Stokes steadfast on rolling out new Airbnb-style letting guidelines in July

The state government will not consider further delays in the new Airbnb-style rental rules across NSW after online rental company Stayz postponed rollout for at least six months.

The Minister of Planning and Public Spaces, Rob Stokes, said he was confused Stayz ‘pleaseThe government had “spent a lot of time” developing the nationwide planning rules and postponed their entry into force until July 30 to ensure people had enough time to grasp them.

Rob Stokes, Secretary of State for Planning and Public Spaces in New South Wales.Recognition:Kate Geraghty

A 180-day limit on the use of vacant lots for Airbnb-style rentals will be extended beyond the Sydney metropolitan area to a number of coastal areas and regional centers in NSW. The new rules have been criticized by the councils and the rental company Stayz.

“It’s not like nobody knows this is coming. We talked about it for a long time, ”said Stokes.


“Now is the time to establish certain rules for everyone. That doesn’t mean things are set in stone, but I think starting with clear, simple rules that anyone can understand is the best way to move forward. “

Stayz, controlled by online travel booking giant Expedia, has called the introduction of short term rental rules a “slow wreck”. She has asked the government to postpone it for at least six months to allow further consultation and testing of the rules.

The councils also argue that the rules will undermine their planning powers and will fly in the face of government assurances that regional councils will retain control over the number of days empty residential properties can be rented for short periods of time each year.

Under plans announced in 2018Councils outside the Greater Sydney area should have the power to set their own caps for no less than 180 days per year.