Classic aptitude: Tulsan Trey Thaxton begins Greenwood Ave. model to mix type with substance | Life-style

The Greenwood Ave. brand has become a favorite of many for its mix of vintage flair with a keen eye on today’s fashion.

founder Trey Thaxton is the man behind this brand, and he’s sporting the classic BWS bomber at his 19&21 pop-up inside Mother Road Market. Look for the shop through mid-February.

Greenwood Ave. began in 2018 with T-shirts sporting logos from landmark businesses destroyed in the 1921 Massacre. “There’s more meaning than just looking cool,” Thaxton says. It’s the conversations and stories these designs ignite that’s really the goal, he says.

Since its inception, the clothing line has expanded to include sweatshirts, jackets and accessories for women and men. A children’s line might be in the future, he adds. He’s especially proud of a recent partnership with Legion cycling team and the brand’s expansion outside of Tulsa.

Thaxton originates the designs for Greenwood Ave., and the majority of the products are screen printed here in Tulsa.

“Whatever I touch or do has to have meaning,” he says. Take the shop — along with Greenwood Ave. brand items, Thaxton has mixed in products from other local, Black-owned companies. On the shelves today are candles from Subtle Home Co., barbecue sauce from Albert’s Gourmet Barbecue Sauce and Zela roll-on pain relief.

Thaxton hopes to open 19&21’s brick-and-mortar in the Greenwood District this year, which will give him even more opportunities to give back to the community. Right now, 10% of all Greenwood Ave. Sales go to north Tulsa community efforts. Recent recipients have included Oasis Fresh Market and Crossover Preparatory Academy. “For me it’s about uplifting other people,” he says.

Tulsa favourites


Date night with wife ambergris means getting a babysitter for their two children, grabbing some sushi and catching a movie at Cinemark Tulsa.


the Rainbow cab design is one Thaxton’s favourite. The nostalgic logo was one of the first he put on Greenwood Ave. Clothing back in 2018.


Thaxton loves to browse the sneaker selection at silhouette. Store owner Venita Cooper has carried Greenwood Ave. products from the beginning.

Household begins ‘My Restaurant Guidelines’ type competitors for lockdown 

Mama shows the style competition “My Restaurant Rules”, with which her family survives the lockdown – and encourages others to try it out too

  • A Melbourne mother presented her family’s cooking contest online
  • She said the My Restaurant Rules-style competition beats boredom
  • The mother teamed up with her nine-year-old son, her husband with her six-year-old daughter

A busy mother of two showed her family trying to find dinner time in a “My Restaurant Rules” -style competition. to embellish Lockdown.

the Melbourne Family previously weathered six city-wide lockdowns and become experts and invent new ways to pass the time indoors.

In the latest game, mother Stephanie and her nine year old son Dustin cook against her husband Dave and their six year old daughter Sienna.

A busy mother of two showed her family trying it out in a “My Restaurant Rules” -style contest in lockdown

Sienna, six, with the nigiri she made with her father Dave for the starter in her pop-up restaurant

Sienna, six, with the nigiri she made with her father Dave for the starter in her pop-up restaurant

The father-daughter team is three points behind, but loves the competition

The father-daughter team is three points behind, but loves the competition

In the My Restaurant Rules-style challenge, the two teams compete for the best menu with points for taste and presentation.

And Stephanie says the game was a huge hit, especially with her son excited to take the lead.

“We win with three points,” she told FEMAIL.

“We help them create the menu, but we mostly choose dishes that we all like to eat,” she said.

In the first round of the restaurant there was Stephanie and Dustin’s menu.

As a starter, the family had saganaki before dealing with dumplings for the main course.

Both menus were designed by Sienna - after Dustin lost interest in physical design Sienna and Dave served a Swedish cake, shrimp salad and nigiri with dinner

Both menus were created by Sienna. The one designed by Dustin and Stephanie contained dumplings and sganaki, while Sienna and Dave’s had Swedish cakes and sushi

Dustin proudly posed in front of the dumplings while they cooked

Dustin proudly posed in front of the dumplings while they cooked

For dessert, the mother and son team served chocolate pudding with ice cream.

A week later, the papa-daughter team set up their menu and served nigiri at the beginning, followed by a shrimp salad and kladdkaka, a Swedish chocolate cake, at the end.

Stephanie said they are trying to do whatever they can to entertain the children despite the tight restrictions imposed by the Andrews government.

The nine-year-old boy is pictured here turning his saganaki dish over

The nine-year-old boy is pictured here turning his saganaki dish over

The Swedish-style chocolate cake was a hit with the family who adopted the recipe from Facebook

The Swedish-style chocolate cake was a hit with the family who adopted the recipe from Facebook

“It’s hard, especially now that playgrounds are banned,” she said.

The children proudly posed in front of their meals while they cooked. Dustin lost interest in preparing the physical menus, so Sienna did it for both meals.

The mother posted photos of the experimental dinner challenge on Facebook, where she inspired dozens of others to start a cooking contest with their children.


Olivia Rodrigo Begins Streaming Promenade-Themed Live performance Film | Leisure

Olivia Rodrigo will stream a prom-themed concert film on YouTube.

The 18-year-old singer released her acclaimed debut album “Sour” last month and has now announced that “Sour Prom” will be streamed on her YouTube channel on June 29th.

Olivia wrote on Instagram, “I couldn’t go to prom so I wanted to have a little prom party with my favorite prom.

The star of the charts also announced that it would hold a premiere party shortly before the film stream.

Olivia takes the time to answer fan questions and reveal some behind the scenes stories of the project.

Teen singers have been aiming for a global star in the past few months, and Olivia admits her success has been almost incredible.

She says, “Spotify has the ability to see how many people are listening to a song. I remember saying, “Oh, now 60,000 people are hearing a“ driver’s license ”. .. It was crazy.

“I couldn’t wrap my head in that number.”

And despite the track’s worldwide success, Olivia still has a strong connection with the song.

She explained, “I’ve always felt this kind of connection with the song.

“Unlike the songs I wrote before, I had a perfect understanding of my feelings, so when I was sad I would listen to them alone in the car,” he said.

Olivia released her debut album after appearing on High School Musical: Musical: The Series. She believes her acting career helped the music business.

She explained, “Acting definitely works when recording. I’m crazy about it so I spoil my face and play every word I sing.

“I think this will have a huge impact on the final album’s performance.”

Olivia Rodrigo starts streaming concert films on the theme of prom | entertainment

Source link Olivia Rodrigo starts streaming concert films on the theme of prom | entertainment

Downtown Wisconsin Dells summer time leisure season begins June 16 | Regional information

List of Wisconsin Dells summer entertainment performances 2021 2021

June 16 – Swing Crew

June 17 – TJ Howell

June 18 – Rascal Theory

June 19 – Jim Gaff Band

June 20 – Derek Ramnarace

June 21 – Robert J.

June 22nd – You Mama Band

June 23rd – Swing Crew

June 24 – TJ Howell

June 25 – Rascal Theory

June 26th – high and rising

June 27 – Derek Ramnarace

June 28th – Bahama Bob

June 29th – Back2Back

June 30th – Swing Crew

July 1 – TJ Howell

July 2 – Rascal Theory

July 3rd CharlieBoy

July 5th – Steve Meisner

July 6 – Steve Meisner

July 7th – Bahama Bob

July 8 – TJ Howell

July 9 – Rascal Theory

July 10 – Sage Jennings

July 11th – your mom trio

July 12 – Bahama Bob

July 13 – Prairie Thunder Cloggers

July 14th – Swing Crew

July 15 – TJ Howell

July 16 – Rascal Theory

July 17 – Shawndell Marks

July 18 – Bahama Bob

July 19 – Steve Meisner

July 20 – Steve Meisner

July 21st – Swing Crew

July 22 – TJ Howell

July 23 – CharlieBoy

July 24th – Rascal Theory

July 25th – Perfect Stranger

July 26th – Bahama Bob

July 27th – Shawn Schell

July 28th – Swing Crew

July 29 – TJ Howell

July 30th – your mom trio

July 31 – Charlieboy

August 1st – Bahamian Bob

August 2nd – Steve Meisner

August 3 – Steve Meisner

August 4th – Swing Crew

August 5th – Prairie Thunder Cloggers

August 6 – Rascal Theory

August 7th – Jim Gaff Trio

August 8th – High & Resurrection

August 9 – Bahama Bob

August 10 – Derek Ramnarace

August 11th – Swing Crew

August 12 – TJ Howell

August 13 – Shawn Schell

August 14 – Jim Gaff Trio

August 15th – Kaylin Kole

August 16 – Bahama Bob

August 17th – Your mom trio

August 18th – Swing Crew

August 19 – TJ Howell

August 20 – Prairie Thunder Cloggers

August 21 – Rascal Theory

August 22nd – Perfect Stranger

August 23 – Bahama Bob

August 24 – Robert J.

August 25 – Rascal Theory

August 26 – TJ Howell

August 27 – Shawn Schell

August 28 – Steve Meisner

August 29 – Steve Meisner

August 30th Bahamian Bob

August 31 – Perfect Stranger

September 1st – Swing Crew

September 2 – TJ Howell

September 3 – Back2Back

September 4th – Up & Up

September 5 – Rascal Theory

Source: Wisconsin Dells Visitor and Convention Bureau website

MLB faces federal lawsuit for transferring All-Star Recreation; leisure lawyer begins singing profession at 92

News summary

Afternoon Briefs: MLB faces federal lawsuit over relocation of All-Star game; Entertainment lawyer starts singing at the age of 92

Atlanta Business Group is suing MLB for moving All-Star Game

Job Creators Network, a conservative small business organization, is suing Major League Baseball for moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta in July. In a 21-page complaint filed Monday in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York City, Job Creators Network is calling for the game to be returned to the Georgia capital, $ 100 million in damages to local and state small businesses and $ 1 billion in punitive damages. The group cited events that caused the league’s decision, including the signing of a new electoral law by Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp March. (The Atlanta Journal Constitution, Fox business, Newsweek,, May 31st complaint)

Entertainment attorney in Los Angeles starts singing career at age 92

Bert Fields, a 92-year-old Los Angeles lawyer who has represented the Beatles, Tom Cruise, Madonna and other famous artists, has officially started his singing career. On May 14th the Greenberg Glusker Fields Claman & Machtinger partner debuted his own interpretation of “Back in the saddle“on Youtube. When asked why he chose the Gene Autry song, Fields said:” Somehow the lyrics and the music got me. ” Hollywood reporter)

SCOTUS rejects Johnson & Johnson appeal over $ 2 billion surcharge in baby powder case

The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed Johnson & Johnson’s appeal on $ 2.12 billion in damages to women who alleged their ovarian cancer was caused by asbestos in the company’s baby powder. Last year, the Missouri Court of Appeals overturned Johnson & Johnson’s challenge to the 22 plaintiffs’ claims for damages and punitive damages, whose claims were in litigation, but reduced their total from the $ 4.69 billion originally decided by a jury . The company had argued that the amalgamation of different baby powder-related claims and the size of the jury’s compensation claim violated due process rights. ((Reuters, Forbes, June 1st assignment)

Attorney suspended for 90 days after making false claims about the judge

On Friday, the Iowa Supreme Court Disciplinary Committee suspended attorney Harold K. Widdison of Sioux City, Iowa, for 90 days for his conduct during his post-divorce litigation and managing escrow accounts. The board alleged ethical violations arising from various events during the litigation, including an amending case in which Widdison falsely alleged that a judge had told the parties that “she had some form of brain tumor and that the court’s decision would take a long time becomes”. . ”The board also alleged that Widdison had repeated the false claims. “While we all in the judiciary must be prepared for fair and unfair criticism, the unfounded attacks by an Iowa attorney on a judicial officer in this case are incomprehensible,” the board wrote in its statement. (The Lawyer blog, May 28th opinion)

Atlanta rapper who threw cash at commencement begins new basis

Atlanta rapper turns criticism into community service

An Atlanta area rapper, Metro Marrs, was kicked out of his own degree after throwing thousands of dollars to his classmate. He uses the advertising to set up an annual scholarship for the school.

An Atlanta metro rapper who went viral after being removed from his own high school graduation says he will turn criticism of him into something that will help other local high school students.

The video of rapper Metro Marrs throwing money into the crowd during his graduation ceremony in South Fulton quickly spread across the internet.

Many in the crowd cheered, including some graduates who jumped for a portion of the $ 10,000, but the stunt ended up handcuffed to Marrs.

“The school thought I was just trying to do something negative when I was really just trying to do something positive for my classmates,” Marrs said.

Although he was taken out with his hands behind his back, the authorities did not file charges.

A South Fulton city leader quickly condemned the teenager for throwing the pile of Crash into the crowd.

“I just don’t want one immature act by a student to spoil the size of the entire event,” said Helen Willis, South Fulton councilor.

In response to the criticism, Marrs decided to try a new way to distribute the wealth to graduates by creating what is known as the Loner Foundation.

“We’re going to be awarded like a grant called the 10K Rainy Day Fund Scholarship. Basically, we’re going to be giving the closing editor and greeting $ 10,000. Each class,” he said.

Willis says that’s an idea she can figure out.

“The national pandemic has affected a lot of people financially and the school is not free,” she says. “So I commend him for wanting to come back this way.”

Marrs said he will start at Langston Hughes High School for the time being, but he plans to increase his fundraising.

“In all schools, all over Atlanta, Georgia, in the states, always bigger than a cap,” he said.

Even after the setback, the rapper said he had no regrets about the stunt. Indeed, he told TMZ that he plans to spend $ 20,000 on his brother’s graduation next year.

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YouTube Begins Rolling Out TikTok-Model ‘Shorts’ Characteristic Globally

Finally, the TikTok plague hits the YouTube app. According to a new report by Android policeYouTube has started offering the TikTok-style shorts feature to YouTube users around the world.

While YouTube Shorts has already been tested in several countries like India. With its global launch, YouTube has now optimized it to make it more attractive and similar to TikTok videos.

Instead of the previous 15-second video, you can now create 60-second footage on YouTube Shorts. Additionally, YouTube added some filters to change the color and mood.

Also, automatically generated subtitles are now displayed in YouTube Shorts videos. Users can also set it to manual if they want. These changes only suggest that YouTube Shorts is a direct competitor to TikTok.

Just like TikTok, YouTube Shorts lets you create a 60-second horizontal video. It continues to loop by default. For users like me who hate TikTok, YouTube changed the surface of the app’s home screen to give shorts their own space.

The good old Browse tab is now demoted and moved to the top of the home page. And instead of Explore, YouTube has positioned the “Shorts” tab.

The new YouTube user interface was discovered by users in India and the United States

With the feature now rolling out globally, the new YouTube user interface has been discovered by multiple users in India and the United States. Personally, I don’t like this repositioning and change in the YouTube app UI. But that’s the way it is now.

Creators can add filters to their short videos and share them with their subscribers. Given the popularity of this short video format feature during the test run, we believe that from now on you will likely see a lot of short videos bombarding your app.

It would have been nice if Google had given users like me an option to turn off this Shorts button. But on board the short video trend, Google Clearly hopes to attract a large audience to its shorts platform.

As noted by Android Police, the monetization part of shorts will be interesting to see. YouTube already failed with the Stories format, which offered no value to creators or viewers.

If you haven’t received the new change in your YouTube app’s user interface, you should probably check for an update on the Play Store to be sure. Or wait for Google to release the server-side update.

FEMA begins providing cash to households to pay for funerals of COVID victims – WISH-TV | Indianapolis Information | Indiana Climate

INDIANAPOLIS (WUNSCH / CNN) – The Federal Agency for Disaster Protection pays up to $ 9,000 for a funeral and nearly $ 35,000 for families who have buried multiple people who have died of COVID-19.

The money is intended for families who have paid the funeral expenses out of their own pocket. However, the program’s debut on Monday was marked by busy signals and “technical issues,” the agency said on Monday, noting that it had received “thousands of calls” on the first day of operation.

“We ask applicants to be patient as we work to fix these issues and have all relevant documents ready when they call to apply,” said FEMA. “Please note that there is no application deadline and that applicants have the opportunity to open a case.”

More than 562,000 people in the United States had died from the coronavirus as of Monday Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering Dashboard. A total of 12,746 Hoosiers have died of COVID-19 as of Monday. according to Indiana health officials.

Amy Sloan buried her father Charlie in April 2020. Charlie Sloan had a modest life insurance policy to cover some of the costs associated with his death. Amy, her sister, and her mother had to pay a few thousand dollars in funeral expenses that were not covered by the policy.

“Is my mother entitled to get some of this money back because the wording is very vague?” Sloan asked News 8.

When Charlie Sloan was hospitalized last year, his family was told that he was infected with the virus. Charlie Sloan’s family received a call in the middle of the night that it was time to take him off life support.

“The entire funeral was covered for the funeral home because the funerals were so small at the time that we technically didn’t have to pay for a service because there weren’t enough people to hold a service, and then we interfered for the entire funeral . the land cost for the cemetery and its stone, ”Sloan said.

FEMA assumes the costs for the coffin, the funeral, the transport of the deceased, the burial site and the burial or cremation for people who died of COVID-19 after January 20, 2020 The death must have occurred in the United States or in the US territories. The person seeking assistance must be a U.S. citizen, non-citizen, or a qualified alien or immigrant.

Andy Clayton, the managing director of Indiana Funeral Directors Associationsaid his group provides information to funeral homes and families. FEMA funeral aid money is paid directly to families, not funeral homes.

Clayton said, “You don’t have to be a citizen of the United States to be eligible if someone is in this country on a work visa or may be illegal and has died of COVID and it is listed on your death certificate as a contributing factor.”

People cannot apply for assistance online. You have to call 844-684-6333 and FEMA warns that there is already fraud;; Nobody is going to call to offer people to sign you up. The TTY number is 800-462-7585. Both numbers are open to callers on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.

While FEMA has a history of helping families with disaster-related funeral expenses, CNN reports, the COVID-19 effort is the largest of its kind. Approximately $ 2 billion was raised from the $ 900 billion Congress approved in December, while the Democrats’ $ 1.9 trillion package last month backed the agency with an additional $ 50 billion in coronavirus costs.

Tremendous GT would not want ‘Indy-style’ race begins

For a long time, the more traditional rolling start method was used in the Japanese championship. The cars did two warm-up laps before waiting for the lights in the pit lane to turn green.

However, serial promoter GTA tested the Indy launch with two files on both days of the official testing at Fuji Speedway in late March, leading to suggestions that this could eventually be introduced into the championship.

Indy-style starts were also unveiled at the same location in 2019 at the SUPER GT x DTM Dream Race, and the German championship has been using the same procedure for their restart since 2017.

Real Racing driver Baguette doesn’t think Indy-style starts are suitable for an endurance series like SUPER GT, however, as the risk of starting line accidents is just too high.

“I don’t think that’s going to change that much,” Baguette told when asked for his opinion after the second Indy-style start attempt in which he was third in the dummy in the No. 17 Honda NSX-GT -Starting field was.

“We’re just a little closer together at the beginning, but once the green lights come on we’re still kind of separated.

“I think it’s very difficult to do the same thing as in the DTM, where they’re all really together. We only have eight races a season and it’s endurance racing.

“In the DTM it’s sprint races and there are more races [per season]so they can take more risks. We can’t afford to crash at the beginning, so it’s difficult to have the same system.

“The race format is completely different. It’s not that you want to take all of the risk in the beginning. Maybe it’s more like that in the DTM because it’s difficult to overtake and the races are short. “

Race starts and restart formats were one of the main differences in sporting regulations between the DTM and the SUPER GT during their short-lived Class One merger.

After safety car periods, the DTM switched to the Indy procedure for restarting in 2017, which proved to be a success with the fans, but continued to rely on standing starts at the beginning of the races.

However, as part of the switch to GT3 machines, the series will be halted this year as a whole.

Start action

Photo by: Andreas Beil

A brand new fashion begins right this moment with Phillips | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

Since Jim Tressel stepped down as a coach 20 years ago, there have been many different approaches to restoring order within the Youngstown State soccer team.

Three coaches with different styles were trying to get a consistent winner, and while there have been some good years, two playoff appearances after Tressel’s dominance were hardly what Penguin fans had in mind.

Today brings a new mindset, a new plan and Phillips’ style is different from the rest.

It started with Jon Heacock, Tressel’s predecessor, and he probably came closest to continuing the standard. He ended on a 60-44 record over nine years, made it to the national semifinals in 2006, and would have earned a few more postseason bids if it weren’t for a few playoff snubs. Heacock wasn’t the most exciting coach from a fan or media point of view and consistency was an issue at times, but he was a great defensive coach who instilled the right values ​​in his players. He was a really nice person who kept the players motivated by showing a caring personality mixed with organization and intellect.

However, something was missing. We’ll name it “Fire,” and Heacock resigned after the 2009 season. That led to the hiring of Eric Wolford. The Ursuline graduate scratched the surface of several postseason but YSU just couldn’t get over the hill on numerous occasions. Wolford, who played between 31 and 26 in five seasons, was brave, confident, and a phenomenal recruiter. Even though his teams were talented, they just couldn’t find a way to win big games. Eventually that caught up with him and he was released in 2014.

Then came the shock: Bo Pelini. Not many thought the former Nebraska head coach would ever go back to his roots to lead the penguins. He did, but the hype never matched the product in the field. Pelini, an Xs and Os guru known for his defensive skills, brought YSU to the national championship game in 2016 (a 28-14 loss to James Madison), but the Penguins have been extremely inconsistent during his five years. His old-school scare tactics may have worked for some, but most of the time they resulted in confusing mental failures on a team that was so scared of making a mistake, and they played fearfully. He finished with a 33-28 record before leaving to become the defensive coordinator at LSU.

Enter Phillips. Phillips, a much lesser known employee but another native of the Mahoning Valley, focused on the chemistry and discipline of the penguins. These are two things that YSU has been missing for a while. Pelini motivated more with fear than cohesion, and it seemed to backfire. A recent comment from Youngstown State linebacker Griffin Hoak seemed to suggest that players would prefer the new approach.

“There is a little more boast when we go out on the field as a team,” he said. said Hoak, a second linebacker. “Everyone has a little more chemistry, which helps. This strengthens the confidence of the defense and the back seven. Everyone just trusts each other … That’s a good thing – run around and have fun without worrying about going wrong. “

That doesn’t seem like a direct blow to Pelini, but rather a credit to Phillips.

Hoak was later asked about the differences in the philosophies of Phillips and Pelini. He spoke about Phillips’ teaching background and said he was more of a “to lead” and a “Teacher” Who is focused on building a brotherhood. He also mentioned how Phillips gives his coordinators more control. Maybe Pelini was a bit of a micromanager, and the fear he instilled might have come down to his coaches.

But this new era isn’t about Phillips being different from Pelini. It’s about whether Phillips’ style will be successful. Fans shouldn’t judge him by today’s game against the country’s senior team, North Dakota State (3:30 p.m. on WBCB TV and 570 AM WKBN). In fact, this first year is unlikely to be a direct reflection of what Phillips can do.

In some ways, like the fight the team shows and how they play out over the course of the season, 2021 is sure to actually be an indication of how he leads the penguins. Much more will not be known after a year. It takes time for Phillips to convey his philosophies, beliefs, and systems. He needs to build trust, and that rarely happens quickly.

One thing I noticed when talking to Phillips is the sincerity. He seems to be sincere in what he says, which is important because the players see through a coach if they just tell a team what they think they hear. That doesn’t seem like Phillips’ style, and that’s good for YSU.

As Phillips translates his values ​​into this team, we’ll find out exactly what style he brings to Youngstown. Just give it some time.

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