Headland is one step nearer to creating an leisure district.

HEADLAND, Ala. (WTVY) – The project cleared a major hurdle Tuesday evening after the ordinance was unanimously passed by the city council.

An entertainment district allows customers to take an open container of alcohol outside of a facility as long as the customer is within the boundaries of the district.

Chamber director Adrienne Wilkins says the regulation could improve pedestrian traffic in the city center.

“Really, the possibilities are limitless,” said Wilkins. “We can do ‘sip and stroll’ events, other downtown events that bring more people together and really bring pedestrian traffic into the facilities that can participate in these activities.

Some restaurants agree with Wilkins.

“We are encouraged that this would stimulate outdoor food and beverage service. We hope this encourages people to spend some time on the downtown headland, going in and out of stores, and just being comfortable and relaxed, ”said Laura Skinner of Bottle Tree Restaurant.

Wilkins said there are some restrictions on this ordinance.

“For example, the cups in which you can remove the open containers must be 16 ounces or less. And they must have the logo of the facility they received the drink from. It’s also limited to 4pm to 10pm Monday through Saturday. And it has to be within the district set out in the ordinance, ”Wilkins said.

You are also not allowed to buy alcohol in one restaurant and bring the same drink to another …

Customers can only take one drink per person out of the door.

“There cannot be one specific person who comes into a facility and fetches drinks for a crowd. So that also helps us control consumption, ”said Wilkins.

The entertainment district must be approved by the Alabama Beverage Control Board. Managers hope to see the results soon.

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Paducah Metropolis Fee takes first step in establishing an Leisure Vacation spot Middle | Information

PADUCAH – Paducah City Commission took the first step towards creating an entertainment destination center on Tuesday evening by holding the first reading of the proposed regulation to make it happen. If the ordinance is passed, the 50-acre area along the Paducah riverside should allow people to buy take-away cups of alcohol at local bars and restaurants and walk around with open containers.

EDC card

The proposed limits of Paducah’s Entertainment Destination Center.

The aim is to send the application to the state by the end of the month following the second reading and approval of the regulation. The city would have to get a state-issued license every year to have an EDC. The city is working to have the EDC set up by Memorial Day.

Minor changes have been made to the boundaries to allow people to safely walk the sidewalks when they have the appropriate take away cups. Kathryn Byers, the city’s business development specialist, says the mugs have seen some design changes as well.

new cup designs

The new cup designs feature a QR code that users can scan with their phones to see which companies are participating in the EDC and what the limits are.

“There will now be a downside to this mug that has a QR code that you can scan on your phone. A map will appear showing you where to go within the border. It will also list the bars and attendees Restaurants so you know where to go and where to go, “Byers said.

The city plans to set up an EDC to help companies recover financially from the pandemic. The hours when alcohol should be served have also changed.

“We suggested that this be from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. the next morning,” Byers said. “We’re going to put that back until midnight, so it’ll be 6:00 a.m. to midnight.”

Commissioner Sandra Wilson agrees that changing these hours is the right move. Wilson believes it will be better for people who live, or are interested in living in, downtown.

“I think as we’re promoting more upstairs living downtown in this area, there just has to be this cut-off time when people might be a little quieter,” said Wilson.

The license would cost the city $ 2,500 each year. You want to share the cost with the bars and restaurants interested in participating in the EDC. Around 20 companies in the proposed area of ​​the EDC would be eligible to sell take-away alcoholic beverages. The special beakers purchased within the confines of the EDC are for single use and cannot be removed from the range.