the fifth is the opposite of that – Great style – with blue undertones for a colder feel.

How to Choose Photo Styles on iPhone 13. the end?

The first time you open the camera on your iPhone 13, you’ll be asked to choose a photo style.

It is probably worth sticking to Standard initially so you can get a feel for the usual style of photos.

Note, however, that you cannot change styles after taking a photo.

If you’d like to try a different style, you’ll need to change your settings before taking a snapshot.

There are two ways to do this.

  • 1. First, open the Camera app and select Photo
  • 2. Then swipe up from the word Photo
  • 3. Tap the icon that looks like several squares
  • 4. From there, you can swipe left or right to choose a style

Alternatively, you can go to Settings> Camera> Photographic Styles to change the selected mode.

After you’ve selected a photographic style, it will appear in the top right corner of the camera app.

You can tap it at any time to change your style.

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Flea Type’s Brittany Cobb has large Fort Price plans on the Stockyards and Resort Drover

Fort Worth discovers Brittany Cobb’s energy and creativity.

The Dallas-based entrepreneur opened her third store in Fort Worth in July.

Cobb is the CEO of Style Concepts, the Deep Ellum-based company that spans their retail, e-commerce and hospitality concepts Flea style, Heirloom Haul, Game Day Style and their newest, Wide Brim and the Bungalow.

Wide Brim is a hat and small goods store that opened in July at the new Hotel Drover, an autograph collection Marriott hotel designed for Fort Worth with rustic luxury decor. The drover opened in March in the Mule Alley area of ​​the Stockyards Historic District, which is undergoing a $ 175 million renovation.

A signature personal wardrobe accessory for Cobb, Wide Brims hats are decorated with new and vintage materials and retail for $ 148 each. Stetson is doing a pink to add to the selection.

Flea Style, Cobb’s fifth store, opens in October in a prime location on Mule Alley next to the Lucchese Bootmaker Store. The Fort Worth Flea Style will have a mini heirloom haul drink and snack bar, not the full menu of the other tea rooms.

This Stockyards store will also have a 20 foot hat bar with 10 stools for customers to sit on and create.

Cobb has also added hat bars to its Deep Ellum and The Star stores in Frisco.

The Deep Ellum store serves as the headquarters of Style Concepts. But a building next door will be ready early next year to house the growing workforce and online business that Cobb and its employees built last year to get through the worst months of the pandemic. Online has caught on and will more than double this year, she said.

The newest Flea Style Store will also have an expanded home decor section selling home accessories and loungewear and other items in the bungalow.

The Bungalow is her third Fort Worth store, a 1,900-square-foot, four-bedroom, nine-person home that she has just bought and converted into a vacation rental. The home is 4.5 miles from the Stockyards and their two shops on Mule Alley.

Brittany Cobb, founder of Flea Style, stands in front of the Fort Worth bungalow that the Dallas-based company is converting into a vacation rental.

Cobb grew up in Southern California and moved to Dallas in 2001 to study at Southern Methodist University. She had held shopping events by putting together her own flea market finds and hiring local artists and small businesses to sell their products. Founded Flea Style retail company in 2015, Cobb continued the concept of reusing used goods and discovering new artisans making home decor, jewelry and clothing.

In 2018 she opened her first store in Deep Ellum.

“We’ve really picked up speed in the past 23 months,” she said. “We’ve just tripled our team in the last month and a half. We are working on our new experience trade, which people seem to appreciate. “

Flea Style and the Heirloom Haul Tea Room located in Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ The Star Development in Frisco opened two years ago in November, and Game Day Style opened there last year.

Cobb said she spoke to real estate contacts in Fort Worth about an expansion, but she needs to be in the right place. “We like to be near entertainment areas: Deep Ellum, The Star, and now the Stockyards.”

Bungalow vacation rental began with the idea of ​​saving money on hotels for extended staff visits in Fort Worth. It introduced a waiting list for reservations and 200 people signed up in the first 24 hours.

“I think we should buy a few more houses,” said Cobb. She decorates it with mainly vintage furniture finds. Likewise for the new shop, and she has just returned with a loot from the canton flea market for both of them.

With the Fort Worth home so close to the new Flea Style, she’s considering marketing the two together for stag and hen parties.

“My first love was interior design. The bungalow is the ultimate way to avoid all of these concepts, ”said Cobb. “It was a blast. Our customers will love it. “

Twitter: @MariaHalkias

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Lenny Kravitz thinks he influenced Harry Types’, um, model – Deltaplex Information

Harry Styles is the fashion world’s darling for its risk-taking when it comes to its clothes and gender-bending looks. But according to one veteran rocker, Harry has at least some of that fashion sense from him.

During an interview with People (the TV show!), Lenny Kravitz was asked if he thought Harry was “heavily influenced” by Lenny’s own fashion sense.

“I think there are several things in there, and one of them could possibly be me”, the “Are you going my way“Answered Rocker. “We met and made friends on the street years ago, [he’s a] really cute guy. And he developed from his group to what he is now doing alone. “

Lenny added, “Well, it’s nice to see him in the suits and the boas and all that stuff I did in the 90s.”

Lenny has consistently made the best dressed lists over the years and dressed sharply in the process fits, Feather boas, leather and gender changing looks while Harry was still in diapers.

Lenny Kravitz passed on his fashion sense to daughter, actress Zoe Kravitzwho has worked as a model many times. She recently did Headlines to tell Channing Tatum that he couldn’t take off Crocs and should stop wearing them.

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