Georgia metropolis of Stonecrest is raining cash. Some went down the sewer

“There was a feeling of ‘what the hell is going on?'” His attorney Max Richardson told me. “That didn’t make any sense. For marketing? What marketing?!? It smelled funny.”

Richardson advised his client to put a stop order on his check.

“Me, it all smelled like a bloody setback,Richardson said.

Richardson wasn’t the only one to spot the stench. An attorney who conducted a review of how Stonecrest distributed $ 6.2 million in funds for Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) recommended people with subpoena and arrest powers to sweat people at Stonecrest City Hall bring.

Stonecrest Town Hall

Photo credit: Google Maps

Photo credit: Google Maps

Stonecrest City attorney Winston Denmark and a small team studied the program for two months and found that at least five other companies had given in and paid the 25%. There were two other marketing firms that raised the money as well, and all of them started last year when it was discovered that a Brink truck filled with federal money was driving into Stonecrest on I-20.

“There is no evidence that the so-called ‘marketing’ services were ever performed and it is not known where the money actually went,” Denmark wrote in its findings. “While this investigation cannot definitively conclude that this is a ‘kickback’ program, the appearance of such a system is overwhelming.”

In a press conference on Thursday, Lary said that if something was “not in line” he would be “the first to apologize”.

“There was never any intention of sitting back or filtering money back or any of that nonsense,” he said. He also announced that he would not resign but would rather take a break because of recurring cancer.

Tee Foxx’s name was all over the report. It called her a “City Advisor and Subcontractor at Jacobs”. Jacobs is the personnel company that provides employees for Stonecrest. This is a recently created city without real workforce.

According to the report, Foxx received $ 12,000 last year for delivering face masks to the city. She contacted companies to increase the 25% fee to be sent to recently launched marketing firms. In September, a company called OCC Consulting Group was formed and three months later it received two checks for a total of $ 30,980. Foxx is listed as the company’s business manager. Iris Settle, who worked for Jacobs and was Stonecrest’s chief of staff, is listed as the secretary of the OCC.

Settle and her brother William Settle, Director of Business Development at Stonecrest, were also employees at Foxx Entertainment. Both Settle siblings worked with Jacobs until recently.

I know, I know this is all getting confusing You almost need a scorecard to keep track of things. Hardworking reporter for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Zachary Hansen, even created a seven-page cheat sheet to keep track of the blending of all the characters involved in this saga.

“It appears that Ms. Fox had a relationship with the city because of her role as CEO of Foxx Entertainment, and those internal relationships have been used to win cheap awards from the city,” the audit found.

Foxx referred me to their attorney Scott Grubman, who said Foxx vehemently denies any wrongdoing. “We look forward to all the facts that we believe will rid Ms. Foxx of any wrongdoing.”

Oh yeah, Foxx, who helped Lary at his “I didn’t do anything wrong” press conference Thursday, was also listed as the chief financial officer and secretary for Municipal Resource Partners. I say “was” because it was recently removed from that company’s foreign minister listing.

Municipal Resource Partners, the company founded last year to pay out the CARES money, was to receive 8.5% of the federal money, or about $ 2,000 for every check issued. It would have been more than $ 500,000 if all of the $ 6.2 million had been paid out. And most of it was.

By comparison, DeKalb County distributed funds through its own employees and let Citizens Trust Bank disburse the loan programs. Receipts show that the bank charged about 5%.

This is a screenshot of Wednesday’s special meeting in Stonecrest.

Photo credit: City of Stonecrest

Photo credit: City of Stonecrest

The report goes through all sorts of interesting issues. There was $ 20,000 in personalized wellness programs for Stonecrest residents. $ 20,000 for stress relief programs; 3,000 USD for “COVID self-care stress packages with candles, butter, oils and tea”; $ 20,000 for “Financial Services Education For Higher Net Earners”; and US $ 3,500 “to provide healing hands and massages to anyone in town seeking therapeutic holistic wellness massage.”

The massive New Birth Missionary Baptist Church received $ 160,000. And the Arizona’s Steakhouse – which was owned by the teenage daughters of New Birth Pastor Rev. Jamal Bryant – received $ 250,000, the largest grant for any business.

It all reminds me of the frenzy that occurs when someone throws a pile of money into the air in a nightclub.

J. Tom Morgan, former DeKalb District Attorney, said, “I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. We will see all of this. When you have that much money on that little oversight, there will be corruption. “

Senator Emanuel Jones of the Democratic State, who passed laws limiting Lary’s power earlier this year, said, “When they got the money, (Lary) and his troops couldn’t help each other. A lot of money is missing and we have to find out whose pockets it went. “

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