School Cuber makes $8,000 mosaics of sports activities stars from cubes

Dylan Sadiq, known as “The College Cuber”, is charging $8,000 for his cube mosaics. Pro teams, including the NBA’s Detroit Pistons, have purchased the artwork.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

It started with a portrait of his favorite basketball player, Luka Doncic. Then came NBA star Damian Lillard. International football clubs like Manchester United and FC Barcelona took notice. A major league baseball team has come forward, as has the National Football League.

Before he knew it, Dylan Sadiq was inundated with requests for his cube mosaics (as in Rubik’s Cubes, but imitators). Sadiq, 21, is a student at Rutgers University, where he is now known as The College Cubers.

Sadiq charges $8,000 and can create a cube portrait in under four hours. After gaining traction on social media platforms and retweets on Twitter, teams such as the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, the National Hockey League’s New Jersey Devils and Major League Soccer’s Philadelphia Union, as well as the New York Red Bulls sought Sadiqs work.

“I didn’t expect that,” Sadiq told CNBC this week. As he spoke, a new mosaic he created of Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes went viral.

Covid ruined everything

Sadiq is currently in his final semester at Rutgers and plans to graduate in biomedical engineering. However, he does not have a career in this field in mind.

His interests changed during the pandemic as virtual school left him unoccupied.

“When I was personal, I was grinding and studying,” he said. “I immersed myself in my education. But since we’ve been online it’s far from the same, and it’s sad. I feel like I haven’t learned much. If you put me in a situation to make a difference, I don’t know how I can help.”

With no opportunities for personal internships or hands-on experience at school, Sadiq took a detour. He combined his Social Media Accounts and his interest in engineering to master the Rubik’s Cube.

Dylan Sadiq, known as “The College Cuber”, is charging $8,000 for his cube mosaics.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

Sadiq likes to tell the story of how his brother Brandon challenged him to solve the cube when he was 10 years old. His reward was Activision Blizzards Call of Duty video game. Sadiq said it took him a week to complete the task.

In February 2021, Sadiq practiced solving cubes to get faster. He then turned his newfound skills into a path for creating art.

Sadiq bought $1,000 worth of cubes and figured out how to assemble 560 pieces to create one Mosaic by Doncic, the Dallas Mavericks All-NBA guard. He posted it to Instagram in April, and the Mavericks took notice and shared it with the team’s supporters. That sparked another mosaic from Lillard with similar results from the Portland Trail Blazers.

“I’m not sure Luka Doncic has ever seen the mosaic,” Sadiq said. “And Mark Cuban, I’m not sure he saw it either,” he added.

Cuban, the Mavericks’ owner, told CNBC he didn’t see it.

While Sadiq said he’ll almost certainly steer clear of potential engineering jobs, he’s not thinking about his time at Rutgers, which can be expensive over $40,000 a year, as a waste. He said the university hires him for live events, including the October soccer game against Ohio State and the inauguration of the new school president.

“That’s a big part of why I’m the college cuber,” Sadiq said. “Everything was ruined because of Covid. But where I feel valuable is through my artwork.”

Sadiq visited the Lions’ Ford Field last July to create a mosaic for the NFL club.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

Finding motivation in Detroit

In July, the Detroit Pistons became the first professional sports team to pay for a mosaic. Sadiq took a trip to the Motor City and created a portrait of Ben Wallace, the center of the Pistons’ Hall of Fame. While in town, he made a mosaic for the Red Wings for their NHL draft party.

He also made sales to the NFL Lions and for the MLB Tigers he created a mosaic of batman Miguel Cabrera. The team presented it to him to celebrate his 500th home run.

“I didn’t understand what I was doing,” Sadiq said of his Detroit experience. “I was just trying to make an experience out of it.”

As he wandered around Detroit, Sadiq said he was interested in the artworks that promoted black pride in the city. This gave rise to the idea of ​​expanding the College Cuber.

“The artwork was fantastic,” said Sadiq. “One of the things I imagined – I wish I could see the creation live. I felt it deserved an audience because artworks like this have a strong message and look beautiful. It’s colourful, vibrant – I wish I could see it being made before my eyes.”

Dylan Sadiq said black artworks in Detroit motivated him to create live performances of the mosaics. He uses over 500 cubes to assemble the artwork in three hours.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

So Sadiq made it possible. He started charging up to $3,000 for a live performance and can create a work of art in about three hours. For a flat fee of $8,000, customers can see the live event and keep the artwork.

Last September, Sadiq converted College Cuber into a limited liability company. He said that of the $38,000 in revenue he’s made since the Pistons became his first paying client in July, about $27,000 has ended up in profit. He keeps costs down through a deal with a toy wholesaler and pays no rent for his mother’s basement studio where he makes his mosaics.

“She’ll probably start charging me (rent) now,” he joked.

Sadiq believes he can surpass $100,000 in sales this year. So far, the Chiefs have bought the mosaic from Mahomes, and Titans running back Derrick Henry is looking for a piece.

The NFL paid $8,000 for a mosaic by league commissioner Roger Goodell, named after Joe Favorito, a well-known sports PR guru and sports business professor University of Columbia, saw a video of one of Sadiq’s mosaics. Favorito said he was “blown away right away” and coordinated a performance.

“Sometimes we take creative talent for granted,” Favorito said. “I think it’s our job to help these young content creators do something really unique. His technical and scientific background connects him in a special way and this is how he is able to do it. The fact that he can do it almost in his head, and then knowing which pieces to put up and create something remarkable and unique in a matter of hours is a gift.”

It all started on the trip to Detroit.

“I learned so much from this experience,” said Sadiq. “I went from being a kid making videos online to an action. I would say that weekend in Detroit changed my whole life.”

Sadiq is shown creating a mosaic of NBA star Kevin Durant for the Philadelphia Union football team. Durant is co-owner of the MLS franchise.

Courtesy: Dylan Sadiq | The College Cube

Make money on social media

Sadiq isn’t the first person to monetize cube mosaics. 2019, CNBC profiled Italian artist Giovanni Contardi using Rubik’s products to create art. Contardi sold a mosaic of the late Amy Winehouse for approximately $5,000 and caught social media attention for an article about NBA star LeBron James.

Sadiq has contacted Rubik’s about a trademark deal. The company is owned by a Canadian toy manufacturer Spin Master, which is traded on the over-the-counter marketplace.

“The pandemic has been a problem for him, but it has also created digital opportunities that he can take advantage of,” Favorito said.

Social media is central to College Cuber’s business. His Instagram account was authorized Facebook’s Bonus program that pays creators to post Roll. Sadiq said he’s made about $550 from Instagram so far. He also joined TikTok creator fund after his Mahomes mosaic garnered over 100,000 views.

For additional revenue, he creates mosaics and charges clients $750 for the video that companies can post in their ads.

But Sadiq does not charge professional sports teams for video contribution. Instead, he looks for retweets or reposts to get attention. Manchester United and Barcelona have helped with football fans, and the NBA’s Orlando Magic also sponsored the work Twitter.

Sadiq said he plans to use the extra attention as a force for good.

Last year, courtesy of the New York Knicks, he attended his first NBA game after creating a mosaic of All-Star Julius Randle. Sadiq, a native of New Jersey, said visiting Madison Square Garden was “life-changing” as he was able to “feel the culture and unity of [sports] fans.”

Sadiq is now asking teams who become customers to provide free tickets to fans who have never attended a sporting event.

“That’s what I want to experience with my artwork – to bring the fans together,” he said.

Speaking of building College Cuber, Sadiq said, “It was just something that came into existence and I recognize the value I bring to people.”

CLOCK: The 24-year-old creates portraits from hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes

From Bob Dylan to Harry Fashion, these are a few of the stars that made historical past on the Troubadour

The club became known in the late 60s and 70s for promoting new talent (it was instrumental in the careers of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits, among others) and is now an important stop on the path to becoming a musical star.

The troubadour was originally conceived as a club for singer-songwriters or “modern troubadours”. as founder Doug Weston called them. The club’s status as kingmaker was consolidated over the years by the talents discovered there.

Artists like Billy Joel, Tom Waits, Joni Mitchell, Linda Rondstadt and Nina Simone played in front of an audience of fellow musicians and music managers, making their case for fame. One of the first notable singer-songwriters to step onto the troubadour stage early in his career was Bob Dylan.

In 1964 he played an impromptu jam session with a local band at a small gig for staff only, they said troubadour. Dylan became one of the most influential singers and songwriters of his generation and created a long list of famous tracks including “The Times They Are a-Changin ‘” and “Like a Rolling Stone”.

His appearance in the troubadour was the first in a long series of historic appearances by artists big and small for the next six decades.

James Taylor and Carole King

The Troubadour’s built a reputation for its influential role in the early careers of many popular artists in the 1960s and 1970s.

Because of this, it became the perfect place for musicians to meet like-minded people and build lifelong relationships.

James Taylor and Carole King, both iconic musicians for themselves, forged a lasting friendship behind the scenes of the troubadour stage. Taylor made his debut with the troubadour in 1969, a gig that meant a lot to him at the time.

“It had a real stage and a backstage, and if you did well there, people noticed and the word got around,” he said, remembering the experience. The couple met through a mutual friend and hit it off immediately, with King playing piano for Taylor and later, with his encouragement, embarking on a solo career.

Before King made her own debut with the Troubadour, she went through her setlist for Taylor and he heard a song that he instantly fell in love with. Taylor later recorded “You’ve Got a Friend” with King’s permission, and it became one of his greatest hits.

They have recognized the importance of the troubadour to their careers and friendship many times. In 2007 they gave an encore of their joint concert from 1970 in the Troubadour for the 50th anniversary of the venue. They later took this show to the streets and took their 2010 Troubadour Reunion Tour to arenas around the world.

Elton John

When the troubadour became known, many overseas performers came and set off straight away to play in front of their first American audience. It was there that Gordon Lightfoot made his US debut in 1964 and Lily Allen made her debut over 40 years later in 2006.

Perhaps most notably, Elton John was catapulted into American consciousness on six nights in August 1970 with a series of shows that began his US career. Introduced by Neil Diamond to a group of industry giants including Linda Ronstadt, Brian Williams, Stephen Stills and David Crosby, John made a serious impression and received excellent reviews from Los Angeles Times critic Robert Hilburn.

In an interview with the TimesDescribing the performances, John said, “The atmosphere during those nights at the Troubadour was electrifying. Something inside of me just took control. An idea of ​​what the concert must have felt like for those present was recreated in a scene in John’s biopic.rocket Man. “In the scene, John (played by Taron Egerton) lifts the crowd in a moment of transcendence where everything clicked.

Lenny Bruce

Although the troubadour is known for its role in finding musical legends, it has also been home to a wide variety of comedy greats. Lenny Bruce performed at the club in the early 1960s and his noisy set resulted in his arrest for profanity. His legacy and contributions to comedy were remembered almost 30 years later by his family and colleagues in a tribute event hosted by the troubadour and televised.

10 fabulous US music venues

Bruce was the first of many comedians to appear on this stage. Richard Pryor recorded his debut album there in 1968 and Steve Martin appeared there as relatively unknown.

The troubadour continues to welcome stand-up fans. Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis and Dave Chappelle all played the sets on location. The club’s cult status also makes it the perfect place to host special events for cult TV shows. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer played two shows there prior to the second season of Broad City in 2014, and the cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia played their first live version of The Nightman Cometh in 2009.

Guns N ‘Roses

After its heyday in the 1970s, the troubadour had to change its tune to keep up with the country’s changing musical tastes.

Quiz: What does your favorite music say about you?

Instead of targeting folk singers and songwriters, the club began showcasing the glam rock and metal bands that dominated the 1980s. Metallica made its LA club debut in August 1982 and Warrant in 1984.

Future superstars Guns N ‘Roses made a name for themselves after playing on site Gigs in Los Angeles, even with the legendary troubadour.

The local craze put her on the radar of record manager David Geffen, whose label visited their troubadour set on June 6, 1986, and shortly thereafter signed her to a worldwide deal that made Guns N ‘Roses a household name.

Harry Styles

The troubadour kept pace with the changing musical landscape through the 1990s and beyond. Pearl Jam played their first show under the name Pearl Jam and Radiohead played their album “OK Computer” for the first time in the US. Korn, System of a Down, Franz Ferdinand and Fiona Apple also all made their debut on the troubadour stage.

In modern times the club has become the perfect place to host secret concerts or exclusive shows. Coldplay debuted on a secret show in 2005 with songs from their new album “X&Y”, and Billie Eilish played exclusively with SiriusXM and Pandora for fans of their debut album. Harry Styles made his solo US debut at the venue in 2017 with special guest Stevie Nicks in a show that celebrated the troubadour’s folk roots.

“In the Troubadour, the percussive piano began on ‘Woman’ like Elton’s ‘Bennie and the Jets’. The folky shimmer of his’ Meet Me in the Hallway ‘shimmered like Bowie’s’ Space Oddity,’ ‘Rolling Stone wrote in a Review of the concert.

The fame of the troubadour has made him an indispensable stop on the tours of big and small artists, old and new artists. The coronavirus pandemic forced the club to turn to crowdfunding and outreach, but it’s now back in business, greeting the crowds on Santa Monica Boulevard and adding to its list of iconic performances.

Stars Step Out in Type to Have a good time Selection’s Hitmaker Occasion

Stars hit exactly the right (fashion) notes!

On Saturday, December 4th, top artists and newbies to music celebrated in style Variety’s fifth annual Hitmakers brunch in Los Angeles. Celebs like Olivia Rodrigo, Anitta, Lil Nas X and many others left nothing out in the fashion department.

To get in the Christmas spirit, the “good 4 u” singer, who took home the Songwriter of the Year Award, wore a little black dress with mesh details and a light green bow in the middle. She combined her look with black see-through socks and matching Mary Jane platform heels.

Additionally, Lil Nas X was a vision in white dressing in a Balmain cut-out design, paired with matching flared pants and a blazer. During the event, he gave a heartfelt speech and accepted the Innovator of the Year Award.

“As many of you know, it’s been a pretty crazy year, it’s been a pretty fun year,” he said. “This year it took me a lot of mental strength to keep pushing after my debut.”

PICTURES: Nation and Irish music stars have a good time finish of lockdown in fashion at Craic by the Creek Competition

THE Craic by the Creek Festival, recently held in Greater Manchester, attracted some of the top names in Irish and country music.

Originally planned for 2019, the festival was postponed and then postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions.

Band Lampa from Birmingham (PICTURES: Chris Egan)

When it became clear that the festival could take place this year, ticket sales soared and quickly sold out.

Two-thirds of the event organizing team, Matt and Donal, take the main stage (PICS: Chris Egan)

Such was the demand for a return to Irish live and country music that the organizers realized that the festival would be much more than celebrating live music, but also a party to celebrate the lockdown.

Craic By The Creek audience was in tip top shape (PICTURES: Chris Egan)

The three-day event featured artists Nathan Carter, All Folk’d Up, Lisa McHugh, Mike McGoldrick and the Joe Keegan Band on the Big Barn Stage.

All Folk’d Up in Action (PICTURES: Chris Egan)

Elsewhere in the line-up, Catherine McKenna, Gareth Nugent, Crossroads and Matt and Donal performed on the Bethell Stage, giving festival goers the chance to get up close and personal with the biggest names in traditional and contemporary Irish music.

Dara Woods gets the Saturday afternoon music going (PICTURES: Chris Egan)

Based on the success of the opening festival Craic by the Creek, the event has already confirmed its dates for 2022.

Chorlton Country Club, one of Manchester’s most popular country bands (PICS: Chris Egan)

Craic by the Creek 2022 takes place July 22-24.

For more information click here.

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Leisure Information Roundup: Field Workplace: ‘The Hitman’s Spouse’s Bodyguard’ Takes High Spot From ‘A Quiet Place 2’; U.S. soccer stars inform story of battle for equal pay in new movie ‘LFG’ and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Box office: ‘The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard’ takes top spot in ‘A Quiet Place 2’

“The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” topped the box-office charts, debuting at $ 11.6 million from 3,331 US Weekend venues. The Lionsgate movie, a sequel to the 2017 action comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguard, hit the big screen on Wednesday and has raised $ 17 million to date. However, the film cost nearly $ 70 million to produce so it could face challenges to make a profit in theaters.

In the new film “LFG”, US soccer stars tell the story of the struggle for equal pay

Soccer stars Megan Rapinoe and Jessica McDonald rested their cleats and walked the red carpet at the premiere of the documentary “LFG” at the Tribeca Film Festival US National team of women. The players sued US Football governing body in 2019 on allegations of gender discrimination in compensation and almost all other aspects of playing conditions

Cate Blanchett sees pandemic as an opportunity to reflect on the plight of the refugees

These years World Refugee Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the uncertainty faced by those forced to flee their homes, actress Cate Blanchett, an ambassador of goodwill U.N. Refugee Agency, Says As The World Grapples With The Unpredictability Of The COVID-19 Pandemic. The Oscar Winners and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador said the annual event was held on June 20th at a time of “challenge and reflection”.

(This story was not edited by Devdiscourse staff and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed.)

Leisure Information Roundup: Britney Spears says she would not know whether or not she’ll ever carry out once more; U.S. soccer stars inform story of battle for equal pay in new movie ‘LFG’ and extra

The following is a summary of the latest entertainment news.

Britney Spears says she doesn’t know if she will ever perform again

Britney Spears says she has no idea if she will ever perform again. Spears, who has not appeared in public since late 2018 and is under a court-ordered restoration, made the statement in a video post about her Instagram Page where she answered three questions she believed her fans were asking.

In the new film “LFG”, US soccer stars tell the story of the struggle for equal pay

Soccer stars Megan Rapinoe and Jessica McDonald rested their cleats and walked the red carpet at the premiere of the documentary “LFG” at the Tribeca Film Festival US National team of women. The players sued US Football governing body in 2019 on allegations of gender discrimination in compensation and almost all other aspects of playing conditions

Cate Blanchett sees pandemic as an opportunity to reflect on the plight of the refugees

These years World Refugee Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the uncertainty faced by those forced to flee their homes, actress Cate Blanchett, an ambassador of goodwill U.N. Refugee Agency, Says As The World Grapples With The Unpredictability Of The COVID-19 Pandemic. The Oscar Winners and UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador said the annual event was held on June 20th at a time of “challenge and reflection”.

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Carrie Fisher Stars at Hollywood Stroll of Fame in 2022 | Leisure Information

Carrie Fisher and Jason Momoa are one of the stars added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Walk of Fame selection panel announces the winners of the coveted Pink Star 2022, with the late “Star Wars” legend and “Aquaman” actor Jason cutting in 2016. It has been confirmed.

Ellen K of the Walk of Fame Chairperson said in a statement, “The Walk of Fame Selection Board is pleased to announce 38 new Hollywood Walk of Fame winners. The selection jury, made up of Walk of Famer colleagues, represents different genres of the entertainment world every year. We will carefully select the winning group.

“The jury did a great job in selecting these highly talented people. For any winner who realizes that the stars have been announced on the world’s most famous sidewalks and will become part of Hollywood history. Can’t wait to see the reaction! “

In addition to Carrie and Jason, Francis Ford Coppola, Macaulay Culkin, Michael B. Jordan, Ewan McGregor, Regina King, Salma Hayek, and Willem Dafoe will also earn stars for their contributions to the film.

In the television category, Ricky Gervais, Tracy Ellis Ross, Norman Reedus, Bob Odenkirk and others are winners, while Black Eyed Peas, DJ Khaled, Nipsey Hussle and Avril Lavigne are the musicians. I cut it.

Other winners are Tessa Thompson, Ray Liotta, Adam McKay and Michael Strahan.

For Jason, the honor is “complete” after his “Game of Thrones” stint because he was previously “hungry” for his family and couldn’t get a job. I have debts. “

Jason (13-year-old Laura, 11-year-old Nakoa Wolf and his wife Lisa Bonet) said:

“I couldn’t find a job. When you have a baby and you are completely in debt, it is very difficult. “

Carrie Fisher will appear on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2022 | Entertainment news

Source link Carrie Fisher will appear on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2022 | Entertainment news

Stars and Stripes – Airmen are actually allowed to put on baseball-style tactical camouflage caps

The Air Force has authorized airmento to wear camouflage tactical caps that look like military-grade baseball caps. (Michael Murphy / US Air Force)

The Air Force has authorized Airmen throughout the service to wear camouflage tactical tactical caps that look like military-grade baseball caps.

“If you have an OCP tactical cap as stated in the Air Force official instructions, you are entitled to wear it immediately,” said Air Force Chief Master Sgt. JoAnne Bass said in a Facebook post Monday.

The Air Force introduced a number of changes this year, including longer hairstyles for women, redesigned training uniforms, and shorts for aircraft maintenance personnel in hot climates.

The change in cap policy is part of the service’s intention to allow commanders of certain units to wear standardized maintenance uniforms, the Air Force said in a press release on Monday. The acquisition process for the new uniforms is expected to be completed in the next year.

The Air Force introduced a number of changes this year, including military-grade baseball caps, longer hairstyles for women, redesigned training uniforms, and shorts for aircraft maintenance personnel in hot climates. (Michael Murphy / US Air Force)

Meanwhile, Monday’s permit will allow Airmen to wear certain tactical stealth caps provided they are either made entirely of approved camouflage material or a mixture of that material with coyote brown mesh on the back of the canopy.

Other colors or combinations are not allowed, the Air Force said.

In addition, the Velcro or sew-on tape must be centered on the back of the hats.

“The only item that can be worn on the front of the hat is the officer rank,” the Air Force said.

Chaplains are allowed to wear their professional badges sewn on and centered over the visor.

Chaplains can have their job badge sewn on and centered over the visor, as part of an Air Force change that allows Airmen to wear tactical, operational stealth caps.

Chaplains can have their job badge sewn on and centered over the visor, as part of an Air Force change that allows Airmen to wear tactical, operational stealth caps. (US Air Force)

Female aviators are allowed to pull topknots or ponytails through the back of the hat.

The Space Force guards will continue to adhere to the Air Force uniform standards until that service develops its own dress code, the Air Force said.

Twitter: @WyattWOlson

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Expectations for the forged of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” 6 | Leisure Information

Racers, start the engine! RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6 has a cast you’ve never seen before. Most queens will be in season 7th or lower RuPaul’s Drag Grace, All Stars This once underrated diva will have the chance to put her name back on the map.

Here’s what to expect from this Queen’s group:

Not a clear front runner

Shay Coolie won All Stars From 5 seconds she entered the work room. There is no such queen. All Stars 6 was supposed to win the original season but suffered a shocking loss in the last minute. This lack of front runners will probably change with the start of the season and hierarchies will inevitably arise. Former finalists Akeria C. Davenport, Silky Nutmeg Ganache, Eureka O’Hara and Ginger Minj soon became the top contenders.

Print of the preseason

Since its humble premiere 12 years ago, RuPaul’s Drag Grace Wir has steadily gained a large number of passionate viewers. Contestants Kylie Sonic Love, Pandora Box, Yarra Sophia and Jigley Caliente will be featured in the first season from 2010 to 2012 and will be featured by many. Drag Racing First Fan All Stars 6. According to Season Two Contestant Kylie Sony Club, “I’m from a previous season so girls can underestimate me … if they underestimate me, I’ll tell them. I feel sick. “Will these veteran queens break the pattern of early athletes who did not get into the Drag Racing Hall of Fame?

Lipstick drama

Since then all stars 2, RuPaul He gave the power to eliminate candidates to other queens and chose lipsticks on behalf of the queen who wanted to eliminate them. This can liven up the drama Not hide The segment in which lipstick will be selected. January 12th season jokes, “I’ve been confirmed as the season’s villain.” “I’m the darkest of the season, but not a bad guy,” says Jigley Caliente. With this dynamic line-up, an incredibly dramatic and shady season awaits.

Ru exemption forms

To all the stars, it doesn’t matter how well the competition works, but how the fans perceive it. Many athletes see in fandom, which is often cruel and judgmental of drag queens, that they dislike all the stars ”themselves. Upon entering All Stars’ workroom, Ra’Jah O’Hara said: But in season 11, Raja was just plain angry. Not all queens who were hated during the season regret their first run in drag racing. “When I watch season 11, I still love everything about me,” says Silky Nutmeg Ganache.

Elevated trans representation

This is the first time with the cast of Kylie Sonique Love and Jiggly Caliente Drag Racing All Stars with two openly transgender women. Fans wanted more expression for transgender people and women. Drag racing For years, this casting choice represents a new step after Gottmic, who was cast as the first openly transgender male candidate in season 13. RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars !!

Category: Diversity

Maybe you didn’t expect to see all of these queens in the same room together. Unlike the past All Stars season, when the cast took second place and celebrated fan favorites, All Stars 6 brings the variety of regular season RuPaul’s drag grace .. from January, the queen of hilarious theater, over to Trinity K. Bonnet, the ultimate lip-sync assassin, to Kylie Sony Club, the perfect showgirl. All Stars 6 What are you doing RuPaul’s Drag Grace I’ll do my best. Collect casts with unique talent and personality to create very strong cast chemistry. You find love for all of them.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, Season 6 Premier, Thursday June 24th, Paramount +

Expectations for the cast of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” 6 | Entertainment news

Source link Expectations for the cast of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” 6 | Entertainment news

Stars and Strikes Household Leisure Celebrates 16 12 months Anniversary of First Location with Upgraded Arcade

Tip ranks

2 large dividend stocks that yield 7%; Analysts say “buy”

Let’s talk about defending your portfolio. It is a general stimulus for most investors when the economy starts to turn sour. We are now in a growth phase in which economic activity is recovering strongly from the closings of the corona crisis and the reopening is in full swing, economists forecast GDP growth of up to 8% for this year. But there are clouds on the horizon. Inflation is rising, and the April job report was, simply put, a disaster. The Biden administration is pushing billions of dollars in spending plans that are likely to boost inflation, while expanded unemployment benefits artificially boost the unemployment rate. But in all of this, the Federal Reserve has signaled that it does not intend to hike rates. In a letter from investment banking firm Canaccord, analyst Tony Dwyer acknowledges the turbulent market conditions. “While major market indices remain near record levels, there has been incredible volatility among them due to confusion over the inflation path and the Federal Reserve’s insistence that it is temporary. We expect rotational volatility to continue in the coming weeks as investors debate the inflation outlook ahead of the latest economic data in early June, while the Fed moves ahead of the FOMC’s June 15-16 meeting. June goes into its dormant phase, ”noted Dwyer. All of this leads to a market environment that is suitable for defensive stock prices as a hedge against uncertainty. And that, of course, brings us to dividend stocks. These are the classic defensive ways of playing that offer investors a dual path to return, both from stock appreciation and dividend payments. Wall Street analysts did some of the footwork for us, pinpointing dividend stocks that have held up their high yields, at least 7% to be precise. When we open the TipRanks database, we examine the details behind two such stocks to see what else makes them attractive buys. Black Stone Minerals (BSM) We’re starting out with a hydrocarbon exploration and development company, Black Stone Minerals. This company owns rights to more than 20 million acres across 60 productive pools in 40 states. The lion’s share of operations are spread from Texas through Alabama, but Black Stone also owns rights and hydrocarbon production in Montana and North Dakota, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, and the Rocky Mountain states. Black Stone released its financial results for the first quarter of 21 in early May. The results showed that the company has still not fully recovered from the COVID pandemic – sales and earnings are both still lower than last year. On a positive note, sales increased sequentially for three consecutive quarters. Revenues were $ 87.1 million and net income was reported at $ 16 million. The company confirmed its creditworthiness through its $ 400 million revolving credit facility during the quarter. During the quarter, Black Stone entered into several new property development agreements in Texas and acquired mineral and licensing rights for $ 20.7 million in cash and shares in the northern portion of the Midland Basin. Also in the quarter, Black Stone announced a dividend of 17.5 cents per common share. At the current price, the dividend yield on the common shares is 7.07% and the annual payout of 70 cents per common share. Raymond James analyst John Freeman is impressed with Black Stone’s development deals in the first quarter and writes of the company: “BSM had an incredibly strong first quarter of … the pandemic. We have already seen phenomenal results in the very early development of Austin Chalk and expect more useful downhole catalysts in the near future, this time from the Shelby Trough … “The analyst summarized:” Due to the strong progress we are increasing our production estimate for 2021 to the top of the BSM – Guide (up 3%) and are now modeling a return to growth in 2022 (offering an attractive .. dividend yield and rock-solid balance sheet. “Unsurprisingly, Freeman rates the stock as a strong buy and sets a price target of $ 15 which suggests an upside of ~ 50% for the coming year. (To see Freeman’s track record, click here) Overall, Black Stone has drawn the attention of 5 Wall Street analysts whose ratings break down 2 to 3 buys versus holds and give the stock a consensus rating of Moderate Buy, which sells for $ 9.90 and has an average K Price target of $ 11.40, which means room for 15% upside over the next 12 months. (See BSM stock analysis on TipRanks) Blackstone Mortgage Trust (BXMT) Of course, when we look at dividend stocks, we’re drawn to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Spreading the line between real estate managers and financial services providers, these companies are known for their high dividend yields and long-term dividend reliability. Both result from a regulatory requirement that REITs pay back a certain percentage of the profit directly to the shareholders. Dividends are a convenient mode of compliance. Blackstone Mortgage focuses on secured senior mortgage loans in the North American, European and Australian markets. The company has more than $ 368 billion in real estate portfolio worldwide and $ 649 billion in total assets under management. Assets under management include real estate assets of $ 196 billion. While BXMT’s revenue has been declining sequentially recently, revenue for the first quarter was still $ 185.75 million, and earnings per share of 54 cents per share were dramatically higher than the 39 cents loss for the year-ago quarter. In the first quarter, Blackstone completed $ 1.7 billion in new home loans, exceeding its total lending in 2020. The company also reported $ 1.1 billion in available liquidity. The solid results supported the dividend payment of 62 cents per common share. The dividend has been paid at this rate since 2H15, and the company has made steadfast payments for the past 8 years. At the current price, the dividend is annualized to $ 2.48 per share and gives an impressively high return of 7.74%. BTIG analyst Tim Hayes is bullish on Blackstone: “The pipeline is robust and management believes that earnings will benefit from continued portfolio growth and higher fee income as additions / repayments normalize. ROEs for new issues are expected to be in line with pre-pandemic levels as lower funding costs offset pressures on investment returns. Credit performance remains strong and continues to trend in the right direction…. BXMT recognized 100 percent interest collection in 1Q21, with 98% of the loans being successful [sic]… “The analyst concluded:” We think stocks are attractively valued, are currently trading at a discount to historical multiples and offer a dividend yield of 7.7% – a spread of ~ 600 basis points to the yield on US Treasuries at 10 years compared to the 2-year average pre-pandemic spread of ~ 475 bps. “Based on the above, Hayes rates BXMT stock with a Buy and a target price of $ 35. Based on the current dividend yield and expected price increase, the stock has a potential total return profile of ~ 16%. (To see Hayes’ track record, click here) Like BSM above, BXMT has 5 analyst ratings, including 2 for buy and 3 for hold, for an analyst consensus rating with moderate buy. (See BXMT stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading dividend stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks’ Best Stocks to Buy, a newly introduced rth tool that brings together all of TipRanks’ stock insights. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the analysts featured. The content is provided for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own analysis before making any investment.