U.S. CDC says folks ought to ‘keep away from cruise journey, no matter vaccination standing’

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday advised people against cruises regardless of their vaccination status after a recent surge in positive Covid cases on board ships due to the highly contagious one Omicron variant conquered the world.

The CDC has raised its travel warning for cruises to the highest level as the agency investigates or monitors dozens of ships that have had Covid outbreaks.

Cruise lines operating in US waters reported approximately 5,000 cases of Covid to the CDC between December 15 and 29, a sharp increase compared to the first two weeks of the month when 162 cases were reported.

“It is particularly important that travelers who come to a increased risk of serious illness of COVID-19, avoid travel on cruise lines, including river cruises, worldwide regardless of vaccination status, “said the CDC.

Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival stocks fell on the news.

The CDC warned that Covid is easily transmitted between people in close proximity on ships and that the likelihood of contracting the virus while on a cruise is very high, even for people who are vaccinated and have received a booster dose.

The CDC advised people who choose to cruise to get vaccinated before their trip and receive a booster dose if necessary. Face masks should also be worn in common areas. Passengers who are not fully vaccinated should quarantine themselves for five days after the trip, according to the CDC.

The CDC also said that people taking a cruise should get tested 1 to 3 days before departure and 3 to 5 days after their trip, regardless of vaccination status or symptoms.

However, many Americans who wish to take tests at home have found empty shelves in many pharmacies due to a national shortage, and the lines in clinics can sometimes be hours.

Brian Salerno of the Cruise Lines International Association said the trading group was disappointed with the CDC’s decision.

“We are obviously disappointed with the CDC’s decision to raise the level of travel for cruises today – especially given the overwhelming effectiveness of cruise protocols, which result in significantly lower incidents on cruises compared to land,” said Salerno.

Covid cases in the US have risen to pandemic high. The US reported a seven-day average of more than 300,000 daily new Covid cases on Wednesday, an 82% increase from last week, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Wednesday that Omicron is driving the rapid surge in Covid cases.

Correction: Norwegian Cruise Lines and Carnival stocks lost more than 2% on the news. Royal Caribbean fell 1.93%. An earlier version of this story misrepresented Royal Caribbean’s stock movement.

California imposes indoor masks mandate no matter vaccination standing

A face-covering sign will be posted in Grand Central Market on July 19, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.

Mario Tama | Getty Images

California will issue a nationwide mask mandate for indoor public spaces regardless of vaccination status for the next month, the state’s chief health officer said on Monday.

The mask mandate comes into effect on Wednesday and, according to Dr. Mark Ghaly, Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency, in effect through January 15.

California health officials also recommend residents returning from trips to the state and tourists visiting to get a Covid test within three to five days of their arrival.

Even the most populous state in the United States requires visitors to events with more than 1,000 participants to pass a negative Covid test if there is no proof of vaccination. Participants must submit the test within one day of the event if it is an antigen test and within two days if it is a PCR test.

“We know that people are tired and hungry for normalcy. To be honest, I am too,” Ghaly told reporters on Monday. “But this is a critical time where we have a tool that we know has worked and can work.”

Ghaly said the mask mandate was needed to reduce Covid infections, which have increased 47% in California since Thanksgiving. The state’s top health official said the highly mutated omicron strain of the virus had unsettled the pandemic.

California reported the first confirmed case of Omicron in the United States on December 1.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul has also issued a statewide masking mandate for indoor public spaces unless the company has a mandatory vaccination requirement. The New York mandate went into effect on Monday and will last until January 15.

States are taking different approaches to tackling Covid as hospital admissions increase across the Colorado US government. Jared Polis said Friday that widespread vaccines have made nationwide mask requirements obsolete. He said people are personally responsible for getting vaccinated and the potential health consequences if they don’t.

“The emergency is over” Polis told Colorado Public Radio. “Healthcare [officials] Don’t tell people what to wear; that’s just not their job. “

“Everyone has had more than enough opportunities to get vaccinated,” said Polis. “If you haven’t been vaccinated at this point, it’s really your own damn fault.”

About 66,500 Americans have been hospitalized with Covid-19, up 22% over the past two weeks, according to a seven-day average of the Department of Health’s data through Monday. The Delta variant of Covid is driving the increase in hospital admissions, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Omicron variant is now present in more than two dozen countries. White House senior medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, said earlier this month there is “no doubt” that Omicron is spreading into churches across the United States

In the United Kingdom, which reported its first death from Omicron on Monday, the variant is already spreading rapidly. Health Minister Sajid Javid said Omicron now accounts for 20% of infections in England and the variant is spreading at a “phenomenal rate”.

It is unclear whether Omicron generally results in milder or more severe symptoms compared to previous variants. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the rate at which the infection was spreading was worrying.

“I think the idea that this is kind of a milder version of the virus is something we need to put aside and simply recognize the sheer pace at which it is accelerating through the population,” Johnson said Monday.

Israel, Bahrain folks lose vaccination standing with out boosters

A medic from the Israeli medical service Magen David Adom will administer the third vaccination of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine in Holon on August 24, 2021.

Ahmad Gharabli | AFP | Getty Images

Israel and Bahrain want eligible residents to get their Covid Booster vaccinations – and those who don’t risk losing their fully vaccinated status and privileges.

In Israel, vaccinated people receive a so-called “Green Pass”, which gives them access to hotels, restaurants and many other indoor locations.

People who have recovered from Covid-19 can also get a green passport under other guidelines.

On October 3rd, Israel changed the criteria for the Green Pass and shortened its validity. According to a government recommendation, the pass expires six months after receiving the second dose.

“Anyone who had a green passport and does not meet the new criteria after 3/10 will lose the green passport,” a spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Health told CNBC.

A third shot must be administered before a new green passport can be issued, at least a week after the refresher. This pass also expires six months after the third dose.

It is unclear whether more booster vaccinations may be needed in the future to be considered fully vaccinated. The health ministry spokesman said the development of the virus situation and morbidity will determine the “continued validity of the green passport” six months after the third dose.

Protests against the new policy broke out in Israel and an estimated 2 million could lose their green pass. Associated Press reported.

Divided into boosters

Bahrain has different criteria for each of the vaccines offered. However, most people over the age of 18 are entitled to a booster dose six months after the second dose.

Data from the kingdom found that from July 1 to October 1, 52% of those infected did not take a booster dose. In comparison, 3% of confirmed cases were in people who received a third dose.

“So it is clear that booster vaccinations increase immunity.” it says in a government press release.

– CNBC’s Berkeley Lovelace Jr., Rich Mendez, Natasha Turak, and Robert Towey contributed to this report.

This story has been updated with comments from the Israel Ministry of Health that came after the article was first published.

Holyfield, Lampley Regain Essential-Occasion Standing, 2021 Type

OK, so it’s not exactly what the boxing world has been longing for.

While Evander Holyfield’s credentials as a Hall of Famer are undisputed, and the thrill he provided has been passed down through generations, it’s not as if anyone has asked for new highlights.

The “Real Deal” has not been in a public prize ring for a few months, has not worn a legitimate title belt for more than two decades and is much closer to his 60th birthday than his 30 to say nothing of his 40th and 50th.

By the way, for those crawling up Wikipedia now, he will be 59 years old in October.

Still, he’s set to return to the boxing spotlight – or at least the equivalent of 2021 – in Hollywood, Florida on Saturday night, where he’ll stand in for Oscar De La Hoya to meet former MMA ace Vitor Belfort in a round of 16 – round match of some sort at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Belfort was supposed to meet De La Hoya first, but the “Golden Boy” was marginalized with COVID, which resulted in Holyfield answering the call that last occurred when he stopped Brian Nielsen in 2011.

The show was originally scheduled for Los Angeles but went across the country when the California state commission refused to sanction a fight with a 58-year-old headliner.

The pay-per-view show, which is available for $ 49.99, begins at 7 p.m. ET and features three boxing matches alongside the main Holyfield-Belfort game – including another pair of former MMA stars in Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz, former cruiser / heavyweight title plaintiff David Haye against fellow countryman Joe Fournier and junior lightweights Andy Vences and Jono Carroll.

On the microphone, for the first time in any capacity in nearly three years and for the first time in a Holyfield fight since 2004, will be ex-HBO star Jim Lampley.

Now 72 itself, Lampley unsubscribed from the Network of Champions when it decided in December 2018 to end the regular boxing content at Madison Square Garden.

Holyfield was 6-2 with a no-contest in nine consecutive fights on other networks.

As for Lampley, his on-ring agreement with the Triller Fight Club was announced in the spring and should begin with the airing of Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos on the 19th. The fight has since been referring to Australia and the Middle East – particularly or Saudi Arabia the United Arab Emirates – reported but still pending.

Still, he claims to feel the same nervousness and fear as this unorthodox show approaches.

“I have no idea what this fight looks like in the ring or why – I’ll start studying on Friday,” he told Boxing Scene. “I just want to go to the ring somewhere and see if I can still see fights.

“Must favor the heavyweight division, but we’ll see.”

In fact, most of Belfort’s MMA fights have been fought at weights below, which is where Holyfield cemented his reputation in the ring. The Brazilian was UFC champion at £ 205 and fought twice for the belt at £ 185. Meanwhile, Holyfield was an Olympic bronze medalist at 178 pounds and a professional world champion at 190 pounds before winning heavyweight titles weighing 208, 217, 215 and 221.

Belfort’s first opponent, De La Hoya, was a champion at six weights ranging from 130 to 160 pounds.

“Belfort is part of the seemingly culture-wide MMA urge to prove something about their ability to function as boxers,” Lampley said. “It goes without saying that the fight against Holyfield is a very different equation than the fight against De La Hoya, regardless of physical condition or age. I’m not sure if it’s easier or more difficult, but after the preparation it makes sense for Belfort to get paid.

“Evander is, I suppose, never completely out of shape – too vain for that. Tyson ‘defeats’ Jones, so go ahead and try to set up Holy-Tyson III. “

Speaking of Tyson-Jones, her fight in November was part of a trill show that broke the boundaries between fights with the likes of Snoop Dogg on the main event microphone and a Wiz Khalifa smoking together. Having Lampley on the team this time around isn’t going to bring back the gold standard of him, Larry Merchant and Emanuel Steward, but it will no doubt feel a little different than the opener.

The team will again include Snoop, Lampley said, but almost everyone else is new. Mario Lopez may return to host the event, but moving from the west coast to the east “threw confetti in the air”.

The Tyson Jones show drew more than 1 million viewers.

“A pig cannot and will not try to put lipstick on,” Lampley said. “They know they’ve hired a truth-teller, and I’ll encourage Shawn Porter to go that route too. But I don’t expect it to be HBO. I just want to call out fights and have fun in this changing world. You don’t have to prove anything, and you won’t try.

“Not judgmental about the coverage of a 58-year-old fighter.”

* * * * * * * * * *

This week’s title fight schedule:


WBC Super Featherweight Title – Tucson, Arizona

Oscar Valdez (Champion / No. 2 IWBR) vs. Robson Conceicao (No. 14 WBC / No. 84 IWBR)

Valdez (29-0, 23 KO): First title defense; WBO title held at 126 pounds (2016-19, six defenses)

Conceicao (16-0, 8 KO’s): First title fight; Gold medal won at the 2016 Olympic Games (lightweight)

Fitzbitz says: It’s an interesting fight for Valdez in his first title defense. He’s on the move after a big championship win and meets a guy with an obvious street credo. He’ll have enough. Valdez in 10 (99/1)

WBO Flyweight Title – Tucson, Arizona

Junto Nakatani (Champion / No. 4 IWBR) vs. Angel Acosta (No. 1 WBO / No. 6 IWBR)

Nakatani (21-0, 16 KO’s): First title defense; Never fought over nine rounds

Acosta (22-2, 21 KO): Seventh title fight (4-2); WBO title held at 108 pounds (2017-19, three defenses)

Fitzbitz Says: Nakatani is a talented left-hander who has beaten some good competitors while Acosta is a blast who has played one below at a title level. Call it a clue to the champion. Nakatani in 9 (55/45)


IBF Flyweight Title – London, United Kingdom

Sunny Edwards (Champion / No. 2 IWBR) vs. Jayson Mama (No. 3 IBF / No. 31 IWBR)

Edwards (16-0, 4 KO’s): First title defense; Five wins in a row by 10- or 12-round decision

Mama (16-0, 9 KOs): First title fight; Second fight outside the Philippines (1-0, 0 KO)

Says Fitzbitz: Edwards is one of those fighters who is supposed to be better than the sum of his physical parts. Combine that with a lead role on a home stage and it’s a win. Edwards by resolution (85/15)

Last week’s picks: 1-1 (WIN: Ioka; LOSS: Straffon)

2021 votes record: 28-10 (73.6 percent)

Overall selection record: 1,184-385 (75.4 percent)

NOTE: Only fights in which the full titleholder of a sanctioning authority is involved – no intermediate, diamond, silver, etc. Fights for WBA “world championships” are only included if there is no “super champion” in the weight class.

Lyle Fitzsimmons has been reporting on professional boxing since 1995 and has been writing a weekly column for the boxing scene since 2008. He is a full voting member of the Boxing Writers Association of America. Reach him at fitzbitz@msn.com or follow him on Twitter – @fitzbitz.

Establishment on Wheeler cash reallocation query for November poll

After two members of Aspen City Council convened a special session on Friday, they failed to get any of their colleagues to change their mind on a vote earlier this week to send a voting question to voters to get a portion of the property transfer tax revenue who are funded to reuse the Wheeler Opera House.

The decision on Friday was made at 4:00 p.m., one hour before the 5:00 p.m. deadline, to put a voting question to the Secretariat of the Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder’s Office for the November 2nd election.

Freshman Councilman John Doyle, who has been in office for three months, has been considered the swing vote since he said while Special session on Tuesday that he could see the merits of sending the question out to voters this year, but also understood the arguments of waiting until November 2022.

Doyle finally sided with Mayor Torre and Alderman Skippy Mesirov on Tuesday to put the question out to voters in a 3-2 vote, with councilors Rachel Richards and Ward Hauenstein disagreeing.

Doyle did not renounce his stance on Friday despite moving a motion to reconsider the ordinance and resolution that sent the question to voters, but in the end he voted no, as did Torre and Mesirov.

Richards and Hauenstein called the special session and said they believed Tuesday’s vote was flawed as Mesirov practically attended the session for an hour and a half after four board members were stuck 2-2 when they passed an ordinance approved, which allows the voting question.

“If the process is flawed, that is also the result of the problem,” said Hauenstein on Friday. “The outcome of Tuesday’s meeting shocked me more than any of the 100+ city council meetings I attended or witnessed when the votes were tied, a dead vote.”

Richards said being asked to re-examine in a special session was the first type of measure she had ever used in her 28 years in public office.

“Last Tuesday evening, at the public hearing, I briefly questioned … a member who did not attend the meeting was voting on the items in the meeting,” she said. “I should have disagreed more strongly.”

Since meeting on Tuesday, Hauenstein and Richards had met separately, with Doyle trying to convince him to move on to their positions.

Doyle had also spoken individually with other members of the council about the voting question before the meeting on Friday.

Richards turned down the poll question for a myriad of reasons, including the fact that the city’s recent election results showed that the required 60% of voters are unlikely to support it.

She also said the issue of how the money would be spent, how much would be diverted and what would be left for the historic Wheeler Opera House was not fully resolved.

However, she supports the concept of funding more art, but the question should be asked in autumn 2022 so that voters can be fully educated, art groups can promote the issue and more people tend to vote during a mid-term election, “said Friday.

Hauenstein said he wants to ensure other important community needs, particularly mental health and childcare, are adequately funded before calling on voters to divert money from the Wheeler Land Transfer Tax (RETT) for more arts funding.

Mesirow and Torre said it is now time to poll voters, and the details of how much is left for the Wheeler and the parameters to be set for the art spending can be done by ordinance by a council vote.

“I am excited about this opportunity and would like to take this step forward,” said Torre.

Friday was the fourth meeting in a month that the council has met to discuss diverting Wheeler funds to other arts purposes, and one of over a dozen this year Talk about funding other community needs with the same source of income.

The Wheeler Opera House currently has a fund balance of $ 40 million and some elected officials and parishioners believe the coffers have grown too big. Therefore, future RETT revenues can be used in other growing areas of need.

The poll question asked for a portion of Wheeler’s RETT proceeds to go to the Red Brick Center for the Arts, which is currently supported by the city’s general fund and the city’s wealth management plan fund.

The elimination of the general fund as a source of support for the Red Brick would allow the city to pay its remaining $ 2.1 million in outstanding certificates of attendance for the Isis Theater, which is in financial distress due to challenges in the film industry is.

The poll also calls for the cap on $ 100,000 annually allocated to arts and culture grants to local nonprofits to be lifted and opened up more widely to the visual and performing arts.

The RETT was first accepted by voters in 1979 and was specifically pledged to provide financial support to the Wheeler Opera House, plus the $ 100,000 annually allocated.

In 2016, voters extended the tax to 2039 and reiterated the 1979 vote that any change in funding would require the support of 60% of voters.


Alaska Black Caucus to make use of COVID-19 cash to research well being standing of Black Alaskans

The Alaska Black Caucus says that he a. will use $ 1.15 million Federal grant for COVID-19 vaccine and testing to produce first nationwide report on the health of Black Alaskans.

Felicia Weaver receives COVID-19 vaccine at a duty clinic after Sunday in the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church gym on March 28, 2021 (Lex Treinen / Alaska Public Media)

“It will enable us to provide recommendations to local and government agencies on best practice and health-related data collection and reporting by race,” said Celeste Hodge Growden, president of the Alaska Black Caucus. “This is huge for us.”

The Anchorage Congregation signed millions of dollars in federal aid for COVID-19 testing and vaccines at a meeting on June 23. The grants were requested by the Austin Quinn-Davidson Mayor’s Office and went to four other organizations.

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Although data on COVID-19 has been collected by race and ethnicity, it is not always complete. The available data show that Black Alaskans are significantly less likely to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and are also less likely to test positive for the disease.

Growden said the Black Caucus will host round table discussions with local health leaders and national experts to share results, including hosting a COVID-19 summit for Black Alaskans and a health fair on COVID-19 for people of color.

The group will also expand its COVID-19 vaccine campaign to include those released from prison. Alaska’s prison population is disproportionately represented by colored people.

The grant is a boost to the Alaska Black Caucus. The group has been around since the 1970s, but was reorganized in 2019. Growden said the new money will be used to hire some research and public relations staff. The association is currently run on a voluntary basis. Part of this will also be used to renovate the organization’s office.

The Black Caucus worked closely with the Anchorage Health Department during the pandemic. Growden said it was well positioned to continue health work with the black community.

“People may think we are a new and young organization, but we are full of experience, the people involved, and we have been full of knowledge and information,” she said.

Stimulus examine standing replace: IRS cost schedule, when your plus-up cash will arrive

The $1,400 stimulus checks are still going out, but you might find yours is only a partial payment, or delayed.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Whether you’re waiting for a new stimulus check or a plus-up payment because the IRS still owes you money (calculate your stimulus total here), we have answers that can help you know what to expect about the IRS’ plans for stimulus check delivery going forward, and what could hold up or stop your complete payment. For example, if you’re sure you meet the requirements, but got a smaller amount than expected or feel there’s an issue with your check, we can help explain what the problem might be.

We’ll go over:

Read on for more details. In the meantime, here’s the current discussion on a fourth stimulus check and student loan forgiveness. You might also get more stimulus money from the American Rescue Plan Act through upcoming child tax credit 2021 payments (here’s how much money you can get and who’s an eligible dependent) and savings on health care and insurance. This story was recently updated.

Stimulus plus-up payment: What is it and when yours could arrive

A plus-up payment is a supplement to the stimulus money the iRS already paid out. But if you didn’t get the right amount the first time, the agency is sending automatic pay bumps to correct the error. You might get a plus-up payment if the IRS used your 2019 taxes to calculate your third stimulus check and then finds it underpaid you after processing your 2020 taxes. For example, perhaps you had a lower AGI this time — or added a new dependent.

If you got your stimulus payment via direct deposit, that’s how you’ll get your plus-up money, too. If the IRS doesn’t have your details on file, you may receive a paper check instead.

Plus-up payments will continue on a weekly basis as the IRS processes 2020 tax forms and reevaluates checks. The batch going out this week includes 1 million plus-up payments totaling more than $2 million.

Stimulus check payments so far

Direct deposit Paper checks EIP Card Direct Express Card Plus-up
First payment batch — March 17 90 million ($242 billion) 150,000 ($442 million) Not released Not released Not released
Second payment batch — March 24 17 million ($38 billion) 15 million ($34 billion) 5 million ($11 billion) Not released Not released
Third payment batch, including Social Security — April 3 2 million ($5 billion) 2 million ($5 billion) Not disclosed Up to 30 million to come Not released
Fourth payment batch, including “plus-up” money — April 7 24 million ($33 billion) 1 million ($3 billion) Not disclosed 3.1 million 1 million ($2 million)

This is how the IRS will send your stimulus payment now

If you’re getting your new stimulus check delivered now (and not a plus-up), expect to receive it in the mail (how to track it) as a paper check or EIP debit card. However, if you’re an SSI or SSDI recipient who has a Direct Express benefits card, you should get an electronic transfer. Otherwise, look for a check in the mail, but not an EIP card, according to the SSA. (More details below.)

Note that it could take days between the date the IRS or Treasury processes your stimulus money and when you receive it, especially if your check is arriving through the mail. If you moved recently, you need to tell the IRS and USPS.

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Stimulus check 3: How much money you’ll get


Track your payment online and in the mail like this

The IRS updates its Get My Payment tracker tool for stimulus checks daily. This online app shows the status of your payment, including when a check is scheduled for delivery. You can also use a free tool from the USPS to track your mailed stimulus payment.

The IRS portal also flags if there’s a problem with your payment that you may need to address, but it doesn’t tell you the amount you’ll receive. You’ll see your payment status in the tracker if you receive SSI and SSDI benefits. VA beneficiaries who are veterans and don’t file taxes can check the status of their payments the weekend of April 10 and 11. 

Why all or some of your stimulus money could be delayed

Here’s more information on problems you might encounter with your stimulus check.

Stimulus check delivery start and end dates

Stimulus bill signed into law March 11
First direct deposits made March 12 (provisional), March 17 (official)
First paper checks sent Week of March 15
First EIP cards sent Week of March 22
Last day to get direct deposit March 24, unless you receive a “plus-up” adjustment for 2020 taxes
First Social Security, SSI, SSDI payment sent Weekend of April 3, most arriving April 7
First plus-up payments Weekend of April 3
VA benefits for veteran nonfilers April 14
IRS deadline to finish sending checks Dec. 31, 2021 (mandated by the bill)
Last date to receive a check January 2022 (if mailed checks sent late December)
Final claims for missing stimulus money 2021 tax season likely (in 2022)

What if you’re missing stimulus money from your $1,400 check?

There are several reasons the IRS may owe you stimulus money after it sends out the third round of checks.

For example, the agency may have processed your 2019 tax return before it received 2020 tax forms and you’re entitled to a bigger payment. If this is your situation, the IRS said it will automatically evaluate if you qualify for more money after it receives your 2020 tax return. It will then send you a supplemental payment for the difference between what you originally received and the amount you now qualify for. You don’t need to take any action to receive this supplemental payment, according to the IRS.

If you had a baby or added a dependent in 2020, the IRS said it will also automatically send you a supplement payment once it receives your taxes this year.

But what if a clerical error accidentally left out a new dependent? Or perhaps your payment never arrived or was accidentally garnished? The IRS may provide a way to file for missing stimulus money before the Dec. 31 deadline. If not, you might have to wait a year to claim it, when you file your 2021 taxes in 2022 (even if you’re a nonfiler who isn’t typically required to file taxes).


If you don’t get all your stimulus check money right away, you may need to address the issue down the road.

Sarah Tew/CNET

How to report a payment problem, and what not to do

The IRS doesn’t want you to call if you have any issue with the delivery or amount of your stimulus check. So what to do instead? Our guide walks you through how to report stimulus check problems, including checks that never arrive (try filing a payment trace), direct deposit payments that go to the wrong account and other issues.

Social Security, SSDI, SSI and veterans: More to know about your stimulus money

After a weeks-long holdup, the IRS is now making payments for SSDI and SSI recipients and retired railroad workers, many of whom automatically qualify for the third check. The first payments started going out April 3, with the majority of payments made electronically — either through direct deposit or to existing Direct Express cards (PDF) — by April 7, according to the IRS.

For those who receive veterans benefits, the IRS said it’s reviewing data for Veterans Affairs benefit recipients and expects to start making payments by April 14. VA beneficiary payment information will be available in the Get My Payment tool this weekend, the IRS said.

Note that you’ll most likely get the electronic payment transfer if this is how you normally receive benefits, and if you didn’t file taxes in 2019 or 2020. But some in this subset of nonfilers could receive an automatic payment sooner if they got a previous check by using the IRS’ Non-Filers tool, which is now closed. The SSA says this group will not receive an EIP debit card. Here’s our complete guide to stimulus checks for people receiving Social Security benefits.


Millions may wind up getting a smaller check than they’re owed, depending on their 2020 taxes.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Why your 2020 tax return is tied to this stimulus check

Taxes are now due May 17. So how will the IRS figure out how much it owes you? It will calculate your total (you can also do that here) based on the most recent tax filing it’s processed at the time it’s ready to tabulate the amount of your stimulus check.

If you filed your 2020 taxes early and you know your tax return was already processed, your total will likely be based on your 2020 adjusted gross income, not on your 2019 AGI. That presents complications if the difference between the two years disqualifies you from getting a third stimulus check

On the flip side, if the IRS uses your 2019 taxes and you’re owed more money based on your 2020 AGI and dependents, you’ll need to claim the difference at a later date. Note that if you filed your 2020 taxes after you got your stimulus payment, this IRS is now sending the catch-up payments now. (Learn more about some of the stimulus check exceptions and catches here.)

Stimulus money could still arrive through the end of 2021

Although the IRS and Treasury are sending stimulus checks now, the agencies have until Dec. 31 to complete distributing the third payments. That’s good news in the sense they aren’t facing a compressed deadline to send out all the checks, as they did for the second stimulus check in December, which only gave them a 17-day window to get the payments out. 

On the other hand, the nearly nine-month delivery window also means some people may find themselves waiting for their payment, for a variety of reasons. We’ll have to wait and see how the IRS deals with any fringe issues that arise, such as the need to claim missing money. 

Additional information for people in these payment groups

Stimulus checks aren’t necessarily a one-size-fits-all situation. Here are additional guides for:

And here’s everything you need to know about the third stimulus check, how to calculate your stimulus total and every way the stimulus bill can bring you more money.

Bel Air Seeks To Renew Arts & Leisure District Standing

BEL AIR, MD – The city of Bel Air has taken a step closer to redesigning its historic core as the Maryland Arts & Entertainment District.

The Bel Air Board of Town Commissioners passed a resolution Monday evening approving the renaming of nearly 100 acres of downtown as an arts and entertainment district.

Bel Air was first designated as an arts and entertainment district in 2011, according to Trish Heidenreich, director of economic development at Bel Air. This status would expire this year, unless the city requests a renaming.

The label allows state tax incentives for activities, artists and businesses in the district, she said.

April 1 is the deadline for the city to apply for a redesign by the Maryland State Arts Council, which has coordinated the program since 2001 under the umbrella of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce. Since then, the council has appointed nearly 30 Arts and entertainment districts around the state, including Bel Air and Havre de Grace.

“Over the past 10 years there has been an increase in art-related investments, activities and events in the city, attracting more shoppers and diners to our restaurants and retail stores,” Heidenreich said at a town hall meeting on Monday evening. Bel Air’s Entertainment District was put to the vote.

“In addition to boosting trade, the opportunities to improve our commercial and residential property portfolio have increased by providing economic incentives for affordable housing to artists and art studio workshops who are renovating unused properties and creating jobs in the community,” added Heidenreich added.

“It’s a very positive label,” she said, noting that it was “quite an important tool for attracting investment into the city.”

“Significant growth” in the arts over the past 10 years

Two people announced during the public hearing that the Arts & Entertainment District has been a boon to the city of Bel Air.

“In the past 10 years since Bel Air was named the Arts & Entertainment District, we’ve just seen significant growth in the variety of arts and cultural events in the city, both in the number of local artists selling their work here and in beautiful public works of art that have been installed, “said Kristien Foss, chairman of the Bel Air Cultural Arts Commission.

Photo by Angela Robertson / City of Bel Air.

“All of this really adds to our city and makes it a really vibrant place to live,” said Foss. “It attracts both our visitors and our new residents … It celebrates our history.”

To qualify as an arts and entertainment district, a municipality or district government must apply for and present an area that will serve as a center for cultural attractions and arts programs.

In Bel Air, the borough comprises 99 acres, including lots along MD 22, Main Street, and US 1st. (See the map below.)

“I think more and more art is popping up in Bel Air every day and year, and that is what makes it so colorful and fun,” Mayor Amy Chmielewski said during the public hearing that was held due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Chmielewski said, “I look forward to seeing more murals and more art.”

A mural in honor of the first responders was painted on the Bel Air Armory Marketplace side in 2018. Photo by Elizabeth Janney / Patch.

After she spoke, the city commissioners unanimously passed that Decision to redesign Bel Air’s arts and entertainment district.

If approved, the nomination would take 10 years. During that time, the city would provide tax credits for eligible art-related real estate and activities in the district.

Here it is Map of the Bel Air Arts & Entertainment District::

Map courtesy of Bel Air City.

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