The place else can the Steelers lower your expenses in 2021?

The Pittsburgh Steelers extended Eric Ebron’s contract, saving them money and freeing up room for maneuver. Presumably they are doing it differently than their typical cost-cutting method that they have used over the past few years. What exactly are the numbers behind the Steelers Free Agency’s decisions and what can they do to achieve more? Thank god the Stat Geek broke everything “dahn”. This is just one of the topics covered in the Thursday episode of the BTSC family’s AM list of podcasts. Join associate editor Dave Schofield while he breaks this out Steelers Slide rules and geeks just the way he can.

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The Cash Does not Make Sense for Pittsburgh Steelers to Minimize Vince Williams

PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh Steelers started their salary cap this week, restructuring defensive captain Cameron Heyward’s contract, saving the team around $ 7 million for the 2021 season.

It’s a start, but the Steelers are not balanced yet. And as they near the March 17 deadline, they’ll need to save another $ 15 million to meet the NFL’s current salary cap of $ 180 million.

First, the league is expected to increase that number. While teams are grappling with a difficult off-season in terms of money, the salary cap should increase to around $ 185 million or more.

Which one will help the Steelers.

However, you still have no problems. Pittsburgh needs to find ways to speak up and step down some of its 24 free agents. They’ll also consider turning a contract on to TJ Watts and want to dive into the free hand and secure a small signature or two to help with the depth.

Before that, they’ll consider cutting players. In the past few years, the Steelers lived and breathed restructuring contracts and used players as cap victims. And this year they’ll keep the same mentality.

“We are very pleased with this approach,” said General Manager Kevin Colbert. “It was much more successful for us than it was unsuccessful. I think we will continue to do that.”

So who is on the list of possible cuts? One name buzzing around Pittsburgh is linebacker Vince Williams.

Williams, 31, is slated to earn $ 7 million in the final year of his contract in 2021. If the Steelers decide to deviate from the seasoned linebacker, they will save $ 4 million in cap space.

That number sounds appetizing. The Steelers could get closer to the $ 10 million mark by removing Williams and looking for alternative options. Some have already played it.

The reasons for cutting Williams would be the money and the increase in production behind him. The Steelers will get Devin Bush back this season, who will immediately take the lead in the linebacker.

Robert Spillane, Avery Williamson and Marcus Allen all played well in 2020 and were comfortable in the starting roles of defense. So why not ditch the vet and keep one of the younger options?

The answer is simple – because it doesn’t save anyone money. Or at least not enough money.

The Steelers had to sign which of the three they wanted to keep. Outside of everyone, it means they’re likely to hand over a $ 3 or $ 4 million contract to anyone who stays close.

Yes, Spillane and Williamson put youth in the position, but both don’t seem like the long-term solution alongside Bush that is adding to Williams’ case.

Williams is the heart and soul of the Steelers’ locker room. Pittsburgh will do without Maurkice Pouncey, which means they need that true “doggie” mentality.

Williams brings that mentality.

Without saving a lot of money, it makes sense to keep the 31-year-old. The Steelers need to find depth, but could solve their short and long term problems by using the NFL draft to find an insider behind Williams and Bush.

It just works better if the Steelers stick with what they have and explore other options to make room for the cap.

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6 Steelers whose cap financial savings outweighs their useless cash if launched

With the Pittsburgh Steelers In a difficult situation with wage caps for the 2021 season, there has been much discussion about which players could fall victim to caps this off-season. While there are several players who can save the Steelers a lot of space below the salary cap, I’ve already described the players on the team who would cost more against the cap than to keep them for the season.

It also described the players who could save the Steelers some space, but the dead money would be a lot to overcome. For clarity, “dead money” is the amount that has already been paid to a player who has not yet been posted below the salary cap.

In the third and final installment of the series, let’s look at the players who can save the Steelers a significant place below the salary cap compared to their dead money.

Here is a list of the six Steelers who will have a higher cap than their dead money if they are released for the 2021 season. The list was at seven this morning, but with the resignation of Vance McDonald, who saved the Steelers $ 5.2 million from the salary cap, the number has dropped to six (one of which is just a technical matter). To keep the list under control and not get a lot of rookie deals to match the description but actually save a lot of money, these players are the ones whose cap hit is more than $ 1.5 million. Granted, some of these players, the Steelers, wouldn’t consider moving on anytime soon because of their production on the field. But whether or not her departure is likely given her salary cap, it never hurts to know the numbers. All numbers listed are courtesy of and consider if the player was cut before June 1st.

David DeCastro

Dead money: $ 5,547,500
Cap Savings: $ 8,750,000

The Steelers’ decision when it comes to David DeCastro is a little difficult. With six Stright Pro Bowl DeCastro has been an integral part of the Steelers offensive line for eight seasons. But at 31, is he worth the $ 8.75 million the Steelers could save on the salary cap? Given its age, an extension isn’t something the Steelers are guaranteed to be looking for. The Steelers could deal either way with DeCastro for 2021.

Maurkice Pouncey

Dead money: USD 6,475,000
Cap Savings: $ 8,000,000

A lot like DeCastro, Maurkice Pouncey has a little more dead money and a little less savings on salary caps. Pouncey has made the Pro Bowl every NFL season that he has played 8+ snaps and also has two all-pro selections. Steelers cannot half-decide what to do with Pouncey as it may be his decision to hang it up. If not, they have to decide whether the extra $ 8 million for their aging center is worth it.

Steven Nelson

Dead money: $ 6,170,000
Cap Savings: $ 8,250,000

Unlike many others on this list, Nelson isn’t a player whose age is a big factor. Since today is his 28th birthday, Nelson would be a prime candidate for the Steelers to roll over and knock down some of the $ 8.25 million he expects this season. While releasing Nelson is an option and not just playing his contract last year, the Steelers would be foolish not to try and work out an extension.

Vince Williams

Dead money: $ 3,031,668
Cap Savings: $ 4,000,000

Another player over 30, Vince Williams turned 31 in December and played for the Pittsburgh Steelers for eight years. Despite being a fierce run stopper, Williams is exposed when prompted in the pass cover. With the return of Devin Bush next season and other young players like exclusive outlaw agent Robert Spillane looking for game time, Williams’ release would save the Steelers $ 4 million on the salary cap.

Eric Ebron

Dead money: USD 2,500,000
Cap Savings: $ 6,000,000

When Ebron signed with the Steelers last season, he was basically getting half of his salary last year and the other half this season. Of course, $ 2.5 million of that money was raised from 2020 to 2021 to save space for salary caps. Ebron is nowhere near as much about the dead money as when the Steelers plan to pay him $ 6 million in the coming season. With Vance McDonald’s resignation, there would be a big hole if the Ebron Steelers moved on.

TJ Watt

Dead money: $ 0
Cap Savings: $ 10,089,000

This is only included because from that moment on it fits into the category. Remember, these lists aren’t players the Steelers realistically consider, just the ones that fit into each category. Before the new league year, the Steelers were technically able to part with TJ Watt and had no dead money and did not owe him his option for the fifth year. But even taking that term into account, stupidity is layered on top of stupidity covered in stupidity. If the Steelers did anything to TJ Watt this off-season, it would be his upcoming monster deal. The Steelers also have the option to play off Watt’s fifth year and use the franchise day next season to have time to work out their deal for 2022. In both cases, Watt’s contract is fully guaranteed on the third day of the new league year and only changes with a new deal. If TJ is playing around $ 10 million this season, he’s still an absolute bargain.

So these are the seven players currently under contract with the Steelers with a salary cap that is more than their dead money. While cutting one of these players comes with some wage cap cost, the money has already been paid out to the player so they will no longer pull money out of their pocket when released. This is of course strictly from a numbers perspective. Given the performance on the field, some of these players are no pipe dream while others may be looking for the call from the Steelers’ front office in the next few weeks.